Tentative ER 11/9/09, IVF#1

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  1. Vikki-cant wait to hear how lining check goes. So will they \"thaw\" one or two embryos? And Ive always wondered, do you get all ready for a FET and then the day of the FET find out if the embryo survived the thaw? How does it work?

    Z-Today is ET day right? Hoping all the best for you!!

    Brooke-I\'m guessing with ALL those embryos you are doing a day 5 transfer but either way thinking of you and hoping for the best as well!!

    AFM-Great fert report! All of my 16 eggs initially fertilized, 2 fertilized late and have since stopped dividing, so I have 14 embryos in the lab. They said to expect 9-10 of them to be perfect!! So I will go in Saturday at 0700 for ET!! If I have more than 7 that are perfect than we will talk about doing it on day 5...I dont know what to do!!?!?!?!?

  2. UPDATE! Just got another call - we still have 16 embryos that are \"grade 3 or higher\", which is how my clinic does it. They can be either 3 or higher, or 3 and lower. She said they look perfect, and that everyone is very excited. She called us IVF rock stars. LOL. So, I don't really have too many details, but I know they look great, and that's all that matters! Can't wait for Saturday!

    She said she'll also call us if anything changes before Sat. And we do have one other embryo that is not as nice as the other 16, so they'll watch it, I guess.

    Brooke :0)

  3. Brooke-wow fantastic news!!! You guys are IVF rockstars!!! At least you fill (should) have little frozen ones for future use!!! Thats the best part!!! I cant wait to hear how saturday goes!!!

    So my place usually does 3DT and occassionally 5DT for PGD, etc. I brought up 5DT to them since I read all the data and they said if I have 7+ perfect embryos we can go to 5days. But we still go in on day 3 ready for transfer to discuss with RE and embryologist. I guess my hesitiation is two fold. First they normally do 3DT so my first thought is I should do what they know best which is 3DT. Also we qualified for their risk/share program which includes 2 fresh cyles and any FET we have. And we all know that you can end up with less frozen embies by waiting til day 5. I wish they made decision for me too. But I figure i'll go in Saturday and IF we are fortunate enough to have 7+ we will take their advice. I wonder how many times theyve said on day 3 \"these are the two best\" and then by day 5 those two are sucky. So confusing!!

  4. IVF rockstars! That's so funny. Brooke, I'm so glad things are going so well with your embies. You should have plenty to choose from on Saturday!! I wonder what that picture will look like. I doubt they'll be able to fit them all on one pic!

    Karen - Great results!! What does your RE advise? I would think if a lab is used to 3dt, that might be the way to go, but if they are advising you to go to 5 days, that sounds encouraging. Nice to have choices!

    Vikki- happy birthday to your DD! Glad this is a lucky day! How is your lining?

    AFM - we transferred my little guy today - an 8-cell with no fragmentation. I was so happy/relieved to hear the quality. Just relaxing and trying my best to think positively and stay in bed. My back hurts already!


  5. Z-thats AWESOME!!! Couldnt ask for any better!!! When is your bloodwork? Well I hope you are resting comfortably and keep us posted of how you are feeling!!!

  6. Vikki - Congrats on a beautiful lining! Your DH is the sweetest. Best of luck on Wednesday -- fingers crossed!

    Brooke - How did it go today? Are you getting lots of rest? Check in when you can!

    Karen - Any news? Did you transfer, or are you waiting until day 5? You asked when my beta is -- it's Nov. 23 (that's my 2nd beta day, my first is Nov. 21 but RE won't share those results).

    Do you all know your beta dates?

    Hope everybody's having a great weekend.

  7. Ziggy that's AWESOME news! I'm so glad your little fella is in a nice warm place! Relax and think happy thoughts!

    Brook (aka Rockstar) Holy growing! That is amazing news! And even better, you can save some for later :-) I'll bet you and your DH are so proud!

    Karen - I'm so excited for your report on Saturday! I hope all goes well for you too! We will be transferring three embies on the 18th. (that's all I had left over after DD) The process isn't much different than the fresh IVF. It is a few less injections though, and you don't get that CRAZY bloated, exploding ovary feeling

    My lining check went better than I had thought!
    I was supposed to get to 8mm minimum, but I was being an over achiever and got to 12mm! WOO HOO! So I triggered yesterday, and started PIO injections this am. I gotta tell ya, my bootie and belly hurt today! >giggles<
    I had been a little worried about DH not being as excited as I have been, but this am, he rolled over in bed, and put his arm over me and said \"thank you for having my babies, and for wanting to\" So being the crazed hormonal thing that I am, I cried

    Keep your fingers crossed that my \"babies\" look good on Wednseday, that's really the biggest part of my fears this time around. I hadn't really thought about it until last night. but I am worried. Woah! I got negative there for a sec... sorry ladies, I'll get myself together.... DARN HORMONES!

