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  1. We went from the Tummy Tub to the big bathtub (without ring or other support). T does like to get her face in the water and suck it up, or splash so hard that it runs down her face and lick it off that way, so I've stopped putting bubble bath in the water. I redirect as much as is reasonable and know she'll grow out of it.

    Nicole, PS is plastic surgeon. I'm planning a tummy tuck and breast lift for September/October. I've consulted with a couple of surgeons already, but the best surgeon around won't actually even consult with me until I'm 6m post-weaning, but I sweet-talked her nurses into booking an appointment with the promise that I would be at that stage by then (they're instructed to not even book an appointment until a patient is at that point). I figure that if I'm 4 or so months post-weaning at the consult and 6+m post-weaning at surgery day, that it should be fine.

  2. Woo hoo I got my period yesterday. It is v heavy for me. At least I know I am not pg and am sending Dh off to see about the snip snip Dr,lol. How strange to go from being dx MF to needing a vasectomy!

    E is still in a little bathtub a friend gave me but will need to move this week to the big tub. I sit the little in the big tub. He loves,loves,loves having a bath and sometimes cries when I take him out.


  3. Gina - The pedi said to wait until 11 months in case of sensitivity to cow's milk. He eats yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese with no problem so I may try a little next month if I run low on my supply. Maybe just mix it in BM. Sorry about the dog. I love big dogs and once had a husky. They are beautiful. Hope you find a good home for him. Colt likes bathwater too but he didn't like it when he sucked it and almost choked so he hasn't done it for a while.

    Gina - I hear ya on needing the OT cash! My DH was laid off during my pregnancy and we had to pay IVF out of pocket. So he also takes jobs when they come (he's a carpenter). We're just happy it's steady work now.

    Kasamanli - Awesome about the PS! I am sure I could use a boob lift when all this nursing is said and done. Very jealous. I'm sure you'll be fine in your time frame.

    Colt had his 9 mo checkup Tuesday and weighs 17.4 lbs so he's only in the 10th percentile. That's a decrease (he was 15% at 6 months). Pedi was a little concerned but said that his activity level is pretty high. He's 50% in height at 28 1/4 in. She also recommended getting the H1N1 shot so I did and then today he woke up with a fever. I felt very guilty for getting him the shot and then just an hour ago I noticed a tooth trying to pop through on top. Hoping that's all it is. He's in a fairly good mood, just sleeping a lot. He's drinking well and finally ate solids this afternoon. Poor little guy.


  4. Nichole, we are in the same boat. Dh is a fire captain and takes OT whenever it comes, which is often very last minute (day of)...but we paid for about 6 cycles (just IVF cycles) cash + alllll the testing and other low-level treatments. Oh and when my twins were born we had a PPO and it cost us 7k to have them!! Crazy!!! needless to say, things are tight tight tight!!!

    How is everyone doing? Probably pretty busy? petice how are YOU doing? How did everything work out with the death of your grandfather? I am very sorry to hear about that.

    Things here are good. B just started crawling, two teeth are finally popping through and he eats like there is no tomorrow! I swear this kideats so much! We are slowly making the transition to only finger foods. If anyone is interested...last night I made a mixture of brown rice, sweet potatoe squares and tofu squares and he LOVED it! I baked the SP in the oven for about an hour @ 400 wrapped in foil and cut into little squares. I am pretty much done making his food, so don't want to spend a whole lot of $$ buying baby food anymore.


  5. Interesting, Britt - M has 2 bottom teeth and can gnaw on stuff but I still puree stuff for her as she doesn't seem to like things when I mash it up (like sweet potato).

    Thanks for asking about my grandfather. His funeral was last week in India and my dad said 4,000 attended from the village he was born in - pretty amazing, huh. I feel closure with that now I think.

    M is all over the place and pushing up to standing while holding on to something. She falls a lot more than my first did - but my first didn't even start crawling until 10 months.

    Does anyone here brush their baby's gums? I have noticed that even after a bath she has this kind of odd smell to her, and it seems if I use one of those fingertip brushes with infant toothpaste on her tongue, cheeks and gums it goes away - but I don't remember having to do this with our 1st.

    Well, we are off to Disney next Wednesday for a week so I have lost of stuff to do before now and then so I don't get majorly stressed out (as I tend to do). Uh, oh - someone is up. I hear some tiny coughs from her room!

