Started stims fri 11/09/07 anyone else?

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  1. Hi everyone
    I am on my nasal sprays at the moment I start injections on the 24th I think, should I not of had a glass of wine am paniked now????
    take care

  2. I think its so early and you haven really started your injecable stims so i don think its much to be concerned about. its more important that you relax and take care of yourself.. i actually just asked the doc about the beer an she said it wouldnt have been recommended but that it would do damage either. So Ferhat dont freak. If you are concerned mention it to the doc and get some reassurance. Sorry if i made you more worried. thats the last thing you need. I am a little over the top and totallly freak out on the littlest things. I idnt mean to worry you

  3. Hey there ladies!

    All is well in the Big Apple and the eggies are chugging along. It's interesting that this cycle appears to be almost identical to my last cycle in Jan -right down to the gradual decrease in meds on the same nights of the cycle. Almost the same # of follicles (so far 12-13 visable), and same sizes. Well, I guess that's a good thing since it worked last time (sort of). It's still looking like a Thanksgiving Day retrieval. Oy!

    Cheers - Welcome to cycling! Those Luprin shots are cake! You'll be a pro in no time. E2 is your estrogen level. It is an indication of how well you are responding to your stims. The mock ET (Egg Transfer) is, I think, when they go in and sort of create a road map of the pathway leading to your uterus so that on the day of your transfer, they will know exactly where to go and the exact perfect spot to deposit your little packages.

    Ferhat - I wouldn't worry too much about the glass of wine. Truth be told, I took my cousin out for her birthday last night and had a frozen margarita. I figure, once I hear I am pregnant, I will lay off of anything and everything that could potentially be harmful. But a glass of wine (or even a teeny little margarita) at this stage is not going to have a huge effect on your outcome - at least in my view.

    Bearly - how did your U/S go? Have they given you any more detailed info yet? As far as the Xanax goes, I don't really know. But I was given a scrip for Tylenol 3 for pain for my retrieval and the days following it. I have remnant of endometriosis and arthritis in my hip, so I needed something to ease the pain and apparently that is considered safe.

    Everyone else - don't forget to give updates!

    BTW - Has anyone heard anything about the safety of Melatonin? I have been taking some to help me sleep better and I assume it's O.K. because it's 100%, but I keep forgetting to ask the RE about it.

    Well, I am off to watch movies and relax. Enjoy your Sunday all!


  4. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for the lovely warm welcome. How is everyone doing this chilly grey Sunday?

    Glimmer - I must say that your decision to do this alone is really impressive. You seem like a woman of great fortitude. Good luck and SSBD! Like you, I have 12 follies, 8 on the left and 4 on the right - went to a u/s yesterday and they were all in 15-17mm range. And like a lot of you, looks like retrieval will be on Turkey day!

    Ferhat, don't worry about the glass of wine. My personal belief is that little indulgences can't really hurt the follies at this early stage. God knows, with all the stress we're going through, it's probably good to indulge a wee bit. I've taken to indulging in cookies....and I don't even have much of a sweet tooth! Btw, I read that grape juice can help embryo quality and not sure if that's true, but I've been guzzling 1/2 a glass a day (not a big fan, but what the hey). Go Welch\'s!

    Cheers - I could NOT deal with the first couple of shots of Lupron, but now I am a pro, as you will be soon! Not much more hair loss than usual, the only side effect I really noticed were the mood swings while on just Lupron (got a lot better after adding Gonal F). My poor dh...he couldn't do or say anything that wouldn't trigger an emotional reaction. I don't think that kind of reaction is common though, my RE says it happens to only a small bunch of folks on Lupron.

    Bearly - how did the u/s go? Your clinic does u/s on Sundays? Mine is open through Sat, but not on Sunday for u/s or b/w. However, they have said that the ER and ET will happen whenever I am ready - whether it be a Sunday or Thanksgiving.

    marta, semep and anto, how are you all doing? Do keep us posted.

