Starting Lupron on 7/20, any cycle buddies?

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  1. Jackie - I'm so so so incredibly sorry for your result. What was the feedback from your doctor? I know people have the \"Come to Jesus (as I believe they call it)\" meeting where you sit down and talk about the cycle and next steps, etc. How are you feeling? What are you and DH planning next? You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Savas - It's great to hear from you and of course I want us all to stay buddies, it's been great to have the support and go through this process with you both, you seem like such wonderful people. I understand the financial strain that IVF posses, I do pray that you will find the resources to continue your journey.

    AFM - I would still love to share my journey with both of you, and hope that is okay with you both. I will be 13 weeks tomorrow, and almost out of my first trimester. I had my second ob appointment yesterday and got to hear his/her hb again, very comforting for sure. I still worry every moment that there is something wrong, or something bad is going to happen. I've had difficulty with m/s and thought I was beyond it just to have nothing stay down yesterday, I mean nothing but Halloween candy (lol). I've continued to practice yoga, and walk regularly. Also, my belly has begun to pop out a little bit, which is exciting. I have the NT Scan on Tuesday and praying that has a positive result, and have my next big ultrasound early december to find out the sex. Honestly, I just hope and pray for a healthy baby and won't feel better until I bring the little one home in my arms.

    You are both in my prayers.

  2. Our doc wants us to try another cycle but of course the financial strain is worrying us since the 2 cycles didn't work. He wants to work with my husband to barter services. My husband is a software engineer and there is software the doc wants installed and set up on the computer. It sounds like there is need in the software to write certain programming. My doc is so cool to even think of such a thing. For my husband to install and set up software to get at least a discount would be a great help to us! We'll find out Nov 4 because there is a meeting Eric is supposed to show up for and we're supposed to barter with a man at the meeting.

    He said I had about a 40% chance success rate so it looks like we were in the 60% failure rate and doesn't see why continuing trying wouldn't hurt.

    I talked to him about the DNA fragmentation test and he said that we have good fertilization rates, and honestly he doesn't really think it's that.

    We'll see what happens! Let you know as soon as we hear something.


  3. Good luck and keep us posted!

  4. Dear All,

    I am very sorry for not being there for you all these past days espeically Jackie. I am sorry, I hope you will all forgive me. Its been hard on me too and I kind of forgot a lot of things.

    Jackie, I know its not easy. God!!!, when I remember what goes into a cycle, I can only say Gods time is the best. I know the pain and the disappointment but please be strong. I am happy you and DH are thinking of another cycle, all things will work out well with the barter and you will start ur cycle with all hope. I pray the Almighty comforts you and DH and give you encouragement, hope and faith in Him that all things work together for good for all those who put their trust in Him.

    jroh0011, I am happy to hear about ur progress and also the joy you are having. Its a lot of hardwork and you deserve to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Just take each day at a time and before you know it, you have a big belly lol. Just know that that bundle of joy will be yours in a few months.

    I am also doing well but right now I am just working and taking care of my self. I am also taking some time to pray and ask for Gods direction for my life. I need to know a lot of things and I think asking God will be of help.

    I could not see my doc after the loss because he travelled but I went to see my former doc and he said if I have my menses, I should come see him since I want to know the state of my tubes. I have not had my menses yet and I dont know when it will come. But all the same, I am praying for that miracle.

    Once again I want to thank you for being there for me. I see light at the end of the tunnel for all of us and I know we will get there.

  5. Savas~ Don't worry about it, girl! I understand. I had a hard time coming here to say that the test was negative --took a few days, especially the first cycle. You are a strong woman to be able to come back here. I pray your menses will come soon so you can get the show on the road and find out what's happening with your tubes. Keep us updated with everything.

    jroh0011~Congrats on the belly! LOL! A big milestone and to be past your first trimester! I'm excited for you! Exciting to find out soon the sex of the baby! Before you know it he/she will be here keeping you awake at night!

    AFM~As far as that meeting goes, the dr. office changed it to Tuesday.

    It is definitely a hard process to go through. It seemed the second one was much easier though because I didn't even have to take Lupron. It was a very natural cycle but just didn't work.

    I am almost of the mind if the meeting doesn't work out, to try adopting again. I don't want to go too deep into the emergency fund without having any money left over for trying to adopt. We'll see what happens!


  6. Savas - I hope you are doing well, and every day that passes brings more hope and peace.

    Jackie - How are things going with you? What did you and your hubby decide to do moving forward? How'd the meeting go with the doctor? I hope you're enjoying your holiday season!

    AFM - I'm 18 weeks and doing well! Belly is growing and we found out a while ago we're having a boy, DH is very excited! I just started to feel kicks yesterday, which was pretty exciting.

    I wish you both the best and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. jroh0011~They cancelled the meeting altogether so DH and I decided to take a break and figure out what we want to do next. Honestly, I don't know yet. I think we are going to try adopting again but need to recoop a bit. Meanwhile, I will keep myself busy with the business.

    Congrats on your little boy! Keeping my thoughts and prayers with you as well and that you will have an uneventful pregnancy.


  8. its been a while. How are my buddies doing. I am glad to read from you all.

    jroh0011 - I am glad to know of your progress. I can imagine the excitement in your hearts. Just be happy and God will do the rest.

    Jackie - Sorry to read about the cancellation of the meeting. All is not lost sist. I am happy you you are thinking of the next step. But what are the doctors saying. Do they think adoption is the best for you?

    DH and I have decided to wait a little. But sure next year by Jan or Dec. we will be able to try IVF again with all hope. I am positive, next cycle will be successful. For now its work.

    I am wishing all of you a blissful Xmas and happy holidays.

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