Started stims fri 11/09/07 anyone else?

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  1. Congrats to Cheers! I bet you are so excited to finally meet them? What are you naming them?

    What is PIH and HELLP Syndrome (anyone who knows can answer since I know Cheers is in the hospital!).

    I'll be thinking of you and your new little ones. Take care and post when you can.

    Hello to everyone to hear updates on how everyone is doing. As for me...ok. We are currently testing to see if Max has a milk allergy and it's a pain. Did 2 weeks on breastmilk (with me not eating ANY dairy or milk or milk proteins...whick are in everything!) and the first week wasn't any different than prior to the experiment, but the second week did seem to be pretty decent (he even slept through the night twice). Now this week am eating lots of dairy and breastfeeding to see how he tolerates it. If it's bad, then that suggests a milk allery and I'll either have to go back to the milk-free diet or switch entirely to the hypoallergenic formula (expensive). If the week goes fine, then we will keep my diet normal and switch back to the lactose-free formula we were supplementing with before. What a mess. We started me eating dairy again on Monday and Monday was fine (even slept decently that night), but so far, Tuesday day and night, Wednesday day and night and now Thurs morning have been awful. He's so fussy and miserable and screaming and gassy, etc. The gas aggrivates his reflux, vicious cycle. Don't know if it's a milk allergy or maybe he's just getting too much dairy to handle...maybe just backing off some would be helpful...who knows.

    Sorry to ramble...just had to get my thoughts out to organize them! No reply is neccessary to that rant (unless you have the urge!).

    Otherwise, Max is wonderful and getting so big!

    Take care.

  2. Hey ladies.... i was so glad to see the new posts. I know that our lives get busy but i just love the updates on how everyone is doing. i check in fairly regularly. It is so hard to believe that a year ago we were all starting a cycle....time flys.......

    WAY TO GO CHEERS.... WELCOME TO THE WORLD LITTLE ONES. I cant wait to hear the details because you know i am anxoius to get to that point (or at least past the vomiting part!!!!)

    Coach... i am so sorry that you are still struggling with max and his feedings. you must be so patient to go through all this to fin out what can help him. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your role as mommy. What will max be for halloween????

    texas... way to get us to the 1000th post. waht a milestomne for this group. and so much has happened. How are the babies? are they getting big? do they coo at eachother yet? that is what i loo forward to the most... the interaction between my babies.

    Glimmer.... any news on the mock cycle? how is that going? i cant wait to hear when you get to start the donor cycle. I really have a positive feeling about this one for you!!!!! you are definately due!!!!

    retboncool.... how are you doing? how is the pregnancy. I really cant wait to get together with you and glimmer. hopefully this month i will be feeling better and actually have the energy to make the trip into the city.

    bailey... we havent heard much from you so you must be very busy with that baby of yours. how is hayden doing? i ould love an update if you get the chance!!!!

    AFM... i am hanging in. i will be 12w tomorrow....yea.... the nausia and vomiting are easing but still seem to be hanging in....just go away already. i cant wait to have the next us because i just want to know that all is well with the babies. i am always anxoius to see how they have changed.

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! Hope everyone enjoys....

  3. coach, sorry to hear of the gassy troubles. How old is Max now? I hope it goes away on its own soon. I've always heard 3 months is when things start to get better.

    bearly, so great to hear from you. i hope your nausea goes away soon. poor thing, sounds like you got it pretty bad. 12 weeks is a milestone!!

    glimmer - it's good to see a post from you too! I hope you are doing well. I can imagine this might not be your favorite place to check in with all the pregnancy/baby talk. I think of you often and pray that you are holding up okay.

    hope every one else is well - check in soon!

    We are doing pretty well. This weekend the girls started sleeping through the night!! Dare I say this will become the norm?? They are getting soo smiley and sweet! Four months seems to have been the point where they love to smile and they're starting to \"talk\" a little. bearly, I will lay them down and make them look at each other. Dovie instantly smiles at her sister and Willa takes a few moments to notice and then smiles up a storm too. This is something I've been looking forward to. I'm trying to get better at tummy time every day and other developmental things. They just spit up so much that I hate to make them lay on their tummies.

    I have been looking into the yahoo group thing so that we can share pictures, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can name the group? I'm going to make it private so that you have to sign in. If you have a catchy name, let me know and I'll get it set up.

    Have a great Monday!

