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  1. Wondering if any of you have experience with this. My son, who is almost 3.5 years old, is stuttering. He has gone through a phase like this before (maybe about a year ago) and it went away on its own after a month or two. He started again about 2 weeks ago, and it seems to be more pronounced this time. He has no other speech issues or delays. I've heard that young kids can go through these phases when their mind is working faster than their language can get out, and that they resolve on their own and do not mean there is a permanent issue. But I am still worried and don't want him to be made fun of...please let me know if you've experienced this. thanks!

  2. My son had a few of these stuttering phases and I was told the same as you....his brain is working faster than he can form the words. His final stuttering phase happened when he started kindergarten. The school actually called me about pulling him for testing. I think they thought I was the world's worst Mom as I wasn't that concerned, but I had been through these phases with him before and I was confident it would not last long. I told them it was fine for them to do testing, but that I was confident that it would stop in a few weeks. I was certain that the excitement of school and the desire to start talking quickly before another child \"stole the floor\" was causing the stuttering to appear again.

    The school did the testing and then asked me to come in for a PPT. I hired a sitter appeared for the PPT and they proudly told me that he was no longer stuttering and that they believe it was just the excitement of the new environment. I bit my tongue and held back the \"I told you so\" and thanked them for their time.

  3. Children will go through a period of stuttering which is normal. Many times it is that their brains are operating faster than they can get the words out. As long as he isn't struggling or blocking, it is probably normal. If he is alarmed by it, then I would get him evaluated. If he has multiple repetitions that go on more than a couple of times like bbbbbbbbbbbbbball. Then I would be concerned. If there is a family history of stuttering it could be hereditary.

    The stuttering foundation of america is a great source and has good information. My daughter started stuttering pretty bad right before Christmas and it worried me. She is 2. Then she stopped as soon as it started. Now she is starting up again a bit, but not as bad. I've also noticed that her mean length of utterance has also increased so I think/hope it is normal. So I know what if feels like to watch your child stutter. The Stuttering Foundation also has great suggestions on how to react when your child is stuttering. Keep in mind to watch your own rate of speech with him. Slow down and throw in pauses. If there are other kids in the house, focus on taking turns. He may be trying to keep up with siblings.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Last time he went through this phase it wasn't as bad, but this time he is definitely repeating the first letter of words more than you described (b-b-b-b-ball), so perhaps I should be more worried? is this what your daughter was doing, nickx? I guess maybe I should get him evaluated. He is a twin, and his twin brother is more verbally advanced than him (although the one that stutters is more advanced in reading), so perhaps that is playing a role, too. There is no family history of stuttering that I'm aware of. The worries never end, do they?

  5. I posted an identical question about a year ago. My 3 yr (4 in July) had it BAD. It lasted for about 3 weeks so I was very worried. Then, it went away. It's come back a few times. Started again last week but only lasted a couple days. For my DS, I think it has alot to do with excitement and if he's tired.

    It was very hard for us at first and we kept wanting to speak for him. In hind sight, our anxiety may have played a part in the length of his first episode. Now, we notice it, but don't make any deal out of it.

    I'd give it a week/two before considering testing. Like pp, check out the suggested website. I never did, but I bet it has some great info.

    And in answer to your final question....NO...the worries NEVER end!! Take care, D.

  6. Same as other posters. My son had his first episode at about 3yo. He has had several since then. He is now 5y7m and just started another round of it. I contacted a speech therapist and was told to bring him in for evaluation at the beginning of an episode. She also said that a lot of the therapy was for the parents on how to handle it when they are stuttering. One thing I have done is read to him slower. You are never supposed to interrupt or finish their word/sentence. You are also to not let others interrupt or talk for him. Mostly I just wait for him and don't make a big deal about it. My DS's will go away for months and then come back for a few weeks or a month. I suggest looking at the website mentioned by previous posters. I did and it had several helpful hints.

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