Tentative ER 11/9/09, IVF#1

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for wishing AF on me -- it worked! She showed up late last night, and I've never been so relieved to see her (well, maybe in college....). I had a few small cysts on both ovaries this AM, but RE said they're nothing to worry about and should be gone soon. My E2 was < 20, so I am officially suppressed (or menopausal). Stims are on schedule for Thursday!

    Beverly - I wondered where you have been. My RE does ICSI in almost every case, as far as I know. If you're dealing with MF, I'm not sure why yours chose not to use it. Did you pay for it up front? Mine charges for it before we start Lupron. As for not having any to freeze, that's hard news to take after getting 23 eggs. I don't know how common it is to have any left over to freeze. Have you checked your clinic's stats on FETs? Good luck at the appt, and please let us know how it goes.

    Bio - 2 weeks?? Wow, I had to look at the calendar. I can't believe in about 2 weeks, we will be having our ERs. It WILL fly by. Good luck at your u/s on Thursday!

    Brooke - I haven't quit the coffee yet. I keep saying tomorrow. But I'm picturing myself drinking a huge cup of coffee tomorrow. I meant to ask my RE this morning how bad it really is for conceiving. Anybody know?? Probably a stupid question, and I should just quit. Sorry for babbling, that usually happens when I drink too much java.

    Vikki - November is always a busy birthday month! Maybe it will keep your mind off the 2ww??? How are you doing without the caffeine?

    Kaycee - I took your advice and told my acupuncturist I'd still like to see her for a couple more weeks. Couldn't hurt, right? Re Pineapple in the 2ww.... I've always done it, but not sure it helps. The thing is, now everytime I walk by it in the grocery store, all I think of is 2ww & implantation. I used to love pineapple! I might skip it this time.

    I hope you are all having a good week.

  2. Today is the day and I am so nervous! I am sure I will cry during the office visit. I hope to get some answers and I will let you guys know asap. I am so happy to see that everyone is right on track. I do have another Dr apt with Dr H in Nov for a second opinion.

    Zig-Yes we did pay for ICIS and three months later after the m/c I received a phone call from the clinic to my surprise telling me that I had a $1000 credit because ICIS was not preformed. I was in total shock! We did get refunded but why didn't they do what we requested....It is just crazy...

    Have a Good Day Ladies!

  3. Good Morning Ladies,

    I hope everyone is taking it easy.

    Bev-Dont be nervous I would just be very persistent about what you guys want. We are doing ICSI and always have especially with my dh male factor issues. I would always ask about a protocol change 23 eggs retrieve is a good number but if the majority of them were immature thats maybe why you had none to freeze. Let us know how the visit goes. Second opinions are always great thats how I got my twin dd its also a chance to start over and let the new RE know what bothered you about the last cycle, last RE so you dont repeat the same mistakes.

    Karen- I have been ovulating on the pill it is possible especially if the dose isnt adequate. Wow cant believe it your going to us/bw already! I love the stimming process its a step closer to getting knocked up. Good luck hun.

    Ziggy- glad to see your seeing accupuncturist for a little while longer. I love mine I am going to miss her after I get pregnant but I may stop in every now and then for a stress session. I am vowing to keep it at a minimum level. Oh the pineapple thing is so true everytime I see it I also think about the two ww, but I love it the fruit so much I just use the 2ww as and excuse to really indulge . I would say cute back on the coffee I gave it up and now I drink green tea definitely not the same but we are talking about doing it for the baby. You can have some but dont over do it.

    Vickki- Thats a good idea baking a cake then icing it later. I am also trying to keep my mind off things thank goodness for class work I am studying to be a family counselor and boy is it interesting.

    Brooke- glad af came for you and hopefully you are cutting back on that coffee, but I hear you it was hard for me but when my dh yelled at me and said we are going through alot to get pregnant and you are jeopardizing our baby for coffee it kinda put things in perspective so I jumped on the green tea bandwagon its not coffee but I needed something hot to drink in the am and now I like it and look forward to it. I have about 2-3 cups a day with honey.