  6. hello ladies,
    how is everyone getting on this new year?

    cute story about your dd falling asleep (not so cute a scare initially though)...you probably did not think to take a pic did you?

    i've been ff the thread about your dog...sorry its gotta go but thank goodness you've found a good option.

    no teeth and no crawling for my babies yet. lots of eating and 'fighting' over toys though...its adorable.

    christmas pics of the family...well, the kids!

    i am exhausted with work but gotta keep plodding along.


  7. China those pics are awesome! You have a beautiful family. I love the ones of all 3 kids under the tree and especially love the close up of all 3, I think it was #23.

    We're doing ok here. My back has been hurting and it's been cold so a lot of time inside lately. Dh is concerned about his job security so I'm looking for a job myself, not fun!!!! Lila loves solids and eats 3 times a day now. Danny is talking more and more, not concerned about language anymore as much as sensory issues.

    How's everyone else?


  8. Britt - Colt LOVES finger foods too. The other day I did a chicken noodle casserole bake from Rachael Ray and he gobbled it up. I put in carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower so it had plenty o veggies. I used the chopper to chop into into small pieces and he was so happy, he was doing the happy baby dance with his legs as he ate. It was so cute! It is so nice to be able to just feed them our food now and save $$!

    China - Such cute pix! We got Scout for Colt too and he loves to give him kisses.

    Kris - GL with the job search.

    So after my last post, Colton woke up with 105 temp!!! It was so scary. We took him the the ER. The roads outside were so icy and snowy, it was not fun. At the ER they checked him out and his temp had gone down to 103. They said it was viral and so all we could do is give Motrin and Tylenol. He is much better now, just has a little cough. Also, he had a tooth popping through then it disappeared and his gums swelled. Now the gums have gone down but still no tooth. Craziness! He is still loving finger foods and especially veggies, pasta, cheese, bagels, etc.

    Here's some pics from last month



  9. glad you enjoyed the photos!

    aw man Kris...
    having to go back to work sucks (well, i hate working...wish i could just be a sahm but cannot afford to be).
    hope your back feels better.

    i do believe this is the first time i've seen pics of your little man. he is just gorgeous!


  10. Hi all. What a crazy week. Personals first so you don't have to read all about my life if you don't want to.

    Britt - DH keeps wanting to make some rice clumps or something that W could feed himself that would easily fall apart if chewed, so I would totally be interested in what you're making as you find things that work well. Are these B's first teeth?

    Kasamanli - that's the advantage of knowing you are done is that you can do procedures for yourself. I know I really want lasik and they say women shouldn't get it until they are done having kids. Well, if we have anymore, someone else is doing the cooking, so I think maybe I'll look into that for next year and sock away some FSA.

    Miz - Hooray for AF. Sounds funny to say, huh?

    Nicole - Cute pics, how is Coton doing now? I hope he is over his fever. W also got both flu shots, and handled them well. W has his 9 month checkup this Fri. (just turned 9 mos yesterday). He has been decreasing in weight percentiles too, but at his 6 mos (which was actually 7 mos since we had to keep pushing it back due to illness) his doc wasn't concerned at all because he is just a very active baby.

    MK - the support your grandfather's village showed for him is amazing. He must have been an incredible man. Hope your family enjoys Disney!

    China - what a trio of cute kiddos. I love the first pic of A. Look at those beautiful eyes and lips! And the three under the tree are great.

    Kris - how is the job sitaution going? I hope you guys can find more stability. Uncertainty certainly sucks.

    Hi e/e.

    AFM, where do I begin.

    W's been fine after a bout of Norovirus the wkd before last. It spread around daycare like wildfire and hit me, DH, and W for four days. DH and I couldn't keep down water the first day, but W had problems the other way. He had diarrhea for 2.5 days until we only fed him Pedialyte for a day. He had very bad diaper rash from it, which is just now almost completely healed. He was fine this last week, except fussy yestrday, and we could see his gum was very swollen at his upper left incisor. Still no teeth though. I think they are all just lining up.

