Started stims fri 11/09/07 anyone else?

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  1. Hey ladies... i think i finally have the energy to post personals..... we shall see how i do... is the pregancy progressing? whe are you due? when did your symptoms subside....i am afraid they are going to last longer because it twins. my main goal is to just stay hydrated though.

    Coach.....i am so sorry that max is uncomfortable. it must be difficult to see him unhappy. did changing the formula help?? and to have the rash on top of it must be really hard. does it bother him or is ot similar to a heat rash? i am thinking of you and i hope things settle soon.

    retboncool...welcome home!!!! it must be great to be back especailly since you had an ob appt scheduled. i am sure your were anxoius to see how the little one was doing. How are things? did you get an ultrasound? hope all is well and we have to get together!!!

    bailey... how is little hayden doing? has he settled down on a formula yet? you should be at about the 6 week mark at this point right??? i ope all is well and he is growing strong!!!!

    texas... hpw are your amazing girls doing? i am sure they are growing so quickly. i hope they are on a schedule and you are able to get some rest during the day. i look forward to your posts so i can learn what works best for twins!!!

    glimmer... i dont know if you are still following the thread but you are i my thoughts..... i hope all goes well with the surgery. stay positive. hope we can get together soon.

    afm.... i am taking the zolfran for the morning sickness. it does help. i am also so tired. i go in monday for another ultrasound and hopefully i will hear the heartbeats. the nervousnes and worrying never ends!!!!

  2. Bearly: I will be 30 weeks on Sunday. I can't believe it... that number feels like a major milestone for me. I have heard that having twins can worsen your symptoms but not always. As for me, I would say that I had MAJOR food aversions until about 18 weeks or so. Luckily, no vomiting, but I just didn't want to eat anything... it was so disappointing. I couldn't even enter a restaurant because I wouldn't even be able to eat a bite; the smells from the kitchen the look of the food on other people's plates...yuck. I stayed home and opened my cupboard and ate what I could. Then, it eased a little bit until week 28 or so. I could eat more at home and would get bouts where I was almost hungry but still couldn't eat out. This past week or so... I got hungry and I have been free to finally eat with ease. I went to a Chinese restaurant tonight and was able to eat normally... that was nice. So... it's been a struggle but it has gotten easier. Bailey would be the one for advice about the vomiting. I don't even know what it would have been like to go through that. Oh! I did get some little stomach something or other a couple of months ago and threw up a couple of times and one thing that was great was chewing on crushed ice to try to stay hydrated. I get heartburn now and that is the only thing I can sort of drink when I eat. Lots of information for you but I'm pretty excited that I can network with you through your twin pregnancy. Oh, btw... I was also incredibly tired the first 12 weeks. That did ease up in the middle (but has returned).

    Everyone else... I must do personals to everyone soon. But I am already up past my bedtime. Good night!

  3. So here is my newest update..... We went and had an ultrasound done and we saaw THREE very strong heartbeats. Thats right we went from having twins all last week to having triplets this week. I am afraid to go for next weeks ultrasound.... it really explians the severe symptoms i have been having.

    I hope everyone is doing well... thinking of you all

  4. Oh my goodness Bearly! Wow. I don't even know what to say! Keep us posted and I'll be thinking positive thoughts for the rest of your pregnancy (any early weeks of mom-hood!). I'm so happy for you. How are you handleing the news?

  5. Hi Ladies!

    Bearly - As I told you earlier - I am soooooo excited for you and know you will handle anything that comes your way just fabulously - even triplets!!!

    As for me - I had my hysteroscopy today and everything went really well. It started out a little shaky. My RE was ready to cancel the surgery when he discovered that I had taken a Vitamin E pill yesterday. Apparently, it can act as a blood thinner and could impede clotting. But we decided to go forward anyway and everything was fine. The doctor said there was even less scar tissue than he had anticipated and he was able to get it all out without any problems. I now have this catheter still in me with a rubber hose hanging out and taped to my thigh until my follow up on Friday. But I can barely feel it so its OK. Just a little tired and slightly crampy - but very relieved. Now let's just pray it all heals up beautifully and my lining gets back to its prior plumpiness soon!

    Too tired for personals - But I am thinking about all of you!