    Love and Sticky thoughts to all!

  8. Hello! I am typing this from bed! We got home a few hours ago, after our fantastic embryo transfer! The transfer went smoothly, didn't hurt at all, only took a few minutes. We transferred two hatching blasts, and my Dr. said they looked great. We also found out that we have (possibly) 13 frozen embryos. They'll give us a final count in a day or two, but that is what it is looking like. My Dr. said they are the highest quality/rating they give up in our clinic, just under perfect, which they never assign. She said it again when she saw them on the television monitior. We are very happy, and glad to have made it this far! I hope uterus doesn't mess it up now! LOL.

    I'll be back on tomorrow morning to read everyone else's updates! I hope everyone is doing well...


  9. First off I'm so annoyed b/c i wrote this super long message and my internet disconnected and I lost it all!! So heres take 2...

    Vikki-Wednesday will get here before you know it!!! It sure does seem like all things are exactly on track!!!

    Z-hope youa re feeling well and glad to be off bedrest.That sucks that they dont release first BW to you. Are you going to take HPT? At least you will know something! I go on the 25th. Thatstwo days earlier than normal but if i wait til fri I cant go home for thanksgiving. So that works. Just hope my beta isnt 26 or something ambiguous!!

    AFM-Also had a great transfer day today! We transferred two great looking embryos and froze the other 7. RE told me they were nice and compact with no fragmentation! He said hes super happy with results!! I totally forgot about the day 5 transfer thng til after the fact!!! Its not their norm so prob for the best! I do have mild OHSS. My abdomen is super tender and bloated. Of course ovaries are humungous! So he said it should go away in a week or two UNLESS I get pregnant and then it may even get worse. So all that means is that if i start to feel better i'll have myself convinced this didnt work! Funny though b/c I \"know\" tons of people who transfer perfect embryo/blast and still get BFN butat this moment I just cant imagine it not working! And thts the same for you, Brooke and Z, too!! when is your bw brooke? Ok well I too am typing from bed and cant wait to be able to get up!!

    write soon and glad everyone is well

  10. Well, I just called Dr Hines office to make sure my medical records was there and they are NOT! They have had almost two months to get my medical records! ahhhh Why would I go to an apt and pay $300.00 with no medical records. I guess just to throw money away... Well, Joy the nurse just called and told me that Dr I office is faxing the info over. I will call back later this afternoon to make sure they do have my records...

    Glad to see everyone moving right along... I hope you guys have a better day..

  11. Vikki - I'm nervous for you! You must have had a great fresh cycle to get so many frozen embryos. Wow. I've never beend so lucky to have any to freeze! Good luck tomorrow - can't wait to hear the good news! Sorry for your daughter's cold, but glad you might have company.

    Beverly - I've been there too! Doctors are never in a hurry to give up your records. I actually did make an appt with an uncooperative doctor once, just so I could get my records from her. I will never forget what a terrible doctor she was & am so greatful I've found my current one! Good luck & thanks for keeping us posted.

    Karen - So happy your transfer went smoothly! How's bedrest treating you? Compacting 8-cell, no frags, is the best you could hope for on day 3 (according to my RE). Sounds very encouraging! Glad you're feeling better after OHSS (the advice you got on GBB sounds right on. Too early for any HCG to be making it worse!).

    Brooke - Congrats! Hatching blasts! Wow. I'm in good company! Did you survive bedrest?

    AFM - Just really hoping for any signs! Don't think I'll POAS this time, but I just realized that my RE pushed out my beta date by one day longer than usual because my 2nd beta would have fallen on a Sunday. So now I'll be going on on 12dpo and 14dpo instead of 11&13. What's 1 day, right?

    Hope you are all having a great week.

  12. Hi all! well, tomorrow is already right on top of me!! I'm so nervous it's not even funny! I have been trying to stay positive, but as y'all know it's not easy... We decided to not get accupuncture this time, but that's not my main freak out point. What if after all of this, my embies don't look good after thawing? I know we all get the \"what ifs\" before the big day, but I'm just freaking out! AHHHHH
    So starting tomorrow... 3 days in bed. Hmmm, I hope I don't read my whole book in the first day! Of course, DD caught a cold yesterday, so I may have some company... my poor momma, she'll be taking care of my sick girlie.

    Beverly - I have SO had those moments as well! What I ended up doing is going into the office and getting the file copied in front of me to hand deliver them to my RE. What a pain that is! I hope everything goes well for you!

