Tentative ER 11/9/09, IVF#1

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  1. Hi! Quick update on me: ummm...where am I? Day 5 of stims, my E2 was 535, Day 7 it was 1367, and today, Day 8 it is 1691 (I've been reducing my Follistim all week b/c I have a lot of follicles growing.) I had 24 follies above 13 at last check, and those were just the ones the Dr. counted/sized up. I have many more than that less than 10. I don't think they will catch up, so that is probably a good thing! I go back tomorrow morning for what might be my last u/s and b/w...I hope I am ready to trigger tomorrow night, I am getting a little uncomfortable. Not too bad. I have a lot of cramps, plus the ovary pain, I hope that is okay...

    Z and Karen, I hope you are doing well, getting close now...I need to catch up on everyone...

    ;o) Brooke

  2. brooke-wow how great!! I'm hoping that i have about 15 follicles, 12 eggs, 10 get fertilized! This is my dream world!! Sounds like you will be living that dream!! Let us know tomorrow if you are told to trigger!! Will you do a 3 or 5DT?

    I started the ganererlix injection tonight and man did it burn! I wasnt expecting it to hurt and the follistim doesnt hurt at all but this needle hurt much more going in and then the injection itself was super burning I'm all better now but still! When i went this morning i consider that day 5 since I didnt take follistim yet (i take it in evening). is that how you count too?

    Ok well I'm always hoping i sign on finding out great info from you girls!


  3. Wow - great news all around!

    Brooke - how was your u/s this morning? Do you think you'll trigger tonight? I don't have any cramps or ovarian pain like you, but your ovaries are working extra overtime. Hope you are getting lots of fluids.

    Karen - I've never done ganerelix, but Menopur burns as well. Hopefully it's not too bad... I take my stims in the AM and PM, so I count each day early in the AM. When I went to the RE yesterday, I had already done my AM shot. They wanted to lower my dosage, but it was too late, so they told me to forget the PM shot last night & start lower doses today. So it's good that you hadn't done your shot yet when you went in for your appt... just incase.

    My E2 yesterday came back at 1555, but my prolactin was a bit high, so I'm taking perlodel. My BBs started aching really bad yesterday! I always thought progesterone did that, but I guess it's excess prolactin. Makes sense.

    Is anybody else dehydrated from the stims? I'm drinking tons of water!

    My appt is early tomorrow morning. I will find out when I trigger then.

    Do your REs recommend bedrest?

    We are getting so close!
    It will be so great to have CBs to chat with during the 2ww.

  4. Z-wasnt it you who didnt have any follicles on the right the last time? If so thats great that both sides are responding!! And you contribute much to acupuncture, huh?

    Brooke-hoping the best and happy trigger day for you!

    I'm hoping tomorrow morning when I go they count b/c I'd like to know how many. I'm starting to \"feel my ovaries\" a little more. Nothing too bad but can tell. I also thought I'd be a little \"crazy\" from all the hormones but not yet at least!

    chat soon,

  5. I am running late today with my update - basically I am going in tomorrow morning for a 'last' ultrasound and will trigger tomorrow night and have my ER Monday morning! They counseled me on OHSS today because of my follicle count and I am doing as instructed (gatoraide and all that...)

    My follies for today were:
    Left - 19.1, 18.26, 18.1, 16.94, 16.37, 15.84, 15.64, 15.21, 14.94, 14.86, 14.78, 14.76, 14.32, 14, 14, 13.64, 12.47, 12.43

    Right - 18.02, 17.22, 17.19, 17.08, 16.78, 16.53, 15.93, 15.28, 15.22, 15.18, 14.98, 14.96, 14.92, 14.78, 14.24, 13.5, 12.81, 12.77, 12.64, 10.78, 10.53

    E2 was 2000. I think that's pretty good. I am glad it's not going out of control, but they told me today it doesn't apply in my case (when looking for OHSS) because my follicle count trumps E2. Anyway, I am doing fine...knock on wood!

    -Looking through recent posts/questions:

    -I am doing a couple days bedrest after transfer . I don't know if will help, but I pretty sure it won't hurt!

