Thanksgiving 2009 Egg Retrieval Week!!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am really, really, hoping that I will be pregnant with a healthy, beautiful embryo by Thanksgiving week!!!!

    Let\'s share our excitement, anticipations, and some worries during our Thanksgiving Cycle.


  2. Hello

    I haven't been on here lately because I've just been taking BCP. However I started Lupron on 10/25/09 night and my other stims will start on 11/11/09 for 1st FET on 11/30/09. I'm excited but very cautious that this is a up and down process so I'm trying to prepare myself for disappointments. Ive been at this since 5/09 with 1 failed fresh IVF. So hopefully with the 7 grade A embies left something GREAT happens.

    This time I'm doing both the suppositiories and Oil and I'm also using the patch as backup E2 along with the pills

    I will be in Mexico from 11/8-11/15 and thats the time I'll be doing most of the injections so maybe that will help with the stress.

    I am hoping for all of us to have success so keep me posted and I'll do the same.


  3. Hi ladies,

    I\'ve just started my IVF cycle on 10/23 after two weeks of BCPs....MY RE has me on micro dose Lupron, FSH & Menopur....tentative ER scheduled for11/3....Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!...hope we all have the joy of conceiving a healthy happy baby by Thanksgiving!!

  4. HI,
    I am starting lupron tomorrow and my ER date is around 11/18-11/21 so hopefully I will be transferred on turkey day, my re does 5 day transfers. I cant believe how much time has flown by since I was on the bcp. I have twin dd from ivf#2 my advice is to take it easy and try not to stress. Hopefully we will all be in the 2 ww together.
    Are you ladies doing accupuncture? I am its great..


  5. Hey girls,

    I\'m still in limbo if I will even take off and begin Lupron by November 5th since they found liquid in my uterus and ovaries.

    Since I have hydrosalphnix (water in the tubes), there is a huge chance the stuff in there is toxic in my uterus. My right tube is closed off cause it was just horrid and had no choice but to burn it off.

    The left tube was left open three and a half years ago since it was very mild.

    Now fast forward four years latter.

    The left tube may have gotten worse.

    We will need to do an hsg to verify the left tube's condition prior to doing Lupron.

    Rollercoaster, here I come!!!!!

    Come and join us in our rides of a lifetime.

    Good luck to all of you and wish you a non bumpy, steady and a horse ride!!!



  6. Hi everyone! I'm new to IVFC, normally I post to another IF board but I thought I'd check this out
    My name is Michelle (29) , I'm doing IVF#1 after many, many failed cycles prior to this one. I have stage 3 Endo and am hoping that IVF is my miracle treatment.

    I started Lupron November 1st and I expect to start stims in a week (Gonal-F 225 IU and Menopur 75IU)

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

  7. Hello Turkey Girls!

    The liquid in my uterus is ok.

    It was there for my first IVF and of course, it's here for my second fresh IVF.

    The HSG showed the left tube to be the same as it was almost four years ago.

    Great news!

    RE told me there was liquid in my uterus prior to my successful first IVF cycle and has no concerns about implantation whatsoever. If only I can get him to guarantee it....Yeah right.

    So I will be starting Lupron on November 5th....two days away...Wowsers!!!

    Kaycee, good luck tonight. Figure you will begin your Lupron...wish you the best.

    Michelle, how's your lupron going? I, too, have endo and hydro, and was successful (and male factor) so there is hope. By the way, I do acupuncture and firmly believe it helped big time the first time and it will help again.

    Excited2BeMom: How are you doing????? I'm crossing my fingers and hoping you have lots of mature follicles and great eggs baking at this moment.

    Well, girls,.....welcome to the roller coaster ride.

    Hope we have 100% bfp's with strong, healthy, beautiful, babies that will keep up very busy and full of love!!!!!!!

    Taking off and coasting..


  8. Hi everyone,

    Michelle it seems that you and I are on the same schedule I started lupron on November 3rd and I hope to start stimming next week. I am also waiting for my period to show up hopefully this week but you know how she can be at times . I hope your successful on your first try.

    Sylvia- how are you are you going to be able to start lupron on the 5th? I also hope to be knocked up with my embie by thanksgiving as well.

    Dee- did you retrieve today if so I wish you a great fertilization report. Keep us posted.

    excited- hope you have a good time in mexico and hoping you success this cycle.

    Hang in there ladies and try to stay positive.


  9. bizena.bijo- I am ok. I'm waiting to find out the quailty of my frozen Embies. Then I have my b/w and u/s on Friday 11/6
    I go to MXC on 11/8-11/15 so I will be stimming on the beach... YEA....
    well hopefully IF all goes well Friday. I hate this WAITING ****

    So how are you?

    Thank you to all wishing me well and I hope the same for you

  10. So the RE called and said that the Quality are as follows: (keep in mind the grading is 1-4 1 being the best)

    4 are 1-2's
    3 are 2's

    7 Embies total are frozen.

    So any comments

    I'm thinking that's good but you just never know

  11. Hello girls,

    I hope Excite2BeMom rocks with top notch embies...Your frozen ones rock.

    Kaycee, how did your Lupron go last night?

    Pilitzidis did you have your ER already? What's your update?

    Michelle, how's your roller coaster ride? Smooth riding?

    For me, waiting gives me hope since this will be my last attempt of IVF.

    I\'m in no hurry whatsoever.

    Let me follicles take their sweet time to yield beautiful eggs for the egg retrieval.

