The Last Try

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  1. Hey Aloha, great to "see" you. So glad that all is going well with your pregnancy... I need to sleuth around to see how our pal Sandra is doing too... Hoping that our crew here can present you and Sandra with some good news soon.

    xox, WB

  2. Aloha-Thank you so much for your post, and it gives me so much hope since you were in my boat a few months ago and now are so far along in your pregnancy! Yeah!
    Did you have your PAI-1 level or gene tested as part of your blood clotting workup/tests?
    Which steroid did you take? Is that standard protocol, or special for you? My RE doesn't have me on that.
    My RE doesn't want to change up my protocol at all either since all my tests were normal, and that makes me nervous to do the same thing again, but hopefully it was just a "chromosonal abnormality" like he thinks it is.
    Our frozens blasts are supposedely perfect, so we'll see!

  3. alev-I believe I read that you consulted with Dr. Kutteh in Nashville, right? My RE told me that Dr. Kutteh is a wonderful, trustworthy doctor and that my RE follows all of the immune and blood clotting tests that Dr. Kutteh does/recommends. He said that I could consult with Dr. Kutteh but since I've already done all of the tests and they all came back normal, DH and I feel it's pointless.
    How do you like working with him?
    Do you feel he discovered/uncovered anything new that your RE didn't find? Did he put you on any different meds?
    Did he test your PAI-1 level or gene as part of his blood clotting workup?

    Thank you very much!

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