Starting lupron this week anyone else???

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  1. Starting lupron on friday been on bcp's anyone else around this time our ret/transfer should be begining -middle of december

  2. Hi Jenny
    Thats great. Is this your first IVF? This is my 3rd and I am thinking same thing kind of been a little more trying to go with the flow and see what happens. What stim meds are you on? I am taking follistim and menopur this go around in the past I have taken gonal f with pergonal for the 2nd cycle and gonal f and repronex for the 1st. All have been good so curious to see this time lol
    Do you know how many embryos they are thinking of putting back. This time my Dr will transfer two and no more in the past I have had 4 embryos transfered for first cycle and then 5 for my last but because of octomom he has toned it done quite a bit. Great to have cycling buddy!!

  3. yup..., I started last Thursday. Not really sure abt all my specifics this time (choosing to just go with the flow and not obsess, haha, right), but do know that ER/ET is aimed for your time frame as well.

    Would enjoy having someone to shoot up with~

  4. Oh great for your dd !!
    Here is our story.
    1st IVF age 22 transfered 4 embryos I believe they were 3 8 cell and 1 6 cell
    Got Pg with My ds who is now 6 1/2 yrs old
    2nd IVF age 24 transfered 5 embryos I think 3 8 cell 1- 6 cell and one 5 cell maybe got pg with twin girls but PPROMd at 18.5 weeks lost my first daughter at 22 weeks who went to be with the Lord and then delivered my 2nd twin 2 weeks later who is now my miracle 24 weeker who will be 4 in December.

    This will be 3rd I am 29 and because of octomom re will only let me transfer 2 embryos this go around which its ok because of course running risk of high multiples is a little scary. We always tried to be aggressive just praying atleast 1 would take becaue of the dollar factor. We are super excited though been on bc pills for about 3 1/2 weeks now and start lupron tomorrow!! Does your Dr do baby asprin as well. I did it my last 2 cycles but not doing this time I guess per Dr so I am curious to see how it all pans out.

    My Dx is I do not have my tubes anymore due to having cyst all over them and Dh is fine. I often wonder how many kids I would have had if we have not had to go this route and i'm thinking probably 10 lol j/k but I do love big familys. This will also probabaly be our last cycle as well so praying that it works.

    I will be on Lupron for about 17 days and I start stims on the 24 !! How much follistim and menopur will u be on? I will be on 175 of follistim and 75 of menupor.

  5. Hey Mel!

    Sounds like we will have a good time stumbling thru this together! This will be my 3rd cycle as well.

    Time will tell I guess. I am really working hard at not freaking out abt these unknown.

    Its really great to have a I look upon what I wrote I realized I really do need to talk and need support (sorry for the book ). Thank you for starting this.

    Cheers as you shoot up today! 1 day down, and how long will you be on Lupron?

  6. Hi Mel and Jenny, may I join you? I'm scheduled to start Lupron on Friday and stims on Nov. 23rd. I've been on BCPs for several weeks now as well.

    I'm 33 and my DH is 34. We're unexplained, although there's some MF. We have one failed IUI and had our first unsuccessful IVF in October. I produced 18 eggs but only 7 were mature. 5 fertilized with ICSI and we transferred two 7 cells with nothing to freeze. When it didn't work I decided to go straight into another cycle. This time we're going to start me on a higher dose of stims (375 Gonal-F my first day) and grow my follicles larger and see if that helps. This will be my last cycle for the foreseeable future, so I hope it's successful but I'm realistic as to my odds.

    So with that said, I found wonderful support on the Sept-Oct cycle thread and would love to join you two here on the Nov-Dec thread where we're all hoping for the same Christmas present.


  7. Hi Leah wow we are pretty much the same for dates. I start lupron tmrw as well and stims on the 24 This time will be my first injecting myself normally dh does it for me but because of the time of it this go around I get to do it so wish me luck lol What clinic are you with
    We are in Cali so we got to one here in L.A

  8. Mel~ so sorry for your loss. What a tough lil cookie your twinkie was/is! Congrats on your successes, and fingers crossed as you jump back in! Hope your able to inject yourself ok this time around~ GL!

    Leah~ hello and welcome! Glad we have another support here. I loved the way you summed up our hopes for a Christmas present! My Dh was against us cycling so close to xmas as fear that if we got a BFN before xmas it would make the holidays heartbreaking~ my original er/et dates had me going around the 22nd so the 2ww had me bypassing at least xmas. Since I am not on BCP this time AF came earlier so..., we will prob know results right around xmas. Eek!

