Tentative ER 11/9/09, IVF#1

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  1. Brooke - I'm so happy for you!
    Karen - I'm not sure if I want to POAS either... I'm about there with you and the phantom cramping and such... I'm trying to wait to POAS, but I'm sure I'll end up doing it Weds... don't wanna do it on Thanksgiving, just in case... don't want to go see family if I'm upset.
    Ziggy - Hang tough Darlin! I'm so sorry about you BFN... I know how hard it is to see that. I hope your cold clears soon! I know how miserable it is, I've been down and out since my transfer on Weds.
    Well, I'm going to watch the last 3 minutes of the WORST Bronco game I've seen yet this year... Take care ladies!
    Love and sticky thoughts!

  2. Oops, Karen & Brooke - I'm sorry! I mixed you two up. I was wondering when I'd do that. Woke up with a terrible cold so I was out of it. Forgive me?

    I broke down and bought an EPT. It was BFN this afternoon. Looks like my little guy didn't make it. Not sure what we will do next. I won't give it much thought until the official call tomorrow.

    Good luck tomorrow, Brooke!

    Vikki, how are you?

    Karen, crossing my fingers for you on Wednesday!

    Hope you're all having a great weekend,

  3. Hi Ladies,

    It's official. BFN again. My RE thinks this was a fluke cycle (only got 1 egg) & wants to go over my case with me, whether we decide to try again or not. I don't want to have regrets or what-ifs, but the thought of cycling again...!

    Does anybody have some happy news to share today??? Brooke, isn't your beta today?


  4. Hi Ladies,
    Well, I POAS this morning. I woke up for the first time I think EVER that I didn't have to pee. So I waited an hour, then got up and POAS.
    It came up BFN, DH keeps telling me to stay positive, and that last time I took two tests, one was BFN then too.
    I just can't stop crying, the thought that this was my last try is hard for me to swallow. I am happy about the family that we have already created, but I wanted just one more.
    I guess we'll see what happens in a week, my beta is the 30th.
    Hope y'all are well

  5. Vikki-isnt too early to get a BFN? I have started to think that I HATE those things. They do nothing but make us crazy! We cant believe 100% what they say either. I hope it was just too early and if you take one tomorrow please let us know.

    Z-SO sorry but I'm so glad your RE is optimistic and you are as well. I feel like as long as you have hope I say go for it!

    Brooke-We havent heard from you so i hope you are ok.

    AFM-BIG FAT NEGATIVE I had taken a HPT earlier in the day so I was prepared for the bloodwork results. Of course I thought \"well maybe\"...precisely why I think the are evil little tests!! I'm doing better than I thought i'd be. My RE said they were shocked and that everything was so textbook and the embryos SO perfect that there has to be a reason implantation didnt occur. So before we move on to a FET (we have 7 frozen) they want to do a hysteroscopy. I've had other in office tests but since thats the most definitive they want to see if i do have a polyp or fibroid, etc. I was really happy that they wanted to figure out \"why\" b/c thats how I feel and also that they felt like things were so perfect. I'll keep you guys updated but for now guess I can drink wine tomorrow with the turkey!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


  6. Hey Karen,
    it is probably too early for one of those stupid little tests. I got a bfp with dd at 7dp5dt. So I was hopeful I guess. Stupid me keeps looking at the stick in the trash, ugh! It has this really faint pink line on it and now I'm wishing I just got the digital ones instead. I'm trying to stay hopeful and positive. I can tell you though, that if I eat any more pineapple, I may need my tounge removed!
    I will POAS again either Sat or Sun, I figure I'll give it a few days... My final beta is Monday anyway.

    I took my mind off of things today by baking up a storm, DH and kids thought I had lost my mind... But they are all fat and happy right now

    I'm so saddened to hear about your BFN . But I am glad that you and your RE are going to figure this out. You'll have to let me know what happens next. GET isn't as dramatic as the fresh, and you'll feel less like a pin cushion although my hiney is all \"hamburger\" meat from PIO every am. But that's nothing different than last time.

    Have a drink for me tomorrow!

  7. Helena-well I think the hysteroscopy can detect a septum and thanks for mentioning it. I'll be sure to ask my RE. I'd \"think\" they can be recognized on the saline ultrasound (cant remember name of it) b/c they said my uterus looks perfect but I'll ask for sure. I'm assuming they cant see a septum on an US or they would have detected on you earlier. Well congrats on your eventual BFP...I hope whatever it is, its simple and easy like that!!

