Starting Lupron on 7/20, any cycle buddies?

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  1. Thank you buddies for accepting me. I am soo happy to read about all of you. It gives hope and a feeling of being about loved ones. Thank you soo much.

    My pick-up was good. I did not feel much pain like I felt in the first cycle. I actually felt ok as soon as I woke up and went home. I even wondered if they actually took the eggs. lol

    The next day which was yesterday, I was called by the hospital and the news is good. 10 good eggs and as at yesterday, 8 had fertilized well. I have not heard from them today but they promised to call me this evening. I am waiting patiently.

    If everything goes on well, will go for the transfer tuesday or wednesday. To manage the infection and other related problems that might come, in Ghana we are expected to be in the hospital till the test is done. So I will be there for 2 weeks.

    Will keep u all posted.

    I know everyone of us will go through successfully and am happy for all of you.

    I will keep praying for all of us. The answer to all this is God. Let us put everything in his hands. Keep praying and expect positive results from Him and u will get them.

    Baby dust friends.

  2. Hi Jackie!

    Congratulations on your 15 good follies! WOOHOO!!! How did your appointment go this morning? Are you triggering tonight? ER tomorrow?

    I'm feeling much better today, had the headaches you mentioned all day everyday for the first 3 days...feeling little twinges in my belly, almost like crampy sensations, but nothing serious anymore. All the other symptoms are pretty much gone or not nearly as bad. I agree the symptoms are positive, I like to know that it's working as well! Though the bruises on my tummy don't look or feel good, I really don't mind it at all.

    I'm excited to hear you've responded so well to the meds and they've actually taken you off stims! That's fantastic!

    So I think I'm going to see an acupuncturist for a couple of sessions, anything to help, ya know?

    How are you feeling? Does your tummy feel full or bloated? I can't wait to hear your updates!

    Selease - Congrats to you and best of luck with your ET, sending baby dust your way! Wow, you're going to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks? The procedure in the States is an outpatient procedure, we've got special instructions and limitations after we leave but we go home within a couple of hours of the ET.
    Are you doing a 3 day or 5 day ET? Hope you're feeling good and you're in my thoughts!

    Baby Dust Ladies!

  3. Hi jroh0011,

    I triggered last night and will be doing ER tomorrow morning at 6:30 am in the morning. I actually had my appt. yesterday morning so I got a break from all medications except medication that helps prevent OHSS today. Had to take the trigger IM (in the butt) with a large needle so was scared. I numbed my butt for 15 minutes ahead of time and had DH to give me the shot. I was bracing for it and at the last minute I chickened out to get courage and I didn't even realize DH had poked that needle in already. That needle so far has been the best even though I was scared of it because it's like the PIO needle.

    I am glad to hear that your symptoms are better. I've been praying for you.

    Savas ~ Good news with 8 fertilized embryos. Can't wait to hear how everything's going with the updated embryos.


  4. Hi Jackie,

    Wow, the tomorrow is the big day! How exciting! You're in my thoughts and I'm sending lots of baby dust and prayers your way!

    The trigger needle looks down right scary!!! It's good to hear it wasn't bad though.

    Thank you for your prayers, and I'll look forward to your updates!

    Baby Dust!

  5. Hi Jackie,

    How did your ER go today?! I hope all went well, and hope for a great fert report.

    AFM - Had my u/s & b/w this morning, which didn't go as I'd hoped. The 10-11 follies are progressing slowly, so they are increasing my Gonal-F dosage from 150 to 225, and now am having my ER pushed a day or so further out. Positive is she said they are all growing at the same rate, and if there was any above a centimeter she'd be concerned, but they are all below so apparently that's positive. Also, she said some of the follies may be hiding and with the dosage increase there may be more that develop. I go back on Friday for another u/s & b/w....oh, and my lining hasn't grown back yet, as the light visit from AF just ended.
    Today is one of those days that's hard to stay positive, this just stinks! Ugh.. I know that she kept my dosage lower to avoid OHSS, this whole thing just seems like an eternity to wait for a \"maybe\".

  6. MY ER went fine and they got 15 eggs -- waiting to hear my fertilization report. Obviously I slept a lot of the day.

    As far as my lining goes, that is the one cause for concern myself. The lining is a bit thick and they are hoping it will work out on it's own. They said it could be so thick at the time that the embryo wouldn't be able to stick and we would have to do ET next month so hoping the lining will resolve on it's own.