  4. Hey girls!

    Wow, I have really missed chatting with ya'll. Life has definitely been BUSY!! But, a great kind of busy! Hayden is doing great! He will be 3 months old this Saturday. Time sure is flying by for us. He has been sleeping through the night since he was 1 month. Getting him on the prevacid for his reflux and the special formula was a miracle cure. He is laughing and smiling and could not be any sweeter. I just want to freeze him at this age b/c it is so much fun. We are busy this week getting ready for my brother's wedding this weekend. I am excited for Hayden to meet a lot of the family members that he hasn't seen yet. I feel like I wake up and then next time I know it's bedtime and I don't feel like I've accomplished anything all day. But, just being home with Hayden each day is wonderful.

    Cheers - congrats on the twins!! That is fabulous news. I cannot wait to hear all about them and hear what you decided to name them. We really have to figure out a way for all of us to share pictures.

    Texas - I am so glad the girls have started sleeping through the night! I know that is a huge relief for you. I will be praying it keeps up! I think the reason I got lucky on that one is that since Hayden had reflux the dr. told me to put rice cereal in his formula. I think that must keep him full. I can't imagine how cute they are smiling at each other. I try to soak in every little thing like that b/c they grow so fast. I am scared I am going to forget all the cute little stuff!

    Bearly - I am so sorry about the nausea. You know I can totally relate. I am hoping it ends very soon for you. You should be getting to that point shortly. You will not be a weirdo like me that has it the whole time! I am so glad your two little ones are doing so well. Please keep us posted.

    Coach - I am so sorry you have had so many feeding issues with Max. I have a good friend who is dealing with the same thing and I know how stressful that can be. I hope you guys figure it out very soon before you both go crazy. If you have to switch to formula Nutramigen has been a lifesaver for us.

    Glimmer - please let us know where you are in the process when you get a chance. I still think of you often.

    retboncool- how are you holding up girl? Remind me when your due date is? Please update us!

    I am so sorry I have been so out of touch. I will definitely do better b/c I miss all of you!!! I cannot believe it was just 1 year ago that we all started out on this journey together. A lot has happened since then. On a side note, are any of you on Facebook? Some of my friends have gotten me hooked!! Let me know if you are so that I can find ya'll and have you as friends

  5. WOW just so tired....
    bailey good to hear from you. I will post more laater.

  6. Hi Ladies...must be quick...little Max needs to be fed (AGAIN)!

    How is everyone doing? I look foward to updates.

    Max is now 3 mo old and quite the little chunker. He's started to be better about sleeping through most nights...but still pretty miserable and gassy much of the time. We're still messing with my diet to test for a milk allergy, but it's getting kind of old. Some days are just better than others. DH and I are inclined to think he just has a mild intolerance to dairy and I need to scale back but not cut it out. But, we're not the docs, so who knows.

    I'm back to coaching and so glad to be back. I really missed it even though I didn't realize it. It gets me out and being a normal person for a couple hours each day, but not too long, so it's been great. I go back to teaching Nov 24 and I am absolutely dreading it. I just don't want to be away from Max that long and have little meltdowns each day when I think of it. Oh well, our mortgage requires I that's where we are right now.

    Otherwise, all is great and Max is so wonderful. Hope to hear from everyone soon! Take care. Sorry no personals...will catch up on those for my next post!

  7. hey ladies..... looks like the posts are really slowing down but it was a year ago that we all began this journey and i remember the conversations about thanksgiving and our plans. now look where we all are. such progress has been made and is still being made. i just was reflecting on the past year and i kow how thankful i am that i connected with such wonderful and supportive woman. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoys the upcoming holidays.

    Kee in touch and dont stop posting updates because we can still keep i contact this way!!!!

  8. hey ladies..... looks like the posts are really slowing down but it was a year ago that we all began this journey and i remember the conversations about thanksgiving and our plans. now look where we all are. such progress has been made and is still being made. i just was reflecting on the past year and i kow how thankful i am that i connected with such wonderful and supportive woman. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoys the upcoming holidays.

    Kee in touch and dont stop posting updates because we can still keep i contact this way!!!!

  9. Just wanted to second what Bearly said...I am so thankful and feel very fortunate to have had such great cyber-friends this year! What a blessing it's really been.

    Thanks ladies!

  10. Hello everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts but what an amazing end to that pregnancy. I'm answering emails today for the first time since I had the babies; partly because I've been busy with them but mostly because I got sooo sick. Here's the story...

