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  1. M is actually 3 months old today!

    Yeah, I don't know what is up with her sleep schedule at night. She feeds roughly every 3 hours during the day, and seems to be up for 1-1.5 hours and then sleeps for 1-1.5 hours. Sometimes I have to wake her to feed. Often times she can't even take the whole bottle (5oz) and so I have to force the rest of it in her right before she dozes off. I think it is true that some babies REALLY prefer Bfing if that is what they are started out on. B never cared how you fed her - she loved to eat and would take whatever you gave her, and gladly.

    I guess I wouldn't be *feeling* it so much if she had started out this way - but I think at 3 weeks she was doing stretches from 10:30pm to 5:30am. So this whole sleep regression thing really stinks now at 3 months old!

    Gina - wanna trade babies? (I kid, I kid)

  2. Hoping!! glad to see you back and relieved that you're doing better. i can get that M is harder to settle w/ the bottle- we have that whenever Nate gets one- came home at noon today, dh had just given him a 4 oz bottle- and he wouldn't go down till i nursed him. i'm guessing when she adapts she'll do better w/ the sleep.


  3. Hoping, you kid, but 3 weeks ago I might have said yes. I was so looking forward to going back to work just so someone else could watch him all day because I was just done.

    Walter is a completely different baby these last 2.5 weeks than he had been before that. I cut dairy out of my diet about a month ago (it takes 2 weeks for the milk proteins to be completely out of your system). He had been having such painful gas, despite good burping and tummy massages/bicycling the legs. It would wake him up and he be crying in pain from it. When he was awake, he'd be crying about 50% of the time. It was awful. Stopped the dairy and a few weeks later he seemed much better in that now when he has gas he just farts instead of crying out, so now it is normal instead of painful. His STTN coincided with his gas getting better. I think maybe he's such a good sleeper now because he's making up for those first two months (and because he just pain feels good now).

    W was a rock to sleep only baby, but I know they don't do that at daycare, so last week we started just putting him down in the crib (swaddled). He cries for a little bit, but not long (we go back in after 5 minutes if he's still crying to try to comfort him, but only seem to need to do that with naps on wkds). He does still need to be rocked if he gets too overtired, i.e. if we've been out and about on the wkd and screwed up his nap schedule. The next thing we'll work on is sleeping without swaddling.
    Ditto on the formula thing - definitely doesn't help them sleep longer. We were doing formula at night for a while, then the first night he sttn, he went down before his formula bottle, so we just stopped with formula and now only use it to supplement if we're short ebm (i.e. this week he seems to be going through a growth spurt).


  4. Hi hoping! So great to see you! I would love to see you hang around these parts and was so pleased to see you implementing some \"self care\" into your time with the nanny ~ good for you!

    kpe_grevena, we are the opposite, B seems to go down quite well for naps, rarely any crying at all, but the bedtime (6-8 period) is tougher for him. On one hand I know he probably need some major soothing-to-sleep, on the other hand I am the only one here sometimes and NEED that time after he goes to bed to get some stuff done so I don't want to start the habit.

    I have to agree about the BF'ing versus bottle feeding, and it's so interesting to me since we bottle fed the twins. My mom says B is a great bottle-taker, yet I cringe when I see him taking the bottle; milk pouring out the side of his mouth, huge burps, seems uncomfortable....he just seems so at peace when he breastfeeds and seems so much more comforted.

    Last night we had another night of put down...give 10 minutes, go back in, sooth, wait another 10 minutes and so when I finally fed him (around 8:30) I first gave him a few ounces of EBM (maybe 3?) and then breastfed him. I then rocked him and he slept (cough) till 2:30! And then again till 7! It's hard for me to believe that an extra 3 ounces could make such a difference?


  5. good morning ladies!

    a couple of questions for anyone willing to answer:

    1) how are all the older siblings adjusting? B sometimes get a little jealous. also, i will occasionally ask her if she wants to hold M and she'll say yes, but as soon as i put M on her lap she'l yell \"get it off! get it off!\". (\"it?\" )

    2) does anyone else's baby kick themselves awake or does anyone's baby's arms wake them up? this baby has already outgrown the miracle blanket, and no matter how tightly i get her into it she inevitably wakes up at 3am every night because she's gotten her arms out and kicked her legs free. i have never seen a baby use her little legs as much as this one. i've ordered a new swaddle blanket that fits larger babies - but was wondering, does anyone have any other suggestions?

    hope everyone has a great day today!

