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  1. Brittany- thanks for the crossfit example. I could totally use those workouts. My email is if you can send them. 100 squats?! A few times? Yikes! What are head stand push ups? Are the against the wall? Or using a ball?

    Nadia- how is P90 treating you. You are one determined girl!

    Waves to Dana, clw (congrats!!!!) and ee.

    Went to my Sunday morning bootcamp class yesterday and went for a run tonight. Tomorrow morning is session with trainer-ugh.

    Btw for lunch I've been eating a sweet potato chickpea 'stew' over quinoa...still sticking to my vegetarian lunches!!!

  2. Hi Stacy,

    Will be sending you that for sure, thanks for the address.


  3. SB - recipe pls for the sp stew!!!

  4. Sweet Potato Morrocan Stew

    2 sweet potatoes, peeled and diced
    1 onion sliced
    1 tbsp curry powder
    1 sweet red pepper
    3 cloves minced garlic
    2 tbsp minced ginger
    2 cups chicken or veg broth
    1 can diced tomatoes
    1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
    chopped cilantro (optional)
    chopped Swiss chard or spinach (optional)

    Heat about a tbsp of olive oil in big pot over medium heat. Sauté onions about five minutes. Add curry powder and cook for one minute. Add garlic, Ginger and red pepper. Cook for a minute or so.

    Add sweet potatoes, can of tomatoes (with juices), and broth. Cover and simmer until potatoes are almost cooked. Then add chickpeas and other ingredients. Simmer another 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

    I make a big batch and eat it for lunch throughout the week. I love it over quinoa but it would also be good over rice or couscous.

    Had a training session today. He pushed me hard. I need to up my protein.

    Good news: I'm down another 2 pounds. At 147. Goal is 135 so 12 pounds away!! (ultimate -unrealistic?-goal is 130)

  5. Mmmm....Stacy, that sounds delightful! During the summer, I'll have to try that recipe...yum! You are definitely the determined one. You are so good about eating well and exercising.

    Had to take a break on the P90X today. My UTI symptoms since Sunday turned into a full-fledged bladder infection last night, so I was miserable much of the day at work until I got my antibiotics today. But those make me really dizzy and groggy (kind of nauseous too), so even DH told me he'd better not see me trying to work out today. I'm going to try to do today's tomorrow and just use this as my "rest day".

    A few individuals at work are really getting to me. Maybe I'm just pissy all around, but some people take themselves WAY too seriously, KWIM? It gives them the right to be rude and obnoxious, apparently. I'm sooo not in the mood for that as I feel thoroughly "done" with the year already. How I would love to just call in "sick" tomorrow but can't...sigh...

  6. sonia57 -- I have a part time nanny that helps me (I am a graduate student also) so on the days she is here it is not hard to find the time to work out. On the days she isn't here I am able to work out during the kids' first nap -- sometimes I have time to take a shower before they wake up, sometimes not. But if it's a busy time/day and I have a lot of other things to get done, the workout gets skipped...

    I am actually not very sore doing the workouts...don't know if that's good or bad. I actually like being a little bit sore because then I know I was pushing myself.

    Your cross-training sounds intense...I cannot imagine doing 100 squats and then doing it again! I will be interested to hear what changes you see in your body after doing the cross-fit exercises. I'm going to PM you with my email also, if you don't mind sending me a copy of the worksheets.

    Nadia -- sorry to hear about the UTI -- I will be interested to hear how things continue with P90X -- I considered getting that but went with Insanity instead. So one thing you mentioned has me a little scared -- you said that the jumping exercises tend to make you legs big -- can you tell me more about that? Is this something you've noticed before about yourself or is it something that tends to happen with people in general? I'm asking because I DO NOT want my legs to get bigger -- I def want to be more toned, but I want to look smaller all around as well, and having bigger legs or thighs is not my goal!!!

    Sue -- I completely agree that lifestyle changes, even if they are slow, is the way to go. I have seen so many people do crash-diets, and lose a lot of weight quickly, but guess what, once they start eating "normally" again they gain it all back. That is great, though, that you only have 5 pounds left -- I am envious!

    monicapsiholog -- that is awesome on reaching your goal weight! Do you mind sharing how long it took? I am trying to prepare myself mentally for the long haul...

    thanassis -- thanks for posting that recipe -- it looks delish. Great job on the 2 pound loss -- I feel like the older I get, the harder it is to lose even a pound!

    AFM -- I have been off and on a bit. I went out of town for a few days last week and so didn't exercise on those days, and ate like ****. Then this week I have been sick in bed with a temp for two days, and so again not working out. Today I'm feeling a lot better but can't seem to find the energy/motivation to get up and work out. This seems to be a problem with me -- I start strong, but then if for some reason I can't continue 100%, I just give up thinking, I already didn't work out for a few days, why even bother now. I am trying really hard to challenge that thinking, and to not think that everything I did was for nothing if I didn't workout a couple days...does that make sense?

