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  1. I received my BFP and am now waiting for my first ultrasound at 6 weeks 2 days.

    I am so scared because a lot of my symptoms have subsided. I was bloated with ovary pain after bfp, but now that is gone. Nurse said that ovary pain should subside, but I think it is too soon to feel this normal.

    Is this normal....did anyone else feel pretty ok at US and have good results?

    Thanks so much for any help!

  2. Hi Search,
    First of all, congrats for the positive beta!

    Yes, I had some minor ovary pain on the day of beta and then nothing for 2 weeks going into my first ultrasound at 7w1d. I was also fearful that the pregnancy was not viable since I was feeling great, so the ultrasound was the way to confirm the pregnancy. Day of ultrasound everything was fine and I found out we were expecting twins!

    Try not to worry... I am sure everything is just fine with your pregnancy!

    Good luck!

  3. You will be fine. Symptoms come and go. One minute you will know for sure everything is ok and then the next you are sure things took a turn for the worse. Some people handel pregnancy hormones better then others. I have not had many pregnancy symptoms for my twin or singleton pregnancy. My mom never got sick actually my whole family on my moms side never had one prenancy symptom besides missed period!! Relax and enjoy!

    I am less bloated now that I am further long than when I first got my BFP. I looked 6 mnths prego till 2 weeks ago.

  4. I had no symptoms other than m/s that started around 7w...and never left.

    29w1d pg with id twins

  5. Hi
    Thanks Donnie, AKM, Morg for sharing your comforting experiences.
    Search: How are you feeling now? Any symptoms kick in?

    I am 5w6d. Up until about 4 days ago I had sore breasts and pelvic cramping. Not painful cramps... just more of pinching or something else I can't really describe. Well those pelvic feelings went away 4 days ago and since then I feel perfectly normally. I am really paying attention to my pelvic area , trying to see if I feel anything different. NOPE! I feel perfectly normal. How can that be if my uterus is stretching? So at this point, I feel normal in every way except the breasts which are only tender to the touch. If I don't touch them, they feel normal too!

    I would love to hear from more women who had no symptoms (first trimester or before 1st ultrasound). My ultrasound is at 6w6d and that is a week from tomorrow. I don't know how I am going to last. I had a mc last year at this point... no fetal pole or hb at first ultrasound, so I am extremely nervous this is happening again.

    Any other women who "are in or were in my boat"? How can a woman not feel anything in the pelvic area if it is expanding??? That is my main worry.

    PS: My betas looked good at 14dpo= 249 and 16dpo=721.

  6. Search- iam scheduled for 1st u/s on nove 18.when is urs?and i keep getting freaked out cuz iam have reallly sharp pains on the right side.i mean you try to enjoy the moment and the good news and then u have other things to freak out about....i dunno..nurse keeps saying its normal. what were ur betas? i have a stupid question:do they schedule u/s counting from retreival date or transfer date? iam guessing retreival cuz i'll be 5w2days on nov 18.....

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