The Last Try

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  1. maria_tsa, sorry I was in such a hurry last night, hubby was honking at me to come get in the car to go to dinner.
    My RI also said that was eggs were frozen on day 5 when they thaw it will day 6 and he wants them put back asap. He said I will let the RE know that I want them thawed that morning and you to be there that afternoon and put back in ute that day. He said alot of RE's thaw the day before and put back next day but he said being a 6 day blast already makes them not as good of quality as a 5 day.
    Also, he said that my RE did not have me taking the regular lupron that you take with an IVF and he said he wants me to take that for sure with the FET. He said he has seen much better pg's rates with the lupron after taking the DL for 3 months. So that is another reason we canceled this cycle. (I was suppose to start estrogen today!)
    One other thing he said was my RE will most likely tell me take estrogen for X amount of days, but my RI said if you get to that day and your lining is not awesome.....keep taking the estrogen until lining is beautiful.
    He called my RE and gave him exact directions for all of this. My RE has had one lady use the DL and my RI has had 20 so he is letting my RI give him the instructions since he is not as familiar. RI is in Memphis and my RE is in TX.
    Sorry for the long post....we talked for 20 minutes yesterday. If I think of anything else I will let you know! Have a good one !

  2. Hey alev, thanks for the info! What does RI stand for and which clinic is he affiliated with? He sounds quite knowledgable. BTW, I started my depot Lupron on Saturday... Tick tock goes the clock!

    xo, WB

  3. Hi,

    Just wanted to wish you both the best of luck.

    WB - have you noticed any major changes since Saturday's start?


  4. maria_tsa, it stands for Reproductive Immunologist. I had sent all my records to him thinking I would do immune testing but he said all he thought I needed was the uterine biopsy. That is how I got where I am right now. I did my last shot the Saturday before you. It does go slow, but when I did the 3 months it was over the holidays thank goodness! Just stay busy!
    I started with my insomnia last night and hot flashes. My hips ache really bad since I started the shots also. Just glad it is not for a long time.

    Sandra, thank you so much for the well wishes! How are you??

    maria_tsa, forgot to add that my RI is in Memphis, Tn. His name is Dr.Kutteh. I have not ever seen him person but he has called me 2 times to talk with me. You can google his name and find all kinds of things!

  5. Hey alev, thanks so much for the name. I'll google to see what I find out...

    Sandra, Thanks so much for checking in on us!! As of today, I really don't feel anything from the Lupron... I took Lupron before for one of my zillion IVF cycles when trying w/my own eggs and didn't feel anything then either... Perhaps I'll be one of the lucky/unaffected ones... 'Bout time something swings my way KWIM? lol... Where are you posting these days? Would love to stay abreast of you and Ms Aloha.

    Hugs to you both.

    xo, Francine

  6. Girls,

    I just wanted to jump in and wish you lots of luck!!! What a great resource you are for each other! And for those who come after you. This in truly uncharted territory. I can't wait for you both to get your BFPs!

  7. Thank you PG! BTW, I'm keeping an eye on you. CONGRATS on your twins. How exciting! xo, WB

  8. gscattolin, thank you so much for the well wishes. I hope you are feeling well. Have a great week!

  9. Hi ladies, I just wanted to confess something... I am afraid to join a Cycle Group for my upcoming cycle... We all know that not everyone in a Buddy Group achieves BFP/success and while I wish ALL of my Cycle Budds the best - always, it does get a bit 'wearing' to always (well mostly always given my DS) be the group member that gets the BFN/miscarriage whatever... I counted it up the other day and since I joined ivfc (and keep in mind I've gone thru 2 other user names, so I've been here longer then what is indicated for WB), I have been in about 10 cycle groups and while I have been on the winning side in 1 of those groups, the other 9 times I've been on the losing end... I'm debating w/myself about getting involved in another cycle group... On the one hand, I've met great people and the support has been wonderful. On the other hand, I don't think I have it in me to once again it left behind... And that's the other thing, even before I've began the cycle, I am anticipating failure. Sigh...

    Thanks for listening my friends.

    xo, WB

  10. maria_tsa....I know exactly how you feel!!!! I have had 9 BFN's including my IUI's and it does get old. Remember though......we are doing something that is rarely done so we have to be the start of something new It is going to work for us this time.....I just know it!!!!

  11. Thanks for the pick-me-up alev. Just what I need! xox


  12. maria_tsa....just wanted to see how the DL is treating you? I started my daily lupron yesterday and have a horrible headache today. I am also on the 4th day of provera so I am sure with the mix of both is why I am not feeling well. I hope all is good with you! Take care.....

  13. Hi girls,

    Can I join you? Looks like my first fresh DE cycle is going to end in a m/c...

    Are you all doing another fresh DE cycle, or an FET? When? Are you on other threads too?

    Any testing ideas after a failure or m/c?

    My RE wants to do some testing before my FET of my 2 frozens so I am compiling a list of questions to ask him regarding tests and treatments that everyone recommends.