    While we were all sick, the world went on and my brother (26 y/o) was at my parents that weekend breaking down as he told them that he and his wife are splitting. She told him this that Thursday, he didn't come to work on Fri (we work together, but I was out sick that Fri myself, so I ddin't notice). I guess he told my parents that he hates his job, hates his marriage, hates his house, and is depressed. It just makes me so mad because she isn't happy and he holds her back. Excuse me? He moved out of our family's house at 19 because she scouldn't stand to live at home anymore. They couldn't afford an apartment with them booth going to school, so he dropped out of college to work so she could get her degree and not have to live at home. They lived off of soley his income for 4 of the 6 years they've lived together. He stopped doing the things he likes to do because she didn't like them, he never saw his family (better this past year now) because they always had to do things with her family (and I mean on a weekly basis). They had to buy a house because she really wanted to, even though he didn't, which meant they \"had\" to get married because it would make the paperwork easier. She never wanted a car, and when he needed a new vehicle, he wanted a truck so he could use it for hauling stuff and for pulling a camping trailer. She wouldn't let him get one because it wasn't fuel efficient so he compromised and got something smaller. Now she has her own car, so what did it matter. It just so irks me because he just gives and gives and gives (to the point of being a pushover), but he is \"holding her back\" and she just isn't happy. Are your f-ing kidding me?

    So that was last wkd, ff to this weekend. We have been trying to get our dog a new home because he just is NOT happy with us anymore, and we cannot give him the time, attn and patience, which isn't fair to him. Finally found him a home from a response on CL. It is great for him, 17 acres, woods, a lake, and people with no kids, but a lifetime of dog experience. He seemed so happy when I dropped him off, which made me happy. On Fri, Walter had another Target auditions, hopefully they'll call him for the job. On Sat. we had lunch with some friend, which was good. While there had been an earthquake in Venezuela, which is where my grandma lives in winter. I didn't have any more details than that, so I didn't want to call my parents since they were out of town for one of my brother's shows (he plays bass in a SOTD tribute band). Well, my sister, who had also gone, called to say she broke her arm in 3 places and would need surgery Sunday afternoon. I didn't call my parents about the earthquake b/c I figured they had enough to worry about and I had no details. Got home, looked it up, it was right outside my Grandma's town, but sounded like there was no damage, so that turned out good. sunday morning woke up to find that my parents sent me text messages at 6 am that my sister went to the ER early morning Sun because she had no feeling in her hand. They did emergency hand surgery and carpal tunnel, put in 7 pins and a six inch plate. They said if she hadn't come in when she did, she would likely have had permant loss of feeling in her hand. After this is when I drove to dop the dog off, which was actually good instead of sad because he seemed so happy and I think this will be a fanatastic home for him, and then driving home listened to the Vikings game which which a huge win, which was good. My grandma called from Venezuela and was in good spirits about the earthquake (they didn't think anything of it on the 1st floor, but on the 22nd floor, she was dancing), so we know she's okay. Overall, it has just been such an up and down roller coaster. Wow.

    Oh, and I have been job hunting, and saw a posting that interested me on Friday at a company in our industry. One of the gals we recently hired who I go out to lunch with weekly came from there and is \"dear friends\" with the head of the department there. She gave me the contact's cell & office #s and said she would highly recommend me. Well, I had also contact a guy I know there and he called me to say that I am way overqualified for that position and that there is something opening up that isn't posted quite yet that he thinks would be a better fit for me. We're meeting tomorrow for lunch to discuss it. Another high.

    So, if you've stuck with me through all of this, thanks for letting me rant, and for reading it all. Sorry it was all over the place. Up and down, but hopefully with more ups now going forward. My poor parents. They've had to give each of us three kids a weekend of support over the last month (me iwth the hospitalization in Dec, my brother last wkd, my sister this wkd). Hopefully my family is done now for a while. Things happen in 3s, right?
    Okay, I should probably work.

  11. Hey Gina....I will respond later to the rest of your post (baby crying) but really quick, I think I have successfully gotten B on all finger foods. he's doing great. I am doing pasta, salmon, rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, asparagus, bagels, toast, waffles, apples etc....of course some things I have steamed to soften (apples, carrots, asparagus) and I do cut them up very small...but MAN OH MAN it's so much easier. I have also found that having some things made ahead in storage containers (peas, softened carrots, softened apples, pasta) in the fridge do make it easier to get him his food fast, while also having time to get food for the kids.


  12. Thanks everyone for the pic compliments!

    Kasamanli those are beautiful pictures! Love the apple! I love seeing everyone's LO's too.

    Gina - Wow on the ups and downs! Good to hear that the dog found a nice home and that you are doing well. Hope the job search goes well. I have been kind of searching too. Not too active but just looking around.

