Starting Lupron on 7/20, any cycle buddies?

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  1. Hi Jackie – WOW, that’s a confusing process, but seems a lot less invasive than the IVF cycle. How are you feeling? Since the FET cycle mimics the natural cycle I’m hoping it’s successful for you, I know it will be Like I mentioned before I’ve read a lot of women have more success with FET than fresh! You’re an inspiration my friend.

    Hi Selease – I know what you mean about the scare of ectopic, each day that passes I worry about it as well. Every little ache in my side, or analyzing any pain as a possible ectopic symptom is enough to drive you crazy. It’s so hard to just enjoy being pregnant when there are so many hurdles for people with infertility to overcome. The doctor that did the ER & ET did say that having one baby inutero and one ectopic is possible, I am missing my right fallopian tube and he even said that it’s possible to have another ectopic in there…ugh! If you’ve already had your ultrasound and your pregnancy is in the right place you’re in the clear!! ENJOY being pregnant! Also, with regards to your symptoms, my first ectopic ruptured and had I not been treated when I was would have taken my life, as I had a large amount of blood in my abdomen (bleeding internally and it was not stopping)…I was in excruciating pain for the first one, as it had ruptured and it was pain in my hip, down my leg, up to my shoulder and I was in tears, there was no mistaking that (I was about 6.5-7 weeks when it ruptured). The farther you in your pregnancy the more it grows , therefore the more chance you have for a rupture. My second ectopic I knew what the pain was that I way experiencing, though milder by a mile, I still didn’t want to take any chances and went to the emergency room at 4.5-5 weeks, and I was right. Just listen to your body. How are you feeling? Also, here is a website where you can calculate how far along you are
    Also, are you having twins? How many miracles are in there?

    AFM – I had a bit of a scare, as one of my beta’s only increased 43% with the two days, and I repeated it again last Saturday (4th beta) and it had increased by 78%, thank goodness. So I have my first u/s on Monday. Based on my beta’s my RE isn’t concerned about another ectopic but I’m still worried of course. With my beta’s starting so strong so early, and going up 203% within two days to only increasing by 43% I was a wreck, but I guess my doc thinks its fine with the latest beta. Though I still have to be careful, as with my history they can’t rule it out yet…  As for your question Selease, I am feeling pregnant for sure…lol. I get waves of nausea, very tender breasts, very bloated, frequent trips to the bathroom, fatigue…but I do feel much, much better than the last two pregnancies so I’m trying to take that as a positive sign. I’m trying to take things day-by-day, and am so hopeful that this is our turn to have the family we’ve dreamed of. I just pray it is. I’m 5w’s exactly today and counting down until Monday, which seems like an eternity away. You are both in my thoughts and prayers friends, and hope you’re both doing well.

  2. Hi Friends,

    Am doing great by His grace and have started work today. How is life with you.

    Jackie - How is the cycle going. I hope you are doing great. Just know that this cycle will be successful. And always know we are here with you.

    jroh0011 - Glad to read from you. I believe by now the fear is gone and you are doing well. How is the feeling like just know you are going to have the family you wanted. Just enjoy being pregnant.

    Am good, I have the symptoms you are having. Am very relaxed now knowing God has done it for me already. My next scan in on the 15th and I am hoping by the time I get there, heart beats will be seen.

    I wish you all the best.

  3. Hello Selease,

    Glad to hear you are doing well! I'm dying to know how many sacs they found in your u/s!?!?
    Yes, the symptoms...I do hope you are feeling okay.

    Hi Jackie,

    I hope you're doing well, and your cycle is progressing as hoped. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    AFM - I had my first u/s yesterday and the doctor found one sac and a yolk (in my uterus!!), which was better than she'd expected. She thought it may have been twins based on my beta's, and possibly one was absorbed, who knows. We still can't rule out ectopic at this point, so I go on Friday for a more comprehensive u/s, and hopefully we'll hear the heartbeat. DH and I are beyond happy there is one in my uterus, and holding on to that. I'm 5w5d's today and trying to enjoy every minute of it, though it's so hard as we've got such a long road ahead.

    You are both in my thoughts and prayers and look forward to hearing your updates. Baby dust to you both!

  4. Hi everyone,

    I was waiting for a surge on an ovulation kit which I haven't gotten yet. The doc is supposed to call this morning and I guess he's going to have me come in for a progesterone check. I usually ovulate on my own, so it would be the one time I have an anovulatory cycle. LOL! Oh well! I'm just enjoying not being on meds for the time being. Having a few drinks and riding roller coasters! Went to Sea World Monday and rode Manta. What a great ride. Not much to report for now but sounds like it's going well for you girls! I'm so excited for you!