    I ended up being diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome, a severe form of toxemia. The cure is to deliver the babies... so they did at 35 weeks, 2 days. I had high blood pressure, low platelets, severe edema and elevated liver enzymes... I woke up the day after delivery yellow. I have never felt so wiped out in my life. It took two days for my labs to improve and for the Doc to be confident that I would get better without further medical care. Scary.... Once released from the hospital, I couldn't walk to the bathroom without getting winded and I reacted poorly to some pain medication that made my heart race. I truely was worried that I was on the verge of having a stroke. I was put on blood pressure medication to try to keep things under control. It took about 2 weeks for my blood pressure to get better... it seems to be ok now. It's been 4 weeks since I delivered and I'm feeling much better but still weak, perhaps still a bit anemic.

    The babies are thankfully doing great! Ivan Phillip came home about 2 weeks ago and has been gaining weight like crazy. He was 4'9\" at birth... now weighs close to 7'. Abigail Louise came home about 5 days ago and is also gaining weight like crazy. She was 4'14\" at birth... now weighs close to 7'. She stayed longer in the hospital because she contracted a Staff infection after they placed her umbilical cord lines. She had to get 14 days of antibiotics but thankfully fought the infection.

    Life with two babies is sometimes crazy but neither one is really fussy... don't know how that happened. My Mom has been by my side since this whole thing happened. Initally, to help patch me back together... I seriously couldn't even put on my pants when I got home. And now, to help me learn to manage life with two newborn babies. She wakes with me in the night so that I get some sleep. My husband is self employed so he took 3 days off work and had to be back at it. So, he helps when he can but is tired enough trying to keep up with his work schedule.

    So... anyway... every day I feel stronger and the babies are looking better. This is the first time I have even sat at my computer in 4 weeks. I have logged on using my blackberry to check-in on things but it does seem that posts are slowing down. I am still very interested in following up with everyone. I agree with Bearly and Coach that it has been great to network with such a great group.

    I will continue to check in and I hope that everyone is well. I know that the post is self-absorbed but I wanted everyone to know what I've been going through and see why I haven't been able to post. I've been thinking about you guys but just haven't had the strength (or time) to write.

    Take care everyone!

    Cheers... (Julie)

  11. Oh Cheers - What a fright! In fact, Sister - What a year you've had! From beginning to end, this pregnancy and birth has really given you a run for your money. But thank heavens you and Ivan and Abigail pulled through it all just fine. I am very relieved and thrilled that all is well with you. Sounds like your mom is a true godsend!

    Sorry I have been out of the loop of late - but I really felt as if I had nothing much to add to the discussion for the last few months. But things have been coming along for me. I healed up perfectly from my hysteroscopy and my scar tissue appears to be a thing of the past. I then did a mock cycle and my lining plumped up to 8.6mm - the highest it has ever gotten in all my cycles (best had been 7.4 and worst - 5.5). Then last week I received great news - I was matched with a really great donor! She is 28, proven 2X before, healthy, athletic, smart - and apparently, looks just like me! I just started taking bcps, to sync up with her cycle and estimated ER is 1/27. So stay tuned!!!

    Here\'s hoping each of you and your little ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! There is so much for all of us to be thankful for!!!!


  12. hello ladies,

    Cheers/Julie - first, congratulations! Ivan and Abigail are such lovely names. And whoa, what a ride...glad to hear you are feeling better and your Mom is around to help. And neither baby is fussy and both are gaining weight nicely - that's fantastic!

    Amy - that's amazing news!! Your donor sounds perfect and I am so glad that your lining is nice and plump. 2009 is going to be your year! When are you, Claire and me going to meet? How is next weekend for both of you?

    Claire - how are you doing? I hope the nausea has abated. We have to meet soon!! Let me know about next weekend!

    Bailey - I'm a Facebook addict too! PM me with your ID and I'll send you mine. Amy and Claire are on FB too. Glad you found the special formula that's helping Hayden.

    Texas - it's hard to believe the girls are now 4 months (nearly 5 at this point!) old! time flies!! Thanks for looking into the yahoo groups thing - as for a name suggestion, how about tinyblessings?

    Coach - sorry you are still having trouble with Max's milk allergy. Hope it is resolved! How was your first week back at work?

    Sorry I haven't written in AGES. I did type a long post after Cheers announced the arrival of the twins, but lost it b/c my comp shut down and then got frustrated! Anyhow here I am.

    I am now nearly 22 weeks pregnant, and doing good. I started feeling the baby kick few weeks ago, but wasn't sure if it was gas or the baby! There is more of a pattern now, so am able to recognize the kicks. He/she seems to get really active when I am in motion - so during my daily commute on the bus and train, I get a nice kicking!

