Starting lupron this week anyone else???

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  1. Hi Guys!!
    Beth did you do transfer today??

    How is everyone doing???

    Well afm We had our retrieval today and were able to get 11 eggs so we shall see what fertlization report is tomorrow!!
    I am a little sore more just kind of tender hoping I feel better by tomorrow.
    So looks like transfer will be Thursday unless they call us in earlier. I am excited about doing 5 dt!!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

  2. mel - how did ER go today? How are you doing? I've hoping everything went well today. Crossing my fingers for lots of eggs....

    Chica - hi. how are the stims going? Are you still growing a ton of eggs?

    Jenny - any news on your cycle?

    afm - I did go for a 3d transfer today. We decided to put back two 8-cell embryos. RE said they looked really great and the reason they decided on 3d rather than 5d is that many of my embryos tend not to do so well between 3d and 5d so they thought 3d would be worth a try. My clinic has a group of RE that rotate in terms of who is doing the procedures and who does the monitoring and who does the office consults. I was so happy and lucky that it was original RE who was on today doing the transfers. So, I'm hopeful. I've been resting on the couch pretty much all day. Beta is not until 12/19. How am I going to wait that long?

  3. Hi Gals
    Well 6 have fertlized so we are just waiting to see when transfer will be looks like Thursday for day 5 but could be pushed for day 6 has anyone ever heard much about 6 day transfers? I really want it to be day 5 so we will see!!! Beth exciting for your tarnsfer can't wait to see how it goes!! do you cheat and do the hpt??? I do!!

    Looking foward to everyone else where are you all!!!


  4. mel - congratulations! 6 embryos growing is wonderful news. I've never done a day 6 transfer but have heard of clinics doing them. I'll be anxious to hear what happens and when you transfer. When's your beta? I'm desparate to know but sooo afraid to POAS. On my first cycle, the morning of beta, I did do a POAS and it was negative. The beta was actually positive but low in the 30's. It turned out to be a chemical, but that really threw me. So, I don't know. Right now, I'm planning on just going in for the beta but as the time comes closer, I may break down...
    Anyone doing accupuncture? I'm trrying to give it a try b/c I did it during my only successful cycle. But my DH was laughing at me today b/c everytime I go for accupuncture, I end up falling asleep in the darkened room. He thinks I'm ridiculous for paying someone $75 to take a 45 minute nap. Hey, I guess if it works, I'm glad to pay.

  5. Hi Beth, I will go for my beta on the 19th but won't get results till the 20 since its over the weekend.Still havent heard what time our tranfer is going to be yet waiting for dr's office to call me I really hope we don't have to go in on friday probably cause I have not heard alot about 6 days transfers I am not as comfortable and I just feel lilke they need to be in my oven to bake lol

    I understand about not poas so whatever makes you feel comfy your beta is around same time right ?

    I did do acupunture the last two cycles but this time we opted not to do it and if there was a difference not sure yet. I did have same lining as last time not as many eggs but just by 3 and I am thinking reason for that is different meds, my age now its been almost 8 yrs since my first cycle and on a low dosage when we first started how are you feeling other wise , my hip/bottie butt area is kinda sore already from progestrone shots already and we are only on day 4 yikes but well worth the pain !!

    Havent heard from anyone else how are you ladies doing????

  6. Ahmet - good luck tomorrow!! I will be thinking of you and sending you lots of good thoughts and prayers. Sounds like you will have a lot to choose from too so a dy 6 transfer sounds great. Let us know how it goes.

  7. ok quick update going tomorrow for transfer its going to be a 6 day transfer not use to this but ok lol 2 are not so good the other 2 are medium and then 2 are great so we shall see. I will try to post from my phone but not how good it works havent ever posted anything here from my blackberry
    hope everyone is well!!

  8. Good Luck Mel!! You have been such a positive source to us, I had to make sure I let you know prayers are being sent your way!