  8. Sorry ladies ... I've been following your thread since I'm pretty much on schedule with all of you.
    (ziggy, I can particularly comiserate with you - I'm 41 and trying for #2 - it really does get harder as one gets older!)

    But I would like to mention something to Karen ... were you ever checked for a septum, or does the hysteroscopy check for them? Just thought I'd mention because I went through years of perfect cycles with BFN after BFN and after finally finding the right clinic (went through 4 RE's before our current one!) our current RE find a very large septum was preventing us from getting pregnant. They're easy to remove, and our very next IVF was BFP - first ever. I don't know if I'm telling you something you already know about or has been checked, but I lost a LOT of productive years and I don't want to see anybody else go through that if they don't need to.

    Congrats to Brooke, and sorry to the rest of the BFNs. I'm kind of expecting a BFN this Monday (but hope springs eternal).

    Take care,

  9. Hi again Karen ... if you had a saline ultrasound (sonohystogram), then yes, they would have seen it. (Though the quality varies - I had had one that didn't show it - you might want to ask the RE whether they actually look for it).

    Sorry again for barging. I hope its common practice now to look for one before doing expensive procedures, but when I went through it, it was missed by several prestigious clinics.

    Good luck!

  10. Oh Karen - I'm so sorry to hear your news! And shocked! I'm glad your doctor is investigating this too. My RE does hysteroscopies as standard procedure before starting IVF. I've had 2 - the 1st one showed polyps, which he removed, and now my periods are much easier to deal with. Small consolation...

    I hope your doctor finds some answers for you! Do you know when you'll try an FET?

    Vikki - Sorry to hear about the cheapy tests. Probably too soon for those. I KWYM about looking at the stick in the trash. I always think about that Friends epi, when Pheobe finds the + test in the trash... Did Rachel throw it away too soon? MB I did too. Better go look. Good luck on Monday. We need to end this thread on a positive note!

    Helena - welcome and good luck on Monday. How many cycles have you done?

    Brooke - thinking of you. Hope you're doing ok.

    Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. Now it's time to shop the blues away.

  11. Z-hilarious reference to the friends episode!!! And yes I have gone back and taken them out of the trash too!! I used to think I was the only one who did these crazy things until I met all your girls on this website!!

    They usually do hysteroscopies before IVF but I had two HSG, plus the sonohystogram, plus an endometrial biopsy and all was normal so we didnt do the scope. Their office is closed today, of course, but hopefully i can make an appt Monday and figure out our plan. I would like to do a FET ASAP. THe RE who called me with the blood test results so they dont like ot do hysteroscopy same month as a cycle (which is crazy b/c I know other clinics and have read studies where they believe it aids in pregnancy) but i'll ask. I guess at the latest it will be January.

    I want them to find something b/c it will answer the \"why\" question but then its just weird that it didnt show at all...ohwell, time will tell!

    Helena-youare not barging at all! I appreciate any insight I get from anyone! And its a question I will now ask. So why do you expect a BFN monday? I hope you are just being too hard on yourself! I'll be thinking of you.

    Vikki-any new news? And the faint line is great! esp since this was a FET so no HCG unless its the real deal! Keep us posted!


  12. Hi ladies, I'll keep this short since I need a moment.

    I got my call today, it's BFN. I am not sure if we'll be trying again, but DH dosent want to. I do have three great kids and have been blessed to have them.

    Hope all is well with the rest of you! Love to all

  13. Karen, thanks for thinking of me! Kind of you, especially after a BFN. Maybe partly being hard on myself and being scared to think too positively since I don't want to crash (a little protection), though partly because the two times I had a BFP we had one \"excellent\" blast which I always assumed was the one to take (of course, no guarantees, and unfortunately second one resulted in miscarriage). This time we have only \"good\" blasts (2 transferred). I know pregnancies can result from mediocre results, but after this many years, I get a little skeptical.

    Ziggy, its hard to count how many cycles I've done. I'm going to guess 5 fresh, 2 frozen, and 1 IUI before moving on to my current RE. Plus numerous cancelled ones (OHSS, cysts, etc.)

