Starting Lupron on 7/20, any cycle buddies?

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  1. Hi jroh0011,

    Yes I did break down and take a test on Sunday, which would have been 7 days past. It was a BFN and I couldn't stop boo hooing! I'm keeping hope alive until the beta on Friday though - not testing again.

    I think the $ Tree tests are that sensitive as well I think I remember reading. I also read though that some women just don't read positive until way past beta. I am just going to wait until beta.


  2. How are u all doing. am doing well today.l Hope your DHs are also doing great.

    @Jackie - Am glad you were able to gather courage to do the test. I admire you. I am not able to think about it. My AF was due yesterday and you can imagine the way I was feeling. Scared. Beta is on thursday. Today is 11days after transfer do you think I can get results. In fact now I dont know how I go through the day. May be I have to buy a stick and do as you did. Congratulations my sis. The Lord has done it.

    @jroh0011 - Welcome to 2ww. Hope you have a great wait. Take each day at a time and before you know it, all will be well. I know you read about Jackie and I when we started so be positive about everything and know it will work.

    I speak to my children everyday and I know they listen. I am getting cramps and PMS these days so you will see how scared I am. I think the Cyclogest is a contributing factor but I have faith that the Lord will do it. Reading from you make me go through each day.

    Please keep me in your prayers cos I really need it now.

    Have a wonderful evening and sleep well.


  3. Hi Jackie,

    Was just going through the Acronyms again and I read the meaning of BFN. Dont worry about it I know congratulations are still in order.

  4. Hi Savas,

    Cramping is a good sign which I only had little of for a few days after the transfer. It sounds good for you! Are you getting any other symptoms? I am sending baby dust your way and yes I do believe you could get a positive result by now. If it does not read positive don't let your hopes get dashed. It's not over until beta.

    I have to keep thinking that for myself because I feel this is a failed cycle for me. If this comes back negative, we are going to go for the frozen cycle and if that fails, I'm going to insist that they do a dna fragmentation test on my husband. If it comes back high, then there is even no need to do ICSI and we will have to prepare to go childless. We've tried the adoption route and it failed and everything is so darned expensive. Whatever we do, I know we will be in God's hands and if this isn't what He willed for us to do, He will make it known. I just pray that He takes this desire away if this isn't His will, a desire since I was a little girl. People asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up and all I said was mommy. If this isn't what He wants for me, I just pray that He reveals what it is He wants me to do soon. At least we are trying everything.


  5. Hi Jackie,

    I'm sorry your HPT didn't go as hoped, however, I think you are testing too early. I don't see any harm in POAS, though, if it doesn't come back ++ I wouldn't have your beta coming up and that will be the true test. Try to stay positive, and please don't lose hope. While DH and I were TTC on our own I would POAS every month and know how it feels to see that BFN, it's devastating. Just know the odds are in your favor, you've got 2 healthy little embies in your belly and I have faith they've nestled in to their home for the next 9 months.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I'm sending lots of baby dust and sticky vibes to you. What day is your beta?

    Hi Selease,

    I hope you are feeling well, and I'm sure your beta can't come fast enough. You are 11 days past transfer, and that's when they have my first beta scheduled, I would POAS if I were you!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers, sending lots of sticky vibes and baby dust to you!

    AFM - The 2ww is torture! I got an update on my other embies and none have arrested, which is is probably going to be viable to freeze and they are still not discounting the other two, apparently they are just a little slower so they are going to culture them one more day and decide tomorrow. I'm feeling little crampy feelings today and on day of transfer, none yesterday, I hope that's not a bad sign.

  6. How are my mommies doing. Am good and hope you are good too. Its not been easy as you all know but I our God has not brought us this far to leave us now so I know this cycle will not fail for any of us.

    Jackie, why would you declare a cycle failed and you are the one telling me its not over until beta. I share in your fears and anxieties but the Lord is the giver of children so shut up and pray and wait for beta. Lets think positive. I will keep praying for you.

    jroh0011, Am glad you are doing well and your embies are also progressing. Be positive this is a successful cycle already and it will be.