    I've also been feeling pressure (mentally) to workout and lose weight before my brother's wedding this July -- it will be a huge event, we've known about the date for a while, and so I've been planning in my mind how I'm going to look at the event -- and now that it's only 2 months away and I haven't made much progress toward how I wanted to look, I have started to feel a little discouraged. I know that's silly -- and that's what will derail me at this point, so I'm really really trying to not focus on the wedding, and to look at the long term goals that I started with -- to become healthier in general, and become a good role model for my kids. Anyone else struggle with this kind of thing?

    The good news is that since I started my workouts (about 2 weeks ago) I have lost 3 pounds! It is so nice to see some tangible results. I've also started (when not out of town or sick) taking the kids for a stroller walk for 30-40 mins a day -- we usually go through hill areas which makes it into a workout, or I'll run in intervals to get my heart rate up. I just have to keep reminding myself that I will see results, I will see results...

  7. Hey all...

    Well, I was up this week at ww (1.4 pounds). It seems to happen when the company is paying for me to go out to eat...

    I am proud for getting back into the gym. I have about 5 pounds I want to lose, but really it's toning the abs as much as possible for me.

    Brittany, any good ab exercises? I would love ones I could do at home for the days I'm not at the gym. Part of it is def. loose skin...but the more tone, the better!

    It's almost Friday...busy weekend with my in-laws coming. I'll need to come home tom. and get some cleaning done...given the running around that will come with it, it's a workout!!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy Mother's Day!

    mom to Noah and Talia...4

  8. Dana,

    Really quick, if you go to Shape.com, you should be able to print out various ab excercises, just look at the side bar or type in ab workouts in the search engine. Otherwise I get a lot of mine from Oxygen mag. I think the key is having different ones, for different ab muscle groups. Do you ever do plank? That works the core, *try* and maintain that position for a minute (I usually make it 30 seconds!!)


    I will tell you that since stepping up my leg workouts and adding in even a little cross fit I am seeing results. As I told Stacy over e-mail, I just bought those short, black, cotton running pants. Something I would NEVE-IN-MY-LIFE had stepped foot into before, but they actually look good now.

    I have to say too that I think for me, seeing results is key to my motivation. One simple thing I do whenever I start a new workout routine (like after I have babies) is to go buy a few pairs of good quality, great fitting workout clothes. I go to sports stores, generally I am a Nike or Addidas Fan. I buy a few pieces of workout lothes a few times a year and I really think it makes a difference mentally. May sounds silly, but for me it works well.

    Cardio is also key for me. I have never seen the results I had losing weight until I did intense cardio for at LEAST 45 minutes, but more like 60. And not the "sit here and read my book type"...the "I'm drenched in sweat and want to stop ANY MINUTE!!" type!

    You might already be doing a lot of this....

    Nadia, you poor thing! You have the worst luck my dear! I hope you start feeling better soon. I'm so impressed you are doinf P90 and can't wait to hear your results!!


  9. hi all. sorry i've been MIA, been insanely swamped at work and pulling 15-17 hour days lately. But I've gotten a few runs in! Just no sleep.

    Can't wait to try your stew recipe, thanks SB.

    As for how long it took to lose the weight, hmm. I've been trying to take the last 5 lbs off for 2 years! I just needed to get serious about it.

    I should still prob lose more (I'm 5'4 (and a 1/2!!) and 129. I'd love to be 125, but not sure I can realistically maintain that (I'm almost 38 and my metabolism ain't what it used to be!). I've never been skinny, but always average. I also enjoy wine and snacks

    JB you've motivated me to get some nice workout clothes. Your dedication level always amazes me.

    Have an awesome MD everyone. We're going to (hopefully if it doesn't rain) weed the garden and plant some flowers finally.

  10. monicapsiholog---129 sounds terrific for 5'4". I'm an inch taller than you and have weighed anything from 120 to 140 lb. in the last few years except for during pg. when I shot up to 200lb. at the end (Oddly enough, when I worked out the most, I was closer to 140lb.) So, I think of myself as pretty athletic and slim (not skinny), so from the sound of it, you have a similar build to me. That's amazing to be in such great shape in your late 30's.

    Brit---thanks for the encouragement Yeah, I honestly see a little difference in definition from just one week of P90X. I've still got my jiggly parts, but I feel much firmer than I did even a few days ago, and the yoga was tough but actually made my ankle feel stronger. So far, I've found the legs, ab exercises, Pylometrics and Kempo exercises to be easiest one me. The yoga was harder than I thought it would be and the chest, shoulders and back was a total killer...so sore after that one.