  5. Hi All,

    I believe everyone is doing soo well. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Jackie glad to know you are relaxed and enjoying the days you have. How are you on the cycle? I am with you in prayers and always know we are there with you through it all.

    jroh0011, I can see you are enjoying your self. Its the Lords doing and its Marvelous in our eyes.

    Am good at work and managing. Its not been easy this week, feeling sleepy, tired, go to the washroom, by the time I get home just feel like crashing. I also need to keep it secret at work for some time. Actually no one knows about it except my DH.

    Just to say hi to you all and to read from you.

  6. Hi Jackie - Any updates from your doctor regarding your an-ovulation? Enjoy having a few drinks and riding roller coasters, lol

    Hi Selease - Hope you're feeling good and things are progressing well! Have you heard the hb's yet? Also, I'm still dying to know how many you are carrying?

    AFM - I had my comprehensive u/s on Friday and there was no sign of any ectopics, thanks goodness!!!! There is one baby and a nice strong heartbeat at 6w1day so I'm happy about that. I go in again tomorrow for another follow-up u/s so I'm praying that things will continue to progress positively.

    You are both in my thoughts and hope you're doing well!

  7. Hi all,

    Hope things are well with all of you.

    I am just from my doctor for the scan and am quiet worried. The heart beat was not seen at 8 weeks. What does that mean. Am not happy today but I I am still praying. May be I should seek a second opinion from another hospital.

    Pray for me and any advice is welcomed.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi Selease -

    What did your doctor say about not seeing a hb? I know 6weeks(is) is the \"standard\", but we know how that goes and have read plenty of women not getting a heartbeat for a couple of weeks after that and going on to have healthy pregnancies. I will say a prayer for you and I certainly hope they are able to find one soon.

    I went in again today for another u/s and I was able to see our little peanuts heartbeat flickering on the screen. It brought tears to my eyes and pray that my little one continues to grow and have that strong heartbeat. I'm measuring 6w5days today, which is exactly how far along I am. I go in next Tuesday for another u/s and the following week I'm getting released to my first OB appointment at a little over 8 weeks, I've already made the appointment, I pray we make it.

    You are both in my thoughts and prayers a hope you are both doing well.

  9. @ Savas -- Awww! I will be praying for you! I hope they just missed the heartbeat and they will find it at your next scan! I wish I was there to cry with you because not knowing sometimes is the scariest! When will be your next scan? I do know that sometimes they miss the heartbeat on the screen! With my own friends, I have heard of this happening so don't give up hope!

    @ jroh0011 -- Congrats on seeing the HB! That must have been so exciting for you and very emotional! I wouldn't be able to keep my head out of the clouds all day long!

    As for me, they did not put me on BCP because I ovulate on my own. Well, wouldn't you know that I didn't get a surge on the ovulation kit that they had me do since they had me doing those. I went in like Thursday to check my progesterone and they said it was 30 and the kits usually read a 40 so I would be close. HA! Never got a surge yet and called up my dr. Tuesday. They had a power failure so they didn't even get my message so I called again Wednesday morning. They said they can do things to get around the no ovulation surge. However, the embryologist is going out of town in October and they can not schedule embryo transfers for now so it looks like I am put on hold. Well, actually, I am looking at it as a good thing so I'm not heartbroken by it all. I get a break from the meds and just be myself for a little while. Those hormones had me forgetful and am just now getting my energy back. It will also help with the pocketbook a little to break for a month.

  10. Hi all,

    Thank you all for being there for me. Am happy reading from you and thanks for your encouragement.
    Jackie - Glad to read from you and to knwo that you are taking each day at a time. God does all things in His time and I believe you will be scheduled at the right time. I am with you in prayers.

    jroh0011 - How are you doing. Do you vomit. I have the symptons but I dont vomit and the nurses keep asking are you vomiting so I dont know if its compulsory to vomit. Let me know about the symptons you are having now.

    I was soo worried when they did not get the HB so I went to do a blood test at one of the best labs in Ghana. My nos. are 5,419 which falls within the category of 6 weeks entering 7 weeks. I think I miscalculated. If jroh0011 is 6/5 days then I should not be 8 entering 9 since we were just a few days apart. My next scan is in two weeks which is 29 and I am praying by then there will be a very good hb. Please keep me in your prayers and I know everything will be fine. I read the heartbeat should come in the frst trimester so by eight weeks, I know it will be seen. One sac was also seen which means am expecting one baby. The baby has also increased in size which means its growing. Thank God.

    Happy I met you along the path of life.