    Karen - How are you feelin? You should be getting out of bed about the same time I will be getting in!

    Z - My final beta will be Nov 30th, and my RE won't share results of the first one with me either... I will POAS I'm SURE! How ya doin?

    RockStar - (tee hee) How are you?

    Thinking STICKY!!!
    Hugs to all!

  13. Well Ladies, Dr I office did sent my medical records but not all of them.. So, my new Dr requested them for the hospital so we would not have go threw Dr I again.. Haha

    I really liked my new Dr and staff. I was very impressed! Dr H wants to do some lab work on me to see why I am m/c each pg. DH and I are both having the karaotype screeing done. I have to wait until AF shows her face for the other lab test. Dr H wants to do surgery to see if my tubes are blocked and swollen. If so he will remove my tubes. I guess that is not a big deal but I kinda don't want him too. I know that sounds crazy. So, after we get all the test results back we will decide when we will cycle again. I just want to thank you guys for hanging in there with me.

    I am so glad everyone is doing good.

    Ziggy-How are you feeling? I was crazy during my 2ww! IF you can hold out and not POAS then I would! But....I POAS on day 8 so I can't say anything....

    French-I am so excited for you! Good Luck! I watched Delivery Me channel during my three days in the bed. A crazy thing to do but I did! Eat a lot of pineapple!

    Bio-How are you feeln? Grow emibes grow!

  14. Brooke-OUCH! I figured you had some degree of sore ovaries given how many eggs you had! I had sore ovaries for a few days but its much better now. I cant even imagine. hope it gets better but hoping you get a BFP I'm thinking it may not for a little while (I'm sure you dont mind though!!)

    Vikki-YAY!! Cant wait to hear how it goes! I cant imagine the stress of doing all this prep and then waiting for the big news on how they handled the \"defrost\". Update when you can! I was only on bedrest for 24 hrs so I cant imagine!!

    Ziggy-I'm two days behind you in the wait and its taking forever!! My bloodwork is a week from tomorrow, the 25th. I'm going in 11dp3dt b/c of the holiday. So I think yours is Tuesday, right? I too look for signs but its SO hard! Not sure what I'll do about POAS. If I do it will be the day of my bloodwork so I feel \"prepared\" (if thats possible) for the phone call!

    Beverly-if your RE thought chance of hydrosalphinx then i'd have surgery b/c, as I'm sure youve read, that does not have good outcomes with IVF. let us know what they say!

    AFM-fine, totally fine! i was off work the last two weeks so I'm actually excited to go back tomorrow. Too much time to google!! I'm still pretty bloated but not as sore. Thought I had some cramps today but could be the PIO or my imagination. Oh you girls are gonna laugh at this..so the first 3 shots my dh did of PIO were NOT painful AT ALL. Didnt bother me one bit so i actually called the RN to make sure it wasnt a \"bad\" batch or sat on the shelf too long! What an idiot!! Do i really want it to hurt!??!?! Of course last nights shot hurt like a $^%^% but I asked for it!!

    Ok cant wait to hear any updates or just to chat!!


  15. Hi, all! How's everyone doing? Good here, I'm dealing with some very sore ovaries, sitting at the computer is painful, so I'll make this short. I forgot to post the pic of our embryos after transfer, so I thought I'd do it now... I think they look great, but I don't know anything. LOL.

    Okay, I'm a dummy and can't figure out how to post a pic...so I will try to figure it out when I am spending more than 2 minutes here. Shoot!

    Hope everyone is doing fabulously!


  16. Hi Ladies!
    It\'s 2:30am.... and I'm WIDE awake! DH is too, so at least I'm not the only one in the house that's up. I am so nervous/excited about the transfer it's not even funny. I think we are catching DD's cold, and now I'm REALLY scared about the transfer. (OK so I know we have it...I'm blaming my brother's family for the cold thing btw)

    Well, I guess it's safe to count down... 9 hours and counting!

    OK I guess that was all I had to say, I'm going to watch something not sad and try to sleep for a couple of hours. Hugs!

  17. Hi Ladies!
    Transfer went well, I'm laying here in bed typing away We only ended up with two embies being transferred, one of them didn't survive the thaw.
    We got photos of all three babies. Sort of sad to see the little fella that didn't make it. DH was sad, but SO supportive. He even talked to the \"kids\" as they went in - so much for the big tough guy act LOL

    As for my cold, it kicked into high gear on the drive down to the clinic. We got home from the clinic around 12:30pm and I crashed for about 2 1/2 hours with DD. Glad she was ready for a nap too! The nurses said I can take Mucinex or Chlortrimaton (sp?) I feel like I have been hit by a truck! I pray that it dosen't affect the transfer.