  6. Walter will smack himself in the face if he isn't swaddled, although he's gotten better with his control (he'd go to rub his eyes and WHACK! Now he's figured out he can bring his hand to his forehead, then slide it down gently to his eyes).

    He's still okay swaddled in a receiving blanket (we had to buy bigger ones), so I'm not sure what to tell you.

  7. hoping, yes, we're having adjustment troubles, too. if we try to put N on B's lap, he'll say \"no baby\" or \"no baby Nate.\" lots of times he'll say \"bye, bye, baby Nate!\" i try to tell him that Nate likes him or Nate is watching him, but he always ignores me or says \"no Nate.\" only thing he does like is when i do this little piggy on Nate's toes- although he wants me to wee wee wee on HIM. we're also having a lot more tantrums and we're regressed to some hitting and even a couple of bites!!

    N always gets out of the miracle blanket and he's def much too tall for it- we usu swaddle him w/ feet out. he gets his arms out all the time, but i don't know if that is what's waking him as opposed to hunger? i know he is doing much less well than he was- was going till at least 4, now he's at 230 or 3. which kind of sucks for me, b/c he then wakes at 545 or so and is up, hard to settle, and by the time i get him down its really too late to go back to sleep myself. so i am really exhausted this week. ugh


  8. Hi Everyone,

    Hoping, good to see you back. We missed you. My dd hates being swaddled, she has to move her arms or she goes crazy. I have this thing called the wombie, it's like a sleep sack for babies with no arm holes, you just zip them in it. It works just like a swaddle. Dd used it at first but now it makes her crazy if she can't free her hands. I bought it online, google wombie.

    Welcome Watergirl. I have done sign language with my 2 year old ds. He's a late talker so the signs are really helping us. I think we'll end up teaching dd too, it certainly can't hurt them and lot's of times it's a big help.

    Dd must be in a growth spurt. She turned 2 months on Tues. She slept most of that day and then later that night started her non stop nursing marathon that is still going strong. I couldn't get her to sleep at all yesterday without my boob in her mouth and then she had to stay on my lap. Usually I move her to the crib after she falls asleep nursing. You all are doing way better on the sleeping thing than me. Dd has to be nursed to sleep or worn to sleep in her sling. There is no bedtime, she falls asleep nursing and then sleeps with me. I guess it's time to start teaching her other ways to fall asleep. Ds slept in his swing FOREVER and I managed to get him to fall asleep in his crib with cio when he was about 6-7 months, so not too worried about dd developing bad habbits yet. It would be nice though if her falling asleep wasn't completely dependent on me.

    Those of you that pump to store milk, when do you do it? It seems like dd wants to eat all the time. If I think she's napping and pump she wakes up hungry and I end up giving her the pumped milk. If I don't pump she'll sleep for hours. I just can't seem to fit it into our routine. I'd like to have some in the freezer for the future.

    Hope everyone is well,

  9. Nnenna & Ikenna hate being swaddled, i used the halo sleepsack swaddler...they like their arms free.
    Ikenna startles a lot though and Nnenna smacks herself a great deal

    so, i bought the bouncers, we have started feeding them at the same time or thereabouts. its rough but i was able to get 2 straight hours of sleep last night. progress!

    Hopinng, its great to have you back.

    my DS is 4.5yrs so he does understand and help a lot with the babies, he also loves to kiss them and sniff their hair...we have to tell him to back of a little atimes. the one problem we have is my dad...if DS is playing/interacting with my dad and i call my dad to help with the babies...all h e ll breaks lose...then that sets the trend for the day....crying and whining when told to either wash his hands, eat his dinner, go to bed, clean his room etc. he has succeeded in breaking his table and chair set from throwing tantrums in his room. in a totally 'unrelated to babies' incident yesterday, DS succeeded in tipping over a tall chest of drawers in his room and it barely missed him (he had started backing away) and grazed his knees. did i go berserk or what? i cannot stop blaming myself or thinking 'what if' it fell on him!!!
    ah men, children are tough to take sometimes.

    gotta run...Ikenna just woke up.