    Btw, I have been doing acupuncture as well over the last 2 weeks and I have to say that if nothing else, it seems to be helping me relax. I have a fairly stressful job (I guess everyone does these days, but being in NYC doesn't seem to help!) and Thursday we had an important meeting that lead to a total pressure cooker situation. I'm hoping the acupuncture helps balance some of this negative energy caused by stress. Anyone else doing acupuncture? I tried it since I read that it increases chances of success.

    Also, have you ladies had a think about how many embies you'd want to transfer? I've been reading a lot about the balance between increasing the odds of success vs. increasing the odds of multiples. My dh and I would actually LIKE to have twins, but it seems like multiples are always more complex than singletons (from a pregnancy, delivery, birth defects etc perspective). Obviously one healthy child would be HUGE blessing, but after going through such a grueling process, wouldn't be lovely to have two? I'm really conflicted. Thoughts?

    happy thoughts to everyone


  5. I forgot to mentio that we did see the doctor this morning... still waiting for dosage instructions but the doctor did tell me that the follies were 143-16 mm which is good. She said i would be on the meds for about another 2 days...yea.... cant wait to stop the reg injections. My dh was with me and said he could see thike a dozen follies on each side... i hope he is right. that woul mean like 24

    We did talk to the doctor aout how many embies would be transfered. We have mf infertility and as far as we know i dont have any issues. So the doctor said she would only transfer 2... this is fine with us. We too would like to have twins. It would be nice. One would be such a blessing but two would be great as well.

    I was visiting my parents this weekend because they live in pa which is three hours away. My mom gave me a gift. She had blown out and decorated eggs when she was 13 and her mother(grandmim to me) had one as well. She gave me these special eggs as a fertility gift. It was so sweet that she was thinking of us and to give us something from her mother who has passed away.

    Yes my clinic does bw and ultrasounds everyday of the week we get no reprieves.

    we are geting ready to relax and watch some football.

  6. Hi ladies! I hope everyone is well today. I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to give a quick update. I had b/w and u/s today and he said it looks like I'm \"ready\" and depending on blood results, he might retrieve on Tuesday. That would be great for our Thanksgiving schedule as both of our families are local. He's supposed to call this afternoon to let us know for sure.

    For those of you who are just starting or about to start Lupron, I was going to tell you how I self-administered my shots. After watching Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis on Oprah, I started kind of poking around and testing spots on my lower belly for the least tender area. This worked for almost all the time I was doing the subcutaneous shots. Just the past couple of days, my skin has thickened from all the shots and I've been having my husband do the injections because I can't just shove the needle in myself. When he does it, I can barely feel it. Anyway, that's a little insight on my personal shot experiences.

    I'm enjoying reading everyone's stories. These forums are great so that we can see that others do experience some of the same feelings we do. Thanks so much for sharing....

  7. Hey ladies,

    Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Ours has been busy....which is good to keep my mind off of all this craziness!

    We went to the dr. yesterday and today. They are only seeing 7 follicles ( I gained 3 since Thursday). I am still on a very high dose of the Gonal F. I am praying that when the retrieval comes we will have just what we need. The doctor really doesn't know why I would not be producing more. Well, I am staying positive. I guess technically we only need 1 egg!

    retboncool, I also did acupuncture. I felt like it calmed me, too! I honestly don't understand how it really works. But, I thought anything to improve my chances! Now I'm sad b/c my acupuncturist went out of town for Thanksgiving. I can't see her again before the retrieval! Are you going to get it after your transfer? Now it seems like things are moving slower for me so maybe she will be back to help me after the transfer.

    Sorry I've got to run....more later!

    Are any of you eating any special foods or a special diet? I have been trying to eat healthy, but I just feel so hungry all the time. I've really been craving comfort food.

    Thanks for everyone updating us! I love coming home to find out what is going on with all of you!!

  8. Hey Y'all, I finally heard back from the doctor (had to call him!!!) and we triggered tonight and will retrieve on Tuesday. I'm getting a little nervous.

    Bailey, I'm hoping you get just the right amount of eggs. I was reading on another thread that there are times when they think they're retrieving only one or two eggs, but when they get in there, they find more. It's going to work out just the way it should. I know it will.