    Ate badly today...took my mom out for a Thai lunch. So good but so fried! Bleh.

    Dana---yeah, house cleaning can wear you out. I've even tried wearing my MP3 player and dancing around while cleaning...really gets your heart pumping.

    elvira_d---3 lb. is great! And the walk each night is as good for the kids as it is for your health, I think. Keep up the great work. It's all about consistency.

  11. I'm trying to keep this on the front page

    Someone asked me about bulking up on P90X. Jumping exercises are notorious for adding bulk to most people's figures. But, they also get your heart pumping and muscle building more than most exercises out there, so it's a trade off. If you tend to gain muscle in areas, it will probably just keep your muscular in those areas...if you don't, it probably will just make you firmer without much extra mass. I don't mind being muscular (I naturally have that build), but when it makes pant shopping hard, I know I have to be careful.

    I've done a week and 2 days so far. Overall, I found the Kenpo to be very very manageable, and I had to really "Bring it", 'cause although I haven't done Taekwondo in 3 years, it was extremely second nature and almost too "easy" (dare I say it) for me. Yoga was harder than I realized ('cause it's 90 min. long!), the legs and back was easy for me, the arms and back wasn't too bad but would have been brutal if I used 15lb. weights+, the Pylometrics wasn't too bad, but I didn't do the whole thing (too much jumping and iffy on the ankle). The chest, back and shoulders is brutal (hate pull-ups and push ups). So, so far, I'm proud of myself. The ab ripper workouts are terrific. The first time I did them, I was so sore, and now, I feel like they're just right. It's amazing how quickly you can adapt to something new like this.

  12. Thanks Nadia for sharing. I'll be really curious to see how the end result is for you. I have a friend that does P90 religiously. Honestly, I think she's a bit obsessive. She only works out at home, with three kids (at home) so she has to get up at 5am. BUT, she does have a freaking amazing body....so I guess for her it's worth it.

    I would never be able to find the time to do it with the kids home unless I did what she does, get up at 5am. If you really like the program, I might consider finally getting it for those mornings I can't go to the gym.

    I have been doing the cross-fit workouts I have on the weekends and I totally agree, they really get your heart going. I can definitly see more definition in my legs.

    My mom was commenting on a photo from my blog saying I was getting too "bony" looking. Unfortunatly, if I want to tone my lower body, I think I lose in my upper! Does anyone else have this issue? I remember when I was newly pregnant with Brennan a few men commenting on how good I looked with weight in my face.

    How is everyone doing?


  13. Brit--yeah, I'm the same way...lower body loses weight first. I don't like it when my face is too thin, but it's hard to control that. That's why I'm trying to eat a healthy amount of calories per day in hopes that I'll firm up but not shrink too much.

    It's hard to fit the P90X in. I've been doing it lately past 9pm each night or if I'm lucky, I manage to fit it in while the babies nap. It makes my day ultra jam-packed, but I like that I don't have to deal with the gym or lose 30 minutes driving there and back. I would love to see your friend, Brittany. I'm always amazed at how amazing these people look who have kids, esp. I have to think that they are very careful with their eating habits on top of the exercise. I don't eat a lot, but I love food, so I'm not as careful as I could be.

    Good for you for getting some cute pants. It feels nice to look great in workout clothes.

  14. You hit it spot on Nadia. That is why I implied that my friend was a little obsessive, b/c she controls her eating so heavily. My DH who works with her DH said that it's hard for her husband. She has to be in bed by about 8pm every night...again, she looks amazing, but I just could not fathom controlling it THAT much.

    I have changed my eating habits a lot, but yet I still indulge. I cannot fathom life without it

    Well, whenever you fit it in, I am always impressed Nadia. Again, it's truly amazing how you are making it work right now with everything. I bet you look terrific. Someday I would love to see a photo of you, I am sure that it's nothing like how I picture you!


  15. Hi Ladies,

    Just checking in. I am down to 140.5, so hopefully will be in the 130s by next week . . . . I also joined a local gym this week. Annoyed me to spend the money, but this is AZ and summer is coming. (Not planning on running outside when it is 110 out.)

    JB, I'd love to see the workout. I will PM you my email address.

    I love hearing about everyone's progress. You guys are great!

  16. Andrea,

    We have the same issue here, weather will be in the 90's next week, and in the 100's by June. There is no way I am making the kids sit in a stroller in that weather. We pay 130/month, but it does include 3 pools and fab-u-loso childcare.