    I am so sorry everything is progressing slowly for you but I think my doc said for first time IVFers they make sure that all meds are at a lower dosage so that they can go up if they need to. They definitely want to prevent OHSS. My doc even put me on medication as a preventative measure to fight OHSS. I'm just blessed that I worked well on the low dosage. Before you know it, your time will be here and it sounded like you had a really strong number for follies. I'll pray for you that everthing goes faster for you.

  7. I just heard from the doc... We have 6 fertilized embryos... so I am thrilled.


  8. Good evening friends, so great to read from all of you.

    @jroh0011 - Its actually 5 days. There was some miscalculation. I am not gone in yet. Will be going tomorrow morning. I really can't wait to have my children in me. It looks like I will not be doing 2 weeks anymore. But at least 4-5 days. I will be given some instructions which I must follow and I bet you I will follow them religiously.

    Dont be soo worried about the slow pace of growth. You will get there and you will trigger very soon. I pray your next scan will give positive results. Have faith

    @Jackie - Congratulations sis. Happy to hear the good news. Be positive and have faith in God. That is basically what we need to be doing. Have faith.

    If I get a call today to come in tomorrow, then I will miss you for a couple of days but I will sure give you progress report and I want to be able to read from everybody.

    Want to ask, during those periods of waiting what do the doctors tell you to do. Am thinking of getting cartoon cds and be watching and get baby videos. Will that help? I know the waiting is not going to be easy but I will have faith.

    I will keep you in my prayers.

    Baby dust to you all

  9. Savas ~ Thought you were in hospital. Wasn't sure if you were getting these messages. Glad to hear they reduced the wait from 2 weeks to 5 days and can't wait to hear your reports. I agree with you about God. God is in full control of this whole process and prayer is definitely my priority in this whole process. I actually have peace that passes all understanding through this and not obsessing as much as I thought I would. That's a good thing so I can just relax through this whole process. It's not to say I don't have my times -- it's hard not to but I remember a time when this is all I would think about. I am greatful where I am at today and just trying to enjoy the process as much as possible despite the nasty side effects. I don't mind them at all though -- like I said before at least I know the meds are working.

    As far as things to do, my doc didn't really recommend anything. If you enjoy watching movies then go for it. I like to play games so that is what I am doing. Playing Pet Society on Facebook --game that you can't lose because basically it's a time management game where you decorate your house and take of your pet --that's it. It's mindless and relaxing since you don't really deal with anything challenging. Enjoy doing anything that is relaxing for you. As jroh0011 said, if you enjoy a mani/pedi that's good or read a good book.

    I got my second report today --they will be giving me one each day and the way all 6 of my babies continue to grow it looks like they are going to wait to do a 5 day blastocyst stage. Right now, I have 2 embryos that are at a 2-cell stage and 4 embryos at a 4-cell stage so sounds like my babies are doing well.


  10. Jackie - I'm so excited your embies are doing so well!! I'll say a prayer for you and am so happy you're progressing along in such a positive direction. Your BFP is quickly approaching! How are you feeling? How are the progesterone shots? You mentioned side effects, what are you noticing?
    Have you had an u/s to check your lining? I have to tell you, I agree with regards to Facebook, it's such a fun way to pass the time! LOL

    Selease - Great to hear from you, and am happy that you won't need to spend 2 weeks in the hospital, I don't know about you, but I've had hospital food before and it's not very good, at least not here in the States, lol Also, at least you'll be able to relax in the comfort of your own home. I know what you mean about the excitement of being pregnant, I can't wait to have that baby bump either, feel the kicking, see the heartbeat, our time will come soon enough! Like you said, having faith in God, and believing he is guiding this journey for us all is so important.
    I hope the 2ww isn't too difficult for you, and know that we are here to listen the entire way through.

    You are both in my thoughts and prayers ladies! Baby dust to you both!

    AFM - I go in for b/w & u/s in the morning, so wish me luck my little follies have come further along. The headaches, fatigue and body aches are brutal, but at this point, I don't really care, as long as I have my little one all of this is more than worth it! I'm also going to do a session of acupuncture tomorrow afternoon, as I've read it really helps the infertility process for women, so we'll see. Can't wait to hear your updates friends!