    Bearly, what a sweet gift from your mom. That will be something you treasure forever.

    retboncool (welcome!), Glimmer, and Bearly - hearing about NYC sounds so glamorous and cosmopolitan! When I saw that it was a grey, chilly Sunday, I smiled because we had the most beautiful, warm sunny Sunday today here in Dallas. However, it's strange to see all the Christmas decorations while driving down the road with your a/c on full blast!

    As far as how many embryos to put back - we decided a long time ago that even though a twin pregnancy is more risky, if two helps the odds, we're all for it.

    Cheers, Coach - hope y'all are doing well. Hope I didn't miss anyone.

    Have a great night, everybody!

  9. Wow Tex! Your eggs cook fast! Congrats on being the 1st of the group to go to ER So exciting!

    Sending all kinds of good vibes your way.


  10. Bailey,

    I just re-read what I posted earlier and I realized that I said something to you that I hate when people say to me. I said I know it will work out. During my last cycle, everyone said to us, \"we know it will work\". And really, they were hoping and wishing it would work out because they love us so much and are so supportive. But in our minds, we were thinking, \"well, WE don't know it will work out...glad you're psychic!\" It was very hard. So, please accept my apology for saying something so silly. What I meant was that I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out for you.

  11. Good Luck Texas! That's good news.

    Can\'t wait to hear how the ER turns out and I loved your last post. That's the kind of thing that only people who have been through this understand. Here's another one of those situations...

    This afternoon, we went to this large garden party where every couple had at least 2 children. I got asked 3 or 4 times which kids were mine... as they cradled one of their infants on their hip. Then after the reply it was well how long have you been married. uggg.... Just can't avoid those questions and it's really not their fault...they are just looking for small talk. It's just the uncomfortable silence that follows that I find the worst. It's not like I'm not used to it (after 10 years of marriage) but it's sure not fun.

    Sure you've all been there. It's nice to have people to vent to that I know will understand.

    Good Night Everyone!

  12. Good morning ladies... hope everyine has a wonderful mondahy. Its is sooooooo yucky here today. I am getting ready to go to docs for bw and sono... i will probably find out about trigger today or tom. YTexas... congrats on the trigger. i azm jealous. I jsut want these shots to be over. Not so much that i am not willing to take the pgestrone shot for three omonths if i get a positive but i really do want them to be done.

    How is everyone feeling. Is anyone as tired as i am? I jsut have no energy and have just not been my self. It was my b-day yeaterday (the big 30) and i didnt have the energy to go to dinner. I was in bed at 6:30. UGH...... but we are celebrating in december by taking a limo into the city to see acomedy show and go ice skating. I have always wanted to take a limo to the city and dh finally is letting us do it. I am going to need an evening out when this is all over.

    Gotta go to the docs... hope they tell me when the er will be soon. Talk to everyone soon.

  13. Hi Ladies...I'm sorry I missed the weekend postings...I am not usually at the computer on weekends...I let it be my reprieve from work emails.

    Let\'s see if I can touch on all the topics:

    Had b/w and u/s sound yesterday estrogen was something like 947 (is that good?). Had about 20 follies ranging from 12-almost 15 mm. They decreased med dosage for the first time since I started stims (today is day 9 of stims for me)...I do 5 units Lupron in morning, two vials of Bravelle and two vials of Menopur at night now. Looks like ER Thurs or Fri. Honestly, either is fine...I just want to get to the next stage. My ovaries feel like bowling balls and I can barely bend over. I am also still getting some headaches...but tylenol has helped. Nurse said that the cramping would actually get worse...because your ovaries are usually the size of walnuts and they'll get to be roughly grapefruits! Yikes!

    semep---good luck with your ER and keep us posted. I couldn't agree more with your comment on those helpful things folks \"it'll work\", etc. I always mentally respond with \"I wish I knew that!\". I know they all mean well...but my lease favorite comment is \"if it's meant to be...\". I hate that.

