Springing Into Summer: Fitness/Weightloss Support

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  1. Hi everyone,

    This is your official roll call. Everyone check in. New members are welcome! Can't believe after 4 months we are still here!!

  2. Nadia- so glad to hear about MIL...I too prefer to clear the air! Sounds like it relieved some stress!

    Britt- your other thread about kinder snacks has me floored. With all the restrictions/allergies in schools these days I'm really surprised schools would do this. Can't relate to the whole line up thing...there are only 15 kids in DDs kinder class and only 65 students total in the school. (goes up to grade 5) I say pack them their own snacks! That's what's done around here!!

    AFM I am still doing very well with exercise even despite my ankle. Did a spinn class yesterday at 8am and then did my usual boot camp class today. (of course that was just to work off the calories from the martini party we had last night...lol) and therein lies the problem...I need to be more conscious of my daily intake...will start food journal again tomorrow.

    Hi to everyone!!!!!

    starting weight:170
    current weight: 150
    goal weight: 130

  3. Hey Stacy,

    Thanks for starting this! Hey have you taken any photos lately? Can you PM me your blog or post it? I'm so curious to see how different you look? Ofcourse I thought you looked stunning before I agree about the snack thread. I too was floored when I heard this mom talking...with everything we know, I could not believe what they were doing. Luckily though, I still have 2 years before kindi for my two....so I have time to hear the in's and out's of kindi here.

    I too am struggling with the food intake issue. I actually do think I am eating fairly healthy (MOST OF THE TIME My problem is usually of an evening. It's not terrible, but literally I cannot have sweets in the house, which is frustrating. I just realized last night also that our "cup" of low-fat ice cream is still probably double the size serving suggestion. I'm not cut out for this portion control LOL!

    Have been consistent with the excercise and am starting to add in some cross fit here and there when I have time.

    Starting weight: 172 (pregnant)
    Ending weight: 131
    Goal: For my a*s to get a little smaller and not so jiggly

  4. Here, ladies

    Feel like I've been all over the place fitness wise these past few months.

    Starting weight: 132 lb.
    Ending weight: 130 lb. (due to muscle loss, I'm sure!)
    Goals: maintenance, to exercise at least 4x per week, to stay awake and to tone up a little more

  5. hi all!

    JB - we don't have a snack policy around here as they only have 1/2 day kindi. We may sign DS up for the afternoon "extra" program, which goes until 3 ish, so there's prob some sort of snack arrangement there. it's expensive tho, if we sign him up for FT it's an extra $4600 per year. I'm just worried he'll be bored if he just does 1/2 day kindi.

    SB - a martini party sounds fun. post pics!

    Nadia - if you figure out the stay awake part, fill me in. I watched a movie with my SIL fri night and I was out like a light 1/2 way through.

    AFM I am back from my OOT trip. I ate pretty healthy, altho I snuck in a bite of DS's pizza and had a few drinks. No working out, but we walked all over. I got a run in last night. I was up 1/2 lb but am thinking if I'm good today will be back down.

    starting (few months ago) - 136.5
    now - 132
    goal - 130 (and toned)

    I've gone from walking 30 min a night to walking 5 and running 30!

  6. Hi,

    Can I join? I still am trying to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight . . . 2 years later!

    I work out a lot, but we are not currently members at a gym (moving to Shanghai in July). My big problem is snacking and watching the amount that I eat! (I also love, love, love ice cream. .)

    I'd love to get some support and have some accountability as I try to get this last bit off so I can fit back into my old clothes.

    Starting weight: 142
    Goal weight: 132.

  7. Hi, can I join? We don't use lbs in the UK, so I hope I have this right - at the moment I'm 8st 10lb ish, so 122lbs? My goal is 8 stones or 112 lbs. I'm only 5 foot 2 though, and this will enable me to fit into a Brit size 8, which is right for my height and stature. I will never lose the jiggly sticky out tummy due to multiple abdominal surgeries, but will settle for just looking overall more toned.

