Tentative ER 11/9/09, IVF#1

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Welcome Bio (Karen) and French! I'm also doing acupuncture 2x/wk (since August). You're right -- it gets expensive. For now, my insurance is paying for a big chunk of it, but that expires in a week. After then it's all OOP, so we may switch to just once/wk.

    Bev - so glad you loved your acupuncture! Are you going again this week?

    Excited - how's it going w/o the caffeine? I was planning to quit also, but am having a hard time. I love coffee. I only dring half decaf, but I know it's still bad.

    BTM - I also didn't have any side effects with Lupron, except for an upset stomach. For our first cycle, I had no side effects at all, so maybe it varies from cycle to cycle.

    Kaycee - have you ordered your meds? I am working on it... but I have enough Lupron left over to cover if the meds show up late... It's so \"real\" once you have them in your possession.

    We are all so close in our cycles. Do you think it would be helpful to have a chart? We can cut & paste the info below and edit as our dates change...? I tried to order them by ER date/FET, but some I wasn't sure about.

    Happy Tuesday!

    suhaj - start Lupron on 10/17; stims 10/29; ER 11/9
    vivlio - ER 11/9
    dimitris - start Lupron on 10/18; stims 10/29; ER 11/10
    jmranea - start Lupron on 10/20; FET 11/18
    tzema - start Lupron 10/22; ER 11/12-11/14
    maklil - on BCPs. Planning FET
    Jabes - Dec/Jan Cycle

  2. Hello, all -

    To those of you who have done this before - when you went to your shot class, did you bring your meds with you? I am not sure, and don't think my nurse is going to get back to me...



  3. B - incase she hasn't gotten back to you, you should bring your meds and your needles. They will show you which needles to use w/ which meds, etc.


  4. Its so nice having a chart! Thanks!! I hate that I'm not on Lupron when everyone else is!! I dont really know why I'm not but it bothers me being \"different\"!! I do trust them, obviously, but I'd rather be doing what everyone else does!! I ordered my meds today...will be here Friday so i bet you're right tht it will feel more real when they are here! My stimulation starts 10/29. Follistim 200 Units. Ok thanks guys for giving me someone, besides my poor husband, to chat with! love, Karen

  5. Karen, my meds will also be here on Friday. No turning back now!

    Be glad you aren't on Lupron. My AF was a week late for my last cycle, which extended my Lupron injections longer than planned. I wasn't sure if it was the BCPs or Lupron that messed me up, but between the late AF and my poor response, I convinced my doctor to drop the BCP from my protocol. They wouldn't budge on the Lupron, but they know this stuff better than I do.

    It IS nice to have people to chat with about this! Nobody IRL knows we are doing IVF, so it gets very isolating at times.

    Hope everybody's having a great week.

  6. funny brooke b/c I too am nervous about not passing the suppression check! that would suck big time!! Its weird that 20 days of BCP can do that much to bloodwork and ultrasound! Well I hope your computer access comes back quickly and then we will be just one week away from stimulation!!! Hope the rest of you girls are doing well too!! Karen

  7. Hey, Karen - I start stims on 10/29 (knock on wood, if I pass suppression check) as well! Awesome!

    PS. You are lucky not to be on Lupron, I think. I have almost only heard bad things about it!

    PSS. Ziggy, love the chart!

    I am going to be w/out internet access for 1 week, so I will check back in when it returns!

    Good luck everyone, have a good week and upcoming weekend!


    suhaj (Brooke) - start Lupron on 10/17; stims 10/29; ER 11/9
    vivlio - ER 11/9
    dimitris - start Lupron on 10/18; stims 10/29; ER 11/10
    jmranea - start Lupron on 10/20; FET 11/18
    tzema - start Lupron 10/22; ER 11/12-11/14
    maklil - on BCPs. Planning FET
    Jabes - Dec/Jan Cycle

  8. The chart looks really good its nice to see our little group growing. I received my meds last friday and had to chase down the dam UPS truck since my neighbor wasnt home when he attempted delivery. It was frustrating and thats when I believed this cycle was going to work since I had to fight to get my meds that night since some of the drugs has to be refrigerated.

    I have been doing accupuncture since april so now its once a week and will increase as I get closer to stimming. I need it to destress and look forward to it.
    French- yes we are definitely close in cycle dates I just cant wait to get to transfer.

    btm- hope your up and running soon. I didnt take my meds to class they had plenty of samples and needles to practice with.

    Hope everyone is doing well.


  9. Ziggy did your meds arrive too? I was actually on the phone with the pharmacy company asking if ordered went through when FedEx rang the doorbell...i'm already psycho!!

    are you ladies doing 3 or 5 day transfer? I will most likely do 3DT since thats what they do most of the time unless I happen to have lots of good embryos at 3DT. We shall see!