  10. Hi ladies!

    Great to see you Kris!

    Swaddling, Brennan too has outgrown the MB so I transitioned him cold turkey to sleep sacks and have not looked back. He remarkably settles very easily in it most of the time, but I was so fearful of doing this so early that I had one terrible night where he was literally trying to fight his way out all night, that's when I knew it was time. Not to mention it's, um, 105 here so not really good swaddling weather!

    Kris, we nap Brennan pretty much on a routine now with some flexibility obviously due to his age and what we have going on. But I actually try and keep him awake for longer now between naps and that helps a ton. I feed him, stimulate him a little, and then keep him awake, while winding him down and then put him down drowsy but awake usually 1.5-2 hours after the start of his last feed. I really think it helps a lot because he now does three pretty predictable naps and I can sort of plan my days (like when to pump, I do it @ about 8:30 every morning while the twins watch cartoons and he is in his swing).

    Evenings are a bit tougher, but getting better. We always put B down at 7 after doing a feed at 5 & 6:45. The last two nights he has slept pretty long stretches (5.5 & 4)...not sure if this is a total fluke, or if the routine is finally starting to show a difference. He is 6 weeks.

    Sibs, the twins were terrible the first two weeks, just aweful! But they have adjusted pretty well. They still have their moments, but we are doing a lot more bribary ( ), sticker charts, using the words \"cooperate\" and tons of praise...this seems to help. But I also think having each other really helps tremendously, I am SO glad there are two of them!


  11. Hi everyone! I've been following since pilma moved the thread over here and want to say hello before heading out to run this morning.

    RE: swaddling/sleepsacks
    I only swaddled T for the first two weeks, then put her into a Grobag (free arms). She hasn't startled herself awake that I've noticed (if she has, she's just put herself back to sleep). With DS1 and the twins, I swaddled them for much longer, but also didn't have trouble when they went into Grobags either, so it could be my DH's calm genes at work again.

    RE: siblings
    DS1 (age 4y3m) sometimes asks to hold T and I let him do it with close supervision. They're fine together. The twins (21m) have less interest in holding her, though they do want to touch her all the time, either to stroke her head or to point out her nose, eyes, ears, etc. I try to keep that under control too as they poke their fingers right into her eyes. I haven't noticed any jealousy from the twins, but DS1 this morning said he doesn't want any babies anymore and when I asked about that I think he meant the twins (because they get him in trouble when he snatches their toys).

    RE: feeding
    I've been doing a mix of pumping and nursing because I've found it really convenient (and comfortable) to run and do other things without fullness or leaking. Now, leaking hasn't been a problem in the last week because my supply seemed to dip (still not sure why -- whether it was too much exercise or getting a Mirena, or even a growth spurt), but it looks like it's getting back on track this morning.

    RE: sleeping
    You ladies know that all my kids have been good sleepers from early on, so please don't hate me, but T is now sleeping 10h at night (9pm to 7am). I take no credit for it, but just enjoy the fact that I've got it really easy.

    RE: sign language
    I did this with DS1 and he had a great sign vocabulary. He was a late talker, so I really appreciated that he could still tell me things. I did less signing with the twins, but DS2 is a similarly late talker and while his language is just now picking up, he still signs a few things to me (notably a very enthusiastic \"more, more!\"). I'm not signing with T (and probably won't, as I've lost most of my 200w+ vocab), but I'm seeing things that I think point to her talking early anyhow.

    Hoping, I'm glad you'll stick around here. It sucks that some posters think it's fair to dig into an individual for no good reason.

    China, you're doing great with your twins. There's no doubt it's hard work, particularly in the beginning, but it will get easier and there will come a day when you'll sit back and marvel that you were able to handle two at a time (in addition to your DS1!).

    Britt, how is your new exercise program going?

    pilma, is your new work schedule working? Have you held onto that grad student?

    Hi Kris, Gina, and my fellow Canuck kpe_grevena!

