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  1. I love thinking about planning Colt's 1st bday party!!! I have been looking forward to this day for so long that yes we will go all out. He will not remember but he can watch the video. I want to invite lots of friends and family and so we will not be having it at our house. I was thinking of doing it at a hotel where we can go swimming and maybe even stay overnight. It's been such a long terrible winter that I think Colt would really enjoy the pool. And we are also having it at the end of March so I don't have to take vacation because I work the weekend after his birthday. I'm thinking a monkey theme. DH wants to do something like Thomas the Train, but I figure Colt will be picking his own themes the rest of his life so why not take advantage of getting to do what I want. I want to get him a special 1 year old birthday shirt made either by my friend or from etsy.com and plan on getting MIL's friend make him one of her amazing cakes. He's been so hilarious with food lately that we are getting excited about doing the cake. He had chili for the first time last night and was loving it so much that he held out the bowl when it was empty for more. Then today I gave him a pizza crust and he sucked on it! It was so cute.

    So Colt is on all table foods except for his morning baby oatmeal and fruit mix. One easy food I found that he really enjoys is Progresso soup. They are filled with veggies, meats, and noodles and you can get low sodium varieties. He also loves canned carrots and can eat gobs of those. He self feeds everything except the oatmeal breakfast. I have also started him on the sippy of breast milk (formula at daycare) and he is starting to sip water from a real cup. I am currently weaning to the cup and it's going well so far and we won't have to worry about weaning from a bottle.

    Well I better get some sleep. It snowed again here! Another few inches on top of the 5 feet we already have! ugh.

    Have a great week everyone!

  2. Hey gals, sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but it feels good to get my emotions out and I know I can here on the boards.

    This weekend a guy I know who has CGD (my immune disease) passed away after 4 long months in ICU. I've only met him once, but his mom heads up the CGD Association, and she talks about him and his brother a lot, and they are my age (29 and 32, I am 30). He's always been really sick with stubborn infection after stubborn infection, as in 30+ yrs old and only wieghing 90 lbs kind of sick. I knew this was coming because he's always been so sick, and this last infection has a 95%+ fatality rate (but then again, the infection I had in 2003 had a 60%+ fatality rate and I'm still here), and he's been in ICU for 4 months, in an almost coma state and then got pneumonia on top of it all, so I knew, but for some reason it just hit me so hard.

    Rob says it's because I'm a mom, and yes, part of it is that I feel so lucky that Walter doesn't have CGD, but I think too that part of it hitting me is just feeling so mortal. I've been lucky in that I've been through life-threatening illnesses and come out the other side, but what if someday I don't? What if someday I get THE infection and leave Rob a widower and Walter motherless? I was hit with this a little bit in Dec when I was hospitalized with a staph infection in my arm. It wasn't too serious, but what about the next time? I realized then that even though we managed to keep W from having CGD, I still have it, and always will (short of a BMT which has its own risks and I don't get sick often enough to feel that is warranted). I told W in the car today that I can't promise him I'll never get sick, but I do promise to do everything I can control, like taking my meds every day and avoiding woodchips and hottubs, and we'd leave the rest up to God.

    Anyway, today is the 2nd day after finding out about Erik and I still feel upset about it.


  3. Gina,

    So sorry for the loss of your friend. Of course it hit you hard as you have the same disease. I don't know anything about CGD so please forgive my ignorance. This may sound cliche and I hope it doesn't sound insensitive but none of us know how long we have. We all should make the most of each day and be grateful for what we do have. I can't pretend to know how you feel having a disease you know could take you so young but you seem to have such a great attitude about it all given what you face. Walter is truly blessed to have you as a mom. I am also just am so amazed that on top of everything you deal with healthwise and working full time you still pump milk for him. You're an amazing mom. I hope you feel a bit better soon about all of it.


  4. Gina,

    Kris said it best, you are truly an amazing woman for everything you are dealing with...and with SUCH grace. I'm so sorry to hear about Erik and ofcourse, talk about hitting home? Especially after just recently dealing with your own fight in the hospital?

    I don't think any of us can even fathom what it must be like to be dealing with your medical issues. I remember in college we found one of my sorority sisters passed out in the bunk room unconcious. Turns out she had the form of lupus that was attacking her brain. She was in a coma for days and was really dabilitated by it (lost most of her site, ability to walk well etc.). I still wonder what happened to her, she was incredibly intelligent and planned on attending grad school only a few short years after this. Seeing what she went through, I have so much empathy for you.