  6. Bearly - i'm in shock! how about you?? you need to get a book by dr. barbara luke that is all about nutrition for multiple pregnancies. (actually, I can mail it to you if you want to PM me your address) Basically, you should get comfy on the couch and eat eat eat! i bet it's the last thing you want to do righ now, huh?

    I'm so excited for you guys!!

  7. Bearly, Wow! How are you and your husband holding up? Is the Zofran doing the trick? Take care of yourself and we're here for all of your updates.

    Glimmer: So good to hear from you! Glad your hysteroscopy went well and you can get back going again soon. I was worried that you'd left us.

    Coach and Bailey: Hope life with the little boys is getting easier. How are the two of you recooperating? Any baby blues stuff?

    Texas: How are the twins? I'm obviously very curious as my day draws closer. Are things getting any easier?

    Rumsey: How are you? It's been awhile which probably means that things are going great...I hope.

    My husband and I just got back from pre-registering at the hospital. Myself and Baby A and Baby B are ready to be admitted. I had to plug the kid's ears so that they didn't get any early ideas. They need to stay in the oven a little bit longer. We have another big ultrasound on Thursday so we'll get a chance to see how big they are... we're looking forward to it. I have a lot of movement now from both. One or the other is constantly doing something... and they are getting so strong. I can really feel a difference.

    Got to go now; time to get ready for bed. Sleep is goooood.


  8. hi ladies!

    sorry I've been AWOL for awhile, things have been so busy since we got back from Europe. Glad to see posts from everyone.

    Bearly - congratulations!!! Triplets, wow! That's wonderful...I am so happy for you. Hope the Zofran is helping with the nausea. Keep us posted!!

    Glimmer - great to hear from you. Glad the laproscopy went well and hope that your lining is nice and thick very soon.

    Cheers - you are getting close! Its great that you can constantly feel them move...I can't wait to feel my baby move! Hope they stay in the oven longer.

    Texas - how are Willa and Dovie? Can't wait to hear more updates about them.

    Coach - how is Max now? Hope his gassiness has dissipated. Poor baby! Btw, my sis-in-law has a 2 month old who also had a rash and was told by her doc not to use any products and to just use olive oil to moisturize and water to wash. She did that for 2 weeks and the rash completely disappeared! Now she is using sensitive products.

    Bailey - Hayden must have hit the 6 week mark by now - are things a lot better? Glad to hear he is sleeping better.

    So...on my front, things are good. I hit the 12 week point this past Sunday and we told both our extended families and friends, which was really nice. I met my new OB last Monday and quite liked him - he is not as AMAZING as my RE, but I don't think any OB would be. But he was incredibly patient with my neverending list of Qs, knows his stuff and delivers at the hospital I like. He is part of a group practice of 3, and they rotate you between all 3 since you never know who will be on call when I deliver. He did an ultrasound and we saw the baby looked like the little one was waving at us, which just about made me cry.

    My next appt is this coming Monday (13 weeks). In addition, I am doing the nuchal translucency ultrasound today. I debated long and hard whether to do it or not, given that we will not change anything about this baby no matter what. But then my doc said, it doesn't harm and if there are any issues, its better to be prepared. So I am going in, but still a bit ambivalent. Did any of you ladies have it?

    Please pray that all goes well today...the worrying never ends, does it?


  9. Glimmer - that's great news about the hsyteroscopy. How soon until you can test your lining again?

    Coach - How is Max's gassiness? I've been researching breastfeeding like crazy and realize that if a baby is getting too much foremilk it will create gassiness. The key is to empty the breast before going to the other side in order to get that good fatty hindmilk. Since I mostly pump, I was noticing my milk was very watery and the girls would spit it up way more than formula. Since I was taking a medication to increase my supply, it was affecting my foremilk/hindmilk balance. I stopped the meds and the balance is back to normal. I'd rather them have slightly less breast milk than to spit up all the breast milk I work sooo hard to get.

    retboncool - how did you like the OB? How many weeks are you now?

    Bailey - how is Hayden doing since he's at the 6 week mark? My mom always said three months is when things usually start to turn around. She said I cried for three months straight! I hope he's feeling better. Have you found a formula he likes yet? I know it's expensive, but have you tried the nutramigen? That's probably not spelled correctly, but my niece had sever reflux and it was the only formula she could drink. And she drank it until she was two!!!