    Cheers---I worked with a middle aged couple who couldn't conceive. They used to get questions all the time about their lack of kids and they started to get pretty bitter about it. Now they have a beautiful toddler girl from China and they are so happy. I regularly chat with them about how that feels to deal with people's questions. Just yesterday a woman I haven't seen in a while asked when I'm having kids. A woman who I see regularly, has frequently asked why I don't want kids and told me to get on it early while I'm young and have energy. I know they all mean well...but it's hard not to respond with some frustration showing!

    retboncool---there was just a news thing on the other day about how accupuncture helps with infertility. Keep me posted...sounds like a good idea.

    Bearly- that egg gift was so thoughtful! Isn't it nice when folks think like that? Any recent news on when your doing the ER? I think you're about a day ahead of me.

    anto- the only special foods I've been eating are...well...I eat EVERYTHING. It's weird b/c I don't usually feel that hungry b/c my ovaries seem to be taking up all the space...but I eat anyway and I eat tons!

    KayKay-good luck with the's not as bad as I thought it would be. Keep us posted.

    Glimmer-that\'s great you took the interview. Good luck with it and keep us posted. Where are you now in your cycle?

    Sounds like we're all very near each other in ER time...good luck to all!

    Question: I too am wishy washy about number of embryos to transfer. We already signed papers saying only 1, but we are allowed to change our mind. Our doc recommended only one b/c we're only 28 and are otherwise healthy, so he thinks there's a decent chance it'll work and said that twins are a high risk preg. Personally, I can't shake the thought that I'd LOVE twins. And, this is a physically and emotionally tough process...if 2 embryos increases the odds, it would certaily decrease the odds of having to do this over and over again! I'm just afraid I'm being irresponsible in wanting to purposely increase my chances of twins....any thoughts?

    Thanks for all the support ladies!

  14. marta:

    to answer your question. I think I would be thinking of putting in 2 in case one doesn't take. If both take, you got yourself twins. Considering your age and good health it shouldn't be too much to carry twins.

    I'm 25 and all along we were thinking of putting 2 in. Yesterday we got to ET and my RE told us that we had 3 blasts. We figured that we would put 2 in and freeze one. While laying on the table in all my glory, the lab guy informed RE that one of those blasts wasn't as good as others and he wouldn't recommend freezing. Embryologist and RE quickly decided to throw all 3 in. And they did.

    I am still in shock as I'm very concerned about triplets and if I would be able to carry them all. But I keep thinking that maybe max of 2 will take.

    I guess the best person to answer this question would be RE on the day of ET. They will determine the quaility of your embies and you and your DH with RE's help will be able to decided what's best.

    Right off the back I would be thinking at least 2 though.

  15. Sofie, that exact situation happened to us last time. We had always planned on two, but they were all such crappy quality that none were going to be frozen anyway. So they suggested putting in the three best (which weren't that great) because the cells would be helpful in any posible implantation. I had never heard that, but it made sense.

    I think the labs/hospitals/doctors want to cover themselves and rattle on about twin pregnancies being risky - and I know they are - but then at the end, they say, \"we normally transfer two for the best chance\". Also, my lab is doing a study of trying to transfer one, and we opted out of that study because we just want the best chances.

    Coach - If we've learned anything over the past 3 or so years of infertility - it's that you can always change your mind.

    Oh, and someone asked if we've been doing fertility treatments for the entire three years.... No, we just waited to see what would happen for at least a year. Then my husband did a lot of stuff like the varicocele surgery, the clomid, etc. Then we finally decided on IVF this year in May. It took until July to finally start our first cycle and then October for our second. It's all the \"try this for three months\", \"wait two more periods before starting ivf\", \"do this test and this test before we can proceed\". So much waiting.... I know it drives us ALL crazy!!!

    It is nice to finally be doing stuff that might actually lead to a pregnancy...

  16. Good morning ladies,

    I just came back from the RE and I now have 13 follies, 12 of which are in the 20-23mm range and one in the 16mm range. They've taken my blood to be tested and unless the blood test suggests another day is needed, I've been told to take the trigger shot tonight at 1AM, with the ER scheduled for Wednesday at 12n. I'm quite excited!!

    semep - good luck tomorrow!! Do let us know how it goes. I loved your post about the comment. And I love that we have each other to share this rollercoaster ride with.