  5. Thank you ladies for your kind words. Kris, I try to think of it like that too, that any of us could be hit by a bus tomorrow, although I could still be hit by a bus too, and still have this other thing to worry about in addition. At any rate, at least I know what I am dealing with which helps a lot with precautions and treatments. Could be worse, I could have found out by having a sick child, which is how most people find out (technically I am a carrier and shouldn't be sick, but am, go figure. If you're really interested in stuff like this, it's called lyonization). Anyhow, thank you guys for all the nice comments. You always help make me feel good.

  6. Gina, what an unfortunate thing for Erik and for you. every once in a while i think about how it would be for my kids if i were to die. it's very scary. but true enough what Kris and Brittany say that none of us is certain of the future. sometimes i wish we humans didn't really have the ability to think of what ifs....

    take care of yourself and your little guy. hugs from here.

  7. Gina, I'm very sorry to hear about Erik and your own struggles with your illness. I lost both of my parents rather young and it makes me worry for my own family too (ie, that I'd get similarly sick and die before I'm ready).

    So I actually came by to post that T has been weaned. I last BFed on the 13th and tried to nurse her today because I had one breast that was developing painful, lumpy backed-up ducts and she wouldn't have it. I pumped off 50ml which was just enough to deal with the worst of it and hope things will settle from here. She has been getting milk from the freezer in the meantime, but that will be out before next week is over.

    I have the usual mixed feelings about it: wanting to give baby the best but needing my body back to myself at the same time. I don't think I've wronged or harmed her in any way though. She's thriving and is my chunkiest, happiest baby of all.

    Now to get her back to STTN....

  8. Kasamanli, i was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if you were still nursing T. Nate still nurses 5-6 times per day and yesterday i was going nuts with it. partly things that have nothing to do with him- we have pantry moths and are having a giant clean out project, which is a nightmare with the kids around and with dh and i having extremely different paces (we'll leave it at that!). and i have a cold again, as do the kids, and N seems to be teething. but he's giving me a nip with his new teeth every once in a while, and he can be extremely restless, popping on and off, trying to stand up, wanting to switch breasts every ten seconds. really driving me nuts.....

    so if anybody wants to give me either a pep talk or a go ahead and wean talk, i'm open to either

    the only thing is, i absolutely won't use formula, so i'd have to think about what to do about beverages and calcium. he's 10 months now.

    hi to everybody, sorry to be quick- lots of weeping and wailing from upstairs.

  9. pilma - I'm right with you. I'm so ready to be done b/fing, but I don't want to have to buy formula, so I keep sticking it out. And we're sooo close to 1 year. My latest in being so ready to be done is that one of my nipples hurts horrendously. It isn't bleeding yet, but sure feels like it should be. But I've got less than 2 months to go, so I keep plugging along (that and $25 for Alimentum every 3 days is a great motivator to keep pumping).

    Kasamanli - saw your suggestions to use ebm in pancakes for a snack. We've been thinking of making some pancakes or waffles for him, I just have to clean the kitchen first (wait, I was supposed to do that this wkd, what happened to that plan?). I want to have him try yogurt again since it's been over 2 months. Need to stop at the store by work during lunch (they have the individual YoBaby yogurt +fruits/veggies, why buy a whole six-pack if we don't know how he'll do with it). Congrats on the weaning. Try to let go of any guilt, and move forward with happiness. After all, our job is to help them grow and learn, and part of that is moving on to regular food and milk, right?

    Thank you everyone for your supportive posts after mine about Erik. His funeral was Sat, though I didn't go, what with them living in CA and me in MN. Part of me wanted to though. I've been doing much better since venting on here, I was just so suprised to feel so affected.

    AFUs, no teeth yet, still, and we missed DH's estimate of walking by V Day. W loves to push a chair around the room to walk, and he walks around our footstool and couch, but not on his own yet. That's okay though, he's got plenty of time. He started on the lunch menu at daycare, and loves having real foods. He loves it when we give him a spoonful of our oatmeal or crust off our bread. This morning I cut up some banana to send to daycare and ate the rest, giving him pieces while I ate. He thought that was fun. He likes to play with balls too, I think because catch is interactive. He rolls a soccer ball back and forth with us, or throws a little plastic ball (you know that FP train with the balls?) to us and we throw it back (with bounces). He has really good aim, and turns his butt to square up his shoulders before throwing. Oh, and he sorts his snacks (freeze dried fruit and grains) and eats all the grains first, then the apple pieces. It just amazes me how smart/observant little kids are.


