Starting Lupron on 7/20, any cycle buddies?

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  1. Hello All,

    This is all new to me, and a bit scary (big surprise). After two ectopic pregnancies within 12 months, one resulting in removal of one of my fallopian tubes, and the second with two shots of Methotrexate I'm starting IVF.
    I've done all my bloodwork, and my Sonohyst & Cath Check yesterday, all looks good and am beginning Lupron on 7/20, I'm hoping there is someone out there that is going through the same thing.

    I wish everyone the best of luck!

  2. Hi jroh0011,

    I am a few days ahead of you.. I'm starting Lupron tomorrow and scared. I've been through medicated IUIs but this is my first IVF. I am afraid we will be going through this and all this $$ and nothing.

    We've been trying for over 9 years TTC, mainly because of finances and we weren't sure if we wanted to do IVF. We are finally at that point where we are both ready. My DH has low sperm count and low morphology but great motility. Everything is good with me as far as everything we can tell. I'm just scared of maybe finally doing this and getting preggie but miscarrying especially with his issue.

  3. Hi stepsearthwide,

    Thanks for your response, it's nice to be able to converse with people that can actually understand what we're going through physically, emotionally, etc.
    I understand you're feeling scared, it seems like each little hurtle generates these scared, nervous, uncertain feelings.
    So you're starting your first shot of Lupron tomorrow, and I wish you the very best! Are you and your DH doing ICSI? Do you mind me asking how old you are?
    Yesterday the Sonohyst & Cath check went very well, but was very painful, I wasn't expecting that. I started the BCP on 7/11 and, as you know Lupron on the 20th, I'm actually really anxious to begin the process, though scared as to how the meds are going to effect me. I am trying to overcome each hurdle as I accomplish it, and not think to much about the end right now (though it's almost impossible, right?). I'm trying to think positively, I'll send those thoughts your way as well!
    I'm 30 years old, we've been TTC for a year now, and am terrified of the joy that I've experienced of being prego, then losing it and the sadness that accompanied it. I'm hoping IVF will work, as financially we can only do two cycles. I've sought IVF due to a Tubal Factor, after 2 Ectopics and the removal of my right tube, the left side is open as I did have a Hysterosalpingogram, and it was open I still had another Ectopic, so here we are. Luckily my DH has a great count and motility, so at least there is one thing in our favor, right?

  4. Hi jroh0011,

    I don't mind at all answering how old I am. I am currently 27 years old and yes I have been trying since I was 19. Been trying practically since DH and I got married. I didn't recognize this was another age group when I clicked on the new posts so hope you are not offended by that. Didn't notice what forum this was actually in.

    As far as the Lupron goes, it stung quite a bit this morning but that's because my DH did it wrong. We did medicated IUI, so I didn't think I would have to explain to him it goes in a 90 deg angle as he has been doing my shots before. He went in at an angle and I think that is what caused my pain. Of course, he had enough experience to know to do it fast so I couldn't even tell him to go 90 deg. LOL! As far as other symptoms go, already my stomach feels sore but nothing too bad YET. But I really think I am sore because he went in at an angle. I do have hot flashes, but that's not too bad right now.


  5. I forgot to answer if we were doing ICSI... She said given how young we are and still have not conceived, then she was going to probably do either half or full ICSI. His morphology is definitely an issue.

  6. Hi stepsearthwide,

    Sorry to hear about the sore belly from the shot, ugh Hopefully the next one won't be as painful, and good to hear that you've not gotten the symptoms yet , keep me posted as to how you're feeling. Just make sure to tell your DH to do it correctly next time, ouch!
    As for the age, oh my goodness, don't worry about it...I don't care at all! Being young you've got that on your side, so that's great. Hopefully this will be our first and only cycle, right!
    Yeah, the ICSI makes sense since his morphology is an issue. Have you guys been able to conceive on your own at all since you've been trying?
    IVF is great, but then like you were saying, there are no promises that any of this is going to work. I'm anticipating my first shot next week, and then I start Stims on the 31st, ugh...the waiting game.
    How are you feeling this afternoon?

