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  1. is mucus common during 2nd week of stim? does it mean \"ovulation\"?
    taking ganerlix for 3 days so far, 2 left.
    dont want to miss ovulation, does it seem ok?

    2. if some folcies are nice size, some need anotehr day or 2, would they prolong from 10 to 12 days of stim to get more, or will be afraid of losing existing? overcook? can we trust ganirlax 250 a day to keep it for big day?

    3. does sex feel comf when 3 days before RE? Stomach bloated. any chances to mess up overies if have sex?

    4. P4 Done during stim before ER? What days?

    5. accupucturiest said accu wont make a diff, wont take my money, suggested 1000 mg vitamin D Did anyone hear of it?

    Thnak you all, many happy viable preg to all!

  2. 1. The cm is from the estrogen - it doesnt' mean you are missing ovulation.

    2. Trust your doc - they'll know when to trigger

    3. The \"uncofortableness\" depends on your situation. If dh's counts are normal, usually good to have sex the day you trigger, and then hold off until he makes his \"contribution\" at ER.

    4. Do you mean taking progesterone? I started the night of ER

    5. Vitamin D is good. I started taking it and noticed improvemetns in my hormone balance . But accupuncture did help my cycle too.

  3. EK, where are u cycling and which accupuncturist do u recomand?

    Doc said folicles may repture with intercourse, he ordered none till heartbeat!

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