  11. Hi Selease,

    I thought I'd help you with your dates, as I knew you were a little ahead of me, but you're actually two weeks ahead, as you'd originally thought. I looked back at our previous posts and if my calculations were correct you had your ER on 8/1, which means as of today you would be 8weeks 6days today, and your due date is April 24th, here is the IVF calculator that I used for both of us, I hope it helps
    I wouldn't worry, I'm sure all is just fine, I will say a prayer for you and know you'll see that little flicker soon enough. I can't wait to hear how your next u/s goes on the 29th, that's a big day for me as well, as I have my first OB appointment!
    I am actually 7weeks and 1 day today, I had my ER n 8/13, and am due May 6th. As for my morning sickness (which is really off-and-on all day), I've only vomited a couple of times, more nausea and dry-heaving once in a while, accompanied by dizziness. Also, the sore BB's, full feeling in my tummy, I don't feel like myself, headaches (once in a while), a bit of constipation, stuff like that. How about you? What symptoms are you having?

    Hi Jackie,

    Sounds like it's been a pain to connect with your RE, and of course this has to the be one month the surge is delayed, right?! How frustrating! I think it's great you get to enjoy some downtime for this entire process, it's so stressful and such a drain on you in every way possible. You'll be nice and rested for your next cycle in November! I hope you're still enjoying those drinks and roller coasters!

    You are both in my thoughts and prayers, and am thankful you are both here to share this journey's a crazy one!

    AFM - I'm just taking it day-by-day, but am very anxious about it all, I can't wait to get out of the first trimester and not have to worry as much about the pregnancy.

  12. Hi all,

    Glad to know everyone is doing well. Am also ok by His grace.

    I agree with you jroh0011 about the calculator. Actually, I was soo worried and I decided not to worry again and just wait on the Lord. He does all things beautiful in his time.

    About the symptons, I have never vomited but nausea yes, dizziness in a flash,full breast and throbing every now and then, visits the washroom often headaches.

    I am praying too so that everything goes on well after my scan.

    Jackie, hope you are relaxing and looking forward for the next cycle. We are with you all the way.

    Nice weekend.

  13. Hi Selease,

    I'm glad the worrying has subsided and I agree with leaving it in God's hands. I hope you're in better spirits and are feeling good.

    The morning sickness (which, as I mentioned in more off-and-on all day) is brutal, I'm doing my best to get through it though and counting down the days until the first trimester is behind me. The other symptoms are much more manageable for me (sore bb's, headaches, etc. etc.), the morning sickness has been kicking my booty!

    Hi Jackie,

    Hope you're doing well and enjoying your downtime right now! I can't wait till you're feeling sick right along side with us!

  14. Good Morning Ladies!

    I hope you're both doing well! I just wanted to give you both a quick update. I had my final u/s with my RE this morning and today it finally became more real than ever. We were able to see the little face, arm buds, amniotic sac outline, and a great hb. Doc said he/she was very tall, DH and I chuckled because both of us aren't very tall at all. It's amazing how much the little peanut has grown in a week. Next week is my first OB/Gyn appointment and it's a bit nerve wrecking being released to the normal preggo population. I feel very blessed, but am scared still and just pray God continues to watch over my little peanut, sigh....

    You\'re both in my thoughts and hope each of you are doing well!

  15. Hi all,

    Sounds like everyone is doing great, except for morning sickness and preggie symptoms. I started my period again so today I went in for my day 3 ultrasound and estrogen check. They came back and said everything looks fine. It looks like cause of the troubles last month they are putting me on a shorter protocol without Lupron. All I have to do is put on a estrogen patch tonight and on Oct 6 I go in to make sure I don't ovulate so tonight I am officially starting the cycle again. Yay!

    As far as a job goes, I don't have one except my husband gave me a book to read. He wants me to learn HTML because he has this idea for a business in mind. He is a software developer and he wants me to work on the external side of this software idea while he works on the internal. So far, I am picking up what I need to in the book and am having fun doing it. I never thought I could write HTML from SCRATCH.


  16. Hi all,

    Its been some time. things did not go as expected. I dont want to talk about it now but last week sunday, I lost the baby.

    later then

  17. Hi Savas,

    I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss, there are no words that could ease the pain you're going through. I understand you not wanting to talk about this right now, but know we are here if there is a time when you would. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you friend... ((hugs))

    Hello Jackie,

    Congratulations on beginning your cycle and do hope that all has gone well thus far. Also, sounds a little easier than last time, which is fabulous!! That's awesome you're learning HTML, good luck with that and I'm sure learning that has kept you busy! Keep us posted as to your progress in your cycle, baby dust to you girlie!

    I don't really feel \"right\" updating myself right now with what's going on with Savas. You are both in my thoughts.

  18. Savas~ I would love to give you a great big hug and cry with you. In fact, I'm REALLY crying for you right now! I am so sorry!!!!! I really wanted this for you! If and when you want to talk, we'll be here.

