Symptoms during 2WW?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Wondering if you felt symptoms prior to a +beta, and what they were?

    If you didn't have symptoms, did you have a - or + beta?


    linacorsaro, beta Aug. 10

  2. Hi linacorsaro

    I just completed my first ivf with a bfn and I felt a "pinching" in my uterus...not a cramp, just different. Unfortunately it wasn't my embies attaching good luck!

  3. Mrs. V:

    sorry to hear about the neg. I hope you have happier news in the near future.


  4. Bloating!!!

  5. Hi,
    My symptoms so far are 2-4 days after t/f a sharp stitch ik left hand side, a few very mild af like cramps, bloating, gas in stomach, sore boobs from 6dp 5dt, slight waves of nausea from 5dpt.

    Im 7dp 5dt today and my boobs have definitely got more tender today.


  6. lb - I hear ya on the bloating. Same here. My lower abdomen feels heavy and thick and rest of tummy also bloated.

    Lisa, all sounds promising. I had some pangs in left ab. this am. Breasts also sore today and am really sleepy. have also had waves of nausea couple times daily past couple of days -- ff I have something to eat , i'm better. (this may be why I gained 60 lbs due to m/s in twin preg). Also, taking vits. with food helps.

    Have had hot flashes yesterday and today WT****? anyone else?

    i am going slightly crazy...I mentioned symptoms to local clinic nurse and emailed SFO clinic nurse and they say only beta can say for sure.


  7. Have you all been taking pre-natal vitamins throughout? (In addition to folic acid)?

  8. With both of my successful pregnancies, I felt only cramping that felt like my period was coming. It was a little different that period cramps but I was convinced that was what they were.

  9. I had period like cramping and pain in lower legs.Just received results +beta 206.My advise to all..keep high protein diet and lot's of water.
    Baby dust to all

  10. Hi,

    Jowily, yes, I am supposed to take prenatal as well as folgard.

    avifly, CONGRATulations on your BFP. That's wonderful.

    fabfive, thanks for info. on symptoms. Mine are quite different than my + and actually more bothersome. If I'm not +, then I'm having a whopping response to the hormones. Very uncomfortable.

    6dp4dfet, beta aug10

  11. Hi Girls,
    Had a tiny bit of brown spotting yesterday so caved in and did a hpt. It was BFP, but very cautious as did another this morning and it is no darker and it was FMU, yesterdays was in the middle of the day. So too scared that it will dissapear before i get to my test date on Monday.

  12. Hi everyone,

    My symptoms were:

    3dp5dt: AF-like cramps
    5dp5dt: Light spotting
    6dp5dt: More spotting throughout day
    Throughout the week: General heavy feeling, as if AF were on the way
    10dp5dt: Beta no. 1 over 500. (Beta 2 is next week.)

    I also recommend this webpage in which many women list their various symptoms during the tww before a BFP: It was a huge relief to hear that no symptoms at all were common enough, and interesting to read about symptoms I hadn't heard about, like chapped lips.

    Judy (linacorsaro) and Lexy: Wishing you *happy* news on Monday!

    paolo6657: I hope you get good news when/if you cycle again.

    avifly: Congratulations!

    Here\'s to babies in 2010....

    ps After much debating, on 8dp5dt, I POAS's (2x--FRED and CBEasy) and got + on both. (If the result was negative, I was prepared to tell myself that it was too early to test and that one can't rely on hpt. The +s were a huge relief and took some of the anxiety away about the beta on 10dp5dt. Did one more the morning of beta and got a third +.

  13. At 8dp3dt I just got a faint ++hpt!!

    very bloated and gassy; BB's are sore off & on; stomache always feels slightly nauseaous; hot flashes- I just feel like I am burning up; and super sensitive to smells (people's BO is driving me crazy)

    It is so hard to know if the symptoms are pg or just from the progesterone as I have not felt well since being on it and had similar symptoms before ET.

  14. Are the sore boobs from progesterone? Not everyone has sore boobs it seems.

  15. My main symptom is just urinating a lot (seriously every hour) but that is from the progesterone because it started before ET and I am only 3dp3dt.

  16. Aside from the usual progesterone/estrogen side effects (like bloating, sore boobs, nausea and irritability, frequent urination), I've had AF and non-AF like cramping and twinging, smell sensitivity, lack of appetite, tiredness, lower bloating so I can't button pants, increased urination - now up 6 times a night!, back twinges and weird sporadic headaches. Tested digital HPT positive on 9dp5dt.

  17. How much folic acid is everyone taking? My prenatal has 800 mg in it (Whole Foods variety) and I take an additional 800 mg supplement. I have MTHFR (1).

  18. I am taking 1200 mg. I don't think I have MTHFR.

    Is it possible to take too much? I get more in my diet as well.

  19. this maybe too much information but what have you all heard about cm after transfer. I read a little on it in a poll I found but wanted to know if anyone had any first hand experience if it means anything or could mean anything.

  20. I haven't heard about it being a good sign or not, but I did hear that the estrogen pills and patches can make a lot of cm.

  21. are really very sore nipples a good sign?? mine tmi, are painful, not the boob area, just the nipple area, and the milk ducts are more prominent. the whole area seems to have enlargened. at the same time i have af like cramps and just a general feeling af is coming. im 11dp3dt today, beta tomorrow

    ps im on crinone progesterone, so dont know if thats why my nipples are sore

  22. I don't know, but it sure sounds like sore nipples should be a good sign I hope your beta brings good news.

  23. I had absolutely no symptoms.. except some cramps that felt exactly like my period would feel... the day before i was supposed to get it. (by the way it turns out im pregnant)

  24. Trying to hold onto any hope (I had 2 embies tx with a lining of 6) so I'm trying to remain positive but know I have uterine problems against me. Should I have felt implantation cramping by now? I'm 2dp3dt but one of them was a morula, which I would think will implant earlier. Anyway, if any of you BFP-ers had ZERO cramping and still had a BFP, that is very encouraging

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