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  1. Looking for some helpful words.....

    Today I am 10dp3dt. This morning I woke up to light brownish colored spotting....its been on and off all day.

    This has me totally freaked out. Is this the beginging of the end for me? Beta is 11/11. I'm so worried, but trying (in vain) to stay somewhat calm....

  2. Relax Tootsie,

    I am doing the same thing you are and it is VERY good news!!!!

    What is happening to you is most likely implantation bleeding. Sometimes it can get pretty heavy so don't let yourself be frightened by it. You probably also feel sort of like you are getting your period and that is a good sign too. It is just your little one(s) digging in

    The reason it is brown is that the blood is a little old and has been working its way out the past couple of days.

    Hang in there. Just a few more days and you will get confirmation.

  3. It is a goog thing, I had it with my very first cycle with my DD and here she is. And since her we have had 7 failed cycles and nothing. So this past week I had it on day 10 past transfer and it was the same day as DD and we finally got a BFP and I still have it every other day and second beta today was 350!! so it's call implantation bleeds and RE said it's normal.

  4. Gosh, I really hope you guys are right! Thanks for the encouragement...beta tomorrow and I'm still spotting (lightly).
    So much for us to worry about.....

  5. Tootsie ~ This is a very good sign. Post when you get back from your beta. Speaking from someone who's still bleeding (on and off) with a positive beta. I ditto the other girls.

  6. Hi all,

    I'm going to jump in here too. I am getting the same symptoms but the colur has started getting more bright red. It's still not any type of flow but I called my doc last night just to talk to him. He said it's hard to know if it's AF trying to start or implantation bleeding. My beta is Friday morning so he told me just to keep on my meds and the test will give them a definitive answer. This is so upsetting and I'm trying to stay positive but the colour change has me feeling the worst

    Tootsie - congrats on your BFP. I'm trying to think of you and your symptoms to stay positive.


  7. On another site a woman described the same thing and it was because she had multiples implanting so I don't know what to tell you. Just hang in there and know we are all hoping it is implantation bleeding. (((hugs))) So sorry you are going through this.

  8. Preg mentioned

    I had spotting all thru the 2ww and had a + beta.

    GL to all the 2wwers.

  9. Thanks to all for encouraging me and popipap.
    I did get a positive beta, and will repeat the test tomorrow...hoping the good news continues (for you too popipap)

    I am still spotting (brown, and lightly) and although I was happy with wednesdays beta (258 at 12dp3dt) this still has me unnerved...(started on monday)

  10. So I am totally shocked but I got a BFP

    My beta was 63. Doc said that's a good number as he likes to see it between 50 & 100.

    I am in total shock as since Thursday night my spotting turned into bleeding and I figured there was no way I was pg as my period had started. Even sitting at the lab yesterday morning I was like, "why am I waisting my's going to be negative". And all day my cramping and bleeding was continuing so when I heard from my doc last night I couldn't believe it.

    I asked him about the bleeding and he said it could be implantation bleeding or it could be from where 1 embryo didn't implant then the lining can get very raw where that happened and it can slough off. He said my next beta will be the tell-tale one as they want to see it double. My DH and I are cautiously excited tonight but thrilled none-the-less.

    Thank you all for the support the last couple of days. i know I'm not out of the woods but it's a nice feeling - even if it's just short-lived.


  11. popipap---Yay! Soooo happy for you!!! I hope tomorrows beta goes just as well

    AFM---the results are in:
    1st beta--258
    2nd beta--636
    So far so good

  12. second beta was 319 so things seem to be moving along. Still have bleeding/cramping but it's getting less. Doesn't make me feel out of the woods yet

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