    Cheers - I've been going to a whole bunch of baby showers (it seems like everyone's just popping them out within minutes of deciding to) and I'm faced with the same totally sucks. I've also been married 7 years, so it makes it harder. Couple of months ago, my husband's cousin announced her pregnancy and her mother turns to me and says 'Well, what are you waiting for? You're losing the race, she's 2 years younger than you!\" Don't you love it when people are like that!! But all that's hopefully a dim memory for all of us...I'm very excited (can you tell?!) and focused on the positive.

    Bearly - happy Birthday!! An evening in the city in a limo sounds lovely. We did that once for my 26th bday (a distant memory ) and had such a good time. Something to look forward to through all this.

    marta - I hear you about the discomfort...I feel twinges and my tummy is bigger than it usually looks (flattering!!). I guess if we usually produce one egg a month and our ovaries have to now produce several, it makes sense that they'd be a lot bigger. Never thought about it like that until you visualized it...walnuts to grapefruits, wow...

    Bailey - Yes, I will be doing acupuncture before and after my transfer. My acupuncturist will come to me the day of the transfer, even if it is a Sunday. I know what you mean about being sad on your acupuncturist being away. Also, I was freaking out when I only had 2 follies, the others came along later. I think for some people it just takes longer. And one of my friends went through her first IVF last month and she had 8 follies that when they went in, they actually retrieved more than 10 eggs....apparently they generally find more when they go in because the smaller follies sometimes catch up after the trigger. (She's pregnant now btw) I know it's hard, but as you said, it only takes one.

    Sofie, I was talking to my RE and he said they recommend transferring 3, but it all depends on the quality and development of the embies. I'm thinking 3 is fine in the hope that it will result in a singleton or twins. But honestly, if I HAD to choose, I'd pick triplets over none, if that makes sense.

    I'm quite nervous about the trigger it painful? Luckily my dh is back from his business trip so he will have the pleasure of shooting it on my butt. And apparently the progesterone is also an intra-muscular shot? Which lasts for several weeks? Oh joy.

    Good luck and SSBD to all of you

  17. Hey girls!

    I cannot believe we are all soooo close! I'm getting very excited for all of us!

    Good news! I just went for my u/s and b/w. Now I have 9 good sized follies! I got 2 more since yesterday. I am feeling better now. I have to wait until this afternoon for them to call me about the bloodwork and plan for retrieval. I am ready to get on to the next stage!

    retboncool and Texas - congrats on your upcoming retrievals. Please keep us posted on all the details. I will be praying that everything goes smoothly for ya\'ll.

    Texas - I was not at all offended by your comment! I think we are all just trying to stay positive right now and keep each other positive. I have also heard so many hurtful comments over the past couple of years. I think even your friends that try to be the most understanding cannot totally relate. It is only those of us who have been through it. I have had to throw 2 baby showers for very close friends over the past few months. It seems like every week someone else calls to announce their pregnancy and they always like to throw in the line \"we weren't even really trying.\" I think that is my biggest pet peeve in the world!!!! My opinion is if you are not preventing then you are trying!!! Sorry to get off on that tangent! I am able to be truly happy for my friends for the most part but sometimes it just gets to be too much when you feel like you are still the only one w/o a baby.

    Bearly - your birthday celebration sounds like it will be so much fun! I think we are going to try to come up with something fun to do once all of this is over. I would love a weekend away! We are thinking about going somewhere by ourselves after Christmas.

    Glimmer - any news about when your retrieval is going to be? Let us know! We may both be Thanksgiving buddies after all!

    Coach - I am also eating a ton! I feel huge and I think I've gained about 4-5 pound since this all started. I had lost about 12 pounds before all this started and now I am sad that I am going to be right back where I started. Oh well! What can you do!!

