Started stims fri 11/09/07 anyone else?

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  1. Hey ladies -

    Welcome Cheers! We are here for you for support and hopefully some answers.

    Is it just me, or are these hormones starting to get to everyone? I go from really peppy and cheerful to sleepy and weepy - in the blink of an eye. My emotions are clearly all over the place! And trying to cut down on my caffeine intake is definitely not helping my state of mind any!

    Bailey - I did 8 or 9 IUIs (not sure) all but one on Clomid. I did not do well with it either. I got really bad pains all the time. Even this emotional rollercoaster was better than that!

    Ferhat - Be selfish! Now is the time to spoil ourselves. Find something you love to do and do it! Or just pamper yourself with a facial or mani/pedi. I, for one, am getting my hair done on Saturday. BTW - what's the current thinking about highlights once we are all pregnant? I think it's pretty safe these days, as long as no bleach is used and the dye is vegetable dye. What have you heard?

    Bearly -thanks for the words of encouragement. It means a lot to know I have a support network in my corner. I hope your DH treats you with lots of TLC during this trying time.

    semep - I'm glad you think a little exercise is O.K. I was too tired to make it to the gym tonight, but I would still like to do a little something for as long as I still feel up to it. I plan to stop everything at ER, ET and the week after ET. I am even thinking about taking the week off from work completely.

    Shout out to CA Bound as well!

    U/S and B/W tomorrow. Will report in with results.



  2. I must say that I have enjoyed reading all of your posts this evening. All of you have made me chuckle for one reason or another but mostly because I feel and/or have felt much of the same things.

    Glimmer - Many of your posts hit home for me. I drink the morning and I love to have a mid-afternoon cup. (You made a comment on decreasing your caffeine intake.) I also love to exercise...I was a college volleyball player and I did triathlon for about 5 years. (You made a comment about not knowing if exercise was ok.) I have been working hard on easing up on these things the past 6 months...since we've been seeing a doctor. But,'s tough. Especially when the hormones, at times, make me feel like I'm in a million little pieces. How has it been to continue exercise through your stims? Is your abdomen really uncomfortable?

    To All - Thanks again for welcoming me into the thread. I look forward to hearing about all of your progress. Anyone have an ER date yet?

    Cheers...and Sweet Dreams!

  3. Hello all,
    I\'m new to all of this, including the little acronyms, so bear with me! We've just started our first IVF cycle. Did month on BCP and got AF Fri 11/9. Started Lupron and now am doing shots of that and Bravelle/Menopur for stims. After first bloodwork and ultrasoud during the stimming, doc upped Bravelle dosage, everything else the same. I go in tomorrow morning for more monitoring. If body works according to protocol...we'll do egg retrieval likely on Thanksgiving day.

    It looks like we're all around the same as far as timing. Can I join in?

  4. Hello to you all
    do any of you feel like since your treatment has started the days are dragging I go in for my scan on the 22nd and then if everything goes to plan start my injections on the 24th {help I'm dreading them and my hubby can't stand needles so who knows how we'll cope} I keep saying to myself that it will all be worth it in the end.
    Changing the subject completly in the U.S is Christmas Day as big a celebration as Thanksgiving? I love Christmas we are doing Christmas lunch for some of the family this year.
    Anyway hope you all have a lovely day,speak to you tomorrow

  5. Hi Y'all! Sorry, I was away from my comptuer all day yesterday and couldn't post. I hope everyone is well today. Welcome to the new folks - Cheers and marta! I do kind of think the days are a little sluggish lately. I've been in for blood work 2 times and no ultrasounds, but tomorrow I will finally get one. I'm hoping I'm responding well - I'm starting to \"feel\" my ovaries working, I think. Bailey, I'm not a huge planner, but I'm with you - we need to know what's going on next week!!

    Ferhat - I hope you've been taking care of yourself without regret. During our first cycle in August, I felt so fragile from the drugs. I didn't realize it until the very end (right before the beta), but it was hard dealing with all the extra emotions (I tend to have a very stable mood - no extreme highs or lows). I definitely wanted to withdraw onto my couch and not be around many people. And I think that's compeltely okay. Oh, and Thanksgiving is as big of a holiday as Christmas, except no presents. Getting together, eating, and watching football, etc. It's one of the major US holidays, I'd say.

    Glimmer - I admire your decision to take on single-motherhood. And I'm so glad you have had such great response and support. Do you read blogs? (I'm a bit of a blog-reading fanatic). There are quite a few on single-moms-by-choice who had to go through fertility treatments including IVF. If you go to she has a long list of blogs divided by category on the left side of her site. This might be old news to you guys, but just in case, I thought I'd pass it along.