  10. Kasamanli and pilma,

    I was so relieved to see your posts. I so want my body back and like you pilma, B nurses 5-6 times a day...but sometimes it's so fast that I wonder how much he's even getting. He is actually NOT a chunky baby and has gone down in his %'s (40-35% in weight).....they say it's fine as he's still gaining weight and he's extremely active, crawling, standing up...but still I wonder what the heck I am busting my *** for nursing still!

    I have been out of town this week and am seriously considering starting to slowly introduce sippys of formula at different meals. Unlike you pilma, I am totally ok with formula (he gets a little every night actually before his last feeding....) I have no qualms!! I keep having to remind myself that he's almost 9 months and by 9 months the twins were already on only 3 bottles a day!

    I don't know about you ladies though, but I am finding that B is SO attached to me. It's hard for me to be in the room with me without him fussing for me. As much as I love it, I am ready for some balance.


  11. Gina - I am so sorry about your friend. I don't think any of us like thinking about our own mortality and leaving our families. I've thought a lot about it recently too since my friend's boyfriend died from heart attack at 32. I can't imagine what you go through with your disease but you are definitely a strong woman and a wonderful mother. And that's so cute about W walking around and playing ball!

    Kasamanli - Great job on getting T weaned. I am in the process. I currenlty BF twice per day. I also have mixed emotions. I do enjoy it but I am also ready to be me again. Hope you get her to STTN the night soon! I am lucky in that area. Colt loves sleep and usually goes down without a fuss. But last night I heard him in there babbling for a good half hour.

    pilma - I have started the weaning process and have actually started giving Colt whole milk mixed in with his EBM that I have frozen. He gets formula at daycare. I'm not opposed to formula but I don't want to buy it because I don't see the point at this stage in the game. The pedi said whole milk was fine by 11 months and he'll be 11 mo on Monday. So the frozen stash is going fast so I only do that during the day and then I BF in the AM and after dinner. But I think I will drop the after dinner one next week and try to get him more on milk. He eats tons of foods and takes vitamin/iron supps so I'm not worried about him not getting nutrition. I think you just need to do what feels right. Maybe you could pump and give him some EBM in a bottle or sippy to see if he's really hungry or just comfort nursing.

    Britt - Colt seemed really super attached at 9 mo too but at 10 mo it started getting better for some reason. He had really bad SA for a while there and wouldn't even play at daycare unless he could see the teacher. He would just scream. But then one day he sat down in the play room with the other baby and played without fussing. She was so amazed (and relieved). I think he's just figuring things out and wasn't too sure about the world. It's so funny how much difference a week can make with these LOs.

    AFM - As I said to Anjte and pilma I am in the weaning process. We've slowly started giving whole milk mixed in with his EBM during the day when we're home with him and then I BF twice (morning and night). Then he gets formula at daycare. It's great because she supplies it at no extra charge. Colt will be 11 months on Monday (a little sad). I can't believe how fast this year has gone and that he'll be a walking talking toddler soon! He's cruising around everything and climbing on chairs and his rocking trike but he can't figure out how to get down. Yesterday at daycare they said he climbed up and stood on a xylophone and couldn't figure out how to get down because he couldn't reach the gate and he couldn't let go of the wall or he'd fall. So he just stared at the teacher like \"help\". They said it was pretty funny. He also eats like a champ. We took him to Joe's Crab Shack the other night and he LOVED it. All the lights and noise and crazy things to look at (like a big shark hanging from the ceiling). If you've never been there, it's one of those places where the employees sing and dance every 15 minutes or so and have strobe lights going, etc. He could yell and pound the table and no one even noticed! DH hates the restaurant but I told him he better get used to annoying places like that from now on. LOL!


  12. Hi Everyone,

    Kasamanli, congrats on weaning T and getting your body back.

    pilma, I think you should just ride out the bf until N turns one since you're so close and don't want to give formula.

    Brit, hope you're having a nice visit with your family. I've been meaning to tell you that I lived in Portland after college, 95 and 96. We had a little place on 23rd St. in NW Portland. I worked in a clothing store and was a substitute teacher in Beaverton. I LOVED living there but it was to far from my family in MI to live there forever.

    Jody, sounds like the weaning is going well for you too.

    Gina, wow W is really getting around. My dd isn't even crawling yet but shows signs she will be soon.

    We're doing well here other than being sick all winter, just keep passing the cold around between the 4 of us. Dd loves her solids. She eats whatever I give her. So I guess we started weaning too in that she eats 3 meals per day. She still nurses a lot though and that's fine with me. She's my last baby and I'm having a hard time letting go of the bfing. I'm looking for a teaching job for the fall and if I do find something I'll wean her by then. We've applied to 2 schools for ds for the fall, both are hard to get into so fingers crossed we get into one of them. Dying for spring and warmer weather, it just keeps snowing here!