    I need to find more time to exercise, but work is busy and I am studying for an extra qualification (which is what I should be doing now, hey ho). Hopefully the summer will bring more opportunities for cycle trips and the like (though along with that goes ice cream everywhere!) but at the moment the only two formal things I do are a spinning class on Monday nights and pilates/yoga on Wednesdays.

    So, that's me.

    Starting: 122
    Goal: 112

    Let me know if I have the conversions wrong!


  8. It seems like I'm yo-yoing a bit with the last few pounds. Only needed to lose 20, but it's really tough.

    Start Weight: 205
    Goal Weight: 185
    Current Weight: 188

    I'm 6'2" by the way - just trying to make myself feel better about the number.


  9. Wow Tams! I didn't realize you were 6' 2"...I LOVE tall ladies so I think that's pretty cool

  10. Hi!

    Here in spirit. May is hell month at work so I am just focused on maintaining the weight I lost. Will try to walk as much as possible at lunch but unfortunately it won't be 'regular'. Here's to not gaining weight!

    Focused on getting my body back from the IVF roller coaster.

    Start - 146
    Current - 119
    I am 5'3"

    Goal is to lose a few more pounds but to really start firming up.

    Great to have new friends join us! I think the spring gets everyone thinking about getting outside and moving!


  11. Start Weight:150
    Current Weight:140
    Goal Weight:135

    For me, it is finding the time to exercise...watching what I eat has so improved after going back to WW. I need to find the consistent time at the gym. I can't wait for summer when I am off of work.

    mom to Noah and Talia...4

  12. I am back too. I originally joined in the first time around and fell off the wagon. Back on track. I am afraid to post my weight looking at the others I am huge. I have been fighting it for awhile lose a few gain alot. I need help. I took out a target pair of jeans tonite. I was writing in a food journal and quit that too. Will start that again in the am. I have some equipment at home ie treadmill, videos, THE FIRM step(the old one not the wave), kettle balls and I think that is it. I just have to use the darn things oh and I just got turbo jam.. I was thinking of paying for a step class or spin class. I seen on tv today tho the spinner where you get the bike and the videos. There would be no need to embarrass myself at the gym. Ok here goes nothing.....

    Start 188.3
    Now(after only 2.5 weeks) 181.8
    Goal 135-140
    I am 5'5
    40yrs old

  13. Hi again - good to see some 'old' faces and some new ones too! Not enough time for personals tonight, but will probably have some time while I wait for DS to CIO tonight!!! No fun!

    Went to chiropractor today - he was able to pinpoint the area of pain in ankle. He says it could be a stress fracture or it could just be pulled ligaments. He advised me to reduce running to 30min every other day. I'm also buying some new runners for more cushioning. I'm seeing him again next Monday.

    Alright, alright...here are some pictures - note my 7yo took the first few of me. You can see where it's my tummy that I've still got to work on.


    I've included some photos of my kiddos. My web album also has that familiar (famous?) video of DH's reaction to my surprise pg last year at this time if anyone wants a good laugh again!

    Britt - enjoyed reading your blog at 1 am last night Your kids are soooo cute. There was a pic with a toy truck that I just loved! Your oldest son looks just like your DH!

    I gotta go!!! Training session at 10am tomorrow.


  14. Hi -- can I join? I've seen the weight loss/fitness threads around here for a while, but have never gotten around to joining -- I think the time is right now.

    My story is that I've struggled with my weight since I was a teen. My twins are now 18 months old, and I have decided that I need to make some lifestyle changes. I wanted these kids more than anything and worked very, very hard to get them, and now that they're here, I want to give them the best life possible which starts by being a good role model to them. So -- I have to overhaul my fitness and nutrition. Last week a started a workout program called Insanity which I do at home. I've also started to change my diet slowly -- more lean protein, fruit and veggies, and less junk food, but it is hard.

    Starting weight: 152.5
    Goal weight: 125

    I'm excited to join you all in this journey!

  15. elvira_d, How do you like the Insanity program? I have seen it a bunch of times, and like the P90X program, it's intriguing to me.

    Stacy you look fabuloso!!! It's funny b/c I never thought you looked big before, what are you trying to work off LOL? You're a very small person, how tall are you?


    P.s. Your kids are adorable, so beautiful!