    I am relishing this time and trying not to be filled with anxiety.

    My oven is prewarming and I am enjoying the ride for now.

    Hope we all give each other tons of love and support.

    Take care.


  12. Ladies,

    I had been taking BCP since 10/7 and Lupron Since 10/25
    Stopped Bcp on 11/3 (took last pill)
    continued Lupron as normal
    This morning I felt crampy like AF was coming... WTH?!?!?!
    So then I noticed spotting... I immediately called the nurse. She said that sometimes you can have a lite period or spotting but it wont be a full flow. I explained that I got scared because I didnt have a AF AT ALL with my fresh cycle and this clearly is my 1st FET. SO I was just making sure.

    Has this happened with any of you ladies?
    I\'m still scared.....

  13. Hello Turkey Girls!

    I am very proud of myself for giving my commencement shot today!!!


    Now I am visualizing my uterus beginning to turn off like a water facet.

    Excited2BeMom: My first cycle was restarted and I did have a full period prior to beginning stimulations. That's all I can say from my experiences. Wish you the best...

    How about the rest of you, ladies?


  14. Opps! I meant my visualizing my ovaries turning off...

  15. Quick update;

    I'm still cramping and spotting.... lite pickish
    I'm waiting for blood work results... nurse will call this afternoon
    U/S results... the RE said that everything looks good.

    i'm please with the results I got so far. Hope all are well. Have a lot of work to comeplete b4 I leave so ttyl.

  16. Hi,

    Well this is my second day of follistim so all is well so far. I go back on wednesday for bw and us so we shall see how I am progressing.

    Hope you ladies are doing well and its nice to see you are trying to remain positive it definitely helps.

    I am rooting for us all.


  17. Hi girls!

    Just finished my second Lupron shot and it went a lot better.

    First I got the single dosage of 10 units and let it warm up to room temperature (better at absorbing in the body when warmer). Injected myself and went off to take a warm shower.


    Also I am doing acupuncture, herbs, meditation, and having a positive outlook.

    Can\'t do any better then that!

    Excited2BeMom: Almost November 8th, figure you are gearing up for Mexico. Wow time flies by....almost too fast.

    Take care all of yourselves.


  18. Hi

    Wanted to get on board with all of you and introduce myself. I am doing a donor cycle with the retrival around Thanksgiving. Dates aren't set yet due to when donor starts here cycle, follicle size etc. I am on Lupron and finally supressed, I double my dose tomorrow and I start estrogen to build up my lining on Tuesday. I don't know if this is the right place for me as it seems as if you are all using your own eggs, I won't be offended if I am in the wrong spot.

    Wishing you all the most perfect cycles and BFPs!!!


  19. Hello Turkey Girls!

    I\'m daydreaming away.

    Found this website from the two week wait board at



    P.S. You can visualize what will happen once you have your beloved embie(s) within. Wish you all the best on the journey to Mamahood.

  20. Hey gals,

    How are you all doing?

    I'm trying to avoid eating the holiday food and the winter gain.

    Trying is the key word.

    Welcome, Barb, to our cycle buddies for the Turkey Embies.

    Tomorrow is my big day on the vaginal sonogram baseline. If all is quiet at the front, I'm cleared to begin stimming tomorrow.

    So far, I've been injecting myself. Feel more empowered. I will try to do the follistism, menupor, and the lupron shots by myself. Later, I will try the progrestrone shots as well.

    Right now, there is a pain on my left side. Don't really know what it is, but hope the ultrasound will determine what it is.

    Any of you doing acupuncture as well?

    Kaycee, how's your stimming going?

    Michelle, are you done stimming?

    Excited2BeMom: How's Mexico?

    Pilitzidis: What's up?

    Girls, keep me updated.

    So far, I have been enjoying every step of the way and I am trying to enjoy every step of the journey to an embie by Turkey Time!

    Take care,


  21. AFM... TIRED!!!! had a wonderful time in MXC. Swam with Dolphins, beach, pool, went on some tours and just relaxed. Took meds as normal. I'm on 10cc of Lupron and 2 Estrace pills now. Have B/w and U/s tomorrow morning so I'm hoping everything still looks Great. Transfer is still 11/30... seem so far away but trying to stay calm and patient through this entire process.

    Thats all for now ladies,

  22. Hello girls,

    Looks like I will not make the Turkey Day for ER.

    My left ovarian cyst got bigger on Lupron and the Estrogen 2 levels were at 237. So it's a no go for stimming because the estrogen 2 has to be below 70.

    The Re increased my lupron dosage from 10 units to 20 units and we shall see this Thursday to see if everything is shut off.

    In the meantime, I am on my period and hope it cleans itself all out to begin on a new clean slate for the stimming cycle.

    So Turkey Time has now become Christmas Time for me.

    Wish you all the best.


  23. RE said that everything is Perfect so far... SO THANKFUL
    Lining is 9.7; I go back on 11/23 and the plans are to have another lining check, cervical trial and HCG. Hope all continues this well.

    ttyl Ladies

  24. Hello gals,

    I am finally stimming!

    There was a two week Lupron and it took a while to shut me off.

    Now I am turning on my ovaries and wishing for them to produce quality eggs (and quantity as well, but above all quality).

    The projected egg retrieval is now the first week of December.

    So technically, I should move on over to the December cycle buddies.

    But I will stay here for now and see how all of you do.

    So for the rest of you, how are you all?????


  25. Thanksgiving day tx may I join?

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