    We had the level 2 ultrasound where they measure all the body parts few weeks ago and it went really well. We could have found out the gender of the baby then but we have decided to make it a surprise! My friends think I am nuts to wait, but I somehow feel like there is a specialness about the old-fashioned \"It's a.....\" moment which I'd rather wait for. And so we are thinking of names of both boys and girls, and are having fun guessing!

    My due date is April 5th, and I am really excited. I am showing a fair bit now, and can't wait to meet our munchkin. So far this pregnancy has been smooth (touchwood!) - not much nausea, a really good appetite and decent weight gain. The only 2 issues I've had so far - breakouts on my neck of all places (but its minor, so whatever) and the other issue at 13 weeks was my fibroid. I have a fibroid on the outer wall of my uterus and have always been told that its not an issue for conception or delivery. However at 13 weeks it was positioned at a point where it was pressing against my pelvis and causing heck of a lot of pain. Luckily after bedrest for a week, the pain disappeared. The fibroid MAY cause me to have a C-section, but the doc says there is good possibility that it will get out of the way and the baby will be able to push past it. So let's see.

    On this day of thanks, I cannot be more thankful for all our blessings this year, and am particularly grateful to have had such wonderful friends to have helped me through a rollercoaster of a journey.

    Happy Thanksgiving ladies...and keep those posts coming!

  13. Hi ladies! Glad to start hearing from some of you again...

    Bearly- How are you feeling? Are you still exhausted? I hope you're able to get some rest. Have you had any u/s recently? When's your due date?

    retboncool-Glad to hear you're pregnancy is progressing so well. Hopefully your fibroid won't cause you any issues either. Are you able to rest or are you on your feet a lot?

    Glimmer- SO great to hear from you. I'm glad you're still keeping up with us...we missed hearing from you. It really sounds like this cycle is coming together nicely! I'm praying for you and the success of this go-around.

    Bailey-How's Hayden? Max is also on Prevacid. I'm still nursing (eating normally), but when we give him formula (about half the time now that I'm back to work) we give him Alimentum (Similac's form of Nutramagin). When we're finished with this can, we'll switch back to Similac's Sensitive (lactose free) formula and see how that goes. We've kind of concluded it's not a milk allergy, but perhaps he's just a gassy baby. That's awesome Hayden's sleeping so well! I bet that makes all the difference in the world.

    Texas- How are Willa and Dovie? I bet they're really moving and shaking now! They must be getting so big! ARe you able to find any down time?

    Cheers- Congrats again on Ivan and Abigail! I'm so glad they're here and doing well. Sorry to hear about your health dramas...what an awful mess. Glad things are looking better though. Don't feel pressure to post...just do it when you've got your hands full and well all understand!

    As for me...I'm back to full time teaching and coaching. This is the second day with students at school and I tell you it's exhausting. Doesn't help that Max got his first cold, so we're no longer sleeping through the night and the days are pretty fussy. Poor little thing. All I have to do is bring out the boogy sucker (nose aspirator) and he screams. Aside from his cold, Max is doing really well. As I mentioned earlier, I still nurse before teaching, once or twice between jobs, and once or twice around/before bedtime. He's also currently waking up once in the middle of the night, so I nurse then as well (makes for early morning rising to be hard). While I'm at work, DH is thawing stored breastmilk and using formula. I'm not pumping while at work (makes for nice little rock boobies in the afternoon), so I'll be nursing for as long as my milk supply can handle it. Max is about a week shy of 4 months and just so sweet. He smiles and giggles and my favorite...he squeals with delight sometimes. He's gotten really physical and wiggles lots. We think we've seen early signs of teething, but our pediatrician assures us not yet. I'd love to get regular night sleeping before we get to that stage! He's slept through the night before, so we just have to get the poor little guy healthy so we can encourage that again.

    Not thrilled to be away from Max at all and working is more difficult now that my proirities have changed, but the start of work has been better than expected. I'll let you know how long that lasts.

    Looking foward to upcoming posts. Take care!

  14. Hey Y'all!! I loved seeing the new posts too. Sounds like everyone is doing well.

    retboncool - I can't believe you are already 22 weeks! Time goes so quickly. I love that you are waiting for the traditional surprise. I would like to think I might do that next time (if there is a next time - I hope there is a next time), but I don't know if I'm capable of waiting. You're strong. My friends who have waited said it was the most awesome surprise ever!

