suppression started 12/30/2009, ovocyte removal planned 1/2010

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  1. Hi everyone. I started stimulation drugs yesterday, after a few weeks of a Lupron-like drug (decapeptyl). I am in France so of course the drug names are all different.

    This is my first real IVF (I started once with estrogen almost a year ago, but stopped when I grew a nice large cyst). We are doing ICSI due to male factor infertility. However, due to that cyst, we discovered I also have stage 3 endometriosis, although nothing to affect my tubes so I should have no problems getting pregnant.

    In October, I had laparoscopic surgery to remove an endometrioma and lots of endometriosis and some fibroids and so on, yay! I am 40, so the docs are being more aggressive with timing -- normally they would have put me on the Decapeptyl to suppress my system for at least 3 months before getting going on any IVF.

    I have a long menstrual cycle (about 33 days), so this was started slowly but I am so excited that I am finally starting.

    I am having terrible migraines and hot flashes (sweaty feet and hands, ew) and nausea. Would love to hear from anybody else going through the same thing.

    I will continue the injections of both drugs until Jan 4, when I get my first blood tests and ultrasounds done. I imagine that I will continue the stimulation until around Jan 10, with an injection of Ovitrelle to trigger the ovulation.


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  3. Hi Khaled_N--
    As Jeni said, come join us on the other thread. Looks like you and I are on identical schedules--I started stims last night too. Nice to \"meet\" you!

    I am not suppressed this cycle (thankfully) but I had all those symptoms last cycle when I was on Synarel (like Lupron) and it was horrible. Your estrogen level will shoot up from the stims so you'll feel better really soon.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Hi Khaled_N,
    Just thought I post to wish you luck and think I am around the same stage as you! I haven't posted on the other board-just haven't had a chance yet. Hope your headaches have improved now?

    This is ivf no 4 for me, with one ds. I have has my first scan and all is ok so am on the stims a few days now. I feel a bit off, think the drugs are definitely doing something!!

    Good luck to all of us!!

  6. Hi lusakor. Hope this IVF goes well for you! I am already on day 11 of stims, and tonight was the last night. I am very glad to stop those darned shots! I did join the other discussion group, but it is a bit overwhelming. Let me know how things are going. I am scheduled for an ovocyte removal for Tuesday, it will be my first. If you have any pointers, I'd love to hear them...

  7. Khaled_N,
    Just check in today and now you are probably having your collection now or maybe finished!! Hope it all went well for you, I remember being soooooo nervous the first time. Anyway, get as much rest and tlc as you can! Each collection I did was different, different results etc but the staff are always so nice that they make sure you have plenty of pain relief. Every nurse I ever had always said to take as much time off as you can and rest. I don't know if that really makes too much difference to your end result, but I always stay out of work for a week after the collection and transfer. Then I feel that I have done all I can to help things along.

    Some girls say that keeping your feet warm after transfer helps, as does drinking lots of fluid, eating pineapple, thinking positive etc.........I am of the opinion now that if it is going to work, its going to work whatever you do!

    One my few few times, I always felt so relieved when I got as far as the collection ( have history of hyperstimulation and have been cancelled before), so well done to getting to this stage! The next stage is exciting. Its a waiting game now to see how your embyros will do. Are you doing a blast cycle? When you are going for your transfer, don't wear perfume or deodarant, as strong smells apparently can affect those delicate little ones! Everyone stresses over how long to lie down after it is finished- 5 mins or so is fine. I often have some spotting after the transfer and feel as if af is coming, so if you have that- don't worry, its normal.

    I had scan yesterday, ovaries busy with about 9 or 10 eggs so far. I am hoping for collection early next week. I didn't post on the other thread- there are so many there that it is just so busy and I haven't had time to read their stories yet. Am hoping there is some good news for them.

    Will be thinking of you today, do let me know how you got on if you can log on soon!!

  8. Thanks for asking lusakor. Yes, I did the retrieveal today, it went well. They removed 16 eggs, and have called to say they will fertilize 13 of them with micro ICSI.

    Warm feet for the transfer? OK, I can bring extra socks! Anything else? My husband had to go back to work so I am going with my inlaws so it will be a bit less relaxed than normal. I am not stressed out about these things anyway, the lap was much more of a problem. Even so I always politely turn down the Atarax they try to give me before any operation.

    We are doing a 2-day transfer, apparently that is what my doc always does for first time IVF.

    Good to hear that the scan went well, hope everything continues nicely. What drugs are you taking?

    How do you know when you oversimulate? I know that it involves too many eggs and too high estrogen, but wasnt sure what to look for. We were starting to get worried about that over here.