    Cheers - i can't believe you are already 30 weeks! It was at 32 weeks I was put on bedrest, so I hope you're taking it VERY easy. Aren't I bossy?? Life with two is definitely crazy at times, but overall I feel lucky that they're pretty good babies. The toughest thing for me has been breastfeeding. I tell you, I'm obsessed with breastfeeding. I want to be able to do it so badly. I probably already told you, but if you're wanting to breast feed, get a book called Mothering Multiples. It's got such great information. And do all you can to have full term babies. I'm convinced it makes a huge difference.

    Willa and Dovie are doing really well. They are getting bigger and bigger every day - especially Dovie. She's over a full pound bigger than Willa. they are already THREE months old! They grew out of preemie clothes about a month ago and I'm getting through all the newborn clothes now. I want them to wear everything at least once. Dovie is our girl who can be perfectly content and then screaming bloody ****** the next moment. Usually she just wants to be held. Willa is very laid back and observant. She's always looking around and will give little warning fusses before she starts actually crying. They are both smiling now, which is sooo sweet. I'm trying to capture their smiles on camera, but they're still kind of hard to get. Willa smiles more and Dovie coos more. It's the sweetest sound. Except at 4:00 in the morning. I don't like to encourage them to wake up at night, so when she was cooing the other night, I pretended to ignore it, but internally, I was thinking, \"awwww!!!\" So sweet. I'm looking forward to when they sleep through the night (duh!!) and when they wake up talking instead of crying. I've always heard it's the sweetest time in the morning. I'm also looking forward to them knowing each other and interacting. I think that will be neat.

    well, I'm going back to bed for the 3rd time. Pumping after feeding them overnight is a pain, but since I can't nurse very well, at least they can have some breast milk. Unfortunately, I produce the most overnight...

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. WOW this thread got really busy very sudeenly... a burst of posts!!!! I just wanted to quickly post and thank everyone for their support and their shout outs. we are really nervous about the triplets so we are trying to take it one day at a time. thank you everyone for being there!!!

  11. Updates ladies?????

  12. Hey there. Long time, no personals...sorry about that. Little Max is kicking my butt. His rash is clearing up and he's pretty cute now if I do say so myself. His little gassy issues are not much better, if at all and he's so very fussy all the time. He's definitely colicky, which is pretty challenging on us. He's consistently inconsolable from 7-10pm and then again from 2-8am. Some nights are better, some are worse. Of course, we still adore him, but boy is it tiring.

    Glimmer- Glad the procedure went decently. Update us after your follow up. where to from here?

    Cheers- How are you feeling? Must be exciting doing the pre-reg at the's getting closer and closer. ARe you feeling rested or just plain ready to be done with pregnancy?

    Bearly- How are you all coping with the triplets news? I would imagine that it's hard to even wrap your head around that concept at all! I know it can be done obviously and I wish you all the strength. What a blessing too!

    Bailey- How's Hayden? are your nights getting any better? How is the formula hunt going? HOpe to here an update soon...but totally understand not being able to, so take your time!

    Texas- Three months old! wow. I love that you can hear them cooing...can't wait for Max to do that. How are you in terms of healing and rest?

    retboncool- How are you feeling? Thanks for the info on your sis in law's baby...I'll keep that in mind should the rash return. What's the nuchal trans. thing you're talking about? Are you looking for anything in particular or just trying to arm yourself with the most possible knowledge?

    Hoping all is well and look foward to updates. Back to a crying baby! Take care.

  13. Hello everyone. I haven't posted in a while due to my hectic schedule. I due pop in and check for posts.

    Coach: Good to hear from you and glad to hear that you are loving the little boy. His tummy will level out eventually... so they say. No personal experience of course. How are you holding up? It doesn't sound like you get much sleep. Are you going back to work soon or are you taking the year off?

    Bearly: Not a day goes by when I don't think of your situation. I wish you all the best and I think with a little courage and optimism (and a good doctor), things can work out just fine. I've got all my fingers crossed over here for you.

    Texas: Good to hear that life chugs along with the double blessing. It seems like you are taking it all in stride and I hope that I can do the same. I've already got my Mom on the ready. She is going to stay with me until I get my feet on the ground once they are born. She's great with babies and is so excited for them to come. My husband will have to keep working (self-employed) so he will help as much as he can but he will need to get sleep in order to survive his work schedule. I hope that breastfeeding is getting easier for you and I commend your efforts. I know that I will not be so diligent. I am already planning to try breastfeeding but will supplement with the bottle from the beginning and just play it by ear. We'll see. It's nice to hear that even though Willa and Dovie were born early, they are thriving. It gives me piece of mind.

