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  1. this is it!

  2. Hi ladies!

    I just sort of assumed people didn't have time to post anymore! So glad to see this!

    China, glad to hear you are back to normal! For me, we started really seeing a big difference with our older two about two weeks ago when Brennan was about 4 weeks old. Before then they were terrible! I