    Hope everyone is well,

  13. Kasamanli and pilma, Unlike you pilma, I am totally ok with formula (he gets a little every night actually before his last feeding....) I have no qualms!! I keep having to remind myself that he's almost 9 months and by 9 months the twins were already on only 3 bottles a day! I don't know about you ladies though, but I am finding that B is SO attached to me. It's hard for me to be in the room with me without him fussing for me. As much as I love it, I am ready for some balance.Britt

    Britt, at this point, it's a stupid thing about the formula- i have a record going, the other two never got any-- it's dumb, really. but with only 2 months to go..... i did give him yogurt today and he loved it- been waiting on the dairy-- we'll see how well his system tolerated it tomorrow. if he's on yogurt i'll be okay with weaning him when i finally lose my mind...

    i also have the attachment thing going. when he's with dh, he is happy to crawl around looking at things, play with toys, etc. with me, i have to be holding him a lot of the time. and then he's always noodging me to nurse- but he just wants a suck and then sit up and play, then a suck a couple minutes later. like he wants an open bar all the time.

    anyway, thanks for all your experiences, ladies. weekdays are a little easier frustration wise b/c i'm not available to nurse except when it's planned.

    Kris, we have the same thing with the colds ever since Ben started at his little playgroup.

    Nicole, one thing we've been bad about is teaching Nate to use the sippy. he mostly fools around with it. will have to get on that one.

    Gina, we'll just have to hang in there together!

    Kasamanli, how did you do the weaning? N is on 3 meals a day and he eats everything, except, as i've said, am waiting to introduce dairy. he had beef stew last night. i guess my big worry is the calcium.

    whoops, got some help. bye!!

  14. I'm curious how you ladies weaned also....and perhaps moreso to preserve my emotional state more than anything. Like kris, B is more than likely our last and I have such mixed emotions about weaning...yet it's not enough to keep me going full-bore, I am ready to move on in some areas of my life. Like I can't even take continuing ed classes until he is weaned....can't leave during the afternoon more than 1.5 hours...and feel like I am the only one that knows how to soothe him. I also want to be able to soothe him at night without the \"boob\".

    Like most of you, B eats a ton...more than I could ever imagine! He pretty much eats 3 meals, one snack and 6 nursing sessions a day!


  15. jumping in late to say:

    i am so sorry to hear about your friend how terrifying. {{{HUGS}}}. i have no words.

    will post generals later,


  16. Hey ladies,

    Just wanted to come on and ask for a little encouragement/support on weaning. I have started to introduce a few bottles here and there and as I suspected, I think my supply is majorly taking a dive and I wonder if I would even notice if I weaned full-on. I'm trying to do it slowly in hopes to preserve a few feedings.

    I have such mixed feelings. On one hand, I need to have B weaned so I can do some things like take some CUE's for my license....have some time away for even a few hours with DH....and hopefully have a little more freedom to do things with this twins this summer. But it makes me sad too. I want to have the best of both worlds but fear that my body will not do that.


  17. Brit,

    I get it. I'll have to wean this summer if I get a job and head back to work in the fall. It makes me sad and it's still months away. I guess it's because I know this is it, I'll never breast feed again. I am looking forward to more time away with dh, but we are currently getting out for 3-4 hrs on a date every few weeks so not to desperate. I think no matter when you wean it will be a little sad. If you really want to continue a few feeds I'm pretty sure your body would adjust, just keep the feeds at the same time. Don't feel guilty, you did a great job getting this far. You should definately be proud of yourself!


  18. Hi Kris,

    I am definitly going to try and hold onto a few feeds. It's hard to know what's going on b/c B has some teeth coming in and I am not sure if during some feeds my milk is just \"not enough\" or his teeth hurt KWIM?

    I didn't know you were planning on going back to work? This fall? How are you feeling about that?

    DH and I do get out a few hours every week (5:30-8 ish every Monday) and although we get that, I find it hard to leave B any other time of the day. We'll have to see how it goes. It is very sad when this is your last one. I try and remind myself that we have gotten very far and life will get much more maneagable when I am able to lighten the load on myself a little and enlist DH more.


  19. Hi Kris,I didn't know you were planning on going back to work? This fall? How are you feeling about that?Brittany

    Mixed feelings but not really ready. We pay $1000 a month for health insurance with dh's job. With mine as a teacher we pay $200 a month. So that's the biggest reason why. I really love my job but I'd prefer waiting until both kids are in school all day. I may get my wish, though, as there aren't many teaching jobs right now.

