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  1. Anyone here gone through multiple failed DE IVFs/FETs and faced with one last try? That's me.

    Want to hang out with me to moan, curse, obsess and hope for that last try?

    WB = Wanna B*tch!

  2. Hey WB....I'm currently awaiting my 3rd beta.....1st beta 15, 2nd beta 15....I think we know where this is going So, although this is the first failed DE cycle for me, I'm all up for cursing and bit*ching. Right now it looks like we are moving towards adoption but I can't put that "what if one more try works" thing out of my head.

    DE is supposed to be the magic bullet. Don't get me wrong, I knew that it's not a guarantee but COME ON......people get pg from some pretty bad looking embies on regular IVF cycles, not to mention those freaks of nature who actually get pg by having sex ......and I can't even have this work with top-shelf eggs?????????? It makes me nuts.

  3. Hey CINTHIA, $#%&!!!! Boy this whole thing sucks at times... I hope that you can/do try once more. Do you have frozen embryos?

    Big Hugs my friend.

    xo, WB

  4. I am not faced with one last try but 2 but can I join you anyway?

    After making the move to DE I was cancelled on the fresh cycle and now I'm just getting off a BFN with the 1st DE FET (I transferred one beautiful embryo). Why isn't this working?

    I have 4 more frozen but will only go forward with thawing 2 at the end of March. I pray that they both survive the thaw and that 2 are transferred. I need a chance for this to work! My donor is 24 and I have had nothing but a "gorgeous" lining. What am I missing? ahhh

  5. Nope, unfortunately, no frozens for me. I don't know if you followed my cycle on the January thread but I had a "freak of nature" occurance during my cycle. 13 eggs retrieved, 9 mature and only ***THREE*** fertilized......WITH ICSI! Now, when I say "freak of nature" situation, I'm saying this b/c my DH always had stellar semen analyses. In fact, when I would produce 22 eggs (albiet cra**y ones) on regular cycles, DH would be able to fertilize 21....withOUT ICSI! So I'm not really sure why the world is playing a cruel joke on me but it's par for the course lately. It's possible it's the donor's eggs that were a problem but then again, she was twice proven. I guess I find out what the deal is at my WTF meeting.

    So, alas, no frozens for me Our insurance doesn't cover this either so if we did it again, we'd have to pay the full $25,000. Sux.

  6. Hey Cnyc, misery loves company here! Welcome! Have you had the beta integrin testing done? I am doing a mock cycle in Mar-April to have this test done, prior to trying again w/our last embies...

    CINTHIA, where did you cycle? There may be less expensive options elsewhere, if you're willing to travel... I know that $25k on one's on is daunting, especially if it's not a sure bet that you'll get a child in the end... If you had had 2 or even 3 failures, it would be a different story... I just hate to have you stop after 1 try. I think you know I have a 2 year old year old. Well, I had 1 DE failure (fresh) before he came along... The embies I transfered were perfect and the docs were sure that there was something wrong with me... Well many tests later and with a new donor, I conceived... Young eggs can **** out too. Big Hugs.

    xo, WB aka Wanna B*tch

  7. I cycled at RMA NJ. It's very convenient to where I live and I honestly love the whole staff there. Is $25,000 expensive for DE? What do other places charge? I lucked out with this past cycle. There was an embryo biospy study going on that I was in and all I paid were the donor fees ($8,000), the cost to get on the donor list ($3,500) and some of the meds ($500). Unfortunately, I believe the study is now closed and I don't think there are any more studies going on at this time unless some start in the near future.

    It's so hard....I want to keep going but I don't know if my heart can handle another failure. I've already had 4 failures with my own eggs and now this is my 4th pg loss on top of that It's hard to keep going.......part of me really wants to though.

    Where did you guys cycle?

  8. WB - I have not had the beta integrin testing done. I spoke to my RE about this and he does not believe in this test, that there isn't sufficient conclusions about it. I don't know much about it other than if found positive it can hinder implantation and that there is only one lab that does the test. Can you add anything else? TIA

  9. Hey there, I am doing one last try also. Waiting for AF so I can do a FET with donor eggs from sister. The first fresh one failed. I just came off of the Depot Lupron for 3 months to put the beta 3 integrin back into my uterus. I just hope and pray that was the problem! I would love to gripe and moan with you all but most of all just be here to help eachother get through this! GL to all!1

  10. alev - Can you please explain to me the Beta 3 Integrin Test and the treatment plan? Where did you have the test done? Good luck to you this cycle! Maybe that's exactly what you needed!