    AFM~ I will be doing an embryo transfer on 10/12. They checked my progesterone and lining yesterday and everything looks great.


  19. Savas - I hope today is a better day for you, and please know you are in my thoughts.

    Jackie - Congratulations on great lining and progesterone! ET is right around the corner! Sending lots of sticky vibes and baby dust your way!

  20. Hi all,

    Just a quick update. Had my embryo transfer today and am home getting ready for a nap. Out of the 2 remaining embryos I had, I had 1 surviving embryo. The dr. told me that the embryo was a stage 4 and was actually a better quality grade blast than the others so we'll see what happens.


  21. Hello Jackie,

    Congratulations on your ET!! Sounds like the embie quality is very promising! I'm sending lots of baby dust and sticky vibes your way. How are you feeling? Are you going to try acupuncture with this cycle? Keep me posted, and I could swear I felt implantation 2 days after transfer, the cramps that accompanied the ET had pretty much subsided, and the sensation (crampy feeling) that I thought was implantation was pretty distinct and fleeting, it didn't stick around...anyway, maybe keep an eye out for that Can't wait to hear when you get your BFP, I will pray for you that this is your turn. On a side note, how is the HTML coming along?

    AFM - I'm 10w4d's and counting down the weeks until my first trimester is over, I will feel a lot more secure in the pregnancy once that's behind me. I had my first OB appt at the end of September and all went really well, thank goodness. Got one final u/s for a long while, we were able to see the baby, he/she looked more like a gummy bear now, and was moving around, which was really cool, got to hear the h/b for the first time (que tears) it was in the 150's and baby measured at 9 weeks, when day of we were actually 8w5days at the time, I'm hoping that's a positive sign, as all take all I can get.
    My next appointment is at the end of the month, it's strange to have to wait so long in between appointments, I do miss all of the monitoring. As for how I'm feeling, M/S check, sore everything check, pants fit everywhere but my tummy - check, and just about everything I wish there was a way to peek in there just to make sure everything was okay, as I still worry so much, ugh. I guess I'll just have to have faith the God is watching over him/her.

  22. Hi jroh0011,

    Today I am feeling much more alert. Yesterday, of course, I was on the valium and was able to nap all day. I hear great things about acupuncture, but they say the valium is equivelent to acupuncture. I figured if my dr. thought I would need it, he would recommend it. After all, my RE actually partners with an acupuncturist who is next door to him. My RE has everything at the office, including his own pharmacy and fertility counselor. There is a cost markup when using his pharmacy, but he uses it when patients need to hurry and get medication and don't have time to wait for mail-order drugs so that's good.

    I have been tossing and turning when waking up this morning. I felt twinges, but still am wondering if that is from the transfer yesterday. I have heard it takes a bit longer to implant with a frozen transfer.

    I am looking for twinges, as well as muscle looseness. My MIL just knew when my husband implanted because she felt like she couldn't control her uterine muscle. LOL! She had felt this before, of course because she had gotten pregnant many times, only to miscarry. We'll see. Everybody gets different symptoms and some people no symptoms at all.

    I am learning the HTML pretty quickly. My husband just ordered me JavaScript so now I can be working on that which is a great companion to learning HTML. I just need to put into practice what I have learned. We had a meeting to discuss some of what I need to do with the HTML so I will be working on that shortly. At least while I am practicing, I can work toward our business idea.

  23. Hi All,

    I am happy to read about you. It brings me back to those days. Am doing well, taking each day at a time. Its not been easy going through all this and then there is joy and there is pain. I can anly say God knows why it happened this way. DH and I decided to wait for some time before thinking about it again. The drugs should at least leave the system. Also its all about money. We will have to raise the money again to go through another cycle. This can take sometime but God will see us through.

    Jackie - Am happy to read about your progress. How does it feel again. I wish you all the best and I know this time around, you will laugh. It is well already.

    jroh0011 - Good to know all's well with you. I know the joy that you feel and you deserve it. Enjoy being preggie and God will see you through it all.

    In the mean time I will try to see what can be done about my tubes. Am expecting a miracle from God. He will do something.

    I really missed you ladies and I hope we will still be buddies. Thanks for being there for me.

  24. Savas,

    I hope we can stay friends as well, no matter what happens. It is such an expensive process and I know exactly what you mean.

    I actually feel more hopeful this time around because the doc assured me that this embryo is a higher quality one. He said the others were a grade 2 blast where this was a grade 4.

    May God bless you and overcome any PHYSICAL hurdles. Let there be a outright miracle for you while in the process of saving money.


  25. Hi

    Test is negative again.

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