  9. Well done! 13 fab eggs is really good, I have never got more than 9 or 10. Sounds like you are doing well and recovered.

    The warm feet thing isn't for the transfer but for the whole time after that. I am guessing that your husband will be there for the transfer and your inlaws will mind you after that? To be honest, the transfer is really easy. Its more exciting than anything to be nervous about. Its similar to a smear/ internal scan (which you are well used to by now). They usually phone you tomorrow lunchtime to let you know how your embryos are doing. They generally say that a 50% survival/fertilisation rate is what they expect, so you will most likely have less than 13 by tomorrow. Once you go in for the transfer, they will explain how the embryos are doing etc etc, thats really amazing. You will probably only be there for 30-40 mins, and will be absolutely fine after. You usually start the progesterone pesseries the night before the transfer.

    Don't worry about the hyperstimulation thing, your bloods etc are obviously fine or else they would n't have done the collection. Its usually feeling unwell, tummy pain, not passing much urine, nausea, vomiting. Anyway, you are doing great!

    I will be a day 2 transfer too. My clinic prefer it and told me the chances of day 2 transfers and blast cycles usually work out the same anyway. I am on puragon injections and can't remember the name of the spray!

    Sleep well!!

  10. lusakor, how are the stims going?

    We did the transfer, you were right about it being very very easy, altho I almost peed while doing the wait (5 minutes? 5 hours?) after she put the 2 embryos in. I was alone, and I was just doing my best not to think about peeing or toilets or water or anything! I called my husband afterwards and let him know and he was laughing at me.

    I still have a lot of abdominal pain, not sure if it is tied to endometriosis, fibroids, the stimulation of the ovaries, or whatever. I spent almost 24 hours laying around, but that was about all I could handle, and went out today to have lunch with a friend.

    I was given progesterone pills to start that night, either vaginally or by mouth. I also have an estrogen pill to do the same thing. So that is it!

  11. Khaled_N: fab news! So now you are on the 2 week wait, it will feel like the longest 2 weeks of your life!! Surprised they did the transfer without your husband being present, they are really strict on that here. He has to be present and sign yet another form on the day. Anyway, don't worry to much about the abdo pain, it should settle down. After all, your body has been through so much. If it is very bad or you are not passing urine, then you need to go back to the clinic. On my only successful cycle I had awful abdominal pain after the egg collection and I was still very sore on the day of transfer-I remember my husband helping me to get in and out of the car! But I settled about 2 days later. Its such a great achievement-you are now technically pregnant and have to watch diet etc. Hope you are resting up, did you take some time off work?

    I am fine still ticking along, have lots of symptoms for the last week or so, bad headaches, very bloated- I feel full right up to my throat, it's a very strange feeling. Anyway, bloods are ok so far but I am having them checked everyday for last while now cos I have hyperstimulated before. Its a pain having to go in every morning but its reassuring. Am hoping the collection will be middle of next week, just keeping fingers crossed that bloods behave themselves!
    Take care and keep the toes warm!!

  12. It's been a few days so I thought I'd check in on you lusakor. Are you ready for retrieval yet? Hope things are going well.

  13. Yes, did the collection and all went well, delighted with 10 eggs as a result! However, after 24 hours hours we were down to only 2, could not believe it. But staying positive as we only need one good one!! Hoping to transfer them later today. I am jumping out of my skin everytime the phone rings as I think thats the clinic telling me that we have none suitable for transfer. It is such a head-wrecking journey! Anyway, our fingers and toes are crossed and I do really feel positive about this cycle being successful.

    How are you doing? Doesn't every day drag on that 2 ww?? Are you having any symptoms or feelings about it yet?

  14. Hi lusakor. I am sorry to hear about the fertilization rate. I am keeping my fingers crossed for those 2, hope they continue to do well. It's your \"natural selection\" I guess, altho that probably doesnt make you feel better! You must be very stressed with the waiting.

    I was reading some stuff on a different section of this site and folks were saying 70% was normal, it was making me mad because I think it is misleading to some of us who are not in optimal situations. (Eventually I will try to create a response, but not now!)

    I called the clinic finally to find out what happened with the 5 eggs they didnt transfer, and they told me they froze 2. I wish I knew what happened to the rest -- if this ICSI attempt doesnt work, we can try another transfer, but I would like to know if we need to do further genetic testing or something.

    As for symptoms, I had bad stabbing pains on the 19th, felt like the implantation (or else my points of light were leaving). My abdominal pain is all gone, and things are more soft (when I have to insert the progesterone and estrogen pills), so I am feeling hopeful. I am just so happy to have gotten this far, so many things couldve gone wrong and didnt. I am a bit worried since my lining was so thin and my endometriosis and fibroids and other stuff could block or hurt a pregnancy, but...

