Started stims fri 11/09/07 anyone else?

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  1. I just started my stims last night and was looking to buddy up with someone. I think the retrival and transfer will be the week of thanksgiving. Anyone else???

  2. I'm starting tonight and will end up spending Thanksgiving alone as we live so far from our clinic!


  3. we too will be spending thanksgiving alone because we are cycling in ny and my family is in pa... cant travel if they are transfering the embryos!!!! hopefully it will all be worth it.

  4. Hi Ladies,

    I also started stims on the 10th. Mind if I join? I post on the Texas board, but those guys are a little ahead of me. This is my 2nd IVF, first was in August, but BFN. Being the 2nd, a little of the mystique is gone, but I'm starting to get excited again. Thanksgiving week will be a little weird for all of us!

  5. This is my first ivf so it is all very new to me. Dh and i have been ttc for 6 years and have mf infertility. We will be using isci to fertilize the eggs. hope it increases our chances. Things have been going well so far. I have had two blood tests and ultrasounds. I am excited for next week. cant believe its so close. How are you all doing? Any side effects? are you taking the injections ok?

  6. Hi
    can I join your group I started my nasal spray on the 8th November finding it a little overwhelming have been looking at threads and find some of the jargon hard to follow I am from the U.K so things are slightly different, could do with some support through this. This is my first IVF treatment.We are having isci also.

  7. Looks like I am in the same boat! Started stims last night and should be ready for ER around Thanksgiving. Woo hoo!

    This is my second IVF after many IUIs and an IVF in January which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. After much heartache and pain, I am back again to give it another shot. I will be 43 the day after Thanksgiving, so I know it's now or never. I am trying to be optimistic, but I feel very scared at the same time.

    Bearly - where in NY are you cycling? I'm at Cornell with Dr. Chung. I am a huge fan of his. He helped make a very rough time much more bearable.

    Tomorrow I just go in for B/W. Looking forward to seeing your daily progress.

  8. Hey ladies,

    I just joined this board. I am totally new to IVF. We have been TTC for over 2 years and have gone through 3 failed IUIs. I started my stims on Saturday, so I will also be having my retrieval the week of Thanksgiving. We are very excited and very nervous. We will be home alone for Thanksgiving, too, but hopefully in the long run it will be well worth it! For me it seems like this time is going by pretty fast. I am just worried about how slow the 2 weeks after the transfer will be.

    Good luck to all of you!

  9. Welcome kay it is wonderfulto have you. Since you are cycling in the uk you can offer a different perspective on things. Glad to offer you any support you need. Ask any questions you have and i am sure there are others who will have suggestions and answers.

    Glimmerof hope... glad to have you clclying with us. Its nice to know i wont be alone this thanksgiving holiday, that others will be in the same boat as me. What will you do if your transfer is thanksgiving? Will family come to see you? Keep us updated on your progress. oh and i am cycling at ... i cant remember the name ugh.......wait i will look... the center for reproductive health at long island Jeewish-north shore univ hosp. No wonder i cant remeber the name.

    Bailyga... welcome to the lonely for the holidays group.... we will be right there with you. I know how you feel being excited and nervous at the same time. How have you been responding to the stims???

    It is wonderful to have you all here with me. I really need the support and love to hear others experiences. They jsut lowered my dosage of follistim because my levels were a little high. I could tell that i was responding to the meds because i have been very cramy and a little nausous. I hope i dont get ohss becaue that would be really scarey.


  10. Bearly, we are also male factor and TTC for the past three years. We were told early on that IVF/ICSI was probably our only shot, but we wanted to try everything we could before IVF. My husband had a varicocele repair surgery in August '06 and also tried three months of Clomid early this year. He's certainly been through the ringer. As far as side effects, I don't think I've had many, thankfully. The injections are ok. The first IVF, my husband did all of the injecting. This time, I'm injecting all the subcutaneous meds and he'll be doing the progestrone booty-shots.

    Ferhat, I'm so glad you've joined. We can work through the jargon together. I've been reading blogs for a long time and can probably decipher most of the abreviations. Let us know if there is something you don't understand. Where do you live in the UK? I have some family in Liverpool.

    Glimmer, I'm so sorry about your ectopic pregnancy in January. That must have been devestating. I admire you for jumping back on the horse, even when it bucked you off last time!

    nickpappis, is this your first IVF? And where do you live?