  17. Brittany---I re-read my last post. I meant to say that my upper body loses weight first, and my lower body takes its sweet jolly time. Yeah, I could never have that much self-control. I'm a night owl and get too much pleasure out of food to really restrict myself. I wish I had the self-control, but a life without sweets seems so empty to me

    I've always been a bit hesitant to upload a pic. 'cause I don't know how to, and my DH is weird about sharing photos online. (a little paranoid). I'm just your regular old brunette with wavy hair, medium height, with light olive skin, green eyes. I haven't changed very much looks wise over the past 8 years, except for more circles under the eyes, and I'm less toned You and so many of the ladies on the boards are all so pretty. I wouldn't even know what pic. to choose. I should upload my picture of me at 9 mo. pg. and then me now...that way, I'll look like a twig in comparison...LOL! I have so few pics of myself, because I take so many of the babies ( they look like orphans with how I'm rarely on a photo with them, sadly).
    I'll try to get a couple up one of these days, if I figure out how

    Andrea---yeah, I hear ya'. So Cal weather is bizarre too. We're not that close to the beach, so it was sizzling yesterday and totally overcast today. Good luck with the gym. I enjoy the gym, because I love to people watch.

  18. Hey Nadia,

    Are you of East Indian decent? What you described is always how I pictured you, I bet you are beautiful! If you ever get the chance, I would love to "see" you...even if through PM or something! I swear, I am not a stalker LOL

    And I would love to see you 9 months pregnant too!!!!


  19. Sorry I have been MIA. I seem to gain weight very quickly

    I just got a new job assignment for a year. I think it will be less stressful hence I will have more energy at the end of the day. Plus, it's something I really enjoy doing. This will help in terms of getting in some exercise - I may actually get a proper lunch break or have some leftover energy to do something at the end of the day. Also, baseball starts this week - not much but it gets me out and moving a little.

    I will try to catch up with everyone and all the posts.


  20. I feel like I too have been MIA!! I am around and on track-- just no time to post. DS has been sick and now I have it too. Well, back to fussy-pants!!!! Hi to everyone!!!!!

  21. hi guys. sorry i dropped off, was OOT for work for 3 days and fell behind in everything. I ate cookies for dinner one night

    but I got two runs in. haven't weighed myself but things feel tighter, so not excited to weigh self.

    will cbl, need to sleep.

  22. Hi Everyone -- so yesterday was the first day in over a week that I worked out! I had some school stuff that was keeping me really busy, but am back on things now and feeling good. I am doing my INSANITY work outs again -- still a little scared about the jumping making my thighs big (Nadia!) -- but going forward anyways.

    The last time I updated I said I lost 3 pounds -- well for Mother's Day, I was planning on wearing these white linen pants, but they got left at the cleaners. So at the last minute I tried on another pair of white pants, thinking they probably wouldn't fit since just a couple weeks before when I tried them on, I could barely get them up over my thighs -- and guess what -- they fit!!! And they fit great -- they weren't tight either, there was room to move. That definitely felt very good!!

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

  23. Well, I lost a little over a pound this week, but only went to the gym once...I can't wait for the school year to be over. To describe my weeks as busy is an understatement.

    We have a friends' BBQ tom...I'll let everyone know how I behaved!

    mom to Noah and Talia...4

  24. Hey ladies,

    Just checking in--down to 137.5, so moving along. I've started going to the gym, which is great (thanks JB, for the workouts!), esp. b/c my DH is out of town and the kids aren't really up for a big run in the jogging stroller.

    We did do a zoo race last week that was sponsored by Stroller Strides, which was fun for the kids (it was only a 5K).

    My big (and only) complaint--the loose skin on my stomach that comes with losing weight. I've got some nice stretch marks too, which are lovely. Hmm. Paging Dr. 90210.

  25. Dana - how was the BBQ? Congrats on the pound!

    FC - awesome!!! Doesn't it feel great when you put on a pair of pants and they fit again! WTG! Keep it up!

    clw - cookies for dinner? Good for you for running them off at least...LOL

    Sue - how's baseball going?

    Hi to Britt, Nadia and e/e!!!

    AFM, I seem to be busy allll the time. I don't know WHAT I'm going to do when I'm done my maternity leave. This three kids thing is a LOT of work...

    Scooping down some homemade muligitawny soup as I type...yummy!

    I was sick with a cold all last week so not much working out. Managed to run 8K outside on Sunday and had a training session (brutal!) today. I'm SO glad I'm back with my trainer. He really changes things up and pushes me harder than I ever would!

    I also realized last week that I was being WAY too flexible with my eating -- I started using a food journal again to keep my calories at 1200ish. The good news is I weighed in at 142 today So I'm about 7 pounds from realistic goal and 12 pounds from dream goal...feeling good about that...just can't believe how much work and dedication it is to get there!

    Anyway, hope everyone is well! Please update when possible!

    Starting: 170 (6 weeks pp)
    Current: 142
    Next Goal: to be in the 130s again!

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