    We don't have any teeth yet but I bet that's what's up with B. We always blame our supply, don't we? I'm actually able to pump and freeze a decent amount now with her on solids. Take it slow and remember your hormones are still all over the place with nursing and may add to the sadness.


  20. I have officially weaned Colt as of today. I did it pretty slowly and my supply kept up. I used to pump twice daily at work so I cut one of those out first, and then no pumping and only feeding him AM and PM. Then this last couple of weeks, I took out the after dinner feeding. Then last night I went out for my birthday and slept in today while my mom got up with the baby. So no pumping or feeding today and we gave him his last bag of frozen milk. It's a sad and weird feeling but he really seems ok with it. I guess it's easier on him at this age then if I were to continue through the toddler years. Currently we have been mixing whole milk with the frozen breastmilk and I have a sample can of formula so I'll probably use that up and then just whole milk. He's going to be a year on April 1, so it's time. I just can't believe my baby is growing up. He understands more and more everyday. And he has 4 teeth now. But still not standing on his own or walking. He is very close tho.


  21. Nichole, congrats on making it to this point, How are you feeling about having Colt weaned?

    Kris, that is a major difference in HI cost? Crazy! I can see why you would want to go back, it stinks though, I wish money didn't have to influence these decisions. It would be really tough for me to work part time b/c of the childcare issue. With DH's schedule, I would probably need to work full time (while the kids are not in school) to pay for childcare.

    As far as weaning I have replaced the 11:00 feeding with formula and am now pretty much doing just the bottle at night too. I do offer nursing, but OMG does he sleep so much more soundly till 7am on the formula. It's amazing! So that means I am nursing at 7 & 2:30 still. I will keep those for now until I make my final decision.


  22. So as far as weaning goes, once you wean, how does your daily menu look (age 1 year)? Do you do a bottle or a sippy of milk in the morning and before bed, do you just have breakfast straightaway in the morning?

    W still has 4 6oz bottles, plus 3 meals and a snack. Sometimes he doesn't eat much of his second bottle (11 am), but lately he's been a pig. He's bulking up for a growth spurt. So right now he's eating like this:

    6:30: 6-8 oz bottle ebm
    8:00: breakfast (cereal & fruit)
    11:00: 6oz bottle (sometimes refuses or eats up to 2 oz)
    12:00: lunch (daycare lunch program, typically a meat and veggies/fruit)
    3:00: 6oz bottle
    4:30: snack
    5:30/6: dinner
    7:-7:30: 6-8 oz bottle

  23. Gina,

    If I remember right, we had our twins on more of a normal schedule by 9 months when we dropped the 6:30 feeding and just include milk in with dinner. I think we are close to that since I am giving B a bottle at about 6:15 and he chugs the thing. I might just start giving it to him with his dinner in the next month or two.


  24. congratulations to all weaning mamas...and mamas still sticking it out.
    we still do 2 7oz and 1 10oz bottle daily here. our schedule (9mths old) looks like this:

    6/7am- 7 oz formula
    8am- yogurt & cheerios
    10am- 7oz formula
    nap; snack
    1pm- veggie & fruit
    nap; snack
    4:30/5- veggie & fruit
    6/6:30pm- 10oz formula/cereal mix; cheerios or pasta
    7pm- bed

    i have a question about summer daylight saving (used to hate it when single but now love it best what with the kiddies) ... so do you try to adjust the babies or leave them on same schedule? for us, it means 8pm bedtime (but they would happily be in bed by 7:30pm). wake up time would be btw 7/8am...i am very very happy with that!

    what do you all plan to do?

    for those with first birthdays coming up- what are the final plans? ohhhh....exciting!!


  25. Okay, since we're only a little over a month out, I've suddenly got planning fever in regards to W's first birthday party. Here's what I'm thinking.

    We will do a family party here, at a local pizza place. Mostly adults. I want to make invites like this: whattoexpect.com/forums/party-ideas/topic/the-very-hungry-caterpillar-eric-carle-invitations and will get the caterpillar decorated on the cake too.

    We will go out of town (4 hours) the following wkd to do a party with our close friends, all of whom have kids, so we're staying at a hotel with a waterpark. The waterpark is called Carribean Cove, so I found some pirate invites at Target on clearance for $3 and we'll just bring in some Subway and beer to our hotel room, which is poolside.

    Now I'm all excited!

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