    Rumsey: I can't believe that you are past the 12 week mark! Where does the time go? How are you feeling and how did your 13 week u/s go? Hope all is progressing great!

    Glimmer: Glad the hysteroscopy went well and hope that you can get on your way with another cycle real soon. It's always nice to hear from you.

    Bailey: How are you doing? Have you found a formula that is suiting your little one yet? Last time you posted I believe that you were struggling a bit with that. Hope things have settled down for you.

    As for me... well, had a 30 week u/s last thursday and the two tikes are doing great. The little girl is a chunker, weighing in at 4lbs already and the little boy is a lean 3.5lbs... if he would ever stop moving he'd probably gain weight faster. He's all over the place. Cervix still looked good and had another appointment with the doctor today. He says that everything looks good (blood pressure was low and urine was clear) and it's up to me as to when/if I want to stop working. He doesn't believe that bed rest can necessarily make that much of a difference unless a problem presents itself to warrant it. So... we'll see how much longer I last. I'm getting a lot more tired lately.... my heartburn is absolutely amazing (watch out for Gatorade...that'll really get ya') and now some nausea has returned. (I lost dinner last night after my body decided that the prenatal vitamins were just not acceptable.) Six weeks to go before the planned C-section and I am so ready. Well, ready for the pregnancy to be over but not necessarily ready for the babies yet. The baby room looks like a tornado hit it; all of the shower stuff in a pile. Ugghh...

    Well, I'd better go and cook dinner. Hubby should be home soon... hope tonight's stays down. Got my fingers crossed. Pregnancy is such a ride.


  14. hey ladies... just checking in. Missing the frequents posts but it means that everyone i keeping busy.

    I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and hanging in. i cant wait to be DONE with the nausia and vomiting. it really makes enjoying pregnancy difficult. we had an us on friday and i saw all three of their little heartbeats. it was amazing. I cant wait to meet the little peanuts.....hoping to make it about 28 more weeks.

  15. Hello everybody.

    I'm just getting ready to try to go back to bed and I'm checking in again. I'm missing the posts and wondering how everyone is doing. I'll be 34 weeks on Sunday and hanging in there. The pair are packing a bigger punch now and it's more difficult to sleep through their active time (2:30 - 4am).

    Hope to see some posts soon but I know we are all busy.


  16. Hey ladies! How is everyone? Any updates?

    All is ok here. We're messing with my diet (indirectly messing with Max's diet) to rule out that there's any cow's milk allergy happening. I don't think there is, but can't hurt to rule it out. He still has some reflux, but we're managing with a mild dose of prevacid daily. He's getting so big and is starting to sleep a bit better, so that's great. I just adore him and it's been a lot of fun learning how to do this mom thing (if not exhausting too!).

    Not much else to report here. I look foward to reading the upcoming posts! Take care.

  17. Finally new posts... i thought i was all alone on these boards. Just getting ready to enjoy a relaxing and nausous weekend. the morning sickness is easing up a bit... not as much vomiting but who can complain right. we had our first ob appt and it went well although one of the babies no longer had a heartbeat. so i am now carrying twins and was refered from the high risk ob to the regular ob. my pregnncy should be a lot easier now and i am hoping for strong and healthy babies.

    I hope everyone is doing well.

  18. Bearly - I've been thinking a lot about you and I'm glad that things are going better. These twin pregnancies are quite enough... let me tell you. I just got back from the hospital. I thought I may have had amniotic fluid leakage early this morning and I went in to get checked. Thankfully, all still looks good though... No evidence of fluid and cervix is soft but still closed (boy was that a fun exam). My contractions were every 8 minutes but light so... no need to push any panic buttons yet. I am hoping to hold out for at least a couple of more weeks. I'm definately off work now though.

    Coach - Good to hear from you. Glad the little boy is doing well. Oh... the beginning seems so difficult. Always wondering if you are doing the right thing and not really knowing full well what that is. Sounds like he's growing just fine though.

    Rumsey - Hope everything is well with your pregnancy still.