    Thanks girls...sorry we're all here, but at least we have eachother, right?!!

  14. mariofreitas, so sorry for your possible m/c. I am sorry we are here too!

    I am doing a FET from DE and I am on the FET board in May. You are welcome to join us there. I have not ever had a m/c'ed so I dont know what testing to reccomend. I just have implantation issues so I did the uterine biopsy to see about the beta 3 integrin. I wish there was something I could help answer but I am sure with all the knowledge on these boards you will find some kind of answers or questions to ask your RE. Again, I am sorry and I wish you the best!

  15. Thank you alev. Good luck on your upcoming transfer! I will check out the FET board. Bad outcomes from DE cycles just stink, it's like our last hope and then it all comes crashing down! Trying to stay positive and realistic.
    If you don't mind me asking, what did your RE do to address your implantation issue?

  16. This is quickie dashing to meeting, but wanted to extend a Big Hug to mariofreitas. So sorry that you're going thru this. More later on implantation question... I'm on the June thread here btw... Thought about doing my last try solo, but can't stay away from the budd groups. Hey alev!

    Hugs, wb

  17. Hey maria_tsa! Thank you for the shout out! I just got on board on the June thread too, but I don't think my FET will be until July but it looks like there are a couple July-ers on there I need to read thru that thread to see where everyone is at and what they're doing. I too felt like I need a support group, even though I feel like a big l*ser!

  18. mariofreitas, I was going to let you let you know that my RE and RI working together put me on 4 months Depot Lupron to hopefully put the protien back into my uterus. you know when you are cycling again?

  19. Hey alev! What's up? When is your transfer? May is almost here!!

    Hi mariofreitas, I too am on depot Lupron for 3 months... It may be worthwhile to have the beta integrin testing, which is where they look for the "implantation friendly" protein... You did get pregnant, however so perhaps it may not apply... Either way, definitely do ask your RE. BTW, my transfer will be in July too... There wasn't a July thread though and I guess I kinda need support as I trek towards July. I'll see you on the June board....

    And to our budd, alev, Good Luck sweetie! Hoping that you will pave the way (with a BFP) for us.

    xox, WB

  20. alev and maria_tsa-The beta 3 integrin/endometrial biopsy test is on my list of tests that I am giving to my RE at our followup meeting. I am not sure bc the embryo did implant but didn't we'll see what he says.
    I asked him about the Depot Lupron before my fresh cycle and he said that Femara/Letrozole has shown to do the same thing, suppress the endo so the beta 3 integrin can re-express itself, and I did the Letrozole and got pg. He said it did the same thing as the DL but in less time and didn't totally shut down your ovaris like DL does. Have you heard of this before?

    alev-When are you cycling? Is it a fresh cycle? I want to do my FET ASAP, as soon as my testing is done, I guess early July.

  21. Hey mariofreitas, I have heard of the Femora. It's a newer protocol and some docs may want to stick w/tried and true... Shutting down the ovaries when you're doing donor egg or FET is a don't care though...


  22. Hi girls!
    I just wanted to say hello and hope that June and July roll around quickly for you. As Tom Petty says, "the waiting is the hardest part." The waiting never stops.

    mariofreitas- I am so sorry to hear about your m/c. The same thing happended to me. My RE ran a thrombophila pannel to rule out blood clotting disorder. In the end, it came back negative. I know you want answers. You may or may not get them. I sure hope you do. Whatever you do now, just remember to take care of yourself physically but mostly emotionally.

  23. Aloha-Thank you so much! Did you end up doing anything different for your FET or 2nd cycle? Did it work?

  24. alev-I am really interested in your RI! How did you choose him? I am in Atlanta, and would like to consult with either an RI or a hematologist, but have no idea how to find either. I want one whpo specializes in fertility.

    Why did you originally start going to him? I've had some of the immune and blood clotting tests done and the only thing that came up with an elevated PAI-1 level, it's a blood clotting issue. My current RE doesn't believe in it, but I do, and think I need Lovenox this next cycle.

    Did you go out on your own and consult with an RI, or did your RE suggest it? I think I need to do the same. Does he deal with blood clotting issues too?

    Thank you!

  25. HI girls! Just checking in with you to see how you are doing!

    mariofreitas- I was tested for blood clotting disorder and did follow up saline-sono. Both came back normal. We didn't end up changing anything 2nd time around with my FET. Lab felt I had excellent quality embryos to choose from. Transferred 2. It was a bit nerve wracking that we didn't do anything differently, but it has seemed to work so far. I am 21 weeks. As far as my protocol goes, I started off with bcp to synch up my cycle so we could calculate cycle schedule. I can't remember how long I did lupron shots, but it wasn't too long. I took oral estrogen, 4mg of folic acid in addition to my prenatal, and a baby aspirin. Precycle I took a round of antibiotics as a preventative. They also had me take 3 days of a steroid just before transfer and 1 day after.
    I had my m/c in September and did my FET in January. Those 4 months were really difficult on so many levels. I hope you are doing ok. Hang in there.

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