  7. Hi jroh0011,

    You may call me Jackie. Angel is my dear sweet anklebiter (long-haired chihuahua).

    We have never conceived on our own in the 9 years we have been TTC. When we first found out about our issue, my husband wasn't sure about the moral issues behind IVF. He finally decided one day that God is still in control of IVF and that He'll make whatever embryos stick stick so at least we got over that hurdle -then it was finances and doctors saying we are young yet and keep trying before going to doing IF treatments. Then it was your young, try IUI first despite my DH sperm analysis of 10M motile sperm with only 4% morphology. Oh before that, we also tried repairing a varicocele which is a vericose vein that sometimes causes those issues of sperm -- sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. That surgery did not work for us, unfortunately. Now here we are in 2008, Mother and Father's Day and both of us are bawling on these days when children are bringing roses to their mothers and the preacher speaking on honoring your father. He was like this is the last straw -- make an appointment for us. We're going to get IVF started and we found out insurance covered it. That insurance covered it and our doc advised us to try IUI first because we were young -- well that was a mistake in timing. We found out that December, after trying 3 IUIs, that my husband was being laid off. We were even going to order the medications that afternoon when we found out he was losing his job so IVF cancelled and we lost our insurance. He found a job back in Feb but we do have an emergency fund that will cover 2 rounds of IVF so he got settled into his job and here we are trying again.

    I told DH he was supposed to do a 90 deg angle right after the shot yesterday morning. He did it right this morning and I couldn't even feel the shot go in. Afterwards, it did feel like a bee sting and it lasted for about 10 minutes or so but so far, no symptoms really except for the hot flash but can handle that since we have a swimming pool. It's not too bad. Sorry for the long book but wanted to get into our background a bit more.

    I'm thinking of you because the waiting is the hardest part. It almost feels like your a kid waiting for Christmas all over again waiting for the next phase to begin. 2ww is going to be torture LOL! I'm glad to have people who are going through this with me that I can share this with -- just yesterday I had someone tell me you should adopt. There was a time we tried adopting but it failed and I didn't need to hear that. He started with I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. Huh? Automatically I'm thinking then you know you are about to hurt my feelings and you are going to say it anyway. I know they are ignorant so I try to overlook it. It still hurts but thank you for your encouraging words and know I am here for you.

  8. ok all the symptoms came flooding in on me later in the day. I already had to go lay down and take a nap because I got a headache, started getting dizzy, and abdominal cramping. This is where looking at the end results help. It'll be worth all this if we get a baby in the end and if we don't well, at least we tried.


  9. Good Morning Jackie,

    I'm sorry to hear the symptoms have decided to rear their ugly heads.
    Are there things that you enjoy doing that are relaxing? Reading, movies, things like that? Maybe a mani/pedi? Those always help me
    I wonder if there are any foods like crackers or bread that may help with the dizziness and nausea? Just a thought. As you said, just remember, this will all be worth it in the end when you've got that little miracle. We're not even going to think about the possibility that we're not going to get preggers in the end, positive thinking can't hurt right?! I hope you're feeling a little better today.

    I'm sorry to hear your road to being a parent has been so difficult, it's supposed to be such a joyous time, and usually is for most couples. I understand how you feel. Your journey has been a long and hard one, and I hope IVF bring you and your DH that little miracle. Financially, emotionally, physically this is so difficult. I think what hurts me is seeing people around me that don't appreciate how lucky they are being able to get pregnant, and have a baby without having to go through what we do. They take for granted how blessed they are to be able to have the experience without having to jump over the hurdles we do. I wish you and your DH all the best, and it's couples that love one another and stick by each others side that deserve to bring a baby into this world, into a loving, happy, hopeful place, you both deserve to be parents, and I have to believe God will give you your miracle.

    As for me, you're so right, the waiting game is killing me! I'm already having so much trouble sleeping, thinking about starting this process. Your analogy about Christmas is sooo true! After everything that I've had to endure physically, emotionally, and financially this past year I hope there is a little one in my future. Losing the two pregnancies was just devastating, ugh. I'm thinking positive thoughts for both of us!!