    Well, I'm going to cuddle my poochies, they are all here looking at me like I'm nuts for having been in bed since I got home!

    I'll check in later!
    Love and sticky thoughts

  18. Vikki -- So nervous for you! Check in when you can!

    Karen -- My betas are Sat & Mon (11/23). I won't hear the results until after 3pm on Monday. Yikes. I hope we all have something to celebrate on Thanksgiving! Otherwise, I'm drowning my sorrows! I do know what you mean about testing just before the beta so you have a heads-up. I might change my mind about POAS, but I'm just afraid of seeing that BFN... Glad your PIO shots are not hurting!! And that you're making your RE's office work for their money. Maybe I should call mine with some random questions. They are really getting off too easy with me.

    Brooke -- Hope you're feeling better! I would love to see the pic of your embies!

    Beverly -- Glad you have a game plan. Hopefully you won't have to get surgery, but it sounds like you are in good hands this time!

    Looking forward to hearing how you're all doing!

  19. Vikki- Yippy!! 2 is great! Get lots of rest & let those little guys snuggle in!


  20. Brooke-THATS AWESOME!!! Although to be honest I have 100% faith in those little embryos!! I know I've only \"known\" you for a few weeks but things seemed to go SO well that I just cant imagine you not getting a BFP!!! Keep us posted on each test you take! HOw are you feeling? Any symptoms?

    Vikki-yeah I think that 2 embryos is fantastic!! I would be happy with that!!! Hope you are resting well!!

    Z-I hate that they dont tell you first beta although i understand the reasoning! How are you feeling? I see your posts on the beta board so I think the last I saw you were doing well!!

    AFM-doing well. Actually too well I think! Ovaries and bloating (well almost) is gone but it has been since Monday. I have a little crampiness but not too much. I'm just not feeling it but we will see. I am not going to pee til Wednesday. I'm 6dp3dt and I've read the chart for 3dt so maybe thats why I feel fine but still!

    Cant wait to hear about your POAS, Brooke!!!


  21. Good luck on your bedrest, Vikki! When's your beta?

    Z-good luck on your beta tomorrow! Have you POAS yet?

    Karen - how was it going back to work? PIO still going well?

    AFM: I am on suppositories still, they are going ok. I hope my progesterone is high enough...because I took a test this morning and it was positive. Just a faint blue line that showed up after about 30 seconds. I am going out to the store now to buy some more. I'll feel like it's a little more real when the line gets darker. I'm 6dp5dt today...

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  22. Brooke - That's fantastic!!! Congratulations!! Here's to a darker line tomorrow!

    When is your official beta?

    Anybody else POAS? I'm too chicken. I have some mild cramping, but it's hard to tell what's what. I am fighting a cold and it's messing with my head. For my last cycle, I knew it didn't work by now. This one, I'm still on the fence about. Just really hoping for some spotting today! I'm also 11dpo, and this is when I had some spotting and cramping on my BFP cycle.

    How's everybody?

  23. Oy, the last 24 hrs have been stressful. I had a tiny bit of spotting, freaked out, realized my boobs are totally not sore anymore, and thought for sure the test I took was defective. So this morning I went to Target, bought a 3 pack of FRER and took one with about 4 hours of pee 'saved up.'

    It was positive, no doubt about it. Still light. But it is the most beautiful light pink line I have ever seen! I have only ever gotten stark white test lines on FRER's, so I feel pretty confident I am knocked up, for now.

    My beta is Monday, so we'll see what it shows. I am hoping for the best, but prepared for anything at this point!

    Anyone else testing soon??? Brooke

  24. Karen - somehow I missed your post yesterday! Congratulations!! What a beautiful sight to see. 2 lines!!!

    AFM... I did something stupid. I thought I bought FRER, but I bought FR1 (the least sensitive - picks up HCG > 100). It was negative this AM. I am so annoyed with myself! I might pick up an EPT while I'm out today... or just wait for the dreaded call tomorrow.

    Happy Sunday!

  25. Z-I WISH I had a POAS two line to report but I havent taken one yet! I did take one at 6dp3dt just to make sure HCG was out of system incase I did want to take one but I really dont want to POAS!! Maybe if I felt some symptoms, other than phantom cramps, but I feel fine.

    Vikki-when is your beta?

    Brooke-I cant wait to hear what your numbers are tomorrow!! I have a feeling they are gonna be really really good!!

    Ok well my blood work isnt til wednesday. I MAY POAS as i wait for the phone call but I want to hold on to all hope as long as I can!! My gut feeling is that it didnt work so we shall see!

    Love reading all the posts and cant wait for your betas tomorrow!!!


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