    Hope you ladies are having a lovely weekend!

  9. Hi Jenny, Thank you so much

    So how is everyone doing? Today was day 2 for me of Lupron and yes I was able to do it all by myself!! yeah it only took me 10 minutes to actually inject myself but I got it done!! woohooo and only 3 more days of BC pills which I am excited about I have had a little bit of breakthrough bleeding but hopefully all goes well.

    Well hope you guys have a great weekend off to bed and Church tomorrow

  10. Hi beth, yes of course you can join us Congrats on your twins
    I did do accupunture my previous 2 cycles but decided not to this go around. Im am just trusting in the Lord this go and hoping that we get a positive of course. What stims is everyone going to be on.
    We are doing follistim and menapur. My last cycle I did repronex and gonal f the previous one before I did gonal f and pergonal but our first IVF was in 2002 so I guess thats why the different meds?? tomorrow is last day of bc pills!! Yayy I have had breakthrough bleeding almost whole time so I hope all goes well for my cycle. Day 5 of lupron tomorrow as well. I really can't wait to start stims and go for u/s to see how everything is coming along. Well have a good night all


  11. Hi, everyone. Can I join your cycle thread? I'm pretty excited to start this cycle and am trying to be optimistic about it all. I was very lucky to have success on IVF #3. Now that my DS and DD are 3, we decided to try another one this past May but had to hold off on transfer due to OHSS and endometritis. The FET was a total disaster and a BFN in August. Finally, I get to cycle again and hope that this one goes normally. I started Lupron on the 14th and will start the stims on the 22nd.
    Anyone else doing acupuncture? I think I'm going to try to start this week. I did it during my one successful cycle and like to think it made a difference though who knows for sure.

  12. Hey Ladies.. Can I join you all?

    I too am on my 3rd fresh cycle, no luck for me yet though.

    Leah - sorry to hear you are postponing your cycle, but like you said \"I hate to postpone but I think this will be my last fresh cycle and I can't go forward knowing that I didn't do everything I could to make it work.\" Are you going to cycle in Jan feb now? how long to you have to wait for?

    I go for my suppression check on Nov 25th, if everything is good I start my stims on Nov 27th. We have to do a long protocol call, b/c I am at high risk of OHSS. My Ovaries goo CRAZY when you add just the smallest dose of stims (due to PCO's). Last cycle my ovaries were touching, though I didn't find last cycle as painful as my first fresh. All the FET's I have done have been a bust, seems like I have a lining issue too (FET's lining doesn't grow past 8mm very well). This cycle my Dr has changed it, I am on Gonal F (before it was Puregon) and has added in Luveris and IV Intralipds too, ohh and I think I add in Heprin after ER.. All I know is I have more shots to do this time than I have in the past. I have to do my own shots, DH doesn't like needles.

  13. Mel, I'm glad you're not having problems injecting yourself. It really isn't so bad once you get used to it.

    Jenny, I hope your shots are going well. When do you start stims?

    Beth, I did a couple of acupuncture sessions while on BCPs for this cycle. I found it incredibly relaxing and I figure that if nothing else it helps me feel better. It sounds like you've been on a long road and I hope this cycle works for you.

    So it looks like I won't be cycling Nov-Dec after all. My pre-Lupron sonogram last Friday showed what my RE thinks is endometriosis on my ovaries and he suggested that I postpone my cycle and have a laparoscopy first. He said that I could go forward with the cycle if I wanted to, but that if I'm only doing one more cycle I should do the surgery first. I hate to postpone but I think this will be my last fresh cycle and I can't go forward knowing that I didn't do everything I could to make it work. If I do have endo, it may be part of the reason why my last cycle didnt' work. Anyway, I'm scheduled for surgery the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (next week) and I'm hoping everything goes well and that I feel OK enough to eat all the delicious food on Thanksgiving. Although with what IVF has done to my waistline, maybe it's better if I can't eat the food.


  14. Hi, everyone. Just checking in to see who is cycling? Leah, I'm sorry your cycle is getting postponed. Hopefully, the wait will be well worth it. Chica, I'm glad you are joining us. It seems that this cycling thread is a little smaller than ones I have been on previously. Maybe the holidays?

    I started stims today so here it comes. I'm so anxious and worried that this isn't going to work. I'm not sure I'm up for any more cycles so this may be my last chance. And in the midst of these fears, I get a very impersonal email from one of my very good friends tonight that she is pregnant with #2. I know she got pregnant after only 1 or 2 months trying. I don't know why I'm surprised when fertile friends are insensitive about their pregnancy announcements. I mean, don't I get a phone call? They just don't get it. And she definitely knows that we have been trying to get pregnant for a year now. UGH! OK, I feel better now that I got that out. Thanks for listening.