    Our plan is to put in two. I did have the conversation with dh about what we would do it we put in two and had one left that didn't look like it could freeze. I guess we will trust the doctor's expertise then and pray!! I have a friend with triplets and she wouldn't change it for the world but it is really hard! I think we would have to move my mother in with us if that happened I think I would love twins, but the idea of triplets really scares me.

    Well, everyone have a good Monday! I am feeling wiped out. I had a migraine last night and just feel very sleepy. I'm going to try to take it easy today.

    I'm thinking of you all and sending good luck your way!!

  18. Ladies -

    It's a rainy all around gross day in NYC. I had B/W and U/S this morning and found out that my follies have gotten very big in the last 2 days. 7 of them are between 12.5 and 19. Needless to say, the RE told me that there is a strong possibility I will be triggering TONIGHT. I thought for sure it would be tomorrow night and planned a night out tonight with some friends from work to see another friend from work perform a cabaret act. I was planning to bring my Lupron and Follistim pen (I have my own small refridgerator in my office) and run off to the bathroom at the club to inject myself (which, at this point, is really no big deal). But now it looks like I may have to give myself an HCG shot in the public bathroom of a club! Actually, it is kind of funny. Certainly a story to tell - kinda out of a sit com. But needless to say, I am very nervous about this. Might end up just blowing off the show and going home or leaving the show early (depending on the time of the shot.) This is so typical. It goes to show you - you really can't make ANY plans during this time period.

    Coach - Personally, if I were in your shoes, I would put back two. Especially since you are not adverse to twins and you are so young and can easily carry them. As for me - last time they put back 5! Of course I am decades older than you (which obviously factors into the decision), but, personally, I will stop at nothing to increase my odds of success. Oh and I do believe my ovaries are reaching grapefruit proportions.

    Tex - Can't wait to hear all about the ER!!!!! Looks like I am following very closely on your heels!

    Cheers - I know what you mean with the awkward comments. Since I am over 40 and single, I constantly get - \"How come you are not married?\" and \"So you obviously don't want kids.\" People mean well, but can be soooo annoying. I agree that by far the most annoying comment after my failed pregnancy was \"If it was meant to be, it would be.\" So are you saying that all I am \"meant\" to have is heart ache and misery?! Ugh!

    Bearly - Happy Birthday!!!!! I know what you mean about not wanting to celebrate to much this year. It's fine to just take it easy and relax. My birthday is Friday and I just want to ignore it altogether this year. I too am tired, frustrated and anxious to get this the heck over with. But I am hoping I can wait just one more day on the trigger. Even if it means a Thanksgiving ER. Let us know what the RE says.

    Bailey - Good luck with the follies. Remember, oftentimes more than one egg is hanging out in each follie, so you never know what surprises you may get the day of ER!
    BTW - I ate chinese food last night with a friend. Absolutely the worst thing I could have eaten, I know - but my stomach won over my rational mind. Oh well, it happens (she says as she drinks a cup of caffeinated coffee.)

    Rumsey - I am cycling at Cornell and live on the upper eastside. Maybe we can meet up for some decaf coffee one of these days. Send me a PM with your info. Thanks for the grape juice tip. But isn't there a lot of sugar in there? Maybe you shouldn't drink too much of it. (Miss Chinese Food and caffeine head over here should talk, huh?) Good luck with the acupuncture. Anxious to hear if it works. I have been toying with the idea of getting those Anji meditation CDs, but don't know if it's for me. Has anyone purchased them or know anyone who did?

    Ferhat - I hope your injections are coming along. Have you had an U/S yet since you started? Keep us updated on your progress.

    I\'ll keep everyone updated about my crazy trigger shot antics.


  19. I'm laughing at the thought of triggering in a club! But you do what you gotta do.

    I actually did get the Anji meditations specifically for an IVF cycle. There are four tracks and I've only listened to the first one which is the \"pre-retrieval meditation\". I personally think it's been helpful even though I've only listened to it a handful of times. I'm glad you mentioned it because I might have forgotten to move on to the next track tomorrow. The majority of the meditation is to breathe deeply and relax your body and try to quiet your mind from all the daily stresses we're feeling. Then the soothing voice will help you focus on your body systems and how your body is doing exactly what it needs to be doing to bring forth new life. I really do like it.