    -I am hoping for a day 5 transfer, that is what my clinic shoots for, but who knows how it will go down! What is everyone else doing?

    -I have been thirstier than normal - drinking more than normal as well! I guess it's the stims...

    Okay, that's it for now! I am sure I'll be back on during the weekend, no plans, just getting my house clean (I always go crazy cleaning before any surgery) and hanging out w/ DH!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    Oh, and I do have a little (not very exciting) blog, I do updates there, too. It's really just a place for me to keep all my stats, sort of a memento to my cycle. scifibaby.blogspot.com is the address.

  6. Karen - yes that was me (dud right ovary). Thanks for remembering. I think the acupuncture may have done the trick! How was your appointment? Any news?

    Brooke - I'm amazed by the detail your doctor gives you. Mine only measures the 2 biggest follies on each ovary, and I have to pester him for info. How is your E2 now? I cannot believe how many follies you have. WOW. Your E2 must be through the roof.

    AFM, RE found 7 follicles of good size, so I am also triggering tonight. The time has flown by for me! We go in Monday for ER, and Thursday for 3dt. My RE insists on 3 days strict bedrest, but this time I will just relax for the first 1.5 days and take it easy until beta. At least that's the plan...

    Hope you are all having a nice weekend!

  7. Holy Follicle Counts! Ladies you are all doing GREAT!

    DH has me all set up for the bed rest after my FET. we have a little rolling laptop table in the bedroom, a little fridge in here by the bed, and he even bought me a new book to read! Lord I hope there is some good movies on demand next week! haha!

    Let me know how you all are doin on your retrievals, transfers and bed rests! Love and sticky thoughts to all!

    10 days until FET!

  8. Brooke and Z-wow big days coming up!! I would have been right on track with you girls except I got pushed back two days due to the cyst.

    Brooke-yeah I agree your E2 must be sky high!!! Glad US went well and that they are watching you closely! Cant wait to hear how many eggs they retieve!

    Z-amazing what acupuncture can do! I go as well and I'll never be able to say that it didnt have an affect on things! just amazing!

    AFM-appt went well today. Have around 30 follicles measuring about 15-13. I have three that are 10, 10, and 9 so they may not make it! I will trigger monday night for a wednesday ER! I go back Monday at 8am for final US. I dont know my E2 from today but I feel fine. Just a little tender but thats all. I will do a 3DT too. They do 5DT but not that often so I feel like I should just do what they do best. But I have read all the studies on 5DT and he said on day 3 i'll come in ready for ET and if I have 7 embroys all of great quality than we can discuss waiting two more days...yeah I think i'll just end up transferring on Satruday...but we shall see!!

    My trigger is a subQ Ovidrel (sp?). What about you girls? Ok well have a great Sunday and i just cant wait to hear how monday goes!!


  9. Hi Ladies,

    Vikki - what a prince your DH is!! It's so nice that he's taking care of you. How are you going to rest with all you have going on??

    Karen - sounds like you're doing great! How was your u/s today? As for trigger, mine was HCG in the behind. Big needle!

    Brooke - I hope your ER went well! Update when you can.

    ***********Warning, negativity below!*************

    My ER did not work out like planned. I had 7 great looking follies going in there, and my E2 was 2200+ before trigger. My RE only retrieved 1 egg. He could not say what happened to the others. I am so confused and angry. I could not get any straight answers out of them, which frustrated me even more. My RE did an IUI after my ER, just incase there were any stragglers.... He also said the semen can help create a hospitable environment for the transfer on Thursday, but I'm doubting we even get to transfer.

    Tomorrow I'll find out if my one-and-only fertilized. No comment.

    Hope to hear better news from you all!

  10. Z-oh no, bummer. But i will hold faith for the one egg..heck it only takes one so hopefully it takes well to fertilizatin. Will they call you in the morning to let you know? And maybe the IUI will work..glad they did that. It is so hard to know what happened to them all. Keep us posted

    Vikki-I too agree you have such a doting DH! How nice!! I'm afraid i'll get bored lying there!

    Brooke-cant wait to hear from you on how your ER went today!!

