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  1. I've never posted here before, but I've lurked and read through all the pages of posts. I just wanted to thank you ladies for sharing your stories so openly and honestly. It really helped me come to peace with our decision to SR, knowing that we were not alone in everything we were thinking. Before finding this board I was really torn, because it was so hard to find personal information on the procedure. After reading through your stories, it was like a weight had been lifted and I started to feel hope for the first time.

    Our story:
    we did injectible meds and TI. At our 5w2d u/s, they found twins. We were so excited. We had only ever planned on having two children and now we'd be done in one shot! We went back at 6w2d to see if we could hear heart beats...and that's when we found the third. It was a lot smaller than the other two, so it was missed at the first scan. We were shocked, to say the least. My RE's office recommended Dr. Evans if we were to choose to reduce.

    For several weeks we hoped and prayed that the smallest one would naturally go. It seemed like it was destined to lag behind...but just when we were at the point where we had to start making our decision on what to do, it caught up! I researched as much as I could on the internet, took the advice here and tried to think logically and not with my heart. We decided that SR was right for us for all the health risks and financial reasons that many of you have.

    We originally made an appointment with Dr. Stone, because she took our insurance and was highly recommended here. When I went to my first OB appointment, though, I was informed that they also perform the procedure. So I scheduled my CVS and SR with Dr. Van de Ven at the University of Michigan hospital because it was more convenient than going out of state and I liked the fact that I could stay with my current team of doctors all the way through. I can't say enough nice things about him. He is the best.

    The CVS went smoothly with no complications, and we just had the 3 to 2 SR yesterday. It also appeared to go smoothly and quickly. I had some minor cramping and spotting yesterday, and even though I know that's normal, it's still scary. So far this morning, the spotting seems to be going away, though. I'll be going back next Friday to make sure the other two are still doing well. I think I spent so much time researching and thinking about it that I actually came to terms with it and had moved on even before the procedure. I was sad the morning of, but afterward felt relief and am still confident that we did the right thing for our family.

    (special thanks to RobynK for pointing me towards this board and sharing her story with me!)

  2. ndiaye -

    Glad everything went smoothly for you - will be thinking of you. I'm about a month out of S/R (3 to 2) and also feel, though it was the hardest decision I ever had to make, that I did the right thing.

    Wishing you an uneventful pregnancy from here on out.


  3. Glad to hear that everything is going well. I had a 3-> 2 reduction done at 13 weeks ... and I'm now 29 weeks pregnant with twins.

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