    Bearly - my husband has had lots of s/a's and they ranged from 2.5 million down to 90,000 after the Clomid. The docs don't seem to be concerned as far as ICSI goes. From what my husband has said, it's becoming apparent that a varicocele does more damage (espeically to fertility) than they thought in the past. It was one of those strange conversations that you remember forever... when we were in college, he found the wormy lump on his testicle and went to have it checked out. After asking if it would affect his ability to have children, the doctor replied, \"You don't want kids now, do you?\" We were like 19!!! So we both disregarded it. But I remember like it was yesterday. I guess it was a premonition of sorts.

    I'm not sure if I ever properly introduced myself. I'm 31 and my husband is 32. We just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and we're beginning our fourth year of infertility. I'm still taking my Lupron and the 75 units of Menopur in the mornings and 150 units of Follistim in the evenings. Maybe I'll have some new news to report tomorrow after the ultrasounds.

    Have a great evening everyone!

  6. Hello ladies... its wonderful to read all the updates. What a nice distraction from the stresses of life. Thank you all for your support and sharing your expeiences.

    marta ... its good to have you with us.

    semep... you said something that i could really connect with. I so dont want to be with people right now. I dont want to talk or have company or anything. I am not weepy or depressed... i just want to be alone. I look forward to curling uo in my bed and just relaxing. I usually look forward to talking on the phone or spending time wth my friends bt recently i have jsut not wante to do any of that. AND I am just sooooooo exhausted. I dont know about the rest of you but i can barely make it through the day. I too was an athlete and continu to play softball and coach and umpire so i usually have tons of energy but right now i am drained.

    KAy... the sub q needles are not so bad. I am a needle phobe and cantstand the sight of them Mydh gives me the injections everyday because if i even look at them i might pass out but i have started getting used to them or my tummy has just becaome numb to the pain so they jsut dont hurt like they used to. I cried after the first few. You will find a way. Anything to have a baby right!!!

    Cheers.. where are you in your cycle?/ how are things going?

    Glimmer .... how was the bw and sono? any change in your protool. any news on er/et? hope you are progressing well

    bailey... sorry to hear that you werent progressing as fast as they would have hoped but i am sure your re has it all under control. i was responding faster than they liked so they bsacked me off and believe me it was suoer uncomfortable. maybe we can meet halfway and balance eachother out

    Well there is no news on when er or et will be amd i am losing my mind. I think not knowing is causeing more stress than the actual process itself. Dont they know its a holiday and we really need to plan??? i cant tell you the amount of times i have counrte the days since i started my stims tring to estimate the retrieval date. It never changes. Alyays falls in one day next week. Same answer every time i count. I have bw and sono tomorrow, Dont know how mnuch longer my veins are gonna hold out cause they are briused and tender. Its gonna be rough tomorrow.

    Hope all is well talk to you all soon

  7. Hey Gang -

    Good news to share! B/W & U/S showed that I am responding well to the stims and have 6 follicles on the right side and 6 on the left. They are still pretty small - but they are there and they are growing right on schedule!!! If my body behaves like it did last cycle, then - uh oh - looks like it's gonna be Turkey Day in the OR for ER! Oy! But it's all good. When they are ready, they are ready. Can't mess with Mother Nature!

    Cheers - I think I am done exercising for the time being. I am too afraid that I will regret it if things don't work out this cycle. I don't want any \"what ifs\" hanging over my head.

    Ferhat - Let's hope your Christmas lunch is extra memorable and filled with lots of joy this year.

    Welcome Coach!

    Thanks for the blog website aotx. I can't concentrate very much at work these days so I will definitely do a little web surfing with the info.

    Speaking of work, I just found out today that I am up for a big promotion. But the thing is, the work location would be between 1 1/2 to 2 hour commute each way (now I am door to door in a 1/2 hour via public transportation.) I know they say it's not good to put our lives on hold in hopes of having a baby, but all I can think of is that the last thing I would want to do with a new baby is come leave at least an hour earlier and come home and hour later! But then again, it would mean more $, which would come in handy with a new baby. Needless to say, I am sooooo confused. I know I am jumping the gun, but I have to think about these things. What do you folks think?

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I have to go back tomorrow for another U/S and more B/W. Can't wait to hear all your reports.

    Think happy thoughts!