  11. jroh0011 ~ The symptoms I'm referring to was the headaches and the full feeling in the abdomen. I was a little sleepy all day but nothing I couldn't pass. Although, if I needed a nap really bad, I was going to listen to my body. As far as the progesterone goes, I'm just hungry and my butt hurts. My DH hit a nerve last night and the other two nights he wasn't switching between butt cheeks! LOL! So I have a sore butt despite that I ice 15 minutes before and after. Like you say, it's worth it in the end, especially holding that little one. However, just to keep myself grounded, I tell myself if this doesn't work out at least I've tried everything so it's worth it to me right there. I am positive we're gonna do it this time though because we heard from the doc. I suspected some of the babies would have arrested by now, but no -- they are all growing strong from 4-cell embryos to 8-cell embryos on day 3. They seem to be very high quality which I'm excited about, if they will only implant. We are looking to Sunday for PUPO so the doc will be calling tomorrow morning to let me know what time.

    They have not done an ultrasound for my lining yet. I'm sure they will do one just before to make sure it's good for implantation. Hopefully we will not have to cancel.

    How did your b/w and u/s go? I hope they found larger follies so you can get going but I know when the time is right it will happen. It will certainly get here sooner than you think.


  12. jroh0011 ~Was wondering how you were doing? How are you doing with the stims now? Praying that you are progressing more quickly now.

    Had my ET today and they transferred 2 high quality blasts and we have pics! I am officially PUPO and on bedrest for now for a few days. I have to call in the morning to schedule my BETA.

    The doc also said out of my 6 embryos, one didn't make it so that's really good as usually more arrest before then. He's going to let them grow one more day and see how they do. Hopefully we will have some frosties.


  13. Hi Jackie! Welcome to the 2ww! I'm so happy that the cycle has gone so well, and you've got such strong embies growing! You're BFP is right around the corner! I'm excited to hear you've transferred two embies, as if we have enough to transfer two that's what DH and I are going to do as well!
    How was your ET? How are you feeling? I'm excited to hear you may have some frosties, that's fantastic! I'm sending sticky vibes and baby dust your way! You're in my prayers my friend!

    I went in on Friday for b/w & u/s and my follies were all over the board, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 range (one 12 if I remember correctly)...there was a total of 11 that they counted and estrodial was 1070. They were concerned that they were all so spread out in size and of course that concerned me, so they decided to keep me on the stims longer. I went in again on Sunday for b/w & u/s, they counted 12 follies this time, and could see more growing...they aren't as far apart in size and are growing 1.5 cm's a day, my estrodial is 1941. They noticed some fluid around my ovaries, which is not good. My uterine lining is perfect at 7.5 (finally something that's going well!). I go in again tomorrow (Tuesday) for another round of b/w & u/s and we're probably going to trigger tomorrow and ER on Thursday!! FINALLY!!!
    I'm on day 11 of my stims and am so ready to stop them, ugh! I don't feel so good, my abdomen is bloated and full, and you know the's just not a fun feeling. I just remember those are my future babies in there so it's all worth it!
    They think that I'll have 9 follies for fertilization, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I also asked about my response to the stims, as my follies are so spread apart in size and I was concerned it was my ovaries, and they said it was because of the dosage, as they increased it half way through my cycle because I wasn't responding as well to the low dose and wouldn't have been an issue if they started me on the higher dose, argh!

    Hoping you're doing well, and I'm so happy to have you to share this experience with, sigh!

  14. Hi jroh0011,

    Good luck on ER on Thursday. I will be praying for all eggies to be matured and fertilized and maybe they will find more than that they counted! You'll have to let me know about that fluid around your ovaries. I am definitely praying for that that would go away. I am glad that your follies are now growing closer together. I'm so excited for you to have gotten this far! We need to be pregnancy buddies too!

    My ET went very well. I took a Valium at 8:30 am in the morning, which ladies on this board said that it's the same as acupuncture. I felt REALLY REALLY good on that! I have never done acupuncture, but heard really great things about it. Now, I am on bedrest for a few days. My doc called earlier this morning and said that one of my embryos didn't continue growing last night but was able to freeze the last 2. He said that was really great since we had 6 and usually about 50-60% die before reaching blastocyst stage. I am very blessed to have some waiting for us at a later time.