    Its been hard for me this week. I keep waking up in the night and could not sleep again. Last night I was up till 1am and today I slept till 4pm. I dont know if I will sleep till tomorrow. My beta is tomorrow. Please pray for me. I still get cramps and my breasts are still big and sour and I get pre-AF symptoms. These symptoms have been there for sometime now.

    I have prayed and I know the Lord will do it. I pray for all of us and I am going to pray right now for all of you. the Good Lord will bless us all. I have faith He will do it.

    Will give you the good news tomorrow.

    Baby dust

  7. Savas~ I haven't given up hope. I am trying to stay in reality that this could possibly fail. This is not foolproof. I signed a letter stating that this may not work. I was just telling both of you what our next plans would be -- that I would get a dna fragmentation test if it didn't. With my husband's issues, it's a very real possibility that even ICSI won't work. It hurts but I trust God that He has a plan for me if this does not work out.

    We should also be understanding of each other that each one of us is going through an emotional roller coaster. We should impart grace to one another. I needed encouragement, not telling me to shut up and pray. I said I \"feel like this cycle failed.\" Different from saying this did fail. I think I understand your intent when saying shut up and pray, but it could be read different ways and it could hurt someone. I can't hear your tone in a letter. I choose to believe you meant the best.

    It\'s frustrating what we are going through in this time and if you feel like you need to vent, I hope you feel you could come to me and jroh0011. This is a hard time we are going through. I haven't stopped praying and I got my close friends praying for us.

    I pray this will be the end of the TTC journey for you and can't wait to hear your preggie stories.

    As far as God goes, He can still say no and even if it fails, He's not leaving us. He is giving us yet another trial to go through. He doesn't give us everything we want -- He promises us everything we need. He said in trials and tribulations, it produces character and perseverance in us and trials are a blessing in such a way. This is not to sound discouraging, but this is truth of God.

    jroh0011~ I am glad to hear that none have arrested. I am so happy for you! Sounds really promising for you! I know I tested early -- I just didn't want to see another BFN. I will not be testing again.. my beta is tomorrow at 8:00 am. I am full of hope. Tomorrow is the beta. I will let you know how it goes! Thank you for being there for me and will keep you updated.


  8. Hi Jackie,

    I am very sorry for my words. I thought i was encouraging you but it ended up hurting you. I thought we were buddies. Please accept my sincere apology. Am really sad now cos this is not what any one us needed right now. Sorry my sister, I did not mean it to hurt you and I sure did not mean it the way you understood it. Thanks for alerting me will be careful next time. I actually meant well.

    I hope all's well with you.

    jroh0011, How is the waiting going. I wish you all the best.

    I was actually coming to tell you the good news but right now I dont know how I feel.

    Anyway, I had the test today and its positive.

    I thank God and I thank you all for being there for me. Its not over till its over. Will be going for the scan on Monday.

    Baby dust to you.

  9. Good Morning Jackie,

    How are you feeling today? Tomorrow is the big day! I'm so excited for you, and I just know this will be your first BFP! I can't wait to hear the news! I don't know how you haven't POAS more, you have got some serious will power my friend, that's for sure! I know you haven't give up hope and faith, after 9 years of this journey I know you haven't given up now, and I know you won't. God has given you that strength, and belief in your heart that I so admire. I cannot wait for tomorrow, I'm so excited for you even now! Thank you for all of your support as well, ((big hugs))!

    Good Morning Selease,

    CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you! Did they give you the HCG numbers? I'd love to hear! I bet you and your DH are over the moon right now, and I couldn't be happier for you! What was your infertility issue? Again, I couldn't be happier for you! CONGRATULATIONS and please keep us posted!!