    Glimmer (BTW my real name is Amy - but I kinda like Glimmer )

  8. Hey ladies!

    Hope everyone is doing well tonight! I am feeling exhausted. I think it is a combination of the increased drugs and the fact that I didn't sleep well last night. I plan on going to bed as soon as Grey's Anatomy is over!

    I went for visit w/ the doctor b/w and u/s today. I am not responding as well as the dr. had hoped for someone my age. He said he put me on high dosages to begin with and he is thought I would respond stronger. He has bumped up my dosages even more but says there is not need to worry. He wondered if my FSH might be a little high before and now he is starting to think that might be the problem. Right now I have 4 follicles measuring above 1 mm and he said that there is still plenty of time for others to grow. We didn't want a ton of eggs b/c I really struggle with having a lot of frozen embryos leftover. My husband has some genetic problems and we have a 50% chance of passing them on to any children. So, until we see how that might manifest we want to be conservative. I feel like if I have frozens I have to use them (we can't donate due to the genetic stuff).

    Welcome marta....From what my doctor said today I am thinking our retrieval may be on Thanksgiving or the day after. My doctor joked about it and kidded me and told me I wouldn't be able to eat at all that day!

    semep and KayKay... I also feel like the days are starting to DRAG on and on. I for some reason had it in my head that the retrieval might be early next week and that the ball would get rolling faster. Things seem to go really fast in the beginning, but not now. Oh well, we can all keep each other company.

    Glimmer and Cheers.. I think that giving up coffee might have been the hardest part of this process so far I weaned myself off slowly so I have adjusted ok. It is just so hard b/c my favorite is the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks and they just have it this time of year! I have been exercising but tonight when I walked on the treadmill I felt really tired and a little bit of pain in my stomach. I think I will be slowing everything down from here on out.

    Everyone please keep us posted on your b/w and ultrasounds. Also, how long are you all planning to rest after the transfer.

    Gotta run watch Grey's! Good night!

  9. Bearly - Just read your post. My stims have been reduced steadily too. The first 3 days, the Follistim was at 300 units. Last night it was lowered to 250 and tonight, lowered again to 200. Better safe than sorry, no?

    I know what you mean about not wanting to be social. All I want to do when I get home from work is put on some loose comfy sweats, eat and read all your posts! It's a very strange limbo we are all in.

    Please let us all know how your U/S goes!


  10. Hello! Hello!

    Just trying to wind down from a heck of a day and I'm enjoying the posts. You are all so great in addressing everyone. I will try to follow suit.

    Coach - Welcome. I'm Cheers...and I'm just tagging along with these great people. I'm a bit behind everyone so I am just learning from them and now I'll get to hear your perspective as well.

    Bailey - Hang in there. Stay positive and remember...we don't have a lot of control over the outcome of all this. We are really just along for the ride and what a crazy ride it is.

    Bearly - I'm on BCPs...nothing major yet. Just feeling a little less patient than usual. I start Lupron on Saturday and my STIMS are scheduled to start 11/28. I'm nervous about that Lupron though...heard it can be rough. Hang in sound pretty tired.

    Ferhat - We might be on a similar schedule. If injections means STIMS... I also keep saying to myself that this has all got to be worth it, right? And, Thanksgiving is very big in the US. My husband is not originally from this country and this is his favorite US holiday. He says that this Holiday is the only one that is only celebrated here and he loves the food and the family and the friends.

    Texas - We've been married for 11 years also...long time like you. We've been TTC for 5 years but only seeing doctors for about a year and a half. Is this your 4th year of seeing doctors for infertility? If so, wow, I admire your courage. It's tough to stay positive through all this and you seem very strong. I'm looking forward to hearing good news from your direction.

    Glimmer - Life is crazy... I have a similar work-related problem/decision. I have been working my tail off part-time at 3 Junior Colleges for 5 years... hoping to make a great impression and get hired when a full-time spot comes open. (Those positions are so hard to come by.) Well, I also wanted to have a couple of children before the full-time slot opened so that I could get my feet on the ground with my new life as a mother. 5 years and ...we are now doing our first cycle of IVF and if it works I would be due around August. Of course, as fate would have it, one of the schools has a spot open starting in August...full-time (3 times the pay) and it looks like I would get it. Uggg... Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic about the thought of becoming a mother but... I have worked so hard for the spot that is opening up. It's just so... unexplainable. But, nothing I can really do about it. My decision is to apply for the position and see how I feel (literally) if they do offer me the job. About your position... tough one too. Is daycare available in the new town where you would work? The kiddo could commute with you? Could you move there if the position worked out? Will there be other promotions later on if you pass this one up?