  15. Beth - Sorry to hear about the way your friend told you she was prgs. My SIL had a hard time telling me that she was prgs, infact she couldn't do it My bro called me and let me know. I of course started to cry and got off the phone in a hurry, but I called them back the next day to let them know I was happy for them.

    Mel - We will go for a 5 day transfer if we get enough embies out of this. As for baby asprin I am on that too, my Dr doesn't seem to think it will hurt. I know what you mean by ewww to 3 shots aday. I will be up to that on Friday if all goes according to plan tomorrow morning.

    AFM - I go for my suppression check tomorrow at 7am... OMG they are trying to kill me with that time. heheheh I don't even get up before 7am, let alone have to be somewhere at 7am. hehehehe ohh well, it just means I get an early start to a busy day.

  16. Hi Gals. It has been a bit slow but yes I think with Holidays here everyone is busy busy

    Leah bummer that you will have to wait but you will get going soon. I had to have my tubes removed before our IVF cycle in 2002 for the same reason they said it could mess up my cycle and with my tubes as bad as they were they could give off bad fluid. But can't wait when you start going again!!

    Hi Chica, welcome!! Glad you could join us!! Here's to this cycle working for all of us!!! We have been praying and praying as well. How exciting to be starting stims here soon!!

    Hey beth how did your stim shots go??? I start mine on Tuesday so very excited!!! then it will be 3 shots a day ewwwwww lol we go for our u/s to see how many follies we have on the 30th and should be getting dates as to when we will retrieve and transfer.
    Is everyone doing a 3 day or 5 day transfer? and does anyone know how many your dr's will let you transfer oh and is anyone on baby asprin??
    I had done baby asprin my last two cycles but this time said he does not see the need for it so hopefully not. Alright well everyone have a blessed week!!! I'm sure we will all talk during it of coourse


  17. Hello everyone. How is everyone doing? Ahmet, did you start your stims yesterday? I hear you on the three shots a day. My belly is sore and bruised. At least I'm not on Repronex anymore- that gave me the most painful welts. I usually do 5 day transfers and hope that I get to do that again this round. But we'll see. I was on baby aspirin in the past but I'm not on this cycle and I'm not sure why. I'm going to ask my RE again when I go in for my next US.
    Chica - how did the suppression check go today? 7am is soo early. Hopefully you made it in.
    Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

  18. Hi Girls!!! Sorry havent wrote for a few days its been hectic these days with holidays and all. Yep we are on last day of stims went on monday for u/s and looks like I have about 10 follies so far which was hoping for a little more but thats ok Lining is at a 10 mm right now and I got for another u/s tomorrow to see how those follies r growing and we are thinking retrievel will be this Sat and transfer will be Tuesday thining of transferring 2 but almost debating if we should transfer more decions decisions!!! how many are you all thinking you might transfer?
    This is so exciting girls can't wait to see how we all do, i am a little nervous but really trying to just keep praying and keep my focus on God and other things

    beth have you heard of dates yet when your suppose to be retrieving? Super exciting shots arent as bad anymore thank God!! but now here come the thick needles egggghhhhhh

    Chica, you ahve u/s tmrw to!! keep us posted!!

    Jenny, how r u doing??????


  19. Hey Beth, Everything went well. I was supressed with 9 and 16 follicies ready to go. I am sure I am up over 20 on each side now, that is just how I roll. hehehe I go in on Thursday for an u/s and bw to see how I am doing. I too am doing 3 shots in a night, way too many if you ask me I just got back from Fort Lauderdale, I was there on business for 4 nights, I also had to start my stimms while I was gone, and take all of my meds and needles through security and immagrations 2 times.. Lots of fun heheh but we made it one piece and are now home.

    Hey all the rest of you girls.. How is everything going?

  20. Hi, ladies. It was good to hear from you guys. I have been obsessing about this cycle, naturally, and just can't seem to concentrate on work.

    Chica, that's an amazing number of follicles. That's so exciting. But, boy, you must be uncomfortable. I didn't have nearly that many but my ovaries felt so full and I was so bloated. How are you doing? Do you know when you do the retrieval?

    Mel - Saturday for retrieval? Yea! The US and bloodwork certainly get tiresome toward the end. We have about the same number of follicles. How are you feeling? You are getting so close. I hate the waiting. It just leads me to obsess more.