    AFM - Colt got better then got worse. This weekend he woke up from an unusually long morning nap with a fever. Took him to the doc on Sunday when it wasn't getting any better and they diagnosed double ear infection and wheezing. So we got antibiotics and a nebulizer. Ugh! But by Monday night he was a totally different baby! Finally active and happy again. I kept his 9 mo pic appt yesterday and got some good shots. He wasn't in the best of moods so not many smiles but still some good stuff. ( I will try and post some later.) Probably for the best because I did not need to spend too much since I plan to do it again in 3 months.

    On another note, one of my closest friend's boyfriend passed away on Monday. It was very unexpected. He had a heart attack and was only 34 years old. They had been together for 12 years and she was always hoping they would get married and start a family soon. She is pretty devastated and I hope to see her this Sunday. She still lives in Iowa City (where we went to college). It's hard not being able to comfort her now. I'm hoping she will even move back to Des Moines to be with her friends and family.

    Well I better be off to bed.

  13. Hi everyone,

    Just checking in on everyone. I've been busy with two sick kids. They both have ear infections in both ears! I also had no modem for ten days. It's been a long week.

    For those of you bfing how often does your baby poop? L loves her solids. I thought with eating solids she'd poop more than her 7-10 day schedule she was on since 4 months. Now it's more like 5-7 days between poops and it's quite big! She seems to want to go more but just can't push it out. She's eating oatmeal, fruit, crackers, bread, and a few veggies like sweet potatoes and avacados, oh and eggs. Should I give her prune juice? She mostly seems ok with it but I just can not imagine going so long between poops.

    Hope everyone is well.


  14. If she doesn't seem to be straining, she should be okay. W is going 1-3x per day, and it is always the color of whatever pureed veggie he had last meal. lol. He pushes a lot too, you can always tell when he's going, but he doesn't seem bothered or in pain.

    Doing okay here. We all have colds. Such is the cost of having a kiddo in daycare. W took a step the other day, though he didn't mean to. We hold him standing, then let go, and he stays up a few seconds before falling. He was falling forward and stepped to catch himself, and it worked and he stayed up a little longer. He wasn't expecting that, he was like, but I was falling, why didn't I fall?

  15. Kris, I was just dealing with this and this is all that works for us. I give B about 3/4 container prunes with oatmeal or cheerios for breakfast and then mix in the rest of the prunes with his lunchtime yogurt. I am also pushing the water at every meal now (as in pushing it into his mouth to get him to drink!!!) I have found if he doesn't have a few \"good\" BM's a day he really strains and it REALLY gets backed up.

    Try the prunes or the prune juice. We give B all very fiber rich foods and it seems the only thing that really helps is basically forcing him to drink some water and lots of prunes. I am still BF'ing 5-6 times a day so all then nurses were a bit dumbfounded by how constipated he was.


  16. Are anyone's kids self feeding? And if so, what kinds of foods? Sorry so quick here, rough day. baby is sick and more teething = no naps. Dead tired.

  17. Thanks everyone. Will try the prunes and hope that helps.

    MK, L is doing some self feeding: crackers, pizza crust, veggie stix, puffs, cherrieos. I dice up fruit but it's so slippery for her, never gets to her mouth but it will eventually. I'm also still spoon feeding her. Hope your day gets better.


  18. Thanks, Kris. Yeah....that is more or less what M is doing. Mels I spoon feed, snacks she eats herself.

    Things seem better today (so far). Husband came home last night, made me a cup of sleepytime tea and I just zonked out. Got up once for the baby at midnight and rubbed her back to go back to sleep.

    Here's to a better day!

  19. Oh, another question!

    What did you guys do for 1st b-day parties for your first children? Since my 1st was born practically at xmas, we just never seem to get it together in time each year to host one for her.

    This year, i REALLY want to host a bday party for M's 1st. We will be having it end of March so my dad and his wife can attend.

    The thing is, I have a lot of mom friends now who I want to invite as well as their kids who are my 3 year old's age.

    I am TERRIFIED of thinking I could host it outside (renting a bouncy castle, etc) and then it being too cold and/or raining. I also know that many of my mom friends tend to let their kids destroy other people's places - which would make me nuts (if it had to be indoors).

    I was thinking of hosting at a kids party place....yet that seems a bit \"old\" for a one year old's party....however I have to take into consideration most of the kids there will be around 3 or 4.


  20. MK, when D turned one we had a big party at a kids music class studio, entertainment was part of the party package. I love to host and would've had it at home but we have NO ROOM. It worked out nice. Really fun to see dh's younger single friends singing along in the circle with everyone else. I found it so much less stressful not having it at my home too. D loved it and we signed him up for music classes that day that we still attend. So many options out there so start looking now.