    I was reading a jan/feb cycle buddy and its so cute b/c they all started out like us and now they are starting to talk about whos about to deliver, etc! I hope the same for all of us!


  10. I want to put two back in as well. I really want to do a 5DT but they USUALLY so 3DT unless you have >7 great looking embies on day 3.

  11. Hi all,

    Karen I hope you are right it would be great to go through everything together. I am rooting for us all. I am doing a 5 day transfer and will put 2 embies back in. How many are you ladies transferring back in?


  12. Karen - yes, my meds arrived on Friday. Started Lupron this morning! Yuck. My stomach got upset immediately. Anybody else have this symptom?

    Re embryos... my RE only does 3DT. I take it I'm the oldest one in the group? I only had 5 embryos last time, and we put them all back (I think 4-5 is normal for my age - just turned 41), BFN. We will probably have 4 or 5 transferred again, obviously depending on our circumstances.

    Hope you are all having a great weekend!

  13. I got my meds on Monday. I had this scared / excited feeling. Start tomorrow! I'll be getting all 3 embies transferred. They are 5d. Oh! We're so lose ladies!
    Hugs to all!

  14. Hello! I am not sure about how many embryos we would transfer. If they look good, probably two? Not three, unless they didn't look so hot. I am really not sure, we'll just have to wait and see...knock on wood.

    I am on day 4 of Lupron, and it's going pretty well, have had a couple bad headaches, but that's about it. I also get a little hot at night; I guess it's sort of mild hot flashes...

    Ziggy - I have a tiny bit of stomach upset, but not sure if it's the Lupron or not. It does make me sleepy/dizzy for a couple hours after...hope you're feeling better...

    How\'s everyone else doing?

  15. Vikki - That would make me mental!! (More than usual...) One of the pharmacies I got my meds from really bothered me. From the moment my nurse faxed in the prescription, they'd call me once/twice per day. At work and on my cell. I wasn't ready to place the order yet, so I just ignored their calls. When I finally did place the order, I assumed I was finished with them. Sure enough, they continued to call. I have my meds, so I don't really care to return their calls. What makes a company think we have all this free time to chat with them on the phone??

    Sorry I've had alot of coffee this morning! Oops, was I supposed to quit caffeine? Do any of you drink coffee? I stopped drinking wine about a month ago. One vice at a time!

    Btm - Lupron is ok now. No more upset stomach. My PMS is another story though. I should have AF this weekend. One week until stims!

    How's everybody?

  16. Hi ladies! Hope everything is well . Lupron seems to be going well, not too many side effects, little bit of a headache but not too much else.

    Has any one else had a Pharmacy call to solicit them? I had one last night and I was furious! First of all at least be able to pronounce the meds names before you call, and know what they are for before offering me a 90 day supply! Like I want to have 90 days of these things!
    Sorry guess I needed to vent. I was just so \"PO'd\" last night. How inconsiderate! I'm thinking of calling back today to get an English speaking manager and rip into them. Ugh!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  17. It feels like my period is on the way! 5 days til Supp Check, 6 til stims...

    FINALLY things will get more interesting!

    Have a great weekend, everyone...

    suhaj - start Lupron on 10/17; stims 10/29; ER 11/9
    vivlio - ER 11/9
    dimitris - start Lupron on 10/18; stims 10/29; ER 11/10
    jmranea - start Lupron on 10/20; FET 11/18
    tzema - start Lupron 10/22; ER 11/12-11/14
    maklil - on BCPs. Planning FET
    Jabes - Dec/Jan Cycle

  18. Ziggy,
    I'm sorry you have had to deal with the phone calls too, it sucks! Bad time for them to call while I'm PMSing. There could be a lot of screaming involved if they call back!

    I'm supposed to start AF this weekend too :-( I have been a raging ball of hormones this week! Chocolate and potato chips (sea salt and vinegar) have been a must have in the house! lol Gee - Why is my butt growing? lol (I guess it's a better target for DH to hit with the PIO later, right? lol)

    I have gone down to 1/2 caff coffee, I need to wean down it could get ugly if I don't! LOL I quit drinking about 6 weeks ago, DH is on the wagon too for sympathy. He's a good guy, although I have told him he can drink if he wants he's sticking to the \"dry\" house. I had an oops moment last night... I was driving back from taking DS#1 to Judo, and stopped by Starbucks, and forgot to say decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte.... Well, lets just say I got all of my laundry folded, dishes put away, and living room cleaned in about an hour! LOL Spaz attack big time!