    AFM I start lupron on Halloween and I am so ready to start stimming which should be next week about 11/3. I am waiting to get af which should also be next week knowing her she will be late. I hope this is the last af for 9 months I need a break from her. We all do right?


  4. Good morning!

    Kaycee-yes I do hope AF doesnt take forever to get here for you! Mine hasnt but like you said maybe its fine if I did Ovul on BCP. Guess I'll find out tomorrow! I'm not doing Lupron but how come it matters when your period comes? I hope it doesnt for me bc AF hasnt. I'm just confused!!

    But hopefully i'll just be writing tomorrow evening as I'm about to do first injection!! yay!!!


  5. Well, Dr I said that they felt I didn't need ICIS to fertilized the eggs but why? I told him that my DH had abnormal forming sperm and what about my eggs. He told me that he didn't feel like it was my eggs that he felt it was my DH sperm quaility. I had 18 eggs fertilized at day three 8 cell and as the embroys grew they fizzled out. So, who knows! Dr I wants to do all these expensive test on me and DH like karyotype, antphophslipid antibodies and sperm test (SCSA). My goodness and we may still never know why... I am confused. I have another apt w/Dr H (new Dr) on Nov 17th. I just don't know....

  6. I have zero time to post right and will have to get back on later, but just wanted to post that I passed my supp check and we are CLEARED TO STIM!

    WOOHOO! Can't wait to read the other updates!


  7. Brooke-thats great that you have the go ahead!!!

    I did get my AF yesterday and today was my baseline and they did find a cyst on my left ovary. I never had cysts before. It was measure 2.8mm (i think those are the units!). He said if my E2 is low than we will proceed and I may go tomorrow for it to be drained. If my E2 level is high than that means its a functioning cyst and back on BCP for me. He doesnt \"think\" it will be based on my uterine lining but BW will show for sure. I dont want to start over but if I'm gonna get \"canceled\" id rather it be now than after I start. So I'm a little bummed but I dont want to get all upset. I'll write more later when i know lab results and what my plan is!

    Hope all is well

  8. Karen - Sorry to hear you about your cyst. Have you gotten your b/w results yet? Did you get your AF? I couldn't tell by your post. I'm confused by the size of your cysts & your RE's concern, because I could swear I heard my RE say that mine were around 8-11mm & he wasn't at all concerned (it was CD1 for me). Maybe there was an implied decimal point in there. I hope you get the green light! Pls keep us posted.

    Brooke - Congrats! Did you start stimming this AM?

    Beverly - I hope your consult on the 17th goes well & your new RE makes you feel more at ease. It doesn't sound like you really trust your first RE, so it's probably wise to move on. Sorry I don't know enough about the tests to comment! GL.

    AFM, I took my first gonal-f shot this AM. The pens are new to me -- I dialed 450IU, and when I finished injecting, the plunger still said there was 75 left. I know there is an overfill, but I did not think that would be reflected on the plunger. I was so confused & thought I didn't push hard enough, so I tried again 2x, and it still didn't come out. The thing is, there is nothing about this on the directions. Anybody know? Tonight, I take my whopping 4 vials of Menapur.


    suhaj (Brooke) - start Lupron on 10/17; stims 10/29; ER 11/9
    vivlio (Karen) - ER 11/9
    dimitris - start Lupron on 10/18; stims 10/29; ER 11/10
    jmranea (Vikki) - start Lupron on 10/20; FET 11/18
    tzema (Kaycee) - start Lupron 10/22; ER 11/12-11/14
    maklil - on BCPs. Planning FET
    Jabes - Dec/Jan Cycle

  9. Hi, all-

    Yep, I started stimming this morning, with 150 units of Follistim! In about an hour I am doing the Menopur as well. We are very excited to have passed the suppression check. It was a bit of a rough day-my antral follicle count was 70, but I have no cysts, and they said I would be cleared to stim if my estrogen was okay, and it came back finally at 43. We will just be careful...I have no idea what is going to happen! I hope, if we get to ER, that the eggs aren't all crappy quality! But, that's a long way off...for now, I am just happy to be stimming, and very happy to be on the reduced Lupron dose!