    Hope everthing is going well!

  11. Wow! It's great to know that you are all out there going through this, too. It will be great to be able to correspond with all of you over the next few weeks/months.

    Is anyone else doing Lupron/Gonal F? I had some pretty nasty headaches with the Lupron but now that I have started the Gonal F they are better. I feel pretty normal right now. I was also starving all the time when I was doing the lupron. That seems to be better now, too, but I have been eating more.

    Have you all been exercising still? I have felt like walking so I have kept it up.

    I go in tomorrow for my first ultrasound and bloodwork since starting the stims. I am curious to see how things are going?

    Do all of you have to go to your dr. for daily appts?

  12. My protocol is Lupron and Menopur in the mornings and Follistim in the evenings. The follistim I'm used to from last time - no big deal. But the Menopur is mixed with a water solution and it kind of burns going in. It's new for me this cycle.

    My last doctor told me that exercise is fine, but when you start the stimulating drugs, to exercise as if you were pregnant. (No heavy lifting, or over-exertion). I'm sure walking is fine and probaby good for us!

    I'm thinking I'll probably be going to the dr's office every other day. I will get further instructions when they call with my blood results from this morning.

    I think these boards are great too, it's so nice to talk to others going through the same thing. I think it keeps us sane!

  13. My protocol is 5 units of lupron in the mornings and starting fri i was on 150 of the follistim and 1 bottle of the repronex mixed with the saline solution at night. I had a doc appt on both sun and today for bw and ultrasound. It was cool to see the follicules. They changed the dosage of the follistim today to 125 because my levels were high.... guess i was responding a little too well. I go back on wed so i have a little reprieve from the bw.

    The lupron made me crazy.. had hot flashes and headachs but that has since eased. The follisti injections have been real easy the repronex not so nice. No side effects since i start the stims except that i have been crazy tired but that may be because of the time change and i jsut have had trouble adjusting... i have been going to bed at like 8:30 and getting up at 6:00 and thats jsut crazy for me but very relaxing.

    On a personal note and only answer if you feel comfortable... ho have you handled telling you families...seeing as though we may not be home for the holidays????

  14. Hi Gals -

    My protocol is 5 units lupron and 300 follisitim. It's only the second day of the folli - but I am already feeling bloated and slightly crampy. Also, I have been having some trouble sleeping ever since I started the lupron last week. Don't know if it's the meds or everything spinning around my head at rocket speed! (I am guessing a little of both!)

    Bearly - with re: to your q about telling my family, let me just say it did not go over well. My mom and dad were very supportive during this past year with everything I went through. They listened to stories of pain and saw a lot of tears. So when I told them that was embarking on IVF #2, mom was very upset. I understand, she doesn't want me to have any more pain. She thinks I should just adopt and be done with it. But she's warmed to it, slowly but surely (since she has no choice). That said - I told them I would be joining on Thanksgiving, even if the ER is that day. I said they can just prop me up in a chair and I will tell everyone that I have bad cramps, so not to mind me. Maybe I am being too optimistic. I guess I can wait and see how I feel day of. Let's just hope all our ERs and ETs steer clear of Turkey Day.

    On an outside note - I am watching Dancing with the Stars and I cannot believe that Samantha Harris just had a baby! She looks insanely good! Hate her! I also can't believe they voted Sabrina off. Now I have ablsolutely no clue as to whose going to win. Routing for Mel B. right now. Anything to keep my mind off my ovaries!

    Sleep well ladies -


  15. Hi ladies,

    My family has been very supportive of us for the most part. I think they all want this nightmare to end and for us to have a baby as soon as possible. We would have the first grandchild on both sides.

    We didn't really want to have to tell all of the extended family about our plans for IVF. But, when everything fell the week of Thanksgiving we had to. We usually go on a big family trip to Charleston, SC for the week of Thanksgiving. So, we had already made reservations and paid our deposit, etc. when we found out about the timing of all of this. For us not to go was a big deal so we had to let everyone know why. They have all been great! It helps that one of my cousins also had IVF and now they have twin 1 year olds. So, at least that side of our family understands. We are just sad because they will all be together and we could be at the doctor's office on Thanksgiving day! I really hope that the retreival does not fall on Thursday.