    Long post this time but I wanted to address everyone. Hang in there you guys. All of you, as a collective, sound very tired. I can imagine that I will feel the same. The IUI's were exhausting by the end. Us!

  11. Good morning ladies. I am having a tough morning and just thought i would check in. Feeling a little anxoius about the appointment today. Having panic attacks. This is the first one since i stopped taking my xanax after starting the stims. I was told they were a non no so i just had to give them up. I hjave done so well thus far but seem to be freaking out today.. I think its causre the blood work really really hurt last time and i hate needles and the thought of having to do it agian is totally freaking me out. i hope i can jsut get this over with soon. Well have a wondeful day ladies and i will check in this evening

  12. Bearly-- I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way this morning. You can do this!!! I'm sure none of us will even remember this craziness in a few years! It is going to be so worth it in the end. Please let us know what you find out today. It sounds like you are doing great so far!

    Cheers and Glimmer --I am so sorry that you are both having to deal with difficult work decisions right now? Doesn't it seem like we have enough hard decisions to deal with right now. Well, I can relate. I have actually stopped working while going through this because it was all too much for me. There was always a major event going on at work and it always seem to fall during an IUI cycle, etc. It is wonderful to have the time off and rest and relax, but at times I feel extremely guilty for not working right now. People who have no idea about the infertility stuff just see you as lazy and say \"it must be nice to not work and have a life of leisure.\" I do some monogramming out of my house but I've even cut back on that this month. That gets hard b/c the main thing people want monogrammed is baby gifts! I have to be in the right frame of mind to do that!

    Glimmer - I was also wondering if you could relocate to be near the new job? Do you live near your family now?

    KayKay - hang in there! You can do the shots. There are really not as bad as I thought that they would be. After you do the first 2-3 you will feel like a pro. I do my own shots b/c if for some reason it hurt I rather do that to myself than have my husband do it. Plus, since I would be able to see him doing it that is bad for me. I don't want to blame him for anything and put more stress on him However, he is going to have to do my progresterone shots and I am pretty nervous about that. I have heard those are the worst ones.

    Well, I hope everyone has a good day! I'm excited b/c my doctor gave me the day off from b/w and u/s. Yeah! It's the first day all week that I have not had to go in. Everyone please keep us posted on what you find out today!

    I'm thinking about all of you! Good luck and stay positive!!!!!!

  13. Hi Ladies.

    Thanks for such a warm welcome. I'm so thrilled to go through this with other folks who know the ins and outs.

    Still learning everyone and their story, so again, bear with me. But here are some of my thoughts on what I've read so far...

    Glimmer- My gut says go for the promotion...but only if you like and want that job. The commute could be a nightmare and you may want to consider a move, but it can be done. I think one of the most important things in raising a family is balance. You have to feel good about the job you're doing professionally and as a mom. If this job is one you've been working towards, take it. If you don't feel strongly about it, then focus on baby-making instead. If you take the job and have a baby, you and your family will work it out. If you find it was a bad decision, you ALWAYS have options.

    KayKay- the injections aren't as bad as they seem. My husband is a paramedic, so I figured I'd make him do it for me..but there are nights when he's working and i have to do it...turns out it's easier for me that way and not that bad. I do them in my tummy rolls and I don't know about the progesterone ones that come later.

    Had b/w and u/s this morning. Had follicle growth in number and size, but not anything worth measuring yet. Waiting to hear from nurse about what drug protocol to continue with.

    Bearly-Good luck and it will be ok.

    Have a good morning ladies.

  14. Bearly - My heart and my thoughts are with you. Oh... hang in there. Do you have friends and/or family that could go with you? Would that help? Would it help to go to your appointment and do something nice after like go to a nice brunch? I don't really know what to say but I am thinking of you.

  15. hey guys! Reporting from my phone, so I'll keep it short. Had my first u/s this morning and they thought everything was looking good. 11 follicles, mostly the same size. He thinks Wednesday for retreival. Time is starting to go faster now.

    I'll post later with my shot-giving tips...

  16. bearly, i did want to pass along something that really helps me when im anxious... I breathe deeply and really concentrate on my breath. On the inhale you can think of the word 'calm' and on the exhale think 'peace'. This got me through an entire 3-hour flight once! Im thinking of you too!