    Karen- oh man, this sucks, but hopefully everything will work out with the cyst. I know someone who had a cyst aspirated during their IVF cycle, and they got pg that cycle, so it can definitely work out!!! Good luck!

    Z- I don't know anything about Gonal-F! Hmmm. Did you get it figured out yet? Maybe a nurse could tell you what is up...I hate when weird stuff comes up like that... Good luck with the Menopur! I am hoping it doesn't sting too much...we'll see!

    Beverly- I hope that Nov. 17th comes up very fast! I think getting a consult with a new Dr. is a great idea... It seems like if you want to do ICSI, then they should do it. I don't think that is an unreasonable request!

    Kaycee- Good luck with the Lupron on Halloween! That is cool that you start stims on the 3rd (I think?) - you don't have to do too much Lupron! So, when is your estimated ER? It must not be very long after mine...

    That\'s it for now...gotta go watch the Yankees with DH!

  10. hey girls,

    So my E2 was 223 so obvioulsy that cyst, be it small, was producing estrogen. However, I'm going in tomorrow morning to get it drained and than on saturday morning for US/BW and if all is normal i'll start to stimulate saturday night. If my US/BW saturday is not normal than I'll go back on BCP for a few weeks. I did get my period. CD2 for me now. So I'm hopeful that tomorrow will work although i'm not holding my breath.

    Z-wish I knew more about the plunger thing. I know with follistim there is an overfill..but that doesnt help you here!

    Beverly-I totally agree with Z. Let us know how it goes. I think there is always something to say about trusting your instincts.

    Ok well I wont know too much more til Saturday when BW comes back but I'll write more after the cyst aspiration thing...heard it hurts!! yikes


  11. Brooke - ditto on the reduced Lupron! It was starting to get to me. I was so happy to lower the dosage to 2.5IU. I wonder how long it took your doctor to count 70 follies. Wasn't that painful? I hope they monitor you very closely!

    Karen - how did it go this morning? I hope it wasn't too painful & you'll be able to start on Saturday!

    Have a good weekend, everybody.

  12. Hello Ladies! Thank you so much for your support! I am so glad that everyone is doing great and each day you all are getting closer and closer to the day...Wooo! I received so info that helped me so much about mf and I can't wait to hear what the new Dr tells me. I will keep you up to date...Thanks again Ladies! You all are WONDERFUL.

  13. Hello ladies,

    Well I got a phone call yesterday that my E2 was all the way back down and I was to begin Follistim 225 U at night! I was so excited! Its weird b/c my husband and I were so excited you would have thought they told us we were pregnant!! Crazy how every step gets microanalyzed! So I did my FIRST ever injection last night. It didnt hurt but I do have a little bruise right where the needle went in. Guess I\"ll look like a railroad track before long! I go back on Monday.

    Brooke-geez thats alot! I have a dear friend who had around 100+ follicles. It was crazy! They retrieved 13 eggs, 11 fertilized and now has a 10 day old little girl! But her appts were SO long b/c they had SO many to count, nevermind the fast her estrogen was insane!!

    Brooke-I'm from Philly so I dont think we can be friends!! (hehe!!). Is this your first attempt? Sorry, I'm sure you've mentioned but I cant remember!

    Ok talk to you ladies soon!

  14. Just got back from my 7 am appt for u/s and b/w...I am not sure what to think...the Dr. said I am on track, but when I look at my follicle size, they seem big to me. I am just wondering about when I might be having egg retrieval (knock on wood!) Here are some of the numbers, he didn't count them all today, there are a lot I would guess...I'll be back on later, got to get breakfast still! ;o) Brooke

    L1 12.48 8.85 10.66 mm
    L2 16.64 7.00 11.82 mm
    L3 13.34 8.49 10.92 mm

    < 10mm 30-35
    Left Ovary Volume (cc)
    Left Ovary (Length mm)
    Left Ovary Height (mm)
    Left Ovary Width (mm)

    Right Ovary
    1 2 Mean
    R1 11.04 12.10 11.57 mm
    R2 12.29 6.96 9.62 mm
    R3 10.99 10.44 10.72

  15. Brooke - sounds like a great appointment! I don't know how big follies should be after just a few days of stimming, I don't think I've ever been checked this early before. Hopefully somebody else has some insight. Have they called you with your E2 results?

