Success rates with an average Blast???

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  1. Wanted to see how many may have gotten a BFP with just an "average" blast...I had two blasts transferred and were graded 2BB on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest...

  2. Fresh or frozen?

    If fresh, it's still probably about the same as what your clinic quoted you. Over on the parenting board there are a lot of posters with children that started out as less than stellar embryos. They do much better in the uterus than they do in the dish.

    Hang in there. I know it is so hard when you finally decide to move to donor after probably having a handful of failed cycles with your own eggs/sperm. You think you have overcome every hurdle possible and then here comes another. It's never easy when you're on the rollercoaster.

  3. It was a fresh 5 day clinic didn't tell me what my chances were so hoping to hear from others...I'm 3dp5dt and I'm already going crazy!!!

  4. My clinic's success rate for a fresh donor egg cycle was 70%. Not sure what your clinics stats are. They should be published in the CDC reports. I had already been pg before and carried an IVF child to term so for us there really was no reason for the cycle not to work and luckily it did. Sometimes you can have great eggs and great sperm with a perfect uterine lining and stellar hormone levels and still get a BFN. There are no guarantees as you know. Hang in there. I remember several years of 2 week waits!!!

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