    Thanks again for thinking of me, and I will let you know how it goes today.


  14. Vikki - I'm so sorry. It's a hard call to answer. Please take care of yourself & try to steal extra hugs from those 3 wonderful children.

    azizeep - Do you have any news?

    I hope you all had a relaxing holiday.

  15. Hi again.
    Vikki ... so sorry about the BFN. I'm glad you have 3 little ones to hold, but I'm sure the longing for #4 was great. Take care.

    AFM, the skeptical one who always doubts and expects the worst, I am very blessed with a BFP. Its exciting and scary. My RE made sure that we were aware that our risk of miscarriage is 60% before we got into this! Fortunately I'm doing fairly well at not thinking (too much) about that and just waiting for our u/s in 3 weeks. No second beta as he puts his patients on HCG shots following a BFP.

    Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. I hope the best for all of you. You're a great bunch of women.


  16. HI, all - I need to take some time and read through all the updates. I probably can't do that until tomorrow. I have been so busy and also have bad news - I had an early miscarriage late last week and am now preparing for my first FET. My WTF appt is this Saturday, and we'll talk about the FET at that time, and get my meds squared away and all that.

    I'll be back on tomorrow to read through recent posts - I hope everyone is doing well!


  17. Congrats Helena!! I'm glad that someone on this board had a BFP!! It was starting to get really depressing! So I'm glad you ended on a happy note!! And also reassuring that gut instincts arent always correct!! Please keep us posted or i'm sure I'll see your posts other places!! Stay well and congrats again!!

    Vikki-sorry abotu the BFN. Its so so hard. I agree with Z and I'd just enjoy your three kids for now and you will do whats best!!

    AFM-just gonna get going on a FET next cycle. My clinic likes to have a cycle in btwn if it was a fresh but thats fine with me. I'm on day 5 on this cycle so hopefully my period comes when its supposed to! I'm doing a hysteroscopy on monday although my RE really doesnt think he will find anything. We shall see!

    Happy Shopping Ladies!


  18. Aww Brooke how heartbreaking. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I guess its a little calming knowing you have great blasts waiting for you. I had a BFN and am now getting ready to do my first FET. Since yours were already frozen as blasts how many are being thawed? I wish mine were frozen as blasts but i didnt (nor typically does my clinic) think about it so they were frozen on day 3. Now i'm in a dilemna. Thaw them all, grow to blast and transfer two best? Potentially loosing the rest but that means the best are transferred. That was my REs suggestion but I dont want to do that. I think we are gonna thaw 4 and see if we can get two to make it to blast. I hope you are doing ok and that you get to start on your FET protocol soon. What does it entail for you? There is a January 2010 FET thread that I joined if you are interested.

    Ok hope you are all doing well


  19. Brooke - I'm so sorry about your loss. I know the pain to go from such happiness to that loss. I always feel like its taken us so long to get pregnant that we should get a pass from the ugly reality of miscarriage. However, its just not so. Take care.

  20. OMG Brooke! I'm so sorry, Hun! What a rollercoaster for you! I'll keep you in my prayers.
    Helena congrats! That's great news
    Karen - Good luck on your next try!
    Ziggy - How are you doing?

    We still haven't really talked about going through another fresh cycle. I think DH dosen't want to go throught this again. But if were to ask me, I'd jump at the chance! I have been keeping myself busy with the gift wrapping, and baking to keep my mind occupied. Today our high temp is only 18, so baking and such will be a nice warm up.

    My personal email is
    if anyone wants to contact me later. I'm not sure how much I'll be checking in for a while.

    Love and Prayers to all,

  21. Brooke - I'm so sorry you are going through this! What a roller coaster. I am glad to hear you have already begun your next step. I wish you luck in your FET!

    Karen - Sounds like you have a great plan as well! You are both so proactive. I would also be nervous defrosting all of them. I like your plan of 4. Hope 2010 brings you lots of good fortune!

    Vikki - Baking, presents, sports, IVF, etc... Where do you get the energy?? You have such a healthy outlook. Please check in if you do decide to cycle again!

    azizeep - Congratulations! Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. So glad one of us found success.

    AFM. I just scheduled a WTF appt with my RE, but I really don't want to go. eta getting a second opinion this wk...

    Here's to 2010!!

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