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  1. fantastic Gina...sounds like a blast and i'm excited along with you.

    now...birthday boy Walter...make sure you take your naps and enjoy your party...don't ruin the fun!
    Pictures galore Gina or your're so TOAST!


  2. Hi everyone,

    Sorry it has been so long. I go through stints where I don't really want to talk about baby stuff - I think part of it was the winter and feeling cooped up in the house...plus it didn't help it seemed one or the other had a constant cold this entire winter as well. Have perked up a lot though due to the warmer weather here in NJ the past several days. In fact, took M out for her 1st ice cream yesterday!

    Wow, I'm really impressed with how long most of you have done the BFing thing for! I am so looking forward to not doing formula in a month myself.

    So, M continues to be long and lean. Oh, and the other day I took her on a playdate and a little kid says to his mom \"Hey! Howcome that lady is holding someone else's baby?\". So yeah, M continues to be dark blonde with very bright blue eyes and light skin (total opposite of me). I'm sure my mom is going to have a field day the next time she sees her as her hair is even longer now so the difference is more apparent...

    She's *almost* walking, but not there yet (has been standing for a few seconds at a time on her own for a few weeks). Says a few words and likes to clap. She also has like 7 teeth already so I am transitioning her from jar food to real food. Tried a cut up veggie burger last night and she seemed to enjoy it!

    Well, that's all from me...have enjoyed reading everyone's updates!!

  3. LMAO - did I kill the thread?

    Anyway, brief update:

    M is more or less on whole milk now so we can stop paying a small fortune for formula! I have pretty much stopped with baby food and feed her stuff like applesauce, veggie burgers, mandarins, mini-pancakes, banana, oatmeal, etc.

    Does anyone have any other idea for dinner type foods? I keep drawing a blank on what I fed B in the the beginning after we went off the jar food...

  4. no MK, you did not kill the thread...i'm guessing exhaustion has been doing us all in lately!

    2 more months and we can wean to whole milk here.
    hmmm...dinner type foods....DS1 was a terrible eater but how about pasta sprials? macaroni? do you guys eat chicken? what about ground up chicken in a blanket? banana fritters? fried plantains?


  5. thanks china - all good suggestions!

    m is actually still on half milk half formula (started her just before 11 months (since she was 2 weeks overdue i \"adjusted\" her age in this case ). she's been on it for a few weeks. didn't seem to have any reaction at all.

  6. MK,

    My dd eats what we eat except spicy food. She's a much better eater than her big brother, who eats only about 5 things. Sometimes I use a can of healthy soup and fish out the veggies for her and or the pasta and chicken. They're nice and soft. She loves turkey from the deli, shredded and shredded chicken. I make her eggs and peanut butter toast. I let her eat a banana whole, which she just mushes in her mouth and makes a mess every where, but cut up they're to slippery for her to pick up. Trader Joe's has frozen waffles, frozen avocado halves, freeze dried mango and healthier rice cakes, all things she can feed herself. Hope that helps.

    We're good here. Waiting to hear if ds got into the preschool we wanted. Looking for a teaching job still,not much promise there. Thinking it's time to potty train ds but dreading it. Dd is so happy and easy. We feel very lucky. If it wasn't for money life would be almost perfect.


  7. Great food ideas, thanks Kris. I tend to baby my kids too much when it comes to food at this age. I need to give M more of a range and more stuff she can try and eat on her own.

    Good luck on the job front (I sort of wish I could go back to work!).

  8. Hey MK's!

    Yes, Brennan eats mostly what we eat also except obviously eggs, nuts and some citrus fruits. For veggies I often steam a bunch once a week to give him since obviously he needs them softer. I stillg ive him baby oatmeal with pureed prunes in the am only b/c it's easy and he needs the prunes...but other than that he pretty much eats everything we do, just cut up very small.

    I am looking forward to getting him on milk! He will be 10 months....so probably around 11 months I will start the transition from a bottle to a cup only.