    AFM-im all set for Wedndesday ER. I went today and they only counted the bigger ones, measuring 18mm. Estradial was 4300 today and RE said I've got around 25ish. So we shall see. Im definetely happy but I know its just one battle won! I go AGAIN tomorrow at 0830 for one final US/BW. HCG is a subq shot at 2200 tonight.

    Well I'm thinking about you Z...come on little egg...fertilize!


  11. -extremely short update (i'm sleeeeepy...)

    Well, we got 30 eggs today. Not sure if that is the # of mature eggs, or just the initial haul. I'll find out tomorrow. I hope that at least some of them are good quality!

    I look forward to reading everyone's updates tomorrow morning! Hope you are all doing well!

    Brooke :0)

  12. wow brooke thats great news!! And by the way happy belated birthday!! I go tomorrow morning for ER. I had final US/BW this morning but they didnt even bother counting or measuring. Just told me \"Wow you are an egg factory\". But i'm with you-once i know the fertilization report I'll be satifisied! So i'll know how many initial eggs they retrieved but that will include the overmature, undermature, etc.

    Z-i was hoping to log in and hear good news about your egg!

    Ok well I hope you are both all recovered from your ER!


  13. Karen - thanks for the positive thoughts! I got the news this AM that my little embie did fertilize, so we're just going to wait and hope... If it does ok, then we'll have ET on Thurday.

    How was your trigger? Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you. Pls check in when you can.

    Brooke - hoping for a good fertilization report for you!


  14. Warning: this is a long post!

    I want to give some details about how my day went yesterday, so I figure I better do it now, while the memory is still fresh. I am feeling a little hazy from the pain meds, but I'll give it a shot. Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors; there are bound to be a few!

    Since my ER was schedule for 9:30, and we needed to be there at 8:30, of course I set my alarm for 6 am, so I could take a long shower, and have lots of extra time to get ready. I move pretty slow in the morning, and since I didn't have any food, water, or caffeine in my system, I was even slower than normal.

    We were out the door at 7:30, which is pretty good since I only live 10 minutes from the clinic. Yep, we were a bit excited, and I guess we didn't feel like sitting around the house any longer!

    We stopped at our local drive-thru Starbucks, so J could get a black coffee. I had read that caffeine is good for sperm motility, or something like that, so that's why we went. Not that he really needs any help, his sperm are pretty good as is. After that, we head to the clinic. J takes a bit of a scenic detour, driving down through one of my favorite areas, to kill time and to make me happy. Really, I am so lucky when it comes to my husband! Seriously thinking of keeping him. Ha!

    When we were about 5 minutes from the clinic, I called my parents, I was starting to get a bit nervous, and they helped to make me laugh and cheer me on a bit. I think I'll keep them, too.
    My dad says \"I don't understand any of this, but good luck anyway!\" My mom is pretty knowledgable about the IVF process, dad is not. He just thinks good thoughts, which is all I can really ask for anyway.

    We get to the clinic, and my stomach is starting to act up, as it always does when I am nervous! I feel like my heart rate is going a bit fast. I try to calm down/relax/take in slow, deep breaths. It works! We check in, sit down, and J and I start being silly (quietly) and just tell each other jokes, etc. That works as well. Start to change from feeling nervous/anxious to just plain excited. I can't believe we got this far in our IVF cycle. With my crazy ovaries, I had expected to be canceled days ago. I am so grateful to have made it this far!

    We get called back at exactly 8:30, and I am shown to my own little room, complete with a stereo, current magazines, low lighting and a warm gown and bedding. I don my cute (ha!) gown, and hop into bed. I didn't really hop - I really sort of slowly eased myself onto the bed since I am fairly sore with my gigantic ovaries. The bed is toasty, and I love it. It's those little things that always make me happy.

    The nurse, T, has me sign a few things, talks to me about OHSS, and leaves us alone. Dr. O comes in to say hi, and tell me more about OHSS (I am now the world's leading expert!) He tells me I may have uncontrollable pain after the ER, and he is sending me home with great pain meds, and if they aren't enough, he will admit me to the ER just for pain relief. That put my mind at such ease, because one of the things that had been worrying me was the possibility of having out of control pain. That worry was now gone. I love Dr. O! He talks further about how we will really shoot for a day 5 transfer, if all goes well. He leaves to do another ER before mine, since mine is estimated to take an hour, because of the possibility of getting so many eggs.