    I have not talked to my husband's parents about what we are doing at all. I have let him handle all interaction with them. I was not sure what there reaction would be. He says that they said they don't really understand all of it so they will not ask us a lot of questions and they will just pray for us. That was really nice. When people don't understand the process it is kind of hard for me to try to explain it to them.

    We were trying not to tell many people, but it seems like somehow now a lot of friends, co-workers, and family know that we are going through this. I appreciate all of their concern and support. I am just worried that they will all be sitting by their phone waiting for us to call and tell them if it worked or not. How are you all handling that? I have just told people that we will find out sometime in December and that we are not sure when. I have also tried to hint around that it would not be a good thing to ask us about it. That we will tell them when we feel like it.

    I am so jealous of people that get to announce their pregnancy and surprise their friends and family. I feel like that will never happen for us. I'm scared to tell people too soon in case of miscarriage, but I know that they will all be waiting to find out. I would love your thoughts on how to handle this aspect of it.

    I hope you all sleep well!! I am praying for a good, hot-flash free night of sleep

  16. Hi Y'all! I wanted to share about how we've dealt with telling family, especially around the holidays. Our first IVF in August was so mysterious and exciting that we told everyone. We are very open/honest people and needed to tell everyone just to be able to deal with it ourselves. But I was really worried about everyone's disappointment if it didn't work (which it didn't). So when we talked about doing it again, we weren't sure if we wanted everyone to know or not. The closer it got, the less we wanted to share with everyone. So when people knew we were about to start the injections again, we decided to tell everyone that we're waiting until after the new year. So if it works, we can \"announce\" a pregnancy. And if it doesn't, then we don't have to add the worry of everyone else's disappointment to our own immeasurable sadness and disappointment.

    Sooo, about Thanksgiving (and Christmas) we've been telling folks that we're thinking about \"being gone\" for the holidays. It's been a rough year for us, and our families and friends know this. So if we're not around for Thanksgiving, they won't be surprised. Although this takes some pressure off us, it will still be tricky to maneuver Thanksgiving week. One of the things we're learning through these three years of infertility is that it's ok to take care of ourselves. And if skipping out on Thanksgiving and Christmas brings our stress levels down, then that's what we need to do for ourselves.

    Bailey, I think that's great to hint around that YOU will let THEM know sometime in December. That's great. One thing we did was have a spokesperson. So when we got the news, I texted my sister who then spread the news to the rest of my family. That worked pretty well, I think.

    Anyway! This got long and out of hand! I guess this is an issue I'm passionate about. Hope y'all had a good evening!

  17. Hi everyone
    how nice it is to have you all to message to, we havent told hardly anyone I dont think there is a right way really.For me I didnt want people asking all the time and also having to explain the procedure. Most of our friends have children and some are pregnant now so for them also I didnt want to put them in an awkward position or feel sorry for me.
    In the U.K they dont tell you much information on the amounts of drugs you take etc... and I feel as I dont really understand that side of things I havent thought to much about it.
    A little part of me is starting to get excited and I think it is good to be positive for your physical as well as your mental health.
    I am forty so as you know time is not on my side but there is still alot of hope so I'll hang on to that.
    The nasal spray which is Buserelin has had a few side effects,when I first take it I feel a bit sickly and I have had tummy pains but that has eased of also slight headaches but I suffer from migraine in any case.
    Well good luck everybody

  18. This is my first ivf and i cant keep a secret so of course i have told everybody. My whole family, coworkers friends.... an they have all been very supportive., It has also helped me stay positive that it will work because i will have to give the news to a million people and a negative would e really difficult. It has been a new and exciting and difficult experience for me and it has helped to be able to share it with my friends and family. It has alo made it easier to tell that that i might not be around for thanksgivng .

    My husband and i jsut had the conversation abpout announcing a pregnancy if it took and i told him hat i wanted to wait and he reminded me that everyone is waiting to find out so it wouldnt be fair to keep them hanging. I have told some that it is a long process that takes a couple of months and that we had just started so i was vague in when we might know. Others i told sometime after the holidays. I would love to make a great announcement on christmas.

    Well its time for me to go... dh is waiting to shot me up....

    Have a great night ...sleep well

  19. I am also terrible about keeping secrets about myself. I am too much of an openbook. So that is how so many of our friends and family know. I do think I would have not told as many people if it had not been over the holidays.