    How many kiddos have dropped their AM nap already? Unless I give B his AM nap at around 8am, there is no way we could leave the house in the morning...so I think we may drop it early (waited till 15 months with the twins...but at the time I didn't mind it, as they would sleep and I could rest!). Right now he is going down around noon and there have been days he hasn't slept in the am and seems to do fine. It just *feels* early?


  9. I need to start steaming veggies now that you mention it.

    M still takes her morning nap but she won't do it unless I feed her first. Prior to a week ago, she just had a bottle around 8am and then passed out again around 10:15am. Now she requires breakfast as well (which is normal - but she has always been a light eater).

  10. Hey gals. We've been doing well here. W can take a few steps (up to 4), but is such an efficient crawler that he's decided that easier and quicker. He's a climber, and pushes things up against chairs/couch/table, to climb on top of them to reach higher. He climbed up the stairs the other day (with supervision).

    W sometimes still eats the stage 3 meals because they're easy. He goes to bed between 7-8 and I don't get home until 7, and we typically don't get dinner going until 7:30/8, so he doesn't eat what we do. He likes lunch meat (we have a butcher shop we go to that has dried beef which is just a really finely shaved roast beef), or whenever we do a roast, we save some shredded meat for him. I heat up some frozen peas here or there. We cooked up a sweet potato the other day and just reheat some of it at night for him. He loves bagels, graham crackers, and vanilla wafers (which have 1g of sugar per cookie - not bad). We also give him banana, mandarin oranges, avacado, sometimes I cook up broccoli. I've decided frozen veggies are great, although I like the soup idea too (but am hesitant because of the sodium). I've been back on dairy full force, and he's had yogurt and cheese without problem, and even had some 2% milk (like 2 sips) when we went out for lunch on Sun. We plan to try whole milk this weekend so we have a chance to observe how well he's handling it before sending some to daycare for him to have with lunch.

    I am in the process of weaning. On Sun I thought yesterday would be my last day out of necessity. If you've read other threads, you know that my nephew was born Friday, a micro-preemie at less than a pound. SIL was discharges yesterday and was going to take my pump, but insurance covered rental for them, so she doesn't need it after all. I was so elated on Sunday when I thought I was going to be done. We have about a week's worth of b/m, and have 1 can of formula and 1 sample can of Enfamil toddler. I am pumping for shorter times 2x a day this week, then will drop to 1x next week, then be done. Hooray!!!

    If you haven't known yet, please keep my nephew in your thoughts or prayers. He's hanging in there. His name is Evan, which means God is Good, and I hope that means he's got God here fighting for him.


  11. There is no way W could do without his morning nap. On wkds he typically gets 3 naps still. I wonder if it is because he doesn't get long nights (only 10 hrs vs 12). At daycare they go to 1 nap when they go to the toddler room at 16 months.

    We let W eat scrambled egg. He also is on the lunch menu at daycare, so he gets variety there. He still eat baby cereal and pureed fruit for breakfast.

  12. Oh, one more. We had a fun middle of the night trip to the ER not last week, but the Thursday before. DH woke me up at 3 am and said we needed to go in, that he thought something was wrong with his liver (he had an inflamed liver when he had mono 15 years ago, and that is what it felt like). So we had to wake up W and go in. W did great, wouldn't sleep, but relaxed with a bottle for a while when he got crabby, then played more, I left at 5:45 to go home, get W's bottles, then drop him off at daycare, which gave W an hour nap in the car. DH was there so long because at 5:30 they wanted him to come back and get an ultrasound, but their tech started at 6:30, so they said he could just stay rather than coming back. He has a lot of gallstones, apparently. We go meet with a surgeon today to see what the course of action will be. ER doc thinks he'll need it removed based on the qty of stones. He's been fine until this morning, when he had some more pain, but not as bad as that night. DH doesn't want to mention anything about it to his family though until his nephew is out of the woods.

  13. Your poor DH, Gina! Great ideas on the meats, BTW. I need to not make the same mistakes I made with B and really introduce more foods to the baby now.