    Another nurse came by to take J to the super special secret room to produce his sperm sample. It takes just a few minutes and he is back. Glad that was easy, I felt bad for him, having to perform under pressure. It's such a weird situation. But, he did great as always. I didn't really feel THAT bad - I am the one having the freaky surgery!

    The anesthesiologist comes in at about 9 am to introduce himself, and he is so nice. Very cheery, and just seemed happy to be there. You can tell he loves his job. What a difference that makes. He inserted my IV, and we all chatted for a bit. He told me I was going to be getting versed, fentanyl, and propofol. He also said it is basically general anesthesia, and I would not be awake at all, and would not remember a thing. He then left, and we were alone again.

    At 9:30, another nurse came to walk me to the OR. I said goodbye to J, and made my way down the hallway. I noticed I was bleeding from my IV site quite a bit, and after getting myself onto the operating table, the anesthesiologist took care of the problem. The room was a lot smaller than a regular OR, more intimate is how it felt. LOL. Not sure if that's the right word. There was just the anesthesiologist and one nurse at the beginning.

    At about 9:35, the anesthesiologist gave me a little pre-sedation cocktail, and it was the greatest thing ever. No more worries after that. It was a bit of versed and fentanyl put into my IV. I had about another 15 minutes after being given that before everybody else was ready to go, so we chatted further, and I really hope I didn't say anything ridiculous. I'm a chatty drunk.

    One of the embryologists came in to ask me my name, verify a bit more info, and then he wished me a belated happy birthday. He was funny. Or it could have been the drugs.

    Dr. O came in just before 10, and they put a mask on me, and I was out. Next thing I knew, the ER was over, and I was back in my room, with nurse T and J by my side.

    I was pretty coherent, or so I think. I know I said I was tired, and then I asked about how many eggs they were able to retrieve. J said he thought the number was 30, and I was over the moon with happiness! I was a little crampy, and got some more pain meds. I ate some crackers and drank some water. I wasn't nauseous at all; they may have given me some anti-emetics in my IV, not sure. The anesthesiologist popped his head in to say hi and let me know I was going to be quite sleepy since he gave me so much medication due to the length of the ER.

    Maybe 30 minutes later, nurse T took out my IV, had me get dressed, went over some post ER instructions, and had J go get the car. She wheeled me out front, and we were on our way home! I had a few cramps, but nothing outrageous, and was just generally very happy with how the day played out. It really couldn't have gone any better.

    I am now just sitting here at the computer, waiting for a call from the clinic. I am expecting a call anywhere from 1.5 to 5 hours from now. I am still feeling good, some sharp ovary pain every once in while. I am not too bloated, and am drinking Gatorade almost constantly. I had to get up to pee about 4 times last night, I guess from all the liquids. I already slept more comfortable last night than I did during the nights leading up to the ER. I hope this continues, but I know that the OHSS can rear up its ugly head at any point, especially if we are lucky enough to get pregnant. Right now, I am hoping that we have fertilized eggs, and make it to transfer. Other than that, we are also hoping for a good number of embryos to freeze. We'll see how everything plays out soon enough; for now, I am going back to bed to rest and relax!

  15. Z - I am so relieved to hear that your lone egg has fertilized! That is just awesome. Grow, little one! Good luck on Thursday! I know it's a cliche, but one really is all ya need!

    Karen - thank you for the birthday wished! And good luck to you - do know when your ER is to be? Glad to know you're an 'egg factory!' Good luck!

    I am waiting for my fert report, not so patiently! I am hoping for 15 mature eggs, but who knows what we'll end up with! You just never know...

    I posted my ER story (long and boring) a few minutes ago.

    I hope everyone else is doing well, and want to read updates!

    Have a good one! Brooke

  16. Quick version-

    28 eggs retrieved

    26 eggs mature

    25 eggs fertilized

    4 eggs fertilized abnormally

    so, 21 eggs fertilized normally!