    In hindsight, if we have to go through another cycle we will probably try to keep it on the downlow more. I think we are still having to learn that taking care of ourselves is most important in this process. I tend to be way too much of a people pleaser. And, I always feel like I have to give an explanation for everything.

    I like the idea about a family spokesperson. I was just imagining having to call all of our family and deliver the news. I think I will try that and will try to have a spokesperson for our friends, too. If it is a yes I would love to announce at Christmas, too but since I can't keep secrets I know I will never last that long!

    Good night, ladies!

  20. Hi Ladies -

    I have been thinking a lot about how I will tell people when I am pregnant for some time now. You see, I am single, and although we are no longer living in the stone ages, many people are still uncomfortable with the concept of single moms by choice. So for the last year or so, I have sent out feelers, to see how people respond when I tell them that I am considering having a child on my own. Surprisingly, the response has been overall pretty positive. Mostly shock and awe (\"I could never do that!\") A lot of just plain support.

    Anyway, I've told only my close friends and family about this cycle because I tend to get very introspective during this coming month and don't feel like going going out a lot or making small talk on the phone. This way, they understand. As for everyone else, I will try to hold out as long as possible, if I am lucky enough to get a bfp. This time, I want to be sure the pregnancy is viable before spreading the word. But once I feel secure about the pregnancy, I'll get up on a chair and announce it to the world! (O.K. O.K. I won't stand on a chair - don't want to do anything too risky.)

    Sweet dreams of happy announcements to all!


  21. Hi there everyone
    had a bit of an emotional day yesterday not sure why I think the drugs are making me over sensitive . I am feeling better today and am focusing on being positive and not worrying about other people. I am going to concentrate on myself I hope that doesnt sound like i'm being selfish but I havent the energy.
    Have a good day everyone

  22. Hello. This seems like a very nice thread, although everyone is a bit ahead of me in the IVF process. I start my stims at the end of November. It's nice to hear what is coming down the road. I am 32 and we have been TTC for over 5 years, married for 11 years. We are \"unexplained\" and have gone through 3 failed IUI's. I am currently on BCP's and start Lupron on Saturday. Does anyone mind if I join in?

  23. Welcome makachem! Maybe we can keep you posted on what to expect

    I am 33 years old and we have been TTC for a little over two years. I also have unexplained infertility for the most part. I did have some endometriosis and had surgery to remove it 1.5 years ago. So, other than that we have no real explanation. I have also had 3 unsucessful IUIs and almost a year worth of taking Clomid. I feel like so far I am actually tolerating these shots better than the clomid! I did feel crazy on that!

    Ferhat, you do not sound selfish at all! You sound very you are doing just what you need to be doing right now! Take care of yourself!

    Hope everyone is having a good day! I'm waiting for the nurse to call me with the results of the u/s and b/w today.

  24. Welcome cheers and hello ladies. I just thought i would comment on kays thoughts of being selfish and i think that we all have that right. I had a discussion/arguement with my husband and told him that this was about me because i was the one going through it. It is about us we are taking the shots, feeling the hormons, getting the blood drawn and we really do need to spoil ourselves and take care of ourselves. Dont forget that.

    Glimmer... congratulations on trying to become a single mom. I think its wonderful that a child would have a mother willing to do anything to have it. It says alot about what you will do for it throughout its life. I respect and commend you for that.

    Cheers.. you are always welcome here. We will keep you updated on opur experiences and feel free to ak any question. We have probably already asked someone else.

    Bailey... did you get the your dosage for tonight? what do they have you on? Just curous?

    semep... how are things going? any change in your protocol. If you dont mind my asking did your husband have a s/a and wha were his results?

  25. I am on small dosages of lupron in the morning along with Gonal F in the morning and evening. The nurse called and said that things were not progressing as fast as they had hoped, so they increased my dosage of Gonal F. She said it was early and so there was no need to worry about it. I hope that is true!!

    Are they giving any of you an indication of when ER may be? How are all of you progressing? It may be too soon to tell. I am such a planner that it is killing me not knowing when it will be, especially with it possibly falling on Thanksgiving. I am so hoping that all of us will be able to enjoy a nice turkey dinner on Thursday. With all of my family being away we are trying to plan something fun even if we have to cancel it at the last minute.

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