    AFM - I am officially going crazy with this wait! You'd think as each day thay passes it would be easier, but it seems to get harder, is that crazy or what?! LOL! I promised myself I wouldn't POAS until Friday, and that's as long as I can wait! My DH doesn't want me to at all, he wants me to just wait until the Beta, but I told him I just wouldn't mention if I did or not, that way he won't have to deal with the disappointment of a false negative, as he doesn't get the medical part of it as much as me (ya know, since we as the women spend countless hours understanding the process, researching, obsessing - lol) and know that by no means does that mean we aren't preggers. Oh, and one more update, two of our embies made it to blast on day 6, they were a little slow but strong enough to be frozen! Yippie! I'm so happy we have two frosties waiting, just in case.

    You are both in my thoughts and baby dust to you both!

  10. Savas ~ Congrats on your BFP! I am so happy for you! Can't wait to hear your preggie stories. Just know you didn't offend me. I just read it where it could hurt someone but I understood your intent. I know you meant it as stop thinking negatively and start thinking positively.

    jroh0011~ I am definitely praying for you. It really sounds so promising and congrats on the other babies!

    My test came back negative. At least we have 2 babies ready for us to start over again.


  11. Good day buddies,

    I am doing great by His grace. I cant believe it. The Lord has finally done it. I have to tell myself all the time that I am not dreaming and am really preg.

    @Jackie - I am soo sorry you had a bfn. You were in my prayers yesterday and I was hoping that today, I will hear the good news. All the same its not over until its over. Am happy you have some frozen embies and will not go through all the stim and ER again. I will continue remembering you in my prayers. Hope you are not taking it too hard on your self because you will need YOU to go through the next cycle. Be strong, I know its not easy but be strong sist.

    @jroh0011 - How is the waiting going? I understand you completely about the difficulty in 2ww. Although you are not in pain, its the most stressful Psychologically. Just be positive and keep your mind on other things like reading what you enjoy and watching what you enjoy, it takes the worrying off for some time.

    My fertility problem is blocked fallopian tubes. I had a surgery in December 2007 and I was told one tube was completely opened and one is not very good. I was put on clomid for 4 months and it did not work then DH and I decided to try IVF. The first cycle we tried failed in the Lab. They did not divide,(was soo painful) that was in April this year so after 3 months which was in July we started again and God has been soo good to us.

    Jackie always know you have friends who care for you and will be with you through it all.
    jroh0011 am wishing you sticky vibes. Still praying for you.

  12. Jackie - I'm so sorry friend, I can't believe it. How are you holding up? I'm just so surprised. What has your RE said? What's the next step? You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I know this isn't the end of your journey... Just time to make some adjustments in the plan.

    Selease - I'm so glad you're doing well, and again Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your fertility problem. My IF is tubal as well, though I've had 2 Ectopics, one resulting in emergency surgery from my tube rupturing and had it removed, and the second we caught early enough that we were able to use Methotrexate. After I had the first ectopic I had the HSG done and they said my other was open, but still had a second ectopic. I'm happy to hear of others with tubal issues that have success with IVF. What are your beta numbers? Has your RE told you? Are they thinking twins or even quads?

    AFM - Yesterday I had a crazy dizzy spell and my breasts are SUPER sore, I mean walking hurts them. Today I've got the crampy twinges in my uterus, hoping all of these things are a good sign. I'm counting down until Thursday and would be beyond happy to hear of that healthy BFP on our anniversary, it would be the greatest gift of all from God.

    You are both in my thoughts, and Jackie, I can't express to you truly how sorry I am. I wish I could give you a big hug, and a large glass of wine.

  13. Dear all,

    I am doing well today by His grace. I went for the scan and its good. I was actually scared of an Ectopic so I was sincerely praying that everything goes on well. The preg is in the womb and I am grateful and happy today. the scan was good. The beta numbers I forgot to check up. I was however told by the nurse on my way out that they were very high and its possible they might be twins. I am still praying for the Lord to do what he wants for me.

    Jackie - How are you doing. I know what you are going through cos I was there. When a cycle fails at the end, its very painful but as jroh0011 said, this is not the end of the journey. Lets know how you are doing now and what steps you are taking. We will be here with you dear.

    jroh0011 - When the D day is getting closer that is when the stress piles but you will sail through these days well. All the discomfort will surely give you a BFP cos I had all those. I am praying with you and I know you will get them this time. Sticky vibes.