    As a side note, I too have a dog...he's a 10 month old Newfoundland who weighs in at a hefty 120 lbs...doesn't seem like much of a puppy, but he's my big baby! Long-haired Chihuahua's are adorable!!!

    As for the person that said what they did to you, ignorance is bliss right? People don't understand what we've had to to go through, and I don't think they could without walking in our shoes. The comments that I've heard are so hurtful as well, and I know they don't know better, but I want nothing more in this world to have that little baby growing in my belly. The \"I don't want to hurt your feelings\" comment is so insensitive, I'm sorry that there are people out there discouraging you. Don't listen to them, and maybe next time just telling them to keep their comment to themselves is the way to go. You need positivity in your world right now, encouragement and support...simply said, forget about them!

    It's really great to have you here to listen, thank you! I love my DH, but I don't think they truly understand from our perspective how we feel. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we'll get our BFP's at the end of this the first time around!

    Hope you're feeling better today Jackie!

  10. Hi jroh0011,

    Today is your day for starting Lupron. When are you taking it? Morning or evening? Are you going to do it in the belly or thigh? I looked up youtube videos and found one where it says these Lupron shots hurt less under the belly. I found as soon as I starting doing that, then the abdominal cramping went away.

    Also, I found that I would get bruising when I did an injection on the sides rather than below. I hope that tip is helpful for you.

    For relaxation, I enjoy swimming, watching tv, and here recently watching a bunch of Michael Jackson videos. Big fan of his music and dancing. I actually started watching his videos again a couple of weeks before he died because it's just hard to find talent these days. During the weekend, my husband and I walk around Disney for a few hours.

    For something to pass time, but not as relaxing, I sew. I have sewn up a bunch of cloth diapers when I did IUI. I had bought Hemp fabric from online and just made a bunch of One-size diapers. Now, my mother and I decided to do a business from home.. we are working together to sew wallets inspired by Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey is a financial advisor, much like Suze Orman except Dave Ramsey is a Christian man and he has sound advice from the bible. My mother has sewing the wallets down perfectly, but I'm working on it. If you would like to see what they look like, you may visit my blog at

  11. Hi Jackie,

    How are you feeling? Yes, I started Lupron last night and will be doing all of my injections in the evening. I was nervous at first, but just did it quickly and it wasn't bad at all. I took your advice and used the ice after the injections and it seemed to help. I'll be doing all of my injections on my belly, as per my RE's instructions. You were having cramping? Ugh, I'm sorry to hear that. How are your other side effects?

    I'm a huge MJ fan, he's just amazing and couldn't agree more! Comparing current talent and his ability...well, there really is just no comparing. Swimming, and TV are both great ways to relax for sure! I love Yoga and practice three days a week, I find it very relaxing, centering and therapeutic.

    Your wallets are a fantastic idea, especially for Mom's!! Very convenient!

  12. I no longer have abdominal cramping, which was the worst symptom. I didn't use ice but I did hear that was a good idea. But as soon as I started injecting under the belly button, the symptoms seemed to have gone away. I don't even have bruising like some other ladies talked about except where I shot beside the belly button.

    I get to go see my RE on Friday. They will be doing an ultrasound to check everything and see if I can start stim meds Saturday so I hope all goes well. So far, not too bad.

    Sending prayers your way!


  13. Hello Ladies...I would like to join you guys. I am 31 years old starting my 2nd fresh IVF cycle. I am not taking Lupron, however on the Ganirelix Acetate protocol. I will start my stims (Gonal-F and Menopur) on Saturday evening, and go in for a follie check on Tuesday.

  14. Hi danfisch,

    You are more than welcome to join us. It looks like we'll both be doing stim meds on the same day if all goes well. I pray you will be blessed this time around!


  15. Hi cycle buddies,

    Everything went well today except he couldn't find my left ovary! He had to put on lots of pressure but on my R he found 6 and my L he found 4. Glad that's over. Get to start stims tomorrow morning.