  21. I don't think you have to worry about it being too \"old\" for a 1 yr old. We are planning on having it somewhere that would be good for most of the guests (our house is an hour and a half from all of our family members). We would love to do the zoo or something, but it just doesn't make sense because W is the only child, so we'll probably just use a party room at a local pizza chain.

  22. Hmmm, a music thing might be a good idea since babies do like music. Some of the other stuff seems too old for her (like they have these \"fun buses\" you can get, but I don't see how adults and kids alike would fit on one of these.

    If I was more laid back I'd just host it here - but I have to accept the fact I would be worrying the whole time about the place getting wrecked.

    I just went to a party at The Little Gym and it was a TON of fun - but my 1 year old just sort of licked the mats while we were there....and it was hard for parents to congregate at all.

  23. MK, T self-feeds everything we'll let her. She's forever trying to grab the spoon out of my hand too, so she usually gets a spoon of her own to use to feed herself while I sneak the bulk of the food in between her own 'mouthfuls'.

    First birthday parties here have been very sedate. We've only invited immediate family and had an afternoon of coffee and cake at our house. This time, however, DS1 will be having a big party with friends, and if you recall he and T share a birthday, so it'll be her first birthday party too. I've planned to book a little coffee/play place we've just discovered for a couple of hours (not as expensive as I thought) to which we can bring our own food and cake. I haven't yet decided how crazy we'll go with invites (whether to invite his best friends only or his whole preschool class (14 kids)). It's definitely not happening at our house.

  24. Mk's....

    B self feeds everything except obviously oatmeal, prunes and yogurt. I really needed him to do this so I do almost every meal solo. It works great...but he's also a food hound, so I cannot put him in his chair before we start the meal of his food will be gone before I sit down!!!

    As for b-day parties....I am the same way. Although we have the room, I pretty much don't want to do it here for the same reasons...for the twins' first b-day multiple children dragged chocolate cake inside on their shoes and sat on our COUCH!


  25. ohh...first birthday parties already!

    ok..we are having a big-arse party for one big reason....DH will pull-out all the stops for his precious daughter. he's always wanted a girl, he's so happy to have one, she looks just like him and there's no stopping him. thankfully, he does not ignore Ikenna in his rapture with Adanna (because i ride his arse about it and he does not like to hear me nag).
    since it'll be in june (yay...love summer parties)...we'll rent a canopy, arrange some fun things for kids (maybe ben & jerry ice-cream party home visit) and food. our basement is finished, has a side-entrance from the front yard and can be shut off from the main house so no-one will be traipsing into the main areas (just b4 you think 'ha...it won't work, we did this for the babies' christening and it worked...no mess inside the house except for the basement sitting room, its tiled so, easy clean-up).

    so how is everything going on now? job-hunt? your bro? {{HUGS}}

    i am so sorry about your friend's SO.

    Ikenna is having poop problems too. b4 solids, he'd go 2x a day. when we intro. solids, he was down to once a day, now the solids are upped, its a tearful strainfest poop once every 3-4 days. prunes helped a lot, but now he fights the prunes. he does not like prune juice, or any sweetish liquid for that matter, neither does he like water, but i keep pushing the water and prunes. he's getting slightly better with taking water.
    Adanna on the other hand would go once every 3-4days (pre-solids) and explode out. now, she goes twice a day easy-peasy! she loves water and any food that hovers around her. she'll eat and drink anything she can get her little hands on. i just cannot wait for Ikenna to adjust himself and take more water .

    is M feeling better? i agree about little gym parties, fun for the active older kids, must watch out for the babies (LMAO about M licking the mat) and hard for parents to interact (since everyone is watching kiddies through the glass).
    for DS1, we had a party at an indoor play-place, it was fun for the older kids and the babies had a set-out area for playing. this placed is closed now though.

    re self-feeding, aside from the usual supsects (baby snacks, puffs etc) we are just started with food items in the past week and are doing pasta, crackers, bananas, apple slices. the babies love it but we spoon-feed regular food first then give them other food to self-feed.
    Adanna is a pro and will scarf down food using both hands, Ikenna is suspicious and will lick/sniff a bit b4 eating the pasta. i love watching these kids eat...DS1 was a nightmare with solids and i still have anxiety attacks just thinking about those days of crying mama & baby!
    i'll try cheese this weekend.

    yikes...rambled enough...off to meeting.


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