  11. vaios, sure! My RE does not believe in this test either but I told him I was not going to do anything with my last 2 embies until I had further testing with or without him. So he gave the name of an RI in Memphis when I asked about immune testing and after the RI looked at all my medical records he thought I should just have the integrin biopsy done. He told me he didnt think i needed any immune testing done since I have never had a m/c. So I did the test in my RE's office. He called the Adeza Lab and they sent the package to him that he had to put the sample into and when he was done he mailed it to them. They told me 3 weeks I would get results but they called 5 days later to let me know I was lacking the beta 3 integrin. So, RE talked to the RI about what to do and he said 3 months of the Depot Lupron, one a month. This shot goes in the muscle so DH did it just like the PIO. The shot is alot stronger than lupron and they had to give me another pill with it called aygestin and that is to help with the side effects from the shot. It will put you into FULL menopause. The aygestin didnt seem to kick in until the 2nd month. The DL can cause bone density loss, hair loss, hot flashes. The only thing I had really bad was insomnia and hot flashes. The aygestin caused shortness of breath and that is the only real problem I had with the whole thing was not being able to breath. I hope this helps and if you have any more questions please ask.

  12. Hey alev, I remember you! Glad you joined us! Wishing you all the very best!

    I just had a consult yesterday w/my doctor about my MRI results... It turns out that I have something called adenomyosis, which is basically when the tissue/glands that make up the endometrium grow into the uterine wall. It can't be treated surgically, because it's not a big mass, but rather diffuse throughout the back wall of the uterus. He suggests a 3-month course of Depot Lupron, similar to what alev did, following by cycling immediately after.

    I had never heard of this before, so of course I did a sh*t load of Googling. It turns out that women who have adenomyosis typically:

    * are in their late 30's to 40's
    * have carried a child to term
    * have had fibroid surgery and/or a c-section

    All of the above are true for me!!! When women go into menopause, adenomyosis goes away, which is why Depot Lupron is suggested as a treatment option... It is good to have an answer for why my previous two FETs failed, but the thought of taking Depot Lupron (no offense alev) really sucks!!!

    But I guess I should look on the bright side... At least I won't have to have another major surgery to get rid of fibroids, which is what my RE originally thought the finding might be.

    Big Hugs,

    WB = Wanna B*tch

  13. Barge about the adenomyosis--

    It sounds yucky. Your doc thinks it is keeping you from getting a BFP with DE?

    I am asking because I have all of those risk factors you mentioned, plus they always tell me my uterus is enlarged, and I just did several FETs with no luck. Not from a DE cycle, but they had been CGH-tested and were normal. I am about to start a DE cycle. I would hate to have it not work b/c of some undiagnosed problem. How did you go about having the MRI? Did your doctor recommend it?

    Thanks and good luck!


  14. Hi Beth,

    The MRI was originally done to assess whether or not I had fibroids within the muscle of my uterus that might impact implantation. Ironically enough, they didn't find fibroids, but they found the other thing... There have been some studies done that show that implantation markers in the endometrium are reduced/lower for women who have adenomyosis... Despite this, I also hear that women do get pregnant with this... Have you done the beta integrin testing? You may want to discuss this with your doctor.

    Good Luck!

    xo, WB

  15. maria_tsa, that is great to find something! I mean it is but it isnt. I remember when they called to tell me that i lacked the beta 3 integrin I cried. They kept saying.....are you ok and I was like YES, I have an answer. That is all we want is an answer then we can move on to whatever is next!! I forgot one more symptom that I had pretty bad with DL was my hips ached so bad while I slept if I was laying on my side. If I layed on my back I was ok. Is he going to give you the aygestin also?? My insurance covered my shots thank goodness, they cost $685 a peice! When do you start the shots??

    I go for lining check on Monday and if it is thin we will go straight into the FET if not they give me something to start AF.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

  16. Hey alev, what is aygestin? Yes, my insurance will cover with pre-approval from the RE. Thank goodness at $685 a pop!

    xo, WB

    P.S. I'll keep you in my prayers for a steller lining report on Monday!