    Texas - Hope your twin girls just keep getting stronger and stronger. I'm just crossing my fingers that mine stay in the oven a little longer. When did you get your first cervix exam? I just got my first one today and now I'm worried that the exam itself will cause problems. (Gosh... the worrying just doesn't stop.)

    Bailey - How are you? I'm sure busy with the little one.

    Glimmer - Anything new yet? Have you started a new cycle?

    Well... got to go put my swolen feet up. Let's hope my babies stay put for a little while longer guys.


  19. Bearly, I'm so sorry to hear that one of the heartbeats was gone, but hopefully this will make for a healthier pregnancy and healthier babies. hopefully, your symptoms will lessen a little more quickly. how many weeks are you? i remember at 10 weeks, my nausea mostly went away and by 12 weeks i had my appetite back. i've been thinking of you too.

    Cheers, I'm so glad to hear you weren't leaking fluids. An ivf twin mom I know just had her babies at 35 weeks and even though one was less than 4 lbs, neither had to go to nicu and both were able to take bottles. it's amazing the development that happens every day!

    Coach, I've been taking Willa to see a chiropractor (she has a condition called torticollis which is the tendency to keep her head turned only one direction) and she suckered me into buying some digestive enzymes to further break down the food I eat so that their milk is broken down more. I just started them yesterday and I really don't think the girls have reflux, but I'm weak and couldn't say no (and I'm still so irritated with myself). Anyway, if I notice any difference, I'll let you know.

    Everyone else, I hope you are all well. I love to see new posts.

    We are doing pretty well. I know I sound like a broken record, but we've still been working on breastfeeding and amazingly, a couple weeks ago, they started taking entire feeds by breast. But then this past week, they were more and more unsatisfied and having to have more bottles, so I feel like we're kind of back to square one. But for whatever reason, I can't stop trying. I'm so tired of worrying about it and I know my husband is sooo tired of hearing my obsessions, but it's something I just need to do.

    Other than that, they are getting bigger and changing every day. Willa likes tummy time and is pretty good at raising her upper body. Dovie hates it. Her head is so big, I think it's really hard for her to hold it up Dovie still hates the car seat and screams if we're not going at least 60 mph. We got a jogging stroller and she likes it much more than the one the carseats pop into. They are sleeping in their big girl beds and go down around 8-8:30 and sleep for a good 6 hours or more. As soon as I start to figure them out, they go and change.

    I think that's about it for us. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

  20. OK... so I haven't vented in quite some time but I can not believe how things have changed for me since I hit the 34 week mark. I am so incredibly uncomfortable, I can't believe it. My feet swell if I don't keep them elevated. It's really gross! I'm hungry but don't have much room to eat and I have to force fluids constantly... I drink about 1.5 gallons of water per day. Ugghhh... I keep telling myself that everyday they stay in at this point no matter how uncomfortable is better than if they come out early. But... it's tough. I have spent the majority of today on the coach with my feet elevated, dozing off. I have never been so tired in my life! It's probably just the beginning of that fatigue, huh?

    Bearly: Don't listen to my rant... it will be different for you. You'll do great all the way through. I'm so glad that you only have to endure a twin pregnancy; yikes, can't imagine any more than that.

    Back to the couch I go...

  21. Cheers i am cheering for you... you can do it. I am sure it is not easy but just think how healthy and strong they are going to be when they get here. I cant believe you are 34 weeks time flys.

    AFM.... I had an ultrasoiund yesterday just to check on the little peanuts and they are doing great. i am 10w4d and their heartrates are 162. One of them was jumping all over the was great to see. It made me feel better to see them still hanging in. I go back for a triple screen in two weeks.

    Hope everyone is doing well.... thanks for all the support and well wishes.

  22. Posting from phone. Twins arrived yesterday about 2pm. I developed PIH with possible onset of HELLP went into labor. Girl almost 5lbs, boy 4.5lbs. Both in NICU to help with transition but doing great! I'm getting monitored close but recovering. Post more when I get home.

  23. Cheers to Cheers! Congratulations! Sounds like the twins are doing great and you are doing great. Can't wait to hear details. You did great getting to 35 weeks and they were both good weights. But aren't they just so cute and tiny?? Congratulations again!!

  24. YIPPPEE!!!!!! Congrats Cheers! Welcome to the world little ones. Can't wait to hear details. What are their names?

  25. testing... seeing if we can make a 1000th post...

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