    How\'s everyone doing? I hope you are still doing well.


  16. Hello Jackie,

    I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! My RE has me do the shots on my belly as well, and it's not to bad. I've had one little bruise and it seems one side hurts less than the other. I'm sorry to hear your ultrasound was such an ordeal, at least you're moving forward with the stims, right?!
    How are you feeling today?

    Hi danfisch,

    You are more than welcome to join us! How are you feeling today? I'm just a couple days behind you and Jackie on the stims, as I start on Friday!

    Welcome, and baby dust to you both!

  17. jroh0011 ~ Yes, I am moving along with the stims and everything seems to be going fine. No symptoms except a little tingling feeling of my ovaries -- which I like because I know the meds are working. Starting yesterday, I am going into the dr. office every other day to check my estrogen level. The nurse said the estrogen was on the high end of normal and just to keep taking my meds the way I have been doing but on Thursday I will probably have to decrease my gonal f dosage. Currently am taking 150 units and 75 u of menopur, along with 5 units of Lupron.

    I saw on the June/July Cycle Buddies board that you were going to start stimming Friday. Congrats to you and wish you the very best.

    Maybebaby~How\'s the stimming coming along for you? I know you had your follie check yesterday and wondered how everything went.


  18. Hi Jackie,

    I\'m glad to hear things are moving along with no symptoms! That's fantastic! The doctor's visits are a positive thing though, that way they can monitor you closely and adjust your dosage as necessary. I will be taking the exact dosage of stims you are starting Friday. How often daily are taking them? I go on Friday morning for b/w and an u/s...let the fun continue! Hearing you're not having bad side effects gives me much hope, I hope things progress the way they are for you!

    Maybebaby - looking forward to your update!

  19. I definitely appreciate the doctor watching me as aggressively as he is. He and his wife experienced infertility, eventually having to move onto adoption so his staff is very caring and sympathetic.


  20. I was wondering if I could join u.

    Am Savas a Ghanaian, West Africa.

    Am on my second cycle. The first failed in the lab and it took me some time to get over it.
    I have started my second cycle. They will pick the eggs tomorow Saturday in the morning. I am hoping things go on well in the lab so that the transfer will be successful.

    Am glad to know I am not a lone in this and since its extremely difficult to talk to family about this here, I will be happy if I will be your buddy so that we could hold each other through it all.

    Pray for me tomorrow so that everything goes on well.

    Thanks. Will keep u posted.

  21. Selease!

    Welcome, and happy to have you! I am in the US, specifically California.

    This is such a difficult process, and very much understand what you're going through. I'm sorry to hear that your first cycle was unsuccessful, I'm glad you are trying again.

    It's such a lonely process, and can be so isolating. My DH and I aren't telling our families that we're going through this, as a matter of fact we aren't telling anyone, we thought it better to just deal with the up's and down's by ourselves rather than having to tell people, deal with them when we're going through enough as it is. These boards are so helpful to talk to others going through the same thing, that truly understand and give you the support from that perspective.

    I wish you the very best for your embies tomorrow! Sending lots of baby dust your way!

    Jackie - How are you feeling today? When do you have your next follie check?

    Maybebaby - How are you doing? How was your follie check on Tuesday?

    As for me - I went in this morning for b/w and u/s, and my right ovary has 5 follicles and left 6 follicles, my RE said all looks great to start my stims tonight! I know she's looking for 8-12 good follies, so I am feeling positive today since there are 11 visible now. I just hope things progress in a positive direction.

    Baby dust to us all!

  22. My check went fine on Thursday. He saw 4 follicles but my bladder was full -- not sure if he could count all of them. TMI alert -- He had me use the restroom but I can't pee on demand. LOL!

    My estrogen level had a nice rise of 884 so everything seems to be going good so far. My next follie check is tomorrow at 9:00 am. Hope the ultrasound goes better then and count more than 4. 884 seems to me a good number and it seems I would have more follicles. He did say everything was looking great so I just have to trust that. He did count only follies over 10 I believe so that might be what he was looking at.

