Starting later in cycle because of cyst?

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  1. Hi Ladies-

    Just need a little reassurance here.... I went in 10 days ago to start my cycle on CD 2 - levels were fine (FSH 12 - I have high FSH so that's not bad for me and E2 under 25) well, we had a cyst - so RE had me take Aygestin (sort of like 1/2 bc pill - the progesterone part) for 10 days to shrink/get rid of the cyst. Went back in today and cyst is gone so got the go ahead to start tonight. E2 is now about 60 - nurse said it's fine as long as it's under 70. I asked the Dr. because I was concerned about starting on CD 12 as opposed to CD 2-4. He said it's totally fine since after taking Aygestin my follicle development is akin to CD 2. I do trust him.. but as is usual at the beginning of cycle I need something to worry about . This is my 4 cycle - just never started at CD 12 before and wondering if anyone else have ever had a delay like this and ended up having a fine cycle anyway?

    Thanks, Ladies!

  2. Bee, the progestin just made it so you're starting later chronologically but not hormone-wise. Nothing to worry about.

  3. BB - I think you'll be fine. My Egg Donor had the same thing happen and ER went just fine.

  4. Thanks NYC + Babyblue! Whew !

  5. on my last cycle i went in for my suppression check and had a large cyst (19mm) i dont recall what my e2 was but it was high. i was kept on lupron for another week (this was a cycle without bcp's) and when i went back the cyst was gone and e2 was down where it needed to be so that is when i was given the go ahead to start.

    i was nervous that things were going to be screwed up because of the delay but it ended up that it was my only successful cycle.

  6. Thanks, antonia_p + congrats on your success!

    One thing.... I am not on Lupron (or any suppression - just the Agyestin to get rid of cyst) and my E2 on day 2 was less then 25... then 10 days later (yesterday) it's about 60. Doesn't that mean my follies are developing already? Doc says it's fine under 70 - just something that occurred to me. any thoughts on that? antonia_p you made me think of that since you said your E2 went down - hmmm... hopefully all still fine since I'm moving forward anyway..


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