  15. Hello buddies,

    What can I say, I missed you all. How is everybody holding up.

    I am happy to read about all of you. Am fine by His grace and I know you are ll doing well too.

    Well, the transfer was successful. I spent three days at the hospital and then came back home to continue. At the hospital it was total bedrest. My back aches but I was able to go through it. Its only yesterday that I moved around a little bit and today I ventured out. Am doing great. I don't feel any pain now just that my breast are big, tender and painful but all is for a good course. I take folic acid and I insert cyclogest every morning and evening. That's all there is about drugs.

    Jackie how is the waiting going. How long is the bed rest. Do you walk around. I keep you all in my prayers and we will all have a happy ending very soon.

    jroh0011, I hope everything goes on well tomorrow. Will keep praying for you.

    Lets be positive about everything and always know that in 9 months, we are going to be mothers.

    Am glad i read about all of you. I was feeling a little uneasy but am good now.

    Thank you for being my IVF buddies

  16. Savas ~ Good to hear from you. It's nice that you were able to spend 3 days and then rest at home. How many days post retrieval are you?

    jroh0011~ You must be really excited! Egg retrieval is tomorrow. I hope everything works out for you and can't wait to hear from you. Sending lots of baby dust your way!

    AFM~ Other than being really tired from the PIO, I am doing well. Laying in bed all day was driving me crazy so I had to move to the chair in the living room. I got up to use restroom and eat and today I ventured outside the house. It felt really good to do that. I had to go get my dog some food and I picked up a few HPT tests because the $ Tree was next door while I was there. I tested and the HCG trigger shot is out of my system so I am happy about that. I'll be waiting to test probably until 9 days post transfer. There is no way I can wait until August 21 for my beta.


  17. Hi Jackie,

    How are you feeling? Glad the Valium helped, and you felt good, going into the ET relaxed has to be a positive thing! I'm sorry that one of your embies arrested, but really happy to hear that you've got two frosties waiting for you! Are you hoping for twins? If we've got two viable embies to put back we are as well, we're hoping for multiples, that would be just amazing!

    I went in yesterday for b/w & u/s, there are 12 measurable and more growing, however, they think that there will be between 7-9 that will be viable based upon size, however, they did have me do one final shot of Gonal-F last night before my trigger in hopes more of the follies will grow further. I'm just so worried that we won't have anything to transfer, I have to put it in His hands that we will, right?

    My lining is 12.5, and my E2 was 4215. After 12 days of stims I'm just ready for ER, my tummy is huge and bloated and painful, and I'm exhausted! I did my trigger last night, my DH and I were just so excited! 10,000 IU's of Novarel. My ER is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30 am, bright and early and we have to arrive at 6:45, I'm so excited!

    What kind of progesterone supplement have you decided to use? I've decided to do Edometriun, which will be three times a day, and I start that on Friday. I'm just hoping and praying this all works,'s such a long and stressful process. 2ww, here I come!

    I agree, pregnancy buddies would be awesome!! I'm saying my prayers for sure!!

    Hi Selease,

    I'm happy to hear the ET went well and you are home and feeling good! How many embies did you transfer? My breasts are also sore and feeling larger than normal, it's got to be from all of the hormones they've had us on, right?
    You are in my thoughts and prayers as well! I couldn't agree more!

    Positive thoughts & prayers, sticky vibes, and baby dust to all of us, we can do it ladies!

  18. Hi Jackie,

    Saw your post right after I'd hit the \"submit\" button, lol!
    The doctor has had me rest and take it easy as well, as my ovaries are just huge right now, luckily they didn't see any further fluid around my ovaries during the u/s yesterday which is fantastic, so thank you for your prayers!
    I don't know what I'm going to do with the bed rest we've all got to be on, so I'm happy to hear you're up and around! I know what you mean about waiting for the beta, I don't think I'll be able to hold out's just to hard!!!

  19. jroh0011 ~ I definitely would be happy to have twins. Those embies are little humans according to God so I don't want any of them to pass away of course.

    I am so relieved that they didn't find any fluid around your ovaries. That's truly an answer to prayer. Bed rest is so difficult -- that actually makes me cramp more than anything. The PIO in oil doesn't help with the symptoms but it will be worth it in the end.