    As far as symptoms, nothing really aggravating except a mild headache everday all day. I get sleepy during the day but I'm fine with that. Sleep is good! My stomach is tight and I can feel stuff going on down there. I am getting excited because ER is just around the corner and weekends always go by fast for me.

    Oh yeah ~ He lowered my dose of gonal F to 112.5.

    jroh0011 ~ It sounds like you are doing really great. This part seems to fly by for me because my doc has me coming in every other day and I pray the same for you.

    Selease ~ Welcome to our group! Praying that everything goes well for you tomorrow. Since you are ahead of us, you will definitely have to keep us posted.

    We are also choosing not to tell a lot of people. My closest friend, mother, 1 brother and his wife (have 10 siblings), and my aunt know -- that's it. My brother and his wife struggled with infertility so they are compassionate and are not asking a lot of questions except how we are doing from time to time. My friend knows so she can pray for us and is very excited about us going through this. Other than that, I just don't want the hassle of people asking me where I am at in this cycle and have to explain what everything little thing means.


  23. Hi Jackie,

    So great to hear that your cu/s and b/w went so well!!! YEAH FOLLIES!!! No worries about the TMI, remember, I'm going through the same things you are and it sure seems like modesty goes out the window very fast! LOL

    4 good follies is fantastic, as all you need is one good one to get preggers!!! Keep me posted as to how your follie check goes tomorrow, and I have to say I just love it when they say things like \"that's perfect\" or \"things are great\"'s comforting! Silly, I know, but still makes me have hope.

    Seems like you've been pretty lucky with the symptoms, and good to hear you're not being plagued badly by the side effects. I definently had some side effects from the Lupron, but nothing I can't manage. It's good to hear you can feel stuff going on, I asked me RE specifically today when that should start and she thought mid next at least you know it's working, right? Have they said when ER is going to be? Are you doing 3 day or 5 day ET? Our ER will be either next Friday or Saturday, gosh I can't believe how close that seems.... and we're doing 5 day ET.

    So he lowered your dosage of Gonal - F, did he say why?

    As for me, I'm excited to get started stiming.! The weekends do go by fast, I agree!! My next u/s & b/w isn't until Tuesday, they are waiting 5 days in? I wonder if that's bad? I'm trying to stay positive and take the small victories as they come. Ready for my \"over-sharing\"? I started to experience some light bleeding yesterday so I called my nurse and she said that it was a good thing, so when I was face-to-face with my RE she said that it's a positive thing because they want the uterine lining to rebuild. Makes sense, but was a little worried at first.

    I think not sharing with many, if anyone is a good thing. This is hard enough as it is, and people seem to have questions, comments, blah blah blah and frankly they have no clue what they are talking about unless they've experienced a day in our shoes. I've found the groups on here to most therapeautic, as we all \"get it\"!

    Baby Dust!

  24. Hi jroh0011,

    My checkup went great as they found 15 GOOD FOLLIES measuring above 10. I have 2 size 16s so he wants me to come in tomorrow morning at 8:15 am and check everything out. He said that I am almost ready to trigger and now it's looking like Tuesday when I have ER. I am responding really well to the medications so very thrilled about that.

    I am so sorry to hear about your symptoms. I am positive it will be all worth it in the end! Here's baby dust coming your way!

    Call me crazy but I actually like having symptoms -- it lets me know it is working. I mean I was stressing big time when he only counted 4 follies the other day. I couldn't understand why I had the high estrogen level with only 4 follicles so those puppies were hiding. LOL

    The reason he lowered my dose was because of my estrogen level. The nurse said it was 800 something. Today, I went in and it rose to 1000+ so I believe that's why. He was trying to make sure I didn't get OHSS which is a very good thing.

    Time is flying by for me now as I am going to the doc and now it's even a day closer. I am thrilled! I'll certainly keep you updated as I know more info tomorrow.


  25. I had another checkup this morning and everything went well. Because I am responding so well, the doc is putting me on medication to reduce the chance of OHSS. I am off the stim meds now as well. I will also be triggering tonight and ER is Tuesday.


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