    Jenny - any updates?

    AFM - I had the retrieval yesterday and had 12 eggs. That's about normal for me so I was happy with the number. The only thing I'm worried about is that they triggered me a day earlier than they normally would have because my E level was rising. I have a history of having E levels in the 4000-5000 range and they were worried it would get up there again if they waited to long. So, I'm just praying that the eggs were mature enough and that they fertilize. We have to use ICSI b/c of severe MF so who knows. Please keep your fingers crossed. I find out later today what the fertilization count is and whether or not it will be a 3d or 5d transfer. I can't remember if this is everyone's first retrieval or if you have done others? I am still sore today. I don't remember my past retrievals being so painful before but this one really threw me for a loop. I had to spend the whole day in bed yesterday and would have stayed home today if I could have. Thankfully, work isn't too busy and I can put my feet up a bit.


  21. mel - did you guys have a hard time deciding how many to put back in? We really struggled with this and at first said we would only put one back because we really would prefer a singleton to twins. We have twins from our 3rd IVf who I absolutely adore, but boy, were they a lot of work. I think we will put two back in but only because I think they may be our last cycle and I think I would be most heartbroken if it didn't work. If we had twins, it would be difficult but they would be such a blessing.

    I found out yesterday that 9 of the 12 fertilized and are growing. I'm hoping for a 5d transfer b/c DH is going out of town tomorrow and I don't know how I'm going to do it if it's a 3d transfer in terms of finding someone to watch the twins and trying to take it easy afterwards. We don't have hardly any family in the area and are few friends have newborns themselves so feel guilty asking them to babysit. Oh, well.

    How is everyone else?

  22. Yay beth that sounds great!!!! this is actually our 3 rd cycle 1 st cycle resulted in my son and second resulted in my twin girls but my daughter is a surviving twin

    Well U/S went very good today looks like I have about 6 mature eggs all 10 wernt ready but some of them were way ready lol so retriviel will still be for Saturday and Dr said we are actually going to do a 5 dt this time it will be my first for 5 day my lining is at a 13 mm and triple layer so I am excited about that
    So I think we will be transfering 2 embryos but we will see that day.

    So how is everyone else doing???

  23. Hi beth thats great they all are growing good!!Yes its been kinda hard trying to figure out how many to transfer but we think we are just going with the two
    Our first IVf we transfered 4 3d embryos and for my second we transfered 5 3d embryos this time we are doing the 5 d embryos which we have never done but just going with the two possibly like I said. Were your transfers 5 day as well
    I guess this is all my Dr does now for the most part so we shall see on Sunday for our fert report

    Chica how was your last Dr appointment?

    Ok girls so I have a confession lol so when I saw afm I didn't realize it ment as for me I thought there was a afm and I kept scrolling up and down to see who it was there you can all laugh lol!!

  24. Mel - It took me forever to realize what afm meant too! I still forget and think afm is a person. I thought I was the only one. Too funny. So, question, did your doctor just routinely do 3d transfers before or was there a question about how the embryos looked that brought on the 3d decision? I've always done 5d transfers and thought I would be doing the same this time too. But my DH was suppose to go out of town for the weekend so I called the clinic today to see if there was any chance it might be a 3d (which would be tomorrow). The RN told me I was on the fence and they are leaning towards a 3d rather than a 5d. I'm devastated b/c I take that as meaning the embryos aren't looking too great or many of them just stopped growing or both? I don't know. I don't find out until tomorrow. I guess I just had such high hopes for this cycle. I was so positive this would be it. But now, who knows. I know its not over until I get the negative beta, but I'm still discouraged. Any positive stories out there?

  25. Hi Beth, My Dr just use to do the 3 dt routinly that was just how he did things and I think for some he would do the 5 dt , now they said the reasoning for the 5 dt are because higher pregnancy rates since you can tell which ones actually make it I guess. I am so used to 3 dt that this is new to me but kind of exciting so I can see how many will actually make it I think I will be only having 6 good ones so out of those we shall see what fertlizes We have to get up so early tomorrow 4:30 eghhh be there at 6:30 and our retrivel is 7:30 I will keep you all posted, hang in there beth I think you will do great how many will you guys put back do you think? How old is everyone if I can ask??
    I am 29 and my dx is tubal got those suckers pulled out in 2002 they had cyst all over them boooo
    Good luck for tmrw beth if you guys decide to do your transfer tomorrow!! I will keep you in my prayers !!!


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