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    what kind of steriods to mature lungs did your dr give u for women who are at risk for pprom or pretrm labor. I am to start steriods to mature lungs around 24 weeks in case my baby girl decides to come early. i was wondering are they pills??? injections? how often are they given?? i am 21w1d now so the time is comming near. i am NOT in the hospital on bedrest but at home on strict bedrest so i was wanting to know how they are administered., i am going to the dr tomorrow .

  2. I have heard that some doctors do this outpatient, but I had to be admitted to the hospital to get my steroid shots. They were an intramuscular injection given in the butt area (really very similar to PIO). I had two shots, 24 hours apart. I am not sure about this (maybe something for you to ask?), but they may need to be given again if delivery doesn't occur in a certain amount of time after the shots? I didn't get them because of PPROM or pre-term labor, but because I was delivered early due to poor fetal growth. My peri seemed to be trying to calculate exactly when to give them to me- it almost seemed like he didn't want to give them too soon (they found there were issues at 24 weeks and said then that I would be delivered w/in 8 weeks maximum- I ended up getting the shots at 30 weeks 2 days and was delivered at 30 weeks 5 days). Wishing you the best of luck!


  3. thanks maria i a soo confused now i have to have a long discussion with my dr tomorrow. i am at risk for PPROM again and have a emergency cerlcge placed so the risk of me goin into labor or PPROM could be at any time. i had 3 really bad sch this preg and my cervix is only 1.5cm. ahhhhh with a cerclage. lots of ? for my dr tomorrow. thanks you if i make it to 30 weeks i will be grateful.

  4. Well, I know there is a risk of waiting too long (they want 48 hours for the shots to "work," I think), so maybe in your case it is better to be safe than sorry and get them early? Hopefully your doctor will be able to shed some light on this, as I am not completely knowledgeable. I know at one point I was just wanting to get the shots already (had been dreading it b/c it meant admission to the hospital and also meant they felt delivery would be imminent), it was nerve-wracking to watch the doctor trying to decide if he should give them to me or wait!

    LOTS of luck to you, sounds like there has been WAY more drama than you needed during your pregnancy!!!


  5. marie- drama is right i was admitted to the hopsital 3 times already 2 times for really bad bleeding at 14 and 15 weeks i stayed 3 days in the P.E.T unit each time to moniter the bleeding after my blood transfusion. and then 2 weeks later i had a cerlage placed and spent 3 days in hopsital so a total of 9 days so far in hospital and i know more to come. i really hope the rest of my preg is uneventful..

  6. bolajing- I hope so too. My situation was different, but I know how terrifying all of that must be!!!!


  7. What I experienced/was told 4 years ago by my Peri was that the steriods efficacy is about 2.5 weeks. So if you are at a critical point at 24 weeks, they often give it to you then...., then they only will do one more round (because too many rounds risk giving the baby sepsis), so if you outlast the efficacy of that first round - they attempt to time it when they think that critical point is again. I was given steroids at both 24 weeks (1.4 cm) and 28 (0 cm) weeks (was hospitalized since 23 weeks- no cerclage)... my Peri really believed that despite my DS being born 31 weeks 2 days, that the steroids did wonders for his lung development. He did not have any respiratory issues in the NICU, just the typical preemie stuff (apnea and bradycardia and learning to feed - spent 39 days there).

    bolajing -I'm so sorry it has been such a rocky road for you. My first pregnancy was traumatic too... but I made it through and you can too! Hang in there! May you get many, many more weeks.

  8. michaelatch- thanks for the info i am getting the shots at 24w5d and 24w6d. so it seems like 1 round. i can go at any day with my risk for pprom again. as they were removing clots in the palms of their hands in august they said my risk of pprom goes back up since i had it last preg. i just want to make sure i am on top of things. my cerclage is still holding strong. i just cant wait to get out of the second trimester. people say the second trimester is the best and so relaxing i think it is the WORST of the 3!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hang in there! I agree, the 2nd trimester is sooo difficult in your situation. The stakes are so high... you pray to get to viability, and then you pray to get to a more safe zone - but you feel like one big ticking time bomb... I think I cried almost every day with fear that whole pregnancy. (The nurses would tell me not to cry - that stress wasn't good... that just made it worse!) I hope you have a lot of support from family and friends to make it through....

    You are in my thoughts!

  10. mangy-- thank you soo much yes i do have lots of support. i do have a pity party every few days with this bedrest really getting to me. it's hard to keep your eye on the prize when everyday is a struggle. dh brought home flowers today for me which made me feel better. i guess i'll wait a few more days before i have my next crying

  11. bolajing- have you gotten your steroids yet? i think i will be getting mine soon- we'll see how my growth scan goes today (since one of the babies has iugr)

  12. yes i got then on nov 2nd n 3rd i was 23w5d n 23w6d. my dr thinks i am gonna pprom again so he wanted therm in. they made me a little sick but they cleared up my face.. i had insomnia the first night from them but i think i was so tired by the next night i went to bed at 7pm..

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