    Me, I've been really focused on getting back into shape. Almost five weeks ago I started a running program (Couch to 5K, you may have seen the thread on POT), and have lost over 11lbs plus the three I finally managed to drop in the weeks preceeding that. Today's workout is the first continuous run (previous workouts have been intervals of running and walking) and I'm quite excited and confident I'll do just fine. I have a goal of running a 5.5K race on August 30 with my two girls in our Mountain Buggy Double (it's a womens run) and I've registered for another 5K in mid-September. It really feels good to be active again; I definitely have more energy and feel all-around better in my (overstretched and flappy) skin.

    Okay, off for that run now!

  12. Kasamanli~

    LOL! You made me crack up about running in your flappy skin. I totally am feeling flappy these days, seriously what did the twins do to my tummy! It sounds like you guys are doing great! And good for you for the excercise program, I am so impressed!

    We're doing good here. I have gotten back to the gym, but last week only did cardio and abs. I hope to start strength training this week and more running. I am planning on kicking into high gear once Brennan can go with us to the gym (5 more weeks). Are you doing a diet component also? I would like to lose another 12-15 pds.

    We've had quite a turn in sleep here too. Brennan has gone down with relative ease the last few nights and last night went from 8-2:30am without a feed...then fed again at 5 and I had to wake him at 7.

    Kim, no worries about the CIO subject, it seems everyone here is fairly open to the gamet. How old is your little one again? I notice too that at those early morning feeds B doesn't feed that long (definitly only one side)...I am hoping that he just naturally stretches out his sleep and goes through the night without CIO, but I am certainly not opposed to it at some point.


  13. Ladies!

    How is everyone doing? B is FINALLY turning the corner with his sleep yeah! He slept from 7-2am last night and then 3:30-7am (ok don't ask about that hour and a half in between LOL! ) I ma just happy that he is finally settling of an evening. I literally have piles of bills and what not to get done in the evening, but as of yet, have not been able to. Plus I would really like to meet a girlfriend soon after he goes to bed without having to give him a bottle.

    How is everyone? China, are you surviving? I bet you are sooooo tired. You poor thing, I have PTSD just thinking about the twin sleep deprivation!


  14. Glad to hear the baby is sleeping well, Britt! Is your family still there?

    We had a really nice weekend - lots of swimming and sand castles...I love where we live now. I am pooped though, too much sun. Just got in and caught the tail end of True Blood. Have one more feeding to do and then I am off to bed (for a bit, anyway).

    Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

    Oh, re: sign language...

    I tried to do it with B...someone in my playgroup even hosted signing playdates once a week...but B never took to it. She's a chatterbox these days and I've been told she is very verbal for her age (not sure if that is true or if people are just being nice, but that's what I've been told). Have no idea if the 2 things correlate or don't...there's my $.02!

  15. oh.my.god.

    M JUST woke up. she slept from 10:30 to 7am!!!

    sorry, had to share - i got a full night's sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hoping,
    i could hurt you!!! just kidding...its fantastic that M slept so well for you. glad you guys had a fun weekend.

    wow...good for you for getting back to being healthy and strong. i am light years away from that!

    i'm barely surviving...my parents had to do the night shifts this weekend because i sparked a fever on friday. last night, twinks slept from 9pm until 3am apparently...are they (parents) lying to me??? how come they sleep in 1.5- 2hr intervals for me?

    so we had visitors (Dh agreed for them to come without consulting me)- they came with their coughing 23mth old and 9mth old. these kids 'screamed' throughout their stay and the idiots stayed 2hrs+!!!! i just about threw them out when all my hints of lack of sleep, raging headache, brutal routine did not seem to sink into their thick heads!
    then of course i had to wipe down furniture and stuff....sheesh was i mad. my head is still ringing, my mum is still piissed and Dh is on my shiit list!
    i am determined to take 3hrs for myself tomorrow and simply go to the movies.

    oh shite...gotta run....one baby is up.


  17. Oh well, it looks like I am going to have to add Hoping and Kasamanli to my ignore list

    E wakes once a night to feed.Last night he went from 830pm to 330am but I had to get up at 1am and 2am and give him a pacifier. I am thinking of trying to phase out the once a night feed. My Baby Whisperer book says to get Dh to do that feed or replace it with water (I am not comfortable with that. I thought you aren't supposed to give babies water??). The theory is baby is looking for mummy and not really hungry.Once he sees he is getting Dh and a bottle he will stop waking up for it.