    Am grateful to the two of you for helping me through this cycle. Will keep praying for all of us so that everything ends well for us.

  14. Hi Jackie - I hope you are doing as good as can be expected, you are in my thoughts.

    Hi Selease - Congrats on the positive u/s! Twins?! That's fantastic! Please keep us posted!

    AFM - Well, last Thursday I POAS and the trigger was still in my system, POAS again on Friday and it was gone, I wanted to make sure if I knew when the trigger was out of my system. I decided to POAS again yesterday (7dp3dt) afternoon and the HPT was a BFP, faint, but clearly there and not a strain to see! I tested again this morning and still positive, so I called my RE and they've moved up my beta to tomorrow morning! I'm so excited, nervous at the same time, but thrilled! I just hope it's in my uterus, I don't think I could deal with another Ectopic and loss of another baby. Wish me luck tomorrow morning, hoping for high beta's!

  15. jroh0011 - congrats!! Are you feeling symptoms? I'm 7dp3dt today but I'm too scared to HPT!

  16. Took another test this afternoon girlies and the line is much much darker, no longer faint!!!

    mubark - Hi! Thank you! Yes, been feeling symptoms since 6dp3dt, but that's just me. My bb's are beyond sore, and I got a wave of dizziness on 6dp, and a few other things. Everyone is different though, some people don't test positive at all until they get their beta's back. I know what you mean about the fear, however keep in mind that many, many, many people do not get positive's on HPT's, that does not at all mean that you aren't preggers.

  17. Congrats to both of you! I had a STRONG feeling both of you were going to become pregnant, especially since the only issue you had was tubal.

    Please keep me updated! I just want you to know that I feel that children are God's blessing. I am aware of a lot of women have a hard time around preggie women but I want you to know that I CAN be around women. When I first began this TTC journey, I was very much jealous but the church I attend has on average 5-6 children to each couple and you never, ever see less than 5 women at our church getting ready to pop! LOL! That's a minimum! So I had to get over that fast!

    I think multiples for the both of you. jroh0011, when I told my office that I tested early at 7 dpt the nurse said OMG, I have not seen many positives that early! I have seen a few and the few that I have seen ended up being twins. I know you and DH want twins so I am praying for you!

    AFM~ We are getting ready to do a frozen cycle. I have started my cycle today so I have to call the dr. If this does not work out, I am going to insist the dr do a high fragmentation test. With my husband's issues, if he has high DNA fragmentation, the babies can develop into beautiful blastocysts but usually can not go any further. If they do, there is a higher likelihood of miscarriage. If it comes back with high DNA fragmentation, then we are thinking of embryo donation because I have no doubt that I could carry a baby. We'll see. DH and I have to discuss other options but for now I want to focus on the babies we do have.

    With all this going on, my MIL (remember I told you about her during the bad days I was having) had her surgery yesterday. Yesterday, it was confirmed that she did have cancer but it was the slow type. My MIL has such a distrust in dr. that she refused to go in for her annual checkups for years but she HAD to go in because she developed a blood clot in her lung and couldn't breathe. This is when they discovered when doing a test something wasn't right and had to do a hysterectomy. According to my husband, they had to examine her lymph nodes and will get her started on chemo. She pulled through the surgery but hate that she has to go through chemo. We have high hopes for her since the cancer she has is slow progressing but still chemo is very difficult to go through. They want us to continue trying for a baby however so we won't stop.


  18. Jackie - Thank you for your support, and I'm sooo glad to hear you've begun an FET cycle! I've read that some women have better experience with a frozen cycle rather than fresh. Are you going to transfer both? As for DNA testing if the IF issues are with his sperm have you thought about using donor sperm rather than an entire donor embryo? Just wondering
    I'm so incredibly sorry to hear about your MIL, that's terrible, at least it's a slowly developing cancer and sounds treatable! It's so important to take care of our bodies, get check ups and make sure we're on top of our healthy, I have an Aunt who has smoked since she was very young and has a terrible terrible cough that doesn't go away, I mean bad...but she refuses to go to the doctor in fear of what she's going to find out. I will say a prayer for your cycle and your MIL. Sending you big hugs!