    I have been reading that book Nurtureshock that I think a couple of you read, and I find the chapter on siblings interesting. B definitely does not like to share and even if she is not using s toy, she doesn't want the baby to have it. In turn, the baby is much louder than B ever was at this age. If M takes something from her the baby will yell \"BABABABABA!!!\". It sometimes scares B! Anyway, even though M is quite young I am going to make an effort to see if there are things I can sit down and do that engage both of them so that they have some spurts where they enjoy playing with each other (which B sometimes likes, even on her own).

    Off to the pediatric dentist soon - yay.

  14. Hey everyone! Sorry been so MIA. Evenings just get so hectic that I just like to sit and watch tv with DH after Colt goes to bed.

    Well today is Colt's 1st birthday!!!! Can't believe it's been a year since my little guy was born. I was looking at pictures and videos and it's just amazing how much he has changed in so short a time. He is not walking on his own yet but is very close. I think he could if he wanted to but he refuses. He just topples forward if you let go of him. But he can climb on top of things. He climbed on top of our entertainment center when I left him alone for seriously less than 30 seconds! I was freaked! And we've been taking baby swim classes and he really seems to enjoy the pool now. As for food, he eats everything we eat. I stopped all formula this week (he was doing 1/2 and 1/2 and he seems fine with it all). He still loves puffs and yobaby yogurt. And I give him baby food fruits with baby oatmeal in the AM mainly for nutrition. But he eats bananas, bagels, eggs, or french toast for breakfast. Veggies (canned and frozen) and lunchmeat at lunch. He also loves pasta, tuna, pizza, you name it. We even give him fajitas from our local Mexican restaurant. But I also try to refrain my spicy food because I'm not sure how it does on his belly.

    It's so great to read about how everyone's LO's are doing. We are going to have a big party at a local hotel this weekend. Looking forward to swimming and relaxation time. And then hoping to eat some good food for Easter.

    Gina - Praying for your nephew. My DH was like that when he was born. He doesn't remember exact weight (his mom abandoned him) but he was the size of a fist and he thinks right around a pound or less. But you would never know it today. Very strong big guy.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  15. Gina, I hope your nephew pulls through. It's so scary when babies are born so early.

    Nicole, congrats on Colt's first year! T will reach hers next Friday together with her biggest brother who will be 5!

    Naps: T still has two each day at 10am and 2pm(-ish). I remember that our first dropped to one nap a day on the day of his first birthday.

    Food: As I've mentioned before, T has been eating from my plate for a very long time and simply gets what we eat (spices and all) in smaller bite-sizes. There isn't much she doesn't like.

    Bottles/Milk/Formula: T gets 3 - 7oz bottles each day that are comprised 2/3 of formula and 1/3 whole milk. She's been on this for almost a month and is doing fine. Next week we'll drop to 1/3 formula and 2/3 milk until the can of powder is empty and then it'll be milk only. We'll start changing to cups at that point too (we almost have to because we've only got four bottles left in the house -- ours are glass and I recently dropped two), though all of my kids kept an after-dinner bottle of milk until about 2y.

    We had our own hospital visit three days ago. One of my 2yos tripped and smashed in her upper front teeth on the hardwood. The x-rays show the teeth didn't break, but they were so significantly out of place that it's possible that the nerves and blood supply were damaged. We have to watch for graying and abscesses which could mean the teeth have to be pulled. Not fun. This came on the heels of spending a very long night at the hospital a few weeks prior because my eldest had a fever of 40.3C/104.5F and was diagnosed with possible pneumonia. Having never had to go to emergency since our first was born, we seem to be making up for it all of a sudden.

    We're colouring eggs this afternoon and will go to MIL's for dinner tonight, then do an egg hunt tomorrow, so it should be a fun weekend. DH has three of our four out on bikes right now and I'm supposed to be getting dressed (finally!) instead of sitting at the computer. Oops!

  16. Sorry for the drive by. DH has a sore back from moving block all day yesterday and can't lift/hold buggy, who is currently making a mess at my feet and very fussy (teethe and possible sinus infection - we'll go in tomorrow).

    Happy Easter for all who celebrate.

    Nephew is doing great. He's growing, and he's eating in the feeding tube and pooping, and they just this weekend have begun to hold him. He's two weeks old already. Yay!

    Here are some photos of invites I made for W's party. Gotta run.



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