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  1. maria_tsa....well when I went in on Monday to see if lining was thin enough, it wasnt thin. It was 6 somthing and lots of follies and one large one. RE said I am getting ready to ovulate so he wants us to try on our own right now and if or when I start AF then I will and start the estrogen and go into the FET. I just hope that the protein from the DL stays in my uterus long enought for the FET if this doesnt work. Noone, not even my RE, seems to know how long it does. That is all I know for now. It is frustrating!
    When do you start your shots maria_tsa???

  2. Hey alev, I think I heard something like you should have your procedure done within 6 months of the Depot Lupron therapy... Not sure of when I will start my shots. AF should arrive any day, so it's probably too late to start now (Still waiting for protocol/prescription etc). It is likely to be w/start of March AF.

    xo, WB

  3. I did some research online today and from what I found the "good" effects of depot lupron therapy are suppose to last 6-8 months. Hope this helps.

  4. FERAH, thank you thank you thank you! I have looked everywhere and even called the RI who said to do this test and DL and he didnt even know. Can I ask where you found that? Thank you so much for responding and I hope you are feeling well!

  5. alev and WB I am so glad you two have each other to keep company with.

    WB, my mom had the same condition but back in the day they didn't know about lupron depot. I hope hope hope this does the job for you.

    Thinking of you both!

  6. alev: I cant seem to find all the same articles I found yesterday probably because I'm missing a word in google or something I'm not sure what...I'll try again is a link to one of the articles I found yesterday that states of 23 women who were treated with 3 months depot lupron 70% became pregnant most on their own and it was within 3 months of stopping treatment...I'm still trying to find the article that said 6-8 months the integrin stays in the lining but this study is good too.

  7. Hi Ladies,

    Thank you Michelle! xo

    Mel, thanks so much for sharing that article... On one hand, it makes me a bit mad that my RE didn't suggest I do the beta integrin test after my first failure... I even had a biopsy, but he only had me ck to see if my endometrium was "in phase"... We could have very easy done integrin ck at that time... But ok, can't change the past... Your situation and the article, gives me hope. Again, thank you my friend.

    alev, how much time will actually lapse between the end of the depot Lupron and the start of your cycle?

    xo, WB

  8. FERAH, thanks a million!!

    maria_tsa, well I think I ovulated within the past 2 days but I was not doing the ovu. test because RE told me I would have AF arrive 7-10 days after the last aygestin pill. So while I was waiting for AF I called and told the RE that i didnt even feel like AF was coming at all and that is when they found that I was just about to ovulate. Soooo, since my eggs are not great I am sure I wont get pregnant on my own, so when AF arrives in about 2 weeks then I should be able to start estrace. My last shot was Jan. 15 and they made me take the aygesting for 28 days. I think I will be fine even if it only last 2 months.
    maria_tsa are you and DH going to do your own shots? They told me I had to come in to get that done but I talked the RE to letting them ship it to my house and letting DH do it. It is just like PIO but not thick at all and it i didnt even feel it!

  9. Hey alev, DH has done all of my shots. Needles scare me big time... My RE is out of town too, so it wouldn't be feasible to go in to get the shots... I hope they are ok w/DH administering... Won't be much longer for you to get the show on the road my dear!

    xo, WB

  10. Hi Ladies, AF started today and since w/out hormones I am usually like a clock w/my cycles, by my calculations, I will be transferring sometime Aug 10 - 15... A LOOOOOOONG ways to go!

    xo, WB

  11. HI WB! I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you.

  12. Wanna, it does seem so long away but just think about getting yourself good and healthy during this time. It is so hard not think about it. Fortunetly, I started my shots in Nov and finshished in Jan so the holidays helped alot but I still thought about it everyday. Hang in there. Do you know when you start shots now that af came or do you have to call and find out?