  17. maria_tsa, it is a form of progesterone that has to be started on a certain day. There were some ladies talking about it on here somewhere, I will try and find it for you because they were saying that it has to be introduced on a certain day and that your RE has to know what he is doing when giving the DL. I started getting nervous becasue my RE never mentioned it but then my nurse said she was calling it in and I started to research it and that was the the progesterone they were talking about. It is a very low dose though!

  18. Did you have the beta 3 integrin test? I don't recall you mentioning if that was done.

    As for your donor, honestly, those stats don't sound too good (so I don't really think it was your DH). However, would you consider doing another cycle with a new donor and fertilizing half with DH and half with donor sperm?

    At least if it's an issue with DH, you will have half a batch that can bring you a little one - sort of an insurance policy.

    Good luck.

  19. Hi Jane, I have not had the beta 3 integrin test done. The "fix" however for someone who lacks the integrin is to do 3 months of Lupron depot, which is the same "fix" for the adenomyosis. Thus my RE says that I can skip the test and save some time, since I have to do the Lupron anyway...

    We have 2 last frozen embryos, so the plan right now (and my husband is fairly firm about this) is to stop once those are gone... As for your comments about stats, maybe you're referring to another poster?

    Take care Jane!

    xo, WB

  20. maria_tsa (and others) Sorry to jump in but I wanted to check in and see how you were doing......I just wanted to strongly encourage anyone with a high degree of endo or if they have ever been told they have adeno (which is endo that grows into the uterine wall) to try the 3 month therapy of depot lupron before proceeding with another DE cycle. I'm 30 but have POF due to stage IV endo removed 2 times...and its bad its on my bowels, bladder, ovaries, tubes, you name it I'm RE also can see that I have adeno by looking at my uterus on ultrasound and usually dr's cant tell that way but I have a pretty severe case to the point that at 26 I was told forget it I'll never have children have a hysterectomy obviously I didnt do that.

    Having adeno can hinder implantation rates even the best quality blast could have a problem RE had me do 3 months of depot lupron therapy prior to letting me do the DE cycle. He said otherwise I'm wasting money and I did it...I hated the 90 day wait and the hotflashes were driving me mental...DH was ready to have me sleep out on the porch! However I believe it was totally worth it. I didnt have the biopsy to confirm the beta integrin was missing but my RE said he didnt need to he knew it was just by looking at my medical records.

    I just did my first DE cycle and I am currently pg (very early but it worked) I transferred 2 on day 5 that were not even blast quality yet but at least one took however I do know for a fact that without the depot lupron therapy implantation would not have occurred....I had late implantation from the time I had implantation spotting to when I got a positive hpt was 6 days which is uncommon but I know its because the embryo had a harder time digging in which the RE did say absolutely is true with endo/adeno patients but without the depot lupron I dont think it would have happened at all.

    In any case I hope I didnt upset anyone by speaking of my early pg but I really really really want to encourage anyone who has had DE failure and even thinks they have endo or adeno please talk to your RE re: depot lupron therapy.


  21. Hi ladies,

    I also wanted to jump in, and I hope you don't mind, but I have stage 1-2 endometriosis and my RE put me on a 21 day course of Letrozole, instead of the 3 months of Depot Lupron. He said it has the same effect, prepares the lining for implantation, but in less time and is easier on the body.
    I have not gotten to my ER and ET yet in my cycle (donor egg), but I will let you know my results.
    Perhaps you could check with your RE's about this treatment as well.

    Good luck everyone.

  22. Do you know how long the protein stays in your uterine lining after you are done with the shots? I just emailed my nurse to get her ask my RE but he is out until Thursday. She said she would email him and try to find our sooner. Any idea?
    Also, congrats on your pregnancy!!! How exciting!!

  23. You're right, I mixed you up with someone else on the stats. Sorry 'bout that.

    You're right - if you're doing Lupron for 3 months, no need for the endo biopsy. Best of luck with your last little guys and hope you're elbow-deep in diapers a year from now.

  24. NP merec. There's a lot going on here... I hope that you too are elbow deep in diapers next year.

    xox ,WB

  25. alev, when is your transfer?

    xo, WB

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