Springing Into Summer: Fitness/Weightloss Support

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  1. elvira_d---jump away! If you tend to get really buff around the leg muscles, it'll make them nice and tight. And the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you can get away with per day, so it can definitely be a win-win.

    Stacy---awesome on the weight loss, and my God you are dedicated. You make me cower in the corner in shame...hehe...

    Andrea---yeah, my tummy's tighter since I started p90X (though I'm 2 nights behind...too many crazy kids things happened lately), but my skin is so soft and thin that not all the lines are as pronounced as they would normally be pre-pg.
    c1wl---sounds like you're doing a good job.
    Sue---good luck with the new job.
    Brit--nope, I'm half French, half Arabic---good guess though I'll see if I can get DH to help me upload a couple pix...eventually

    Life is ultra busy right now. Like Dana, I think I'll be able to be much better about exercise and feel less swamped as we approach summer. It's these final 2 months that's always so brutal.

  2. Hi ladies!!!

    Andrea, I totally hear ya! People think I am rediculous when I say how bad my stomach is...but then I show them LOL!

    Stacy, I agree, you are SO dedicated! What sort of work will you do when you return? Are you feeling like it will be more or less work going back to work?

    Things are going good here. Being not-so-good about my eating, but not terrible either. I've pretty mcuh reach my goal weight wise, and am working on the arse now I might switch it up and throw in a little swimming this summer, I'm not sure. For me, it's all about what I can fit in to my 2 hour window at the gym!!!


  3. hi all. I'm sorry I dropped off a bit. Work has been kicking my rear end and I've been stress eating m&ms. I'm up 2 pounds, but still within lifetime so that's good. I need to journal again, it's the only thing that works for me. Plus we had a leak in our basement, so hard to use the treadmill.

    SB - congrats on the 7 lbs! Yes, 3 kids is a lot, and it's a lot with a FT job. But you can do it!

    JB - congrats on hitting goal weight.

    Nadia - good luck with the end of school.

    Andrea, elvira_d and Dana - awesome on the weight loss. And isn't it great when clothes fit and you didn't think they would!!!

    I got a 6 petite dress at Ann Taylor this weekend and I was so happy! Please don't remind me that they use vanity sizing, k?

  4. Hi ladies...

    Well, up .2 pounds this week...didn't stress too much, though b/c let's just say with all the fiber I eat I have a slow digestive system...'nuff said.

    I'm just trying to be better overall and look forward to a summer of not working!!

    The BBQ was great, by the way...made an awesome apple/carrot salad with feta...very yummy and very healthy!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    mom to Noah and Talia...4

  5. Hey Dana!

    I am hosting B's 1st B-day in a few weekends, I am trying to do mostly healthy foods. Is there any way you could pass along that salad recipe? I have about 40 people to feed!

    I bet you must be sooo relieved for summer to come? How has it been getting to the gym?

    Nadia, how are you feeling these days? How are the injuries? School? The triplets?

    clw, a size 6 in Ann Taylor is pretty darn good! That's wonderful, how did it feel?

    Stacy, when do you go back again? How old is your little one now? Any updated photos/blog?

    Andrea, which workouts have you used, the cross fit or the others? or both? How's it going?

    Sue & elvira_d, how are you ladies?

    Not much going on here. This summer has become the summer of work for DH. The FD is looking at some additional cuts, so he is taking on more work, which means a lot less time at home. I wish I could work & contribute, but it doesn't make sense financially (and for the kids) so I'm just trying to make the best of it....lots of outdoor play, pool...little things.

    I have also been able to get to our gym @ 8:30am now versus 9:30 since B is dropping his nap. What a difference being able to have a little more time. I ran for 25 minutes the other day and then did 45 minutes of spin class, it was exhuasting, but exhilerating!


  6. Wanted to check in briefly with an update on myself. I'm actually quite overwhelmed -- our nanny abruptly quit this week -- which means working out has gone out the window. I think I fit in one workout last week while DH watched the kids -- the rest of my "spare time" is being spent looking for a new nanny. I've been trying to watch what I eat so that I don't quickly put back on what I lost, and I've been mostly successful. White pants still fit -- so I guess that's good!

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

  7. Britt,
    I will gladly post the recipe since you always give workout advice...it is from one of my Weight Watchers pamphlets.

    Apple and Carrot Salad (serves 8, but that is a small portion 3/4 cup)
    1 large red apple, cored, thinly sliced (like matchsticks)
    1 large green apple, cored, thinly sliced (like matchsticks)
    1 1/2 TBSP lemon juice (or less to taste)
    3 cups matchstick carrots (most stores sell these precut)
    1/4 cup chives
    1 TBSP olive oil
    1 tsp sugar
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp ground black pepper
    2 oz. feta cheese, crumbled

    Place apples in a large bowl, toss with lemon juice. Add carrots, chives, oil, sugar, salt, pepper and cheese; toss to mix thoroughly.

    It is 1 point on WW. I added a little more oil and sugar, not much...so more like 2 points...but delicious and people couldn't believe it was WW.

    I plan on making it again for Memorial Day.

    Have a great Sunday.

    mom to Noah and Talia...4

  8. Dana - thanks for the recipe! Sounds delish! How far ahead can you make it? Does the apple turn brown/get too soggy if made too far in advance? I've never made a salad like that!

    FC -sorry to hear about the nanny situation. You sound busy. Good to keep the food under control while not working out as much!