  16. sonia57 -- I like Insanity, but it is really, really hard. They basically give you 9 or 10 DVD's, and you vary the workouts over the course of the week so that you don't get sick of it, and Sunday's are off days. The reason why I chose this over P90X was because P90X requires some equipment -- some big (installing a pull up bar) and some not so big (resistance bands and weights) -- whereas Insanity doesn't. I guess the premise behind Insanity is that they are inverting interval training -- instead of short bursts of intense activity, the intensity is strong throughout and there are short periods of rest -- although it doesn't really feel like a rest! It is heavily cardio with a lot of basketball/football type drills and a lot of jumping movements.

    My strategy so far has been to tell myself I need to get through just today's workout -- and not think about the fact that I have 2 months of this left. That really seems to help. And while I haven't noticed any pounds lost since I started last week, I can see my body changing a bit, which is great.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about it -- I'd be happy to answer!

  17. FC's,

    That's GREAT to hear. I would love to continue to hear what you think of it. That was my fear of the P90 program also, needing "equipment". Can I ask when you do it? My problem is "time" when the kids are not awake. I'm thinking in the evenings...but since I already go to the gym, it would only be a few times a week.

    Are you pretty sore?


  18. Hello Everyone:

    I'm still around but some days I don't know why. I was exercising at the beginning of the year but that has deteriorated to none. I have kept up the good eating habits. I would say it was less of a diet but more of can I eat like this for life? All the above makes my progress slow.

    Starting: 162 lbs
    Current: 152 lbs
    Goal: 147 lbs

    The goal would be pre-pg weight which sounds ridiculous over 5 years after the fact.

    Someone asked about the Greek Yogurt. It is full of protein. I just made a smoothy - milk, ice cubes, 1/2 a frozen banana and 2 tbsp of greek yogurt. You get the protein without the grit of a protein powder.


  19. oh no...this thread found its way to page 3, so I had to bump it up!!!

    As for me, arthritis is killing me, but I'm trying to work past the pain.

    I actually bought P90X, and I finished 2 days of it so far. Yesterday, I did the Chest, arms and back alongside the Ab Ripper, and oddly enough, my legs were the most sore out of that. ??? Then, today, I did the Pylometrics (jumping exercises). My ankle is still weak, but I chugged along. I did about 35 minutes of it before deciding to switch off to an uphill power-walk on the treadmill. I didn't want to overdo the ankle...plus, jumping exercises are normally easy for me and cause my quads to get huge, because we did that for hours at a time in martial arts, so I didn't want to overdo it in the jumping arena for those two reasons. (As cool as hard, thick quads are, it makes jean shopping a nightmare).

    I must say that it is pretty hardcore. I don't have the pull-up bar, so I'm doing the resistance bands. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for trying to fit that into my busy day, but I'm determined to get through the 90 day program. (it may take more than 90 days, but I'd like to get through all 90 days by the end of the summer at the latest).

  20. Britt- thanks but I definitely have 15 pounds to lose (20 is ultimate dream). I am 5'6 and shooting for 130. I weghed myself at the gym at 149 the other day. Slow and steady I guess. I may try that cleanse diet again just for two weeks.

    FColors- I've seen those commercials for Insanity. They look intense! I could never do that program bc I really need the peer pressure of a gym/class to keep going.

    Nadia (and FC)- be careful of injury with those programs. My neighbour did the program a few months ago and really tore up his elbows. Listen to your body and don't push it TOO hard.

    Sue- you are doing great!!!! Only 5 lbs to go! We are glad you are still here!!

    Mickey- sounds like work is crazy this month. Try to stay sane and on track.

    Dana - only 5 lbs like Sue to go. Keep it up!!!

    Mom22- our goals height and age are similar! Keep us posted on your progress!

    AFM I am chugging along. Still have ankle issues but I think they are getting better since cutting back my cardio. Got to spin class yesterday and loved it again. Also bought a bike trailer for the baby so I plan on hitting the road more...

    My 7yo DSs First Communion is today. I'm sure to be emotional. He has a little shirt and tie and he's doing a reading at church. His birthmother is coming too-very exciting day for him (and us!) Dont eat too much cake, don't eat too much cake.....