    Beverly - good luck! And keep us posted.

    Karen - Congrats! So glad you don't have to be delayed. How are the shots going? Hope your appt went well today!

    Vikki, Kaycee - hope everything's ok w/ you!

    AFM, I won't have a follie check until Thursday morning. I guess my RE is not worried since I was such a poor responder last cycle! Just hoping for a few good ones... Really, just one good one!

    Anybody else having to alter their shots schedule due to the time change? I can't be home an hour earlier, so I've had to slowly take them later and later until I'm back to 7:30 RT. Looking forward to the 1x/day shots of PIO just so I can work normal hours...

    Happy Monday,

  16. Hi all!

    Karen - that is such good news about your cyst - how are you doing on stims?

    Z - I didn't really change anything about my shots and the time change. I guess I did them an hour early. Or late? LOL. I'm an idiot. I forgot about the change until after I was done. Oh well! 60 minutes off shouldn't hurt me toooooo much. I hope! ;0)

    Oh - I just got my E2, and it was 535. So, I'm on day 5 of stims, so I guess that is an ok number? I am reducing my meds (Follistim and Menopur) and keeping the Lupron the same. I've got some twinges in each ovary, but nothing over the top. I go back this Wednesday to see what's cooking! I can't wait.

    I hope everyone has a great afternoon! Brooke

  17. Okay, here is my TTC history, for anyone who is having trouble sleeping, or maybe just really bored...Brooke ;0)


    10/2002: quit bcp, and starting charting/temping
    2/2003: Clomid, bfn
    3/2003: Clomid, bfn
    4/2003: Ovarian cyst, ruptured, pain
    5/2004: bleed for past YEAR, finally seeing new OB
    6/2004: Hysteroscopy/Polypectomy, bleeding finally stops
    10/2004: Another new OB, Clomid, bfn
    11/2004: Clomid, bfn
    1/2005: pelvic MRI, adenomyosis found, possible septate uterus
    2/2005: Laparoscopy: no septum, just a slight dip at top of uterus
    3/2005: Clomid, bfn
    4/2005: Clomid, bfp!
    6/2005: m/c at 7 weeks, approx. No d/c needed.
    3/2006: First RE, start metformin for PCOS: IUI/Clomid, bfn
    4/2006: IUI/Clomid, bfn
    5/2006: IUI/Clomid, bfn
    8/2007: Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, take lots of very bad for you drugs, including chemotherapy. Obviously no TTC.
    9/2008: Go off all RA drugs
    10/2008: heavy bleeding, cramping
    12/2008: New OB appt, she finds huge submucosal fibroid that extends from top of uterus through cervix. Almost bleed out during transvaginal ultrasound, shocked my ob, who scheduled hysteroscopy for the next morning.
    8/2009: Second RE, decide it is time for IVF. Cutting to the chase, so to speak.
    9/2009: HSG, SHG, hysteroscopy, bloodwork, all for IVF. Antral follicle count is 75. AMH is 7. Will stim carefully and try not to die from OHSS.
    10/14: injection class
    10/17: start Lupron, 20 units
    10/23: stop BCP\'s
    10/28: suppression check
    10/29: start stim meds: Follistim/Menopur
    11/02: baseline U/S & bloodwork
    11/04: 2nd U/S & bloodwork
    11/06: 3rd U/S & bloodwork
    11/07: tentative trigger day
    11/08: hello, Advanced Maternal Age!
    11/09: tentative ER
    11/14: tentative day 5 ET
    11/23: tentative beta #1
    11/25: tentative beta #2

  18. First off I want to say this is so fun having you ladies to check in with!! I try and explain to my husband (well he KINDA gets it), but my mom, sister, friends, etc and no one understands!!!

    beverley-be sure to keep us posted on what the new Dr says! A fresh voice and opinion is always exciting!