    I am going to call my nurse in the am and see if I can go do B/W. I dont feel like anything is happening. I dont feel like I am going to start af or anything!! Seems like it is taking longer to figure out what my body is doing

  13. Good Morning my friends.

    Hey Aloha! Thanks for the well wishes my friend.

    alev, the order of the day with this stuff is to be a squeaky well. Call, ask questions, etc. You'll get better results this way.

    As for moi, they've told me that I start Lupron 21 days after AF... I'm trying to decide right now if I start w/this cycle or wait til next cycle. The reason why I'm questioning it, is that I have not weaned my 2 year old DS yet and while I don't think the Lupron passes thru milk, I'm not quite sure and still researching things.

    xo, WB

  14. maria_tsa, I know you are ready to get started but I can only imagine how hard it is to wean!!!! ( emtionally) You said you have been researching all of this to see if it is safe for breast feeding and you are is so hard to find much info on it. I will keep my eyes open for anything about though!!

    I called the nurse today and she I could go and get b/w anytime this week to see what is going and if nothing is happening then they will start me on the provera to get things moving!! Yaaayyy

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

  15. Hey alev, did you have your blood test?

    xo, WB

  16. WB,

    Check out Dr Hale's site. He is the expert on breastfeeding and drugs. Lupron is fine. I used it for cycles with nursing my DD, who was 3 months old. You DS is probably not getting alot of milk anyway.
    And, I totally agree...weaning is hard! I am weaning my DD who is 16 months becasue I am pregnant with wtins and my boobs hurt too much!

  17. Hey PG, CONGRATS! I'll send you a PM. Would LOVE to hear your strategy/tactics for weaning! xox, WB

  18. Hi maria_tsa, yes I did get my b/w and they said I never ovulated soooo I started on provera 2 days ago. I hope I will have some dates for my FET soon. How are you and the weaning going? GL

  19. Hey alev, I'm glad you were able to start the Provera to get the show on the road. What happens next? How long do you take the Provera?

    Well... the weaning isn't going... I think I'm going to start the Lupron while nursing. I found that the risk w/Lupron is that it may reduce my milk supply, which is not a bad thing in light of the fact that I'm trying to wean. I can't WAIT til YOU have first-hand knowledge experience w/BFing, weaning and the whole thing. xo


  20. maria_tsa, they said to take provera for 10 days unless I start before that then I stop it and call them on day one. I am doing a natural FET. I have never had any to freeze so I am new to this. These are eggs my sister helped us with.

  21. Cool! How many eggs do you have? We have two left and they are the worse of the 7 we started out with... I keep telling myself though that these rae 21 year old eggs, so there is still hope.

    xo, WB

  22. maria_tsa, we have 2 frozen. My sister was 26 when she donated. I hope you have a great weekend!

  23. Hi alev, we're inthe same boat. I have two as well... Do you know the quality of your frozens? Mine are both blastocysts 5bc.

    xo, WB

  24. maria_tsa....ya know I dont even know that! I will have to look through my paperwork and see. Well, I am going to be doing one more month of DL. My RI called and said he never go my biopsy report back and he wanted me to go straight into a FET. He just did a study on a like 19 girls and said 7 waited a month and 2 of them got pg and the the other 12 went right into a FET and all but one got pg. He also said NO crinone during this cycle only PIO's. He said there is too much bleeding after the transferr with crinone and he said the rates are %5 to %10 better with implantation doing the PIO. I will take every chance I can get!! Give me the PIO
    He was just at a national DE convention and said he pretty much has been doing all the things the other RI's are doing to good pg rates. I will have to write more later about all he said! Have a great weekend!

  25. Wow alev! That's the incredible thing about this IVF/DE stuff. There is so much uncharted territory and so much to know/learn... In a way, those of us who are on this journey NOW are at a disadvantage versus the women who will follow us in 5, 10, 15 etc years to come...

    Do share all you've learned from your RE. BTW, I'm glad that you found out about the benefits of continuing the DL and cycling immediately after BEFORE you started your FET.

    xo, WB

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