    Take Care!

  19. V - What a great sport your DH is! The weekends are the hardest, but if your partner supports you, it's so much better. Re coffee - I'm also drinking 1/2 caff. maybe I'll start trying to wean this weekend... But I don't wanna!

    btm - 6 days, I know! Can you believe it? Looking forward to that first follie check.

    To you who get acupuncture -- when will you stop? My treatment w/ my Dr. ends next week (the week I start stims). I'm not sure if I want to continue with her until after ET, find another acupuncturist, or just be done with it. All the time off work is adding up.

    Happy Friday!

  20. Kaycee
    I'm sure I'll pee on a stick too... I am SO bad!

    I'm going to cut off this weekend, Beginning tomorrow, since I guzzeled like 4 cus this morning, getting DH and DS#1&2 out the door to a judo tournament... OMG they have to get out early! ick!

    I cant wait until Nov 18th! I am going to be the biggest spaz... I just know it already! At least it's starting to cool off out here, so I can bake and cook to pass the time. I guess the good thig is I'll have all of the family's birthday cakes done for November! (I can freeze them and decorate later ) We have 4 b days in November DS2 and DD then my niece and nephew... Its a busy time of year in our family :-)

    OMG I'm babbling! I guess the spazzing has started!
    Hugs and High egg count thoughts to all!

  21. Hi Ladies,

    We are moving right along arent we? I just cant wait until I start lupron my doctor moved me back a week so I start lupron on 10/31 and my ET will be between 11/18-11/21 I am so psyched..isnt it hard waiting I see my meds sitting there and I just think soon very soon. It looks like I will be getting knocked up for thanksgiving my RE does 5dt so thats put me at about turkey day hey I'll take it. I will be continuing accupuncture probably until my first trimester. I will definitely be doing it while stimming as they can help BIG time with lining and stress. I will go before transfer and after transfer for sure. I will stop the fertility herbs as soon as I retrieve as there isnt a need for it after that. But then I will eat pineapple for two weeks to help my embies stick around.

    Oh ladies we are getting there and pretty soon we will be in the 2ww, and yes I am going to cheat and pee on a stick before my beta. I am bad I know but the suspense would kill be .

    I wish my cycle buddies a good weekend.


  22. Good Morning, Ladies!

    I was wondering if AF has shown up for any of you? Mine is late. The same thing happened to me last cycle. The Lupron/BCP combo made my AF late by a week. This time I'm not taking the BCPs, so I thought I wouldn't have this problem. I just don't want a repeat of my last cycle! Been freaking out all weekend.

    Vikki, I'm still on the jones! I love my coffee to much. MB I'll try to ween tomorrow. How about you?

    Kaycee, I hope you have something to celebrate on Thanksgiving! Actually, I hope we ALL get to celebrate (in a healthy way of course) on T-Day!

    I have my first u/s tomorrow AM, with or without AF. If she doesn't show today, I will probably be delayed a week also... which would put my first beta right after Thanksgiving. If that happens, I'll POAS. Otherwise, I'm going to try to hold off. If it's going to be negative, I only want to live that H*ll once. I really tortured myself last cycle!

    \"Happy\" Monday!

  23. z- Well, AF started for me the day after my last BCP, and is still here, hopefully winding down. It was a doozy of a period. My clinic doesn't require that you have a full AF, but they do expect spotting. I hope you get AF soon, like today! Good luck at your u/s tomorrow...I hope you get only good news and the green light!

    I have been cutting back on coffee too, but I am going to go have some right now. How else will I get all this housework done? LOL.

    Take care, Brooke

  24. Hello Ladies!

    Z-my last BCP was last night and I'm not taking Lupron so I dont know much about the AF thing but I hope it comes and nothing is delayed for you. be sure to let us know how your US goes!

    Kaycee-while I've never done any fertility treatments of any kind before I KNOW i'll POAS!! Prob not til day 15 post my HCG shot but def before my beta!!

    AFM-thurs is my first US/BW and then I'm suposed to start stims that night. I feel like I ovulated this month though even though in BCP...could be my imagination though! In a way the 20 days of BCP went by fast so I hope the next two weeks go by just as quickly!

    We're getting there!!

  25. Hello Girls! Everyone is moving right along! I am the slow moving one in the group. I have an apt tomorrow w/Dr I who did my 1st IVF in Feb and I hope to get some answers. We want to know why we didn't have any eggs to freeze out of 23 eggs and why the clinic didn't do ICIS (due to my DH having abnormal forming sperm). I feel that may have been the reason I m/c in April. What are some questions I should ask him tomorrow? Help!!

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