    Ack E waking up and I haven't started laundry yet!


  18. Hoping, I'm so jealous. Dd still only nurses to sleep and nurses often. She's pretty much attatched to me at all times. I'm happy that someone is getting good sleep though.

    China, I can't believe dh invited people over. I'd kill my dh if I were in your shoes. Have fun at the movies. I've been thinking of going to one myself with just the baby. She'd probably just nurse to sleep and if she did cry I'd leave. But I have no one to watch my 2 year old so that won't work. I can't imagine how tired you are with 2.

    OK, I better go, ds wants attention.


  19. Hey Kris!

    Glad things are going well although it is hard when they are wanting to nurse so often.

    Are you still using the Grobags?? Are they 0-6 months?? If you are not using them can I buy them back off you??


  20. kpe_grevena,

    I bought the bigger grobags, my 2 year old uses them. They do still fit, we love them. I wish I had some for dd too.


  21. just doing a driveby before anyone puts me on ignore for my STTN brag...

    i should mention, that the only reason M slept through the night last night is because were were at the beach yesterday and she did not sleep a wink. so no worries, el kiddo will be up again at 4am this morning, i'm sure!! this was not normal!!!

    ok, off to grocery store...

    p.s. china - PLEASE go see a movie...you deserve it!

  22. kpe_grevena,

    I too wonder about that middle of the night feed. Obviously I am not about to drop it yet, but the book I am using also suggests the water. If you try that will you let me know how it works? I have the same concerns as you.....

    I am going to take back my original excitement about the sleep LOL! Brennan has been going long stretches (from about 7/8-2/3ish) but last night he woke at 3 and again would NOT settle. I have a feeling it's because he has a cold (yes my 6 week old has a cold!)....unfortunatly I can't really have anyone give B a bottle in the night, so I do hope he naturally drops it on his own.

    Hoping...off to put you on ignore now


  23. Sorry about the sleep deprivation ladies. Maybe I should be making rows of sticking-out-tongue smilies because you won't see them as I'm on ignore anyhow, right? Heehee.

    kpe_grevena, if you're looking for Grobags, I got mine from MomAndBabyWorks.com (Calgary-based, run by a mom of twins) and if you sign up on their multiples program you get discounts. When I bought mine, they were 2-for-1, but I've heard Narda has changed her discount structure, so can't say for sure what they might be now.

  24. Hoping, I'd be on the ignore list too. Last night was a struggle, he'd go down for 15 minutes then start crying again. I think it's because DH put him down while I was cooking and then would bring him out into the living room (bright lights, tv, etc) when he cried whereas my response is to pick him up and rock him calm, then set him down again and start 5 minutes over (which is ultimately what worked at 10pm). Went down fine tonight at 20 to 8, less than 3 minutes of crying. I wonder if part of it is that, while he's getting ebm, he's not nursing, so he isn't waking for that kind of soothing (back when I was still trying to get him to latch on, all I had to do was show him my b00b and he'd start screaming. )

    We had a good wkd, he was pretty much on the same schedule daycare has him on. DH's dad and stepmim came out since they won't be coming to the baptism this weekend. We started a savings account for him today since he got some $$ from them. I took the funniest pictures of him hanging onto the two 20s with a \"mine\" look on his face.

    Britt, that bites that your LO has a cold. Hope he gets over it soon.

    China - I would've been p!ssed. I hope you're feeling better.

    Kasamanli - If you work out for me too, will I lose some weight?

  25. Hey ladies,

    Quick question....I know I have asked this before. B is almost 7 weeks old. Last night he again slept from about 7:30-3am...BUT then he woke up again at 5am. I fed him on one side, and put him back and woke him up at 7am (b/c I need to have him fed before I get the twins up..)

    So for those of you who are a bit further along, which feeding can I expect to be dropped first; 3am or 5am? And why the heck do they go 7 hours, and then only 2 before the next feeding? When might I see a significant change in the night wakings?

    I'm just very tired at the moment. My mom was here 2 weeks and I never really got any downtime, naps, or help in the night. DH is being soooo not helpful at night. I'm trying to avoid giving bottles b/c I will be giving B a bottle @ the 10 feeding pretty consistently when I start taking him to the gym....


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