    AFM - I just got my beta back and it's 96 at 9dp3dt, and progesterone is greater than 20, she said my numbers were great, considering I'm 2 days ahead of schedule! I have to go back on Thursday for a repeat of the beta, so hopefully they will double normally! I'm so afraid of another ectopic, and when I asked about my first u/s she said not until 6 weeks, I about fell out of my seat, and informed her because of my ectopic rupture at 6.5 weeks and emergency surgery that followed, with my second pregnancy my normal ob had me in at 4 weeks to make sure it was inutero (sp?) and it wasn't so we were able to catch it early enough. She told me my doctor would let her know, ugh...I'm going to push for an u/s after my Thursday beta's...not going to take the chance.

  19. jroh0011 - Congratulations. I am soo happy right now to read from you. Its amazing what God can do. Dont worry, they are in the Uterus. We will keep praying. Am soo happy for you.

    Jackie - Glad to know you are doing well and have started trying again. Its good. Keep up the faith and we will be there with you through it all. very sorry to hear about your MIL. I hope she is doing well after the surgery. Will put her in my prayers. As for you you are always in my prayers. Its true children are blessings from God and I know He has blessed you already.

    I am good today and doing well. I feel alright. Am just praying for everything to go on well during this early stages. Just keeping it cool for now but will be starting work very soon. Has anyone put on wait during this cycle, I think I did.

    Have a wonderful evening you all.

  20. Hi jroh0011,

    I have thought about and talked about donor sperm with DH but he can't stand the thought of the baby being partly mine and then some person off the street. I do not feel it's wrong for other couples if that is what they choose. To me, it's no different than donating egg(s) to other women, but I can certainly understand DH. He says he knows he would love the baby, but absolutely not. We'll discuss other options, but absolutely not. Then he said he would rather do embryo donation.

    We both feel it would be good to do an embryo donation because we are allowing a baby a chance to live that might not otherwise have the chance. We'll see what happens with this cycle. I had my ultrasound today and on 9/12 I start Lupron shots. This time I do not have to take BCP since I ovulate on my own, which is good. The nurse had me on Desogen last cycle and it made me nauseated throughout the whole day, even though I took it at night so she was asking the dr. about YAZ for me instead. He said well, she ovulates on her own then she won't have to take BCP because she's had all the testing done. That is good news for me. I also know because I'm not on so much medication that my body might be able to handle the embryos better. That's what I'm hoping.

    Will keep you updated.


  21. Hi Jackie,

    I understand, you and DH have to do what's right for both of you, I was just curious. I understand where DH is coming from as well. Donor embryo's is a ways off anyway, right? You are planning to still do the DNA analysis first still, correct?

    How did your ultrasound go? How does the FET cycle differ from the IVF cycle? I'm not familiar with the process. Good to hear that you don't have to take the BCP's, they aren't very fun, that's for sure! I hope you're doing well friend, I know how hard all of this is. With all of the meds they pump into our bodies you'd think it would be difficult for a little embie to make a home, so hopefully with less meds that will be the case for you! I've read so many people having success with the FET cycles over fresh. I'm sending lots of baby dust your way!

    Today I did my second beta today (11dp3dt) and it's 291! I'm so happy! I got a call from the RE doc that did my ET to check on me and congratulate me and he mentioned my initial numbers looked like it may be twins! DH & I would be beyond thrilled with one healthy little one, two would be a miracle! There is an hCG calculator ( that shows the rate of increase etc and looks like I've gone up 203% in two days and looks to be above a singleton average. I know by no means are the beta's a guarantee of twins, but it's fun to dream, right?! I have a repeat beta on Saturday morning, and my RE said she's not to concerned that it's an ectopic because of my beta's, but I sure am! My first ectopic my numbers were rising normally as well, so I'm cautious. My transfer RE said he'd see me next week for an u/s if I wanted, and I could make an appointment at either office (same medical group, different location), my RE said she'd either see me at 5w's or 6w's, if she doesn't see me next week I'm going to the other office, I want to know I'm in clear for ectopics! I'm still so nervous with everything, trying to be happy but I just want to see the little sac(s) in my uterus, then heartbeat(s) and then I'll breathe a little easier. I'm 4w's exactly today, and a long long journey ahead.