  17. Hi Ladies,

    I just posted a thread and anto suggested joining this one and I am so glad she did (thanks Bailey!). What a terrific forum and a great place to share this rollercoaster ride! I am on the schedule as most of you, started stims 11/9 and likely will have the retrieval Wednesday or Turkey day. Which luckily is fine because we didn't have any travel plans for Thanksgiving, and the lab is relatively close to home.

    So here's my story - I'm 32, my husband is 34 and we've been married for 7 years and ttc pretty much that whole time without success. I had an IUI March 2007 which resulted in ectopic/removal of right tube. I am now on my first IVF, had Lupron 20IU for 2 weeks and started Gonal F/reduced Lupron 10IU as of 11/9. I had an u/s 11/13 that only showed 2 follies that got me really worried. Luckily the second u/s which was yesterday showed 12 follies - 8 on the left and 4 on the right, all around 11-14mm. The lining was 9mm, which the RE said was good too. I'm continuing the same meds and my next u/s is tomorrow morn.

    I had a weird question - I had a lot of cervical mucus Weds/Thurs, but it seems to have reduced today. The reduction isn't a bad thing, right? I haven't had much side effects from the stims apart from twinges in my pelvic area and a general sense of heaviness. When I was on the suppression course for Lupron though, I was SO weepy and snippy to my poor husband. Lot better now, thank God.

    As far as telling people....we haven't told anyone, not even his parents (both my parents are passed away, if my mom was still here I would have told her). I've had several hurtful comments thrown at me about not yet having conceived (people are SO insensitive sometimes) and I couldn't deal with pity or being a subject of discussion. It's a struggle though and that's why this forum is terrific, to be able to share with women who are going through the same arduous process...ultimately I think you have to go through this to really get it.

    Look forward to hearing from y'all. Happy Friday!

  18. My husband has mild male infertility (low motility) and we will be doing ICSI, per my RE's recco.

  19. Hi retboncool...

    Welcome to the group...I'm new too.

    My DH and I made the potential error in telling EVERYONE about what we're going through...I'm a bit of a talker, so it's natural for me and my DH is not capable of keeping secrets! It's been great in terms of support and I find that explaining the process to folks actually calms me some. But, I'm nervous about the 2WW and then telling folks the on that side, I wish we'd told fewer people.

    Mucus-Not sure what meds do what, but I know some of them have dryness as a side effect.

    I forgot to give my detailes to everyone, so here's me:
    DH and I have been married 3 + years and TTC for almost 2. Did round of clomid with timed intercourse and two rounds of IUI with clomid plus menopur shots and trigger shots. Doc suggested symptoms I have may be endometriosis, and we decided that we'd try a round or 2 of IVF before considering a laporoscopy to officially dx or correct the endo. We are both 28 and all other conditions are normal. Doc even said DH sperm anaylsis was above average (DH want's that in writing) and while my ovulation is not always right on time (have long cycle), everything appears normal. So as of now, we have unexplained infertility. This is our first IVF.

  20. Ok so i am feeling better. I made it through the appt and it was much better than the last. Doc says we are looking at wed or thurs for retrieval. WOW!!! he also said that i was absoluely not to travel the day of or day after thankgivig... bye bye turkey dinner since dh will be too busy with me at retrival on thursday to cook anyway... protocol remains the same for me until i go back sun. That is 1 bottle repronex and 125 follistim and 5 units lupron. So thats ok because i am starting to get used to it. I think the hormones are kicking in because after i found out thanksgiving was definately out i called my sister and cried. then i creid to my dh and then i crid to my best friend. I never cry and today i couldnt seem to stop. anyway.. i am sure i will get over it.

    Coach...i too made the same error in judgement. I have told the world. God i hope it works cause telling everone about a positive will be alot easire than explaining the negative. I am keeping positive thoughts and saying lots of prayers though.

    retboncool.. well to the thread we are very glad toi have you. My dh and i have male factor infertiltity and will also be doing iscsi. Hope this increases the chances of fertilizaation. I really worry that i will produce the eggs but that the sperm may not want to play. I too had cervical mucus yesterday but it went away. at first i thought maybe i was ovulating but i had sono today and everything was ok. so i wouldnt woory about it. being thirty and childless and from a family of nine with 2 neices and nephews has brought about the same question... why dont you have kids and what are you waiting for. and so on and so on. i just smile and ignore them because some people jsut dont understand.

    texas... thanks for the breathing exercise, it did help. I appreciate it. i am so jealous that you know the size of you follies because they havent told me much except there was an adequate amount of follies there.. what does that mean???? i wish i could find out more but they are very elusive at my doc office.