    187 preg (dec 3)
    170 4 weeks later
    150 4 months later
    149 current

  21. hi all. sorry I've been OOT and haven't had time to check in.

    SB have fun today! We're heading to my niece's first communion.

    I hit my goal weight yesterday, so now in maintenance! I'm hoping to still lose another 4 lbs or so, but I wanted to have a reasonable goal weight to maintain.

    I'm SOO Excited. WW might finally be free

  22. Hey ladies,

    Nadia, great job on starting P90! Let us know how it goes.

    clw, congrats! That's a big accomplishment!!

    I seem to be maintaining at about 131 right now. The last few weekends I have started trying out different cross-fit workouts since weekends are sort of unstructured for me. Today I did a cross-fit workout that you guys might want to try. I think maybe it took me 15-20 minutes? I do a LOT of legs already, so even though it was tough, I was able to do it.

    This is all with body weight mind you:

    100 squats
    25 sit ups
    100 squats
    25 sit ups
    100 squats
    25 knee-ups (jumping up and touching knees to elbows)
    25 head-stand push ups (I replaced this with 15 regular push ups_
    25 knee-ups
    25 push ups

    I then did abs and 40 minutes of cardio. I will be curious to see how adding in a little bit of cross fit will change my body? The one thing I can tell is that I definitly need to buy new shoes and probably have a seperate pair for running as I REALLY need the arch support when doing the cross-fit stuff.

    I have a worksheet of 30 cross-fit workouts, if anyone is interested, feel free to PM me your e-mail and I can forward it to you.


  23. Britt,

    I'm tired just looking at that...

    Quick question...do you find switching up cardio helps...am I better to do a certain time on the bike, then elliptical, etc or stay a longer time on one cardio machine...curious on that one?

    I think I gained a little weight being on the road...mostly resisted the yummies, but apparently what I did have affected me!

    Have a good week...

    mom to Noah and Talia...4

  24. Stacy---I'm not surprised. Tony Horton tends to be a little taunting and tells us to work past comfort levels and then some, so I am ridiculously sore today. Of course, I'm also not used to the arm exercises and some of the ab exercises as I haven't done these in over 3 years, and I'm just used to cardio. I've got to be careful to tone it down and not get injured even more...you're right. I didn't expect the arm workouts to be so killer! ( I did manage to do about 100 push ups total, because my goal was 10-15 each round) By the 40th, they were looking pretty shabby though. Forget about pull-ups. My husband can do 60+ (guy doesn't work out but just has tons of upper body strength), and I can barely do one or two. I can carry 3 30 lb. babies at the same time for some reason (short periods of time of course), but good luck getting me to pick up a dumbell over 35 lb. So, I started with 5 lb. weights and plan to work up to 10 lb. Even with 5 lb., it's not easy.
    This thing's kicking my butt! I'm looking forward to the yoga tomorrow.
    And, BTW...how fun, but I bet it's hard to see your oldest at 7 already!

    Brit---if you're doing cross training workouts like that, P90X should be a cinch for you. It seems very similar to what you're already doing.

    Dana---In the past when I spent longer periods of time at the gym, I'd do at least 20 minutes on each machine. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get into the fat burning mode on most machines granted you're working at a healthy pace. I think it is better to switch it up though. It helps you with boredom and forces you to use different muscles different ways.

  25. I agree Dana and that is what my trainers always encouraged me to do, switch it up. *** you know, I do spin classes, but then I go run (interval running) for 15-25 minutes afterwords OR I will do the stairclimber (not stair-stepper, stair climber).

    I would definitly try to do about 20-25 minutes on 2-3 different machines (eliptical, running, stair climber or bike). I'm not a huge fan of running, but I do find that if I can do some interval running, for a short period of time and then switch, it's much more bereable.

    Nadia, I was able to do that CF workout BECAUSE it was only 3 rounds. My husband has tried P90 and says it's brutal. I too have to be very careful of my knees in doing some of the moves. Aren't push ups hard? I too can barely squeeze out 15 max in a set.


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