  22. Donor embryo is a few months off because how long these IVF cycles are. Yes, if this cycle fails then I will be doing a DNA analysis test. If it comes back low, then I am willing to try another fresh cycle.

    With the frozen embryo, obviously I won't have to be taking stim meds or have egg retrieval. According to the nurse, I will be starting Lupron around the 12 of Sept. She said around cycle day 9, which is 9/2 to start taking ovulation kits since they will not be controlled by BCP. She said after you report a surge, then 7 days past that start taking Lupron.

    I take Lupron along with estrogen patches. If everything goes right, I will take Lupron on 9/12 of 10 units and will have a baseline ultraound and estradiol level check on 9/21. If that looks good, climara (estrogen patches) gets started on 9/22. Then back to progesterone in oil shots so less invasive for sure. Of course, when I start Climara, then Lupron shot goes down to 5 units. So, I think it is very similar to IVF except for the fact no BCP and no surgery, and more estrogen patches because they are trying to mimick the natural body cycle more with frozen. Hope that wasn't too confusing.

    Yeah, I believe both of you are having at least twins. It would be cool out of our little group of women, there would be 4 babies.

    Savas~ What did doc say about your 2nd beta? I am praying for you as well.


  23. Dear you all,

    I am soo happy to read from you all. Happy to know everything is going on well with jroh0011. Your beta is rising steadily and am happy for you. How are u feeling. Do you feel any discomfort at all.

    Jackie am happy to know you are starting your cycle very soo. We pray for success and I know you will have have success this time around.

    I have been scared of late of having an ectopic. I dont know but the thought keep coming to me. I was reading about it and I dont know if am having the symptoms or its the progesterone. My scan the last time shows pregnancy developing in uterus but my worry is if they are multiples can some implant in the tubes and if that is possible can the once in the uterus be saved while dealing with the tubes. I am soo worried and probably worried for nothing but will sure like to read from you.

    Please pray for me for this joy to last.

  24. Hi Savas,

    I will be praying for you that all babies are where they are supposed to be. I have faith that everything is going well for you.

    I know you are very concerned and afraid now. The docs are going to be watching you closely I'm sure and if you are so concerned about it, maybe you can call your doctor.

    I will pray for you right now.

    Dear Father,

    I pray for Savas right now in Jesus name that the baby (babies) are developing and growing where they should be. I know that You, Lord, are forming them in her womb. You already have plans for them and know their name before they are even born. Lord, please give Savas peace that passes all understanding. I know that she will make the best mommy she can possibly be. Father, this is a small concern for You since You created the world in 7 days and You sent Your only Son to die on the cross for our sins so that we may have a relationship with You. Thank you for the privilege to have children and to work alongside You. You are a great and merciful God.

    In Jesus Name

  25. Hi Jackie,


    Am soo happy to read your prayer and God has answered your prayers already. In fear I went to the clinic and I had a scan done. Baby(s) are growing well. They have grown bigger in one week and they are in the womb. The devil was just trying to put fear in me but thank God for your prayers. This prayer also goes to jroh0011. It is well. Thank you soo much. How is your cycle coming up. I told God your cycle is His and I know He will take it and make it His own and see to it that it is successful.

    jroh0011, hope you are doing well.

    How do you calculate how long you are gone. Do we use the normal procedure that is starting from the last day of menstruation. Can someone help me out. My last day of menstruation was 16th July and E/R was 1 August. How many weeks are my.

    Am relaxed now. Doc said the discomfort might be due to the hormones and and the way I am lying down. Will be starting work on Monday.

    Baby dust - Jackie.

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