Thanksgiving 2009 Egg Retrieval Week!!

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  1. Dr appt was this morning; he said that the lining is now 11.1
    B/W results will be this afternoon.

    I have completed Lupron as of last night, I'm suppost to take the HCG shot tonight and on Estradiol 3x a day (at least for the last few days) 2morrow it goes back to 2

    11/24 I start Suppositories and 11/25 the PIO Shot

    11/30 is transfer Time... We shall see what happens this time around


  2. Hi Tracy!

    Welcome aboard.

    maklil: You are sooo close. I wish you the best for your ER day.

    As for the rest, I'll send you all the good wishes.

    Me: I am day 3 of stimms.

    Hope I make it for the first week of December for Embie Day.

    Take care,


  3. Hello Turkey Girls!

    I am very excited for all of you.

    Barb: How is it going???? Sorry, I did not respond sooner.

    Tracy: In four days, you will know how the roller coaster ends. I truly hope it ends on a high note and that you have a full term healthy, uneventful, happy pregnancy.

    Michelle: No word from you. Sending you hugs.

    Kaycee: Sending you hugs as well.

    Pilitzidis: Wishing you all the best.

    maklil: Four days!!!

    I hope I got everyone.

    I have been very hungry lately and figure maybe it's my body's way of getting ready since I am making so many follicles. Who knows? But it is a great reason to eat.

    Oh yes, I've learned from another IVF'er about worldwide costs, averages to number of times to getting a positive pregnancy via IVF, and how daunting it all is... at

    Check it out.

    It makes me oh sooo jealous of women and men who can get pregnant via the good old fashioned way of having sex....

    Instead we let a group of people in our most intimate life to offer us a \"chance\" of getting pregnant with all kinds of experimental drugs (with who knows what kind of long term risks), the emotional and financial roller coaster.



  4. Ok ladies I have taken the HCG shot and it put me in tears... I had to do it myself though which is what put me in tears...
    so I start to do it.. but it hurt so I just pricked myself so I started all ova...
    Then I called DH and talked to him and then I did it...

    Glad thats done...1 day off and then on to PIO shots

  5. YEAHHHHH 5 more days

  6. Hello Turkey Girls!

    I am giving you all a toast today!

    Wish you and your embies all the best.


  7. Had my tx today we only had 1 that survived the thaw. Beta next Friday!

    Happt TG GIRLS!!!!!

  8. Hello gals,

    I\'m sure you are all either anxiously awaiting your beta results or beginning another ivf cycle.

    For me, I've canceled my cycle.

    I might do another or not.

    I wish you all the best.


  9. transfer was 11/30
    2 embies
    80% survival rate... we shall see
    Beta is 12/9 and then 12/11
    i\'m hoping for some Great News....

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