    I am still very tired from the PIO shot, my boobs hurt (in fact trying to stay out of a bra as much as possible), and I had really bad aunt flo like cramping last night and this morning. Well, the cramping was like the day of... I know like a week ahead when af is coming because there is a lighter pain but this was like the day of my period. I am hoping that was babies getting all snuggled in.

    As far as stress goes, I'm being tested right now. My husband has to leave early and come back late because computers at work got infected with a nasty virus. Other than his boss, he's the team lead of IT and this virus brought the whole infrastructure down leaving the corporation out of commission for a day. My husband was able to put up a temporary thing where they can do contracts, but they pretty much have to rebuild EVERYTHING! HR of course doesn't know anything about IT and they pretty much treated IT like they weren't critical. They wouldn't even give them a budget to protect and secure their equipment so over the weekend, they got hit with at a minimum a million dollar mistake and for them that's bad cause they are small. They now understand the importance of SECURITY and will be rebuilding so my husband is working long hours. I say all that to say I can't do my own shots, so I had to drive to his work place last night being there at 9:00 pm when, of course, a Disney park closes. My husband works 10 minutes away from Disney. The same day we get a phone call saying that my FIL has been in an accident, but everything is ok. My MIL just got done being hospitalized because she had a blood clot in her lung that they had to take care of ASAP and she was sitting there recovering when she got a call the same day her husband was in an accident saying she will need to go in for surgery again after she recovers for a hysterectomy because it's possible she may have cancer there. And to put icing on the cake, this morning my husband was trying to leave and the garage door spring broke in half so our cars were trapped in the house until someone could fix the garage -- not good timing with everything going on at work! After all that, I say, God's grace is with me because I could be stressing more over this. I'm not going to lie that I am not stressed after what happened yesterday and this morning but it could be a lot worse. I'm trying to remain at peace for my little ones. Uhhh! Hopefully, the days ahead will go a lot smoother.

  20. Hi Jackie,

    Oh my goodness, I can't believe the day you're having, you poor thing. I'll respond more to your message when I'm a little less sleepy, lol, you know how it is after ER. I know your faith will guide you through these times of challenge. I will chat more with you about everything a bit later.

    Just a quick update for me. I'm home from my ER and they were able to get 15 follies, DH and I were so happy. I'm sore, and tired but in good spirits. RE said my lining looks fantastic and very optimistic because of how good it looks! I'll take any good news I can get!

    You and your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers, and I'm sending sticky vibes your way!

  21. Hi all,

    I am soo happy to know u are all doing great. Am good by His grace. Just relaxing at home got some American series and am quite good now.

    @jroh0011 - Am happy to know everything is well. When are u transferring. Am sorry to hear about the bloated abdomen. It shall pass just take a lot of water and some foods high in protein. That is what I did. I took egg twice a day and a lot of water before and after ER. I can say it sure did help. You will feel better soon.

    @Jackie - Am sorry to hear about all the trouble in one day. I hope its sorted out now cos now worrying is not the best for you. Sometimes I just put my phone off just to have some quite. I am with you in prayers and God will see us all through.

    I had 4 embies transfered. I know you will ask why. Its not that we want 3/4 kids we want 2 but this is Ghana a developing country. Some of this technologies started hear not too long ago. But I have to say it was not our decision. We were told that when we get there, they will pick the best on the 6th day. I am just praying hard that the Good Lord knows what is good for us and he will give us the best.

    Its been over a week since transfer. These days I try to walk around a little. I hope its not bad. Jackie what did they tell you today. Can u walk around. I learnt some people don't even do bed rest at all.

    I am having cramps these days. But I think its a good thing.

    I don't know what you think but I think the 2 weeks is the most difficult in the cycle.

    I pray for you all everyday and I have every confidence that this babies will stick and in 9 months we will send pictures of our babies to each other. I cant wait.

    Baby dust

  22. Savas ~ The Lord always knows what is best..LOL! That's certainly something we know we don't have to pray about... it's us that needs the help. God is a good God always and unchanging. He's a rock that we can count on, even if the outcome isn't what WE like. He said we would have trials and tribulations, but I sure hope for all of our sakes we are doing His will. Be fruitful and multiply, right?? I want all of us to be Mommies after what each one of us went through.