    Beth~ Keeping good vibes sent your way as we await BETA. I am with you on the POAS debate as I too had a bad experience, so this tie I have none in the house and hope it stays that way. GL!

  9. Thank you so much gurls and you all as well. This post my come out all as one cause. I'm doing it from my phone and can't figure out how to get to next line. Jenny how weird. Excited your in your 2 ww we all seem to be finding out at same time yayyyyy ok girls have a blessed day and will be on later

  10. Hey Ladies,

    Things have gone great. I had ER this am. They got 8 eggs. We will get a call tomorrow let me know how they are doing.

  11. Yayyy chica great news can't wait to hear repots. Afm we r on our way home we decided to transfer 2 grade 1 expanded blast so we will so how it goes feel goood though we have just been holding onto our faith and praying praying praying

  12. Wow, lots of good news today. Mel - what a great transfer! It sounds like you have a great chance and hope you are at home relaxing a ton.

    Chica - 8 eggs is awesome. I'll be looking forward to hearing how they grow and when your transfer will be. You too need to relax. Are you feeling OK?

    Jenny - glad you are in the 2ww with us. It's getting a little tedious though this waiting. How are you holding up with it?

    AFM - not much going on, just waiting. I am, of course, over analyzing everything and just hoping and praying too...

  13. Hey, girls. How is everyone doing? Since this cylce thread was a bit slow, I started another one in the \"stressful situations\" category under \"december beta anyone\" if you want to join me there. There's a few women on the thread with betas this week and next and it's a little more active.


  14. Hi girls, I finally got out of bed for a little while done with bedrest tomorrow thank God its been bording lol

    Beth, I hear ya about the over analizing stuff since I have been in bed I have been on my phone just researching stuff on this board lol soon we shall know!!! Hang in there

    Chica, any news for your fert report?? What day is transfer

    Well just wanted to check in real quick before I hit the hay I have a long day tmrw kids have a play that I am excited to go to at church they have been practicing since august so it should be cute!!
    Night night everyone and Merry Christmas!!

  15. Hey Ladies,

    Sorry I have been pre-occupied.. 7 out of the 8 fetilized, and we had 6 still on Monday. My Dr decided that he wanted to transfer the 2 best on Monday, so we did a 3dt and froze the other 4. So now I am 2dp3dt... not much to report other than a sinus cold Ohh well I am a big girl, I will survive right? hehehe

  16. sure beth I will meet ya over there Hows it going any chance of caving in for hpt??

    Chica yay for two embies can't wait to hear results for your bfp!!!

    Well I have hpt every day since like day 3 I know to early but still wanted to anyway lol today in the afternoon I think I see a super super faint line so I am hoping for a darker line tmrw morning In Jesus name!! I can't wait for Monday to get here the waiting is sooooo long lol

  17. Chica - wow. Sounds like you had some great embryos!! I'm sorry about the sinus infection though. Those things are awful. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Ahmet - Oh, My, Gosh. That's great news! A faint line this early in the afternoon sounds pretty good to me. I hope for a definite one tomorrow. How are you feeling? Are you having any symptoms?

    AFM - well, I did break down and buy the stupid hpt's. I don't know what happened. One minute, I was in CVS buying a drink and the next thing I knew, I was buying hpt's. I bought a pack of 3 and did one right away and saw a super faint line. Well, I have done them for the past two mornings and still see a positive though the line doesn't really get darker. It's definitely more visible and there but pretty much just the same in lightness. I'm hoping that doesn't really mean anything. I'm having alot of cramping, thin CM, and boob soreness. I can't wait until Saturday...

  18. yayyy Beth thats great !!!!!
    for me I had spotting the last couple days which I am praying that is implantation spotting yesterday I had small small clot but still on there which freaked me out a little but called Dr's and they said it was fine. My bb's are really sore though but I though probably from the progestrone I posted on the other thread you started to beth so if you want we can move over there since its a little more busy
    Everyone follow us on over!! if you don;t want I will still check over here as well

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