    We are surprised, happy, all of it!

    I guess we have 21 embryos, or at least zygotes, right? LOL.


  17. Brooke thats FANTASTIC news!!! A dream come true for many I surmise!! I have to be there at 0630 for my ER and I wont know till Thurs btwn 0800-1000 my fert report. My husband and I are going away Wed after the ER til friday night so I'm not sure if I'll have internet service. If I do I'll update you girls, If not I will fri afternoon.
    So when will you next get a fert report? What a relief!!! Out of 21 zygotes you will for sure have great ones to choose from!!
    That sounds like a fun day at your ER! I hope mine goes as smoothly!! I cant wait for my versed, fent, propofol!!!

    z-YAYAYAY!!!! Thats great that your egg fertilized and you too have a zygote growing fiercely!! Thats super exciting!!

    Let me know when you girls get updates!!!


  18. Brooke - Congrats! That's fantastic! And what a nice report on your ER. I feel like I was there with you . Aren't the meds GREAT?? Are you feeling better? Will you get another report on day 3? Looking forward to it!

    Karen - are you in the military? Just curious.


  19. Z-well I was a Navy Nurse and I got out in 2005. My husband is active duty though. Do we know each other?!??!

  20. Z-haha!! Funny I guess I didnt realize I use military time!! Any updates on your little one? Or will u just find out tomorrow for ET?

    Brooke-Same question...do you just find out the next update on your transfer day?

    AFM-home from ER. 16 eggs!! At first I was a little disappointed b/c my last follicle count was 20ish but the RE told me to be super happy b/c their average or what they hope for is about 8 eggs. The embryologist said my husbands sperm looked great too. So they will call btwn 08 and 10 tomorrow. I'll update then!


  21. LOL! No, it's just that you use military time in your posts! I have to count with my fingers when converting to military time. Maybe I'm just ret*rded.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  22. Karen - 16 eggs! That's fantastic. Hoping for good fert results for you tomorrow!

    Brooke - I agree - I would love to know what's going on. I asked for a status in my last cycle, but they told me they don't like to disturb the embryos unless they have to. So I'm fine with not knowing until tomorrow, but so nervous. If you end up going in tomorrow for ET, good luck!

    Not looking forward to bedrest for the next couple of days, but on the other hand, I'll feel lucky if my little guy makes it to transfer. I hope the valium they gave me calms these nerves!


  23. Karen - congrats on the 16 eggs! That's a good haul!

    I will get another update tomorrow morning at 9 am, and they'll let me know whether or not to come in for a transfer that day, or if I am pushed to a day 5 on Saturday. I don't expect a call today, unless something terrible has happened, I guess. I would LOVE to know what's going on with my embryos - I am dying of curiosity. OH well, less than a day now...


  24. Ziggy - I'm so glad your little one is fertilized! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Thursday is my DD's 2nd birthday, so it's a good baby day!
    Karen - HOLY EGGS! That's awesome! Way to grow!
    Brooke - What a bunch you came out with! That's SO cool! I'll bet you are bouncing off the walls!

    I have my lining check tomorrow... if it's 8mm, then we are right on track for FET on the 18th! I'll let you all know how it goes!
    I just hope I can sit still on bed rest next week! haha I'll glue my butt to the bed if I have to! Everything can wait a few days to be done, and my house won't burn down.... I hope! (j/k)
    Positive sticky thoughts!


  25. Karen - congrats! When do you get your next update? If you do have 7+ great looking ones, I would go for the 5 day, but I know it's so hard to decide. My clinic doesn't let patients decide, I don't think. Good luck!

    Z - good luck w/ ET! Let us know, when you can!

    Vikki - are you you doing a week of bedrest after your FET? I am trying to figure out what I should do after my transfer... Good luck at your appt! Go lining!

    AFM - I just got off the phone with my nurse, and she said we are being pushed to a day 5 transfer! We don't have ANY other details, but she said to expect a phone call later this afternoon with all the info. So, we're going in on Saturday for the ET! We are pretty happy!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

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