    The clinic told me to do what I feel is best for me.. they highly recommend at least one day of bedrest but I read 3 is good so that's what I chose for myself. I'm not doing any housework or anything like that until the 2 weeks is over because I don't want to do anything to mess this up. Our office only recommends it but also says there are women who got pregnant here who couldn't take a rest and got preggie anyway. I just wouldn't want to take that chance.

    The 2 week wait is by far the worst part of the cycle. It's torture. This is where I ask Him for patience, but that's very difficult. I want to pee on a stick so bad I can hardly stand it but I know it's too early. I am going to make myself wait until at least Monday. I bought a bunch of pregnancy tests from the $ Tree. I bought 5 of them and I used 2. I used 2 because 1 of them I accidentally dropped the pee in the wrong window and the other to test out the trigger. It was a BFN at 3dp5dt so that was good. If I get a positive now, I know it will be because of BFP. Tomorrow, my mom is coming to visit me for a week to help pass the time along. She can also hold me accountable to hold out for a little while.

    I was cramping the other day and yesterday and today none. I am so hoping that is implantation. I would think 8 DPO is too early to feel period cramps like THAT. I have HORRIBLE HORRIBLE periods so I can feel it from a week to the day. I always have a dull back ache and then the pain hits me like a ton of bricks on the day of. It felt like the day of my period cramping for me.

    jroh0011 ~ 15 follies is a great number and can't wait to hear your fertilization report. That's how many I had and I pray for you that you get frozen embies just like me. Does your office give you daily reports? Mine did, but I know not all RE's do that.

    Can't wait to hear back from you both.


  23. Hi Ladies,

    I will respond further tomorrow, as I'm not in the best of spirits today.
    I got my fert report yesterday and as they thought not all of the follies were mature, 6 fertilized normally, and today I got the fert report 3 are @ 4 cell, and 3 are @ 2 cell, so they are not going to wait until day 5, I go in tomorrow for ET and I will be joining you in the 2ww. I hope you are both doing well, and I'll respond and write more tomorrow. I broke down today after I got the news, I just hope tomorrow is a better day.

    Baby Dust and sticky vibes to you both!

  24. Hi Jackie,

    I can't believe all that you've been through this past week, my goodness. How have things worked out? How is your FIL? Have things settled down with DH's work? How is your MIL's recovery? I just can't believe this all happened at during this time. I hope you are taking the time you need and taking care of yourself. I know God will give you the strength and patience to overcome all these hurdles. You and your loved ones are in my prayers.
    How are you feeling? Have your cramps subsided? Have you broke down and POAS yet? LOL, I don't know if I'll be able to handle not doing so, we'll see! Here's a great website for cheap HPT's, and they are highly sensitive, supposed to detect and hcg of 25. I'm so happy to have joined you in the 2ww! Did you experience any cramping right after the ET? Mild but noticeable?

    I had my ET this morning, and am so happy how all has turned out. We had two 8 cell grade - 1 (highest/best grade possible-woohoo!) embies, one 8 cell - grade 2, two 7 cell - don't remember the grade, one 6 cell don't remember the grade, and the last little embie was only a 5 cell.

    We put two gorgeous little embies back and couldn't be happier they looks as good as they do! We're going to go to blast with the others and see if they make it and freeze which ever do, of course I hope they all do.
    I couldn't be more excited and feel very positive, as my doc said my uterus lining looks fantastic, so I'm hopeful!

    Sending lots of sticky vibes and baby dust to you!

  25. Hi Selease - How are you feeling today? 4 embies? WOW!! That's fantastic you had 4 embies available to put back! God will guide us all through this and He knows what's best for each one of us and I know He will bless us with our own little miracles.
    With regards to the bed rest my doc said there are no studies to prove that it helps or hurts the embies ability to implant. If you think about it when women get pregnant naturally they do not do any sort of bed rest at all, which is the natural thing. I was told to take it easy today, so after ET my DH and I grabbed a bite to eat and came home and took our puppy to the park for a little, so I walked around for a bit and am now home and going to rest the remainder of the day. They instructed me that it is really our choice, as Jackie said and to do what we think is right for ourselves. I'm going to take it easy, but I think the afternoon of bed rest today and light stuff around the house tomorrow and the next day should be fine.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, and am sending sticky vibes and baby dust your way! As you mentioned, I believe that God will grant all of us our miracle and we will send pictures of our little ones in 9 months.

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