    Brooke-I wish I knew something about all those numbers!! It looks complicated and like alot of stuff!!

    Z-yeah i too didnt do anything different with time change but I was told to give Follistim btwn 5-7pm so I dont have real strict rules

    AFM-I went today for bw/us even though its only been two days of stims (normally first visit is day 4). Anyway, RE said he isnteven paying attention to follicles yet b/c its too soon. He was happy that my lining looked like it was \"changing\". My E2 came back at 350 so they have me decreasing my dose to 200U and I go back Thursday at 9. So I guess my E2 was a little higher than theyd like but I figured if they were super worried I'd go on Wednesday. otherwise i feel fine. Had a headache today but that could be for multiple reasons! My husband wanted to give me my first shot so I let him but hes fired b/c now i have a bruise...but no bruises when I do it myself!!

    Brooke and Z-tell me again about your \"situations\", if you dont mind.

    ok I'll check back soon! Happy stimming!

  19. Hi
    We are all moving along nicely I am glad to see that all the appts are going well and more of us are starting to stim.

    Yes Brooke I think you and I are together right now I am on lupron and waiting for af to show up sometime this week. I am still on target for an 11/18-11/21 retrieval and around a turkey day transfer. So far the time hasnt affected when I take my shot I still do it at 8 pm atleast for now.

    For those of you that work does anyone know your trying to get pregnant? I had a great opportunity come up but I dont know if I should take it especially while ttc. Any thoughts?


  20. Hi Ladies! Sorry I have been away for so long...
    I have been super busy with Halloween, and now I'm planning birthday parties, and Thanksgiving... all while being a psycho, hormonal mess! LOL You thow the phrase crabby lady out the window, and replace it with Raging _____. I'm sure you know what goes in the blank.

    Looks like everyone is moving right along! I'm so glad I have you all to talk to!
    I started Estradoil and the Climara Patch on Friday.... HOLY COW! What a headache that caused, and of course we were having a pumpkin carving party, so about 20 people over carving pumpkins, and partying. I wanted to put my head under a pillow and crash. I have made it through, and have decided that maybe since I get so \"icky\" after I take the estradoil, to take it at night before bed, I'd rather sleep it off than walk around in such a haze.

    WOW you have had a long road, hun! Bless your heart!

    I let people know last time since I worked as a vet tech at an emergency clinic, and my hours would vary. (My injections had to be done some times at work)
    This time, however, we are keeping it a secret from MIL. Last time she questioned me non-stop. It was really hard on me since we don't excactly get along anyway. I don't need to discuss my \"stuff\" with her for any reason. grrr... long story, if you've seen \"Monster in Law\" you'd get the jist of it. LOL

    Great news about your cyst!

    I can't wait to hear about the new Dr!

    I haven't made any changes since the time change. I don't think it will have too much of an effect.

    Love and Prayers too all!

  21. Hey Ladies,

    Ok so the wait is on for my af.

    Bev and Vikki- I dont blame you for not telling anyone we are not either I am not telling mom I mean no one they will just see my belly getting big I am going to try to hold off til I am four months pregnant. Even with a positive beta I will feel better once I have my first appt and then when I am like yourself past my first trimester. We have eachother to share it with .

    Bev- I can vouch for accupuncture. Cycle 1 negative I didnt do anything but breath. Cycle 2 I did accupuncture and guided imagery which I will start when I start stimming ate pineapple and took extra vitamins and BAM pregnant with twin girls. I will repeat the same thing this cycle and my RE highly recommends it especially for lining issues. I left my old RE and am very happy that I did. Good luck and go with your gut..

    Today I saw the cutest teddy bear today and bought it it will look so nice in the nursery. I probably shouldnt have but couldnt refuse, I am a softee.