    Coach - It sounds like Max is doing so well. I'm so proud of your breastfeeding success! Sleeping through the night makes such a difference. The girls sort of sleep through the night. They don't eat overnight any more, but still wake and need the paci. I've created that monster and I'm not sure how to tame it... When they sleep all night without waking, I feel like a new woman in the morning. It's like the equivalent of 3 starbucks or something.

    Glimmer - it's so great to hear from you! I've been kind of worried that this space has understandably become less of a comfort to you. But I look forward to hearing all about your upcoming cycle and I hope you'll share it with us. Very encouraging about the lining and so exciting about the donor!!!

    Cheers - oh my goodness! I'm soooo glad you and the little two are okay and your mom is able to help you so much. I have an unofficial theory that NICU babies are kind of trained to be \"good\". I think it helps them get a schedule of sorts down. Mine are still good and somewhat predictable - most of the time.

    Bailey - how are you and Hayden? Time does go by so fast and I'd like to freeze it too. Yesterday, I was putting away too-small clothes for the second time (!!!) and there were just so many little newborn outfits they only wore once or not even once. So I decided to stuff them into some of the outfits and take some pictures. We got through about four outfits before they'd had enough. I've not done the Facebook thing, but my friends say it's addictive. That kind of stuff totally draws me in, so I might better steer clear!

    Bearly - how many weeks are you now? I hope you're taking it easy and the nausea has gone by now. I'm so excited about your twins. Are you going to find out the sexes?

    We are doing pretty good. The girls are getting bigger and more and more interactive. They look like chubby babies now. One of my friends asked me the other day, \"What about the babies makes both of them your favorite?\" I thought this was such a great question. Willa is my patient, sweet little angel. She smiles with her pretty blue eyes and will always give warning fusses before launching into a full cry. It's almost like she doesn't want to inconvenience us. Dovie, on the other hand, will let you know if she's not just right. Her pretty dark eyes are full of mischief and she loves to smile and laugh. The fact that they're so opposite makes them both my favorite. It's getting to be more and more fun. And since my posts here woudln't be complete without a breastfeeding update...they nurse a tiny bit before each bottle and then get a whole bottle. Dovie still indulges me (it's me that wants them to nurse, they could take it or leave it) Willa has almost weaned herself. She has to be in just the right mood and will sometimes nurse a minute or two. I've come to terms with our nursing relationship. It's nice to hold them both close and feed them together. It works for us.

    Well, I'm going to set up that yahoo group. I will call it tinyblessings - thanks retboncool!! I'm not exactly sure how it works, but I will send another message when I get it set up.

    Hope everyone is well, and I really enjoy reading everyone's posts!

  15. I set up the group called tinyblessings, but it's not coming up in the search yet. I made it to where you had to be approved by the moderator (me) just to keep our privacy in check.

    Here is what Yahoo sent back to me in order to join the group:

    If you would like to subscribe to this group:
    1. visit
    2. send email to

  16. Hi again ladies. Texas- great to hear from you. I'm so glad your little angels are doing so well. It's sounds like parenting has been a relatively peaceful adjustment for you.

    Thanks for setting up our yahoo group. How does it work? How is it different than this board? It sounds like it will be great to use though and I look foward to joining on.

    I can't access it from work (apparently it's not ok that teachers have lives outside of school that they access from time to time), so I'll have to do it at home...which likely means not as often...but I'll try!

    Take care and I look foward to chatting about our many tiny blessings.

  17. hey ladies.... i hope everyone is doing well and all the new additions are getting bigger and stronger. i hope pics can be added to the yahoo group.

    texas... ou sound like you are becoming an old pro at being a mom...and wow to hear you talking about more is amazing. the girrls sound like theya re such a joy to have in your life. i hope to breastfeed as well but i am not quite sure how it will work with two..

    coach,.... wow i cant believe max is four months already....and you seem so organized. i envy you. i wish i could hire you to come get my life in order. do you miss max when you are working??? is your schedule as crazy as it was before he came??? i hope his cold is going away and he is sleeping through the night for you.

    retboncool... you look wonderful.. you have the most perfect baby bump...i am jealous. i cant believe you are 23 weeks and doing so well. it was great to see you and glimmer yesterday and i cant wait till our next meeting to see how that belly has grown. April will be here beore you know it. i am with you on holding out on the sexes but my dh just cant wait.

    glimmer... it was great seeing you yesterday as well. you look fabulous. I am glad the sd issues have been worked out and i just know this is going to be yoiur cycle. you had that feeling with me and i know it is your turn now. You have to keep us updated as to how your cycle progresses because i will be following it closely. i just cant wait for that BFP!!!!!

    cheers... i am so sorry about the complications you had. ivan and abigail are beautiful names. i hope you are feeling better now. it must be wonderful to have your mom around to help. how are the babies doing? they must be getting big. are you breast feeding? i was so glad to see your update and i hope you will be able to check in with us again soon.