    Cheers.. thanks for the support. the appts are so early that i hate to ask others to go and it really makes me more nervous even to have dh there because i worry that i am incoviencing them or that the appt is taking too long or that they dont really want to be there so it jsut makes it harder. I jsut have to get through it even though it is really hard. Dh has been supportive and has told me i am doing great job. so he is there for me.

    Bailey.. isnt it wonderful not to have to go in to the docs office. Just one day is like a gift that you truely appreciate. I know that io was so excited when they told me to come back sun an not tomorrow. My arms get a rest. Let us know how oyou are progressing when you go ba k in.

    Ferhat.. just wondering how you are holding up?? how is your dh doing with all of this? I hjope i am not scaring you off with my anxiety. I just take one day at a time. Trust me you will be at the transfer before you know it.

  21. Hi Everyone!

    So great to read everyone's posts. All is well here. I just had B/W today and the protocol has remained the same (200 follistim, .5 lupron). Turns out that I have 12 visible follicles - 6 on the left and 6 on the right (most between 5 and 9 and some little ones). E2 is up to 469 today. Bearly, my center also doesn't give this info out unsolicited, but I always ask a million questions and they are happy to comply. Tomorrow I go back for B/W and U/S. Still right on schedule for a Turkey Day RE.

    Thanks for all the great support/advice about the job. I decided to take the interview, which isn't until Dec. 12. I figure by then I will know if I am pregnant or not, so I can make the decision depending on my circumstances. Yes, I can move, but don't have any desire to. I have a large rent stablized apartment in the upper eastside of Manhattan, so I really would hate to give it up to move out to the sticks. I am such a city girl!

    Welcome retboncool! I'm sorry I can't provide mucus advice, but it certainly doesn't sound like anything that you need to be very concerned about.

    Bearly - I am so glad you are feeling better. This experience does a real number on both our bodies and our minds. But do your best to try and relax. And understand that it's O.K. to have some freak outs and to be irrational during this crazy time.

    Shout outs to Coach, Tex, Bailey, Ferhat and Cheers as well. I am sorry I don't have the energy to write personalized messages to everyone, but know that I am sending my thoughts and good vibes out to each of you and I am anxious to hear about how each one of you progresses.

    Happy Friday!


  22. Just checking in. Looks like everyone had a busy sat because there were no posts. I will wake up in the moning and officially be thirsty. I hope this baby can be made soon. good night hope all is well

  23. Hello everyone! Welcome retboncool...

    I just took my first shot of Lupron, so I guess I'm on my way. All of you are probably like...uggg...she's got such a long way to go. I'm hoping it's uneventful and no reactions. The injection site is a little red, but it doesn't look significant...yet. I have a couple of questions...

    What is an E2? It's written on my calendar the day that I do my mock ET and I saw that Glimmer mentioned it so it reminded me to ask.

    Also, has anyone noticed that they are losing more hair than usual? I think that I started noticing it after my second IUI.

    Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing weekend. Hi Bearly...I'm glad you are feeling better.


  24. Hello everyone
    sorry not been in touch did a message on Friday but my computer crashed so I'll start again.
    Most of you are so close now to retrieval now I will be thinking of you all.

    retboncool: yes people can be hurtful with their comments,they should mind their own business shouldn't they. Don't pay any attention to them just be positive and stay away from people that are not, and all the people on this thread are amazingly supportive so stick with us.

    Bearly: of course your not scaring me off I love this sight as people are so upfront about things glad to hear your appointment went well you hang in there you will be fine. My dh is fine he's the sort of guy that takes everything in his stride which is just as well as I never know what sort of mood I'm going to be in. We had a lovely meal last night and I had a glass of wine is that bad? I have been giving up so many things I just wanted a break.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, sorry I can't answer you all individually
    take care kay

    ps. I find walking a good way to unwind and relax the fresh air is good for the soul

  25. Good moning ladies... how is everyone. Ferhat... you brought up something that i have been concerned about. I was told nothing but tylanol when i started my stims. So i havent had a drink or taken my xanax. I have been super careful. Last night we were visiting my parents and had brought a freshly brewed new flavor of beer that i got from a local brewery. I just wanted to taste it o see what it tasted like. I was too scared. With these little eggs formoing in me i was afraid that it might effect them or something. and i didnt know about drug interactions or anyting like that. I dont know what the rules are and i am pretty much a spaz. Well anyway... gotta go for bw and sono.

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