Summer Daylight Saving!

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  1. i have a question about summer daylight saving (used to hate it when single but now love it best what with the kiddies) ... so do you try to adjust the babies or leave them on same schedule? for us, it means 8pm bedtime (instead of 7pm). wake up time would be btw 7/8am (instead of 6/7am)...i am very very happy with that!

    what do you all plan to do? any pros and cons?


    the babies in question are 9mths old.

  2. I think you do whatever is easiest for you. I think it is harder when you have someplace to go (work, school) and then you have to adjust the schedule. If you stay at home and it is easier to have them sleep a little later, then do it.

  3. you are right.
    i do work (wish i didn't have to) and i'm sure i'd adjust their schedule if i had to drop them at a daycare, but they stay home with the nanny (she is here by 7:30am).
    i'll let them be!



  4. I also should have added that as they get older (mine are 5 & 2 yo), it gets easier to do a little later bedtime in the summer. We can stay up later because it is light out later. Right now we do bedtime at 7:30 or 8 pm, but we may readjust in the summer to 8-9ish. I HOPE they sleep in.

  5. i agree its definitely easier with the older kids- DS1 just turned 5 and has been adjusting well in the last 2yrs.


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