    Bailey.,... i cant believe Hayden is 4 months alreadt too. wow how time flies. you are so lucky to have him sleeping through the night. I hope things are still going well for you and that you will check in soon. i too have a facebook account and am friends with glimmer and retboncool. pm me with your name so i can send the friend request and we can keep in touch.

    I finally had the energy and time to get those personals in. it has been a rough road for me but i wouldnt change it for the world. i never thought pregnancy would be this difficult. i had always heard these stories about how wonderful it is and how women just loved it. NOT ME!!!! i cant wait for the arrival of these little ones because then maybe i will feel better. tired but at least not nausous and vomiting. i contiue to get sick but it has eased a bit... i am so greatful for that. My babies are doing well. we had a sono on fri and heard their heartbeats again.. it always tears me up. I go for the anatomy scan on the 19th and we will find out the sexes then because dh just cant wait. i will be moving in with my parents in PA (leaving NY) at the end of Jan and i am looking forward to having my mommy take care of me. i think dh needs the break as well. Keep those updates coming!!!!

  18. Hi Ladies. How's everyone doing? Are you all at our Yahoo tinyblessings now? I can't access that at work, so it will be less often that I check in, but I will definitely do it from home whenever I can!

    Max slept though the night 2 nights ago (yay!) but not last night...can't wait until it's conistent. Started rice cereal and he seems to like that. Gets it twice a day. We are giving him Similac Sensitive formula now (not the expensive hypoallergenic stuff anymore)...he's frequently fussy/gassy, but nothing unmanageable for the most part! Still breastfeed about 2-3 times a day, but don't pump ever, so I'm starting to dry up. I\"ll keep that going for another couple weeks and then call it a day. DH is ready for me to be done because I can't usually give him much now, so he's hungrier sooner after a breastfeeding. But, I'm not sure he fully appreciates how much easier it is to breastfeed in the middle of the night than to get up and make a bottle...either will be all formula and rice cereal soon!

    What are everyone's holiday plans? I'm particularly excited this's quite a bit different from lying on the couch and in/out of hospitals for OHSS last year!

    Take care and happy holiday season!

  19. Hey Coach! So glad to hear from you! Sounds like you've made the transition back to work pretty easily. Good job on the nursing and cereal. Max is such a big boy eating cereal!!

    I did send out an email to the group last night. So far, Bearly, Glimmer and Cheers have joined. I'm pretty sure you can use any e-mail address, so if you put in the one you use at school, then you'll be getting all the messages and can reply, etc... I guess you'll just have to set it up at home.

    Hope everyone else is well!

  20. To all... I just can't find much time to get to my computer anymore. The kids keep me hoppin'. But I wanted to send a message in response to Bearly...

    Bearly: Hang in there. When I read your post about not feeling well... I just wanted to tell you that I relate 100%. I didn't have the vomiting, well a couple of times I did. But, I really struggled to find anything that I could eat that entire pregnancy. It may have eased a bit around the 5th month but it never really went away. Just hang in there and eat what you can; it is really worth it in the end. The kiddos are pretty cute.

    Got to go ... so much to do, whew!

  21. Thanks cheerS!!!!!

  22. Dont know if anyone is still checking this and i know that some of us have posted on the tiny blessings site but i just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year

  23. I'm still here and want to wish everyone a Happy New with lots of tiny blessings!

  24. Glimmer- any word on how this cycle is going for you and your donor so far? Is transfer still set for 1/27?

    Bailey--- How's Hayden? How are you doing?

    Hope to hear from you all soon!

  25. Hi Everyone!

    I\'m not sure if anyone reads this anymore and I am not sure how to access the yahoo group. But just in case anyone's still out there - thought I'd check in. I know I have been MIA for a while. It was kinda tough on me being the only one left from the group not getting pregnant/having babies. I just needed to retreat for a while.

    Just wanted to update you all. In the midst of my DE cycle, I ended up in the hospital with a small bowel obstruction. It was a total nightmare and totally ran havoc with my body and my lining. Nonetheless, had my ET yesterday and my RE put back 2 expanding blastocysts. We were able to freeze 11 more, so I am very hopeful that if this cycle is a bust, I will have success on of FETs in the future. Wish me luck.

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