    Basically trying not to think about it too much! Occasionally telling my points of light to settle in there and have a nice time, probably I rub my tummy 3-4 times per day and say hi, and that is about it...

    Happy Friday!

  15. Hi Khaled_N,
    Hope you doing ok, when is your test day? It must be getting close now. Anyway, everything good with me, only had 1 viable to embryo to implant, so gutted to think thats all we had out of this cycle. Would have like a few to freeze as frozen cycles are so much easier. Anyway, nothing we can do about it now and all I need is one! So trying to stay positive.

    At least you have 2 to freeze, thats really good. My clinic always says that having anything left to freeze is always a bonus, doesn't happen for everyone or on every cycle. So thats great. They usually only freeze ones that are top quality, have divided during the first 24 hours and basically look really healthy. There is so much that can go wrong for then, but usually your embroyologist phoned to explain how they are doing etc.... Are you going back to the clinic for your pregnancy test? If so, they will be able to explain to you then about the reasons they only froze 2 .

    This 2 ww is the longest and most head-wrecking part of the whole cycle!! Fingers crossed for both of us.

  16. Hi lusakor. Thanks for checking in. I am keeping my fingers crossed about the 1 you have put in, I hope it sticks. If you dont feel comfortable posting here, you can always message me...

    Unfortunately, I had my beta on the 26th, and it was negative. I even just got the beginnings of my period today, so I must have been way not pregnant! The test was at a lab near my house, so I had to go walk back there to get the results, then call my doctor and my husband, which was tough.

    I guess we will now try an FET, since I have 2 of these 3-day embryos frozen. I dont know anything about the quality or number of divisions or anything -- the clinic that does the IVF is quite conservative with the freezing, so it would have been whatever they were \"sure\" would be viable. They are in Paris and I am not, so I cannot just pop over and ask, and on the phone they just said \"we froze 2.\"

    I know nothing about the FET, so I am gathering some info now as I have a follow-up appointment on 5 Feb (it was that or March). I am wondering also what we can do to increase the chances -- perhaps something to plump up the lining since mine was under 6 the last time they checked before doing the ET? Or to decrease inflammation etc because I have some problems there? Or increase the blood flow in case it is kinda blocked by endometriosis and fibroids, etc.? Well, who knows why it didnt work.

    At least I got that far, even if it is hard to think that it didnt work. I am sending good thoughts your way. When is your beta?

  17. Khaled_N:
    I am so sorry to read about your negative, its so gutting. I have been there and there isn't much I can say to help except that you do have those 2 little frozen ones and who know? Maybe they will work. Its impossible to know why it didn't work, there are so many thinbgs that have to be just right, not just the lining.
    I have never had any lining issues, so I don't know much about it. I think I just take that for granted. Can't really remember measurements but think it had to be over 8 before transfer in my clinic. There are medication options to increase the lining so it probably is something that they will monitor closely for the fet. I do think all clinics are very careful and would only transfer if your lining was suitable to support a pregnancy.

    To be honest, the fet is very easy and so much faster. Thats the real benefit of having something to freeze. I have done a few and always sailed throught them compared to a fresh cycle. You will be on tablets to increase the lining for 2 or 3 weeks, once your lining is ok , they thaw out 1 or 2 frosties and transfer is usually 24 hours later. You usually have only 1 or 2 scans. I guess you will have a few more so they can watch the lining closely. The defrosting process can be hard on those little cells so I always found that bit a worry. Thats why they only freeze the best embryoes, so they have a better chance of surviving the thaw.

    It must be fustrating when you can't get all the information you want, but write it all down for your review apt in february. At least when you are face to face with them, you can ask everything.

    I have almost a full week to go before testing, am trying not to count the days etc. Work is really busy so thats a great distraction. Think I will be furiously baking and cooking all weekend! I have no massive symptoms, but the boobs do seem a bit firmer!! I am clinging onto that !!!!

    Anyway, take care of yourself. It is a very disappointing and tough time. Will be thinking of you!

  18. lusakor, hope you are doing all right, and that everyone enjoyed the baking!

  19. Khaled_N:
    Didn\'t work, yet again, another negative. But its worse this time as we had nothing to freeze. Trying to get on with things but just dont know where to go from here.
    Hope you feeling better.

  20. ****! I am so sorry to hear that.

    Dont get all worried about what to do next, take some time to let all the drugs etc out of your body, you will think and feel better afterwards! I am STILL having some mood swings & some physical side effects from the drugs + stimulation experience, which has made it harder to concentrate on things.

    Was there anything different about the cycles that didnt work and the one that did? Just curious.

    I am here for you if you need to chat...

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