stimming and severe depressive episodes?

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  1. Hi -
    I've been ttc on and off for almost 3 years. I am almost 44, a poor responder and almost at the end of the road with my eggs.
    DP has never tried with her eggs. So, I'm wanting DP to stim, retrieve and then embryos transferred to me.

    DP has a history of severe depressive episodes. She also said that she got really depressed while on birth control pills many years ago. Since we've been together (4 and 1/2 years), she has gone to grad school and gotten a great job. She takes Wellbutrin (for depression) and Adderall (for ADD). She is panicked that being on birth control pills and stimming could cause another severe depressive episode. I have gotten pretty depressed at times with all of this, so she is so afraid. The thing is, she's so much less attached to the results, so I think it would be much easier on her.

    If anyone has any insight into this, that would be really helpful.

  2. I debated about writing because I'm not sure I have the answer you want to hear...

    This is my second IVF cycle, but I had done many many IUI's, some with stims. My first IVF resulted in my DD & my DP & I are trying for a sibling. I have had major depressive episodes for years in years past, but finally got my life together, went to grad school, got a good job, etc & am currently also on Wellbutrin (eerily similar)...

    I gotta say that the BCPs, the stims, & the HCG shot have really messed with my head...I have felt deeply depressed (liked I used to years ago before I was really stable), almost to the edge of being safe, but I am somehow able to pull through it knowing what the end result will be...I think it is a major possibility that your DP, with such a history, might have similar issues. I'm not suggesting that you don't go through with it, just that you think it through thoughtfully:

    Possibly useful advice if you & your partner decide to go through w/it.:

    -I found that constant visits w/ a psychiatrist & therapist helped me get through it
    -there are BCP's that are less mood-altering than others...ask about this
    -there may be other avenues to suppression that BCPs...
    -sometimes it is helpful to do what is now referred to as "psychiatric advanced directives"...Having your DP plan out, in advance of taking any new meds, exactly what she wants to do if she does get depressed (what has helped before? At what point should she stop the process for her own good? At what point will you respect her decisions if she is in a really bad place? Whom can she call if she is in a bad place? )
    -I also remembered that when I finally got pregnant, those hormones took over & I felt more wonderful than I had in years (OK, I know the pregnancy part is not relevant, but focusing on the fact that this is for a finite period in time helps)
    -think about Donor egg as a possibility...

    I wish you & your DP the best of luck. Feel free to PM me.

  3. I'm reading this thread and wanted to throw in my 2 cents for a "what not to do".
    I have had clinical depression for years, mainly stable w/ meds. My life is together. During my 1st PG 8 years ago I was not on SSRI's, and everything was fine until post partum which was a mess. Flash forward to today.
    Decided to try IVF for secondary infertility; I was on Cymbalta & elected to wean off it a couple of months ago. Turns out the last few doses of Cymbalta were during the first week of my long protocol ~ I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, LADIES! I had a very neg rx to the BCP (my depression is indeed hormone related) and also had bad withdrawal symptoms from the Cymbalta.
    So, if you decide to do IVF, know you have an issue w/ depression, make it easy on yourself and get some support/advice in this area.
    Personally, I am just counting the days until egg retrieval so I can get off the IVF meds. Is that bad???

  4. Hello -

    I am in the same boat. The BCP and stimming makes me so depressed I actually look outside and it could be beautiful sunny day and I see black. I mentioned it to my RE and he said the drugs wouldn't cause it.

    I just m/c after 10 weeks and am coming down off the PIO and estrogen let alone whatever else hormonally I have going on and I am a MESS. I know a m/c would make a person depressed but I know myself and it's not only that, I have been crying for days and don't even get dressed or shower for days (I know, gross). The worse thing is I have a 16 month old.... my total joy is him.

    My DH called my RE again and my RE said it must be something else going on because the drugs or being "out of whack" from the m/c wouldn't cause it. WHAT?????? Why do they say that? I think it's because they want you to continue trying? My DH is real leary about trying again....

    Good luck to everyone...

  5. oltimar:
    all due respect, but your RE does not know what he's talking about when it comes to depression.
    as a survivor of post partum depression and other major depressive episodes triggered by hormones (2 after m/c), i know my triggers. the literature is full of referrals to stim meds and possible depression, especially in those of us who are pre disposed.
    find a psychiatrist familiar w/ hormonal depression. maybe treatment on that front would help b/f you put yourself thru any further hormone changes.

  6. Thanks jmranea !!! Sorry so late to respond back but I didn't get back to this thread.

    For those going through stim related depression if you read my story below I was going through a terrible time. I am now a month past the m/c and off all meds and I feel great, back to my old happy self, so I know it's the meds...

    We will try again soon just told the RE it had to be a different protocal..

  7. hi ladies, well where to start.. i have had trouble with post partum when my twins (now 11) were weaned. i also have had a number of major depressions. i have been ttc for 2 1/2 years. am getting ready to do ivf with icsi.. male factor plus not sure if i am ovulating or not. anyhow i am on wellbutrin not sure how this will be with meds while doing ivf.. also clonazapam and amitriptiline..i know the last 2 i would have to stop if i got preg but not sure about during the ivf process. any suggestions? sue

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