    Bio- I also give myself injections it is so much easier plus dh always feels he's hurting me so I do it myself even the progesterone shots in the but now that one is a pain in the butt but doable.

    Zigg- I hope you have a good follie check on thursday.

    French- sometimes being busy is better than waiting around watchin the clock thank goodness I have school to keep me busy.

    Karen-glad your cyst situation worked out.

    If I forgot anyone I am sorry blame it on the lupron and pms. We are almost there ladies hold on and stay positive.


  22. AFM-I did put my DH on vitamins to boost his sperm quality and mobility. I hope it works! I did get some great info from a fellow IVF friend that really helped me. She told me that normally if you have 18 eggs grow to 8 cell embroys on day three and on day 4-5 the DNA from the sperm kicks in. Well, my embroys fizzled out on day 4 and 5 so I am hoping that Dr H will help. Dr I told me that he doesn't feel that acurpunture works with IVF but if it makes me feel good then to do it.. I just find that weird...

    French-Bless you heart! I know the feeling! I was a mad woman on that stuff...LOl

    KaylasM-I made the mistake the 1st IVF cycle and told people about the process. We have decided not to tell anyone until we have made it out of our 1st trimester. I know it is very hard to keep it quiet because you are so excited.

    btm-Bless your Heart! You have been threw it..

    boi-Wow! You are very brave if you can give yourself a shot! You go girl! I am very proud of you! I am a big chick! LOL

    Ziggy-Grow babies grow! I know the wait is a killer..


  23. Hi Ladies,

    Just a quick update from me-

    RE found at least 7 follies (5 on right, 2+ on left), around 17-19mm, they lowered my meds, and we are headed to ER on Monday, a day earlier than planned! I am so relieved.

    Looking forward to hearing your updates!

  24. Hi Ladies,

    We're getting closer! I'm afraid to find out what's in store for me tomorrow at my first u/s. I woke up this AM with pain in my kidney. Wonderful timing! Has anybody noticed that the stims make you have to *pee* like mad?? I have been waking up at night, having to go, but I've just been too tired to get up. Not good for a person w/ a history of kidney problems. Ok, so sorry for the TMI.

    Kaycee - You are really thinking positively, buying a teddy bear! I admire your attitude. Hope your AF arrives soon! As for telling people, we don't tell a sole. Especially not at work. Passing up an opportunity because of a possible pregnancy - well that's a toughy. Since IVF has worked for you in the past, and you are young, I can see why you might want to pass it up. I'm sure your twins keep you busy as it is! On the other hand, if you were my age, I'd say jump at it. My odds are not that great!

    Beverly - Good for you, being proactive. I'm glad your DH is playing along. You're lucky!

    Vikki - How do you keep it together! You have so much going on. The days must fly by for you. Sorry to hear you also have MIL issues. I steer clear of mine while I'm cycling (and when I'm not ). We don't tell anybody about IVF, but if we did.... She would be the second-to-last person on Earth I'd tell. My own Mom would be the last!

    Brooke - Oh my! You've been through it all. I'm so sorry. I hope this cycle puts an end to your pain, and starts a new chapter in your life.

    Karen - I agree. I'm so happy to have cycling buddies. Who would understand this! Even if we DID confide in somebody... we'd have alot of blank faces looking back at us. Lowering your stims is a good sign. Sounds like you are responding well to the meds! Good luck on Thursday.

    Hope you are all having a great day!

  25. Z-thats SO exciting!!! Gosh that went by so fast and I'm so glad that you have great follicles just waiting to be harvested!!! So do you go back on saturday and trigger saturday night?

    i went today, which is day 5 of stims and he said things look great! He said he will count next time but I am definetely \"above average\" and i have \"nothing to worry about\"! My estradiol was 1350 so I'm staying on 200U FOllistim tonight and also adding the ganierelix. I'll do ganierelix tomorrow as well and go back saturday at 8am. So I'm guessing all seems on track. I feel a little soreness/pressure but not too bad.

    ok well cant wait to hear from you ladies!!


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