    I'm also participating in a Mind/Body workshop that was originally created by Alice Domar at Boston IVF. I've only been to the first session and will miss the 2nd session because of the ER tomorrow. But I think it's nice to actually meet others (in real life) that are going through the same thing. Even the husbands who came last week said the said that - so there is a need for support no matter how you get it.

    I did accupuncture for my last cycle and found it also relaxing. We've had a heck of a year regarding infertility and I just want to do everything I can to try to get myself calmed and relaxed and get the best possible outcome.

    Ok, I'm going to tackle some of the things I want to get done before the retrieval and then Thanksgiving.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  20. Glimmer - I think that I would have to go for it if I were in your shoes, but I've never had ovaries the size of grapefruits. So, I don't know how that feels. I've had some funny moments through all of this as I'm sure we all have... One of the funniest...My husband has given me my follistem shot with a house full of people and I had a glass of wine in my hand. I remember thinking...well, this is interesting. The whole house was yelling at my husband and I to hurry up (they had no idea what was going on) because it was time to blow out the bday candles. I say...go for it...Make a memory...

    Bailey - I laughed out loud about the \"we weren't even really trying\" comment. How many times have I heard that one. I would have to agree that is one of my favorites. If it is not to brag...I don't know what other motivation someone would have in saying such a thing.

    Anyone else have a funny story?


  21. Good evening ladies. Congratulations to all those who have moved beyond the stims. We will all be there soon. I have to trigger toight at 11:15. It seems like forever since we began this journey. We are so excited to have gotten this far. Cant wait till sat when i actually have the transfer. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Hopefully it will really be a happy 30th.

    We are definately transfering 2 and if twins are in the cards than i would be so hapy. three seems like a little twommuch but god has a sense of humor and it is certertinly possible.

    I have appt tom to sign consents. Not sure if the draw blood or not. I also have NO idea how many follies there are. guess i will jsut have to wait till wed.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Keep making eggs

  22. Bearly...good luck with the trigger! I'll be thinking of you for your upcoming transfer.

    I go in tomorrow morning for b/w and u/s and should know tomorrow about when I'm triggering and then doing the ER. It was hard to make myself take the shot tonight because of the discomfort my ovaries are already in!

    semep- good luck tomorrow with your thoughts are with you also.

    Sofie, Glimmer, Cheers, Bearly, semep, Bailey, retboncool...thanks for the thoughts and advice on how many embryos to transfer. I think we are going to transfer 2 when the time comes. Your words of encouragement certainly put me a little more at ease. Now I just have to be sure we can change our paperwork.

    Thanks again and good luck to all those starting or ending a step in this whole crazy process.

  23. Hi ladies,

    Bearly, looks like we are on the same schedule - my trigger is scheduled for tonight at 1.30AM (yep, in the middle of the night!) and retrieval for 12.30pm Wednesday. I'm so glad this time is finally here. semep, how was the shot for you? Good luck tomorrow! I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable so this retrieval is coming at a good time.

    more later...will keep everyone posted. Goodnight (for 3 hours before I have to wake up again to take the shot!!)

  24. Good mornining. The trigger shot was not so bad...just like the repronex...mine was a powder. my dh came up and woke me up at 11:15 and quickly did it and i was right ack to sleep. I cant wait to get these eggs out of me. I am wondering if they got any bigger after the shot.

    How is everyone feeling. Ladies for those of you who are having the retrieval before thursday... are you traveling for thanksgiving? My doctor said no to the day of and the day after. I really want to go home and am wondering if i should ask again. Its a three hour drive and its not like i am arrying any cargo . Why would they not want us to travel after the retrieval??? i can understand after the transfer but the retrieval... i dont know what i am going to do yet.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day and is feeling ok. we all know the stims can make you very uncomfortable. Talk to you soon.

  25. Ladies good luck with your upcoming ERs!

    Bearly, someone on one of these boards was in the car for 4 hours after ER. She took some Tylenol and was ok the entire time. Depends on the body I guess.

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