    JB - 40 people!? Holy, that's a big birthday party! Happy 1st birthday to B!!! I can't believe he's 1 already! What a year we had last year, eh???? No new photos (actually I've misplaced my darn camera!!!) and definitely no blogging! Too busy!!!

    clw - congrats on the size 6! I can't wait to fit into my 5/6 pants again!!!!

    AFM, things have been rough this week -- seems I have another cold/flu or something. At night, it really hurts my throat to swallow and for the first couple of hours in the morning. I've also been feeling achy and I have very little energy. So I definitely have some kind of bug that I'd like to shake!!!

    On Thursday I found out my trainer quit my gym!!! I still have 3 sessions left and he has offered to make these up in outdoor sessions but he was MY ROCK at the gym. He was someone who'd ask where I was if he hadn't seen me...and give me ****!!! I need that kind of accountability. So I feel a little unstable right now...and I feel I was just starting to get some muscle definition again. ugh....

    Went to a plyometrics class on Friday and it really kicked my butt - loved it. My ankle still gives me grief though...

    Eating has been pretty under control but definitely don't feel like I've lost anything this week due to lack of exercise/sickness...

    Waves to everyone! Beautiful weather up here in Ontario!!!! Long weekend too!!!


  9. SB,

    40 people DOES include kids! Most of the couples have at least 3 kids. I am actually NOT a big-birthday type of gal at all, aside from my kids' first's, they have not had big birthdays. But considering the family issues we've had the past year and total/complete lack of support from DH"s family...I figured I ought to have the people who really supported us (my family & our friends) there to help us celebrate...plus having more people, will make it easier for me to not focus on them.

    Brennan's first b-day is a big deal to me. Having tried so hard to have him, I don't think it's something most of the people we know can truly understand....so I figured I would go big!


  10. JB -- just wanted to say congratulations to you on Brennan's upcoming 1st birthday -- I completely understand how special the 1st birthday is, especially since most of us went through so much just to have these kids. I will probably not have another big party for them, but I did for my twins' 1st, because I really wanted to celebrate!! Have a wonderful, joyous time celebrating!

    Dana -- that recipe sounds delicious! This may be a silly question -- but I've never cut apples into matchsticks -- I wonder if I need super sharp knives?

    clw -- yeah on the size 6!

    thanassis -- that sucks that your trainer left! I do best when someone is there holding me accountable, too. Can you follow him to his new place?

    So I went to a luncheon today, saw a family friend who said I looked great and had lost a lot of weight since she last saw me (which was March, and I really haven't, maybe a couple pounds, that's it). So I thank her and say that I have lost some, but I have more to lose. She responds, "yeah you do, but at least you lost some weight!" Great, thanks. It's pretty bad when people are telling you that you have more weight to lose!

    How's everyone else?

  11. Brit---I'm doing fine. Ankle's not perfect but healing. This week kicked my butt in so many ways, and I totally fell off the P90X wagon. I had all the junk happen this past week (severe allergic reaction in one of my DC that caused a mini-catastrophe in our house), a severe mix-up at work that wasn't my fault, family duties, grad finals, etc...I don't even feel guilty that I didn't do it, because there was just physically NO way I could fit it in without abusing myself.
    As for the party, go for it, and have fun! I don't think 40's excessive for a 1st b-day party. And he's the baby of the babies, so you want to look back without any regrets!

    FC---congrats on the weight loss. Some people are too blunt for their own good. But that's just all the more reason to show them!

    monicapsiholog---that's terrific. Your hard work's paid off!

    Dana---hey there! Still counting down the days...

    Stacy---hope you're feeling better.

    Everyone else...hey there!

  12. Britt- I hope you don't think I was criticizing you about the birthday party!! I say go for it!! I find hosting my kids' birthday parties stressful with just a HaNDFUL of kids!!! You are an awesome mom!!!!

    Nadia- I might have to turn to acupuncture soon for my ankle. I've heard good things about it...

    I just finished a night feed (haven't had to do this in a while) and laying in bed waiting for DS to settle again. Sad that this constitutes "me time". Lol. Reminds me if Nadia and her dentist experience!!!

  13. Oh Stacy, no way, no criticism felt here! It's just funny b/c I am so not the big birthday type AT ALL. Like you, hosting really stresses me out! Not to mention, financially, it costs us an arm and a freakin leg! And we're doing basic (park, food, bubbles!). Can't imagine going all out (bounce houses etc!)

    You need to update your blog my friend LOL!

    elvira_d, I'm sorry your friend said that. I would never in a million years say something like that! People!! Remind me again, how much did you still have to lose?

    Nadia, absolutely not you should not beat yourself up about falling off this week. Sh*t happens. I remember when the twins were about 15 months old they kept-getting-sick! I missed weeks at a time of excercising...it just was what it was? You will get back on...I have no doubt.


  14. hi all.

    JB - b parties stress me out too. That's why I typically just have my parents, sis and her family and a few family friends over. We order pizza and hang out.

    SB - are there any other trainers you can switch over too?

    Nadia - what kind of allergic reaction? how scary. I'm deathly allergic to tree nuts and I'm paranoid that one of my kids is going to be like that. DS has had some nuts but not many and I haven't let my girls (3) have any yet. When you've almost died several times it colors your perspective.

    elvira_d - Not really a supportive thing for your "friend" to say!

    Dana - thanks for the recipe. Some of the WW recipes are pretty good. I have been on maintenance for a few weeks and my weight is creeping back up, so I need to journal again.

    Hope ee is doing well! Our basement flooded, so it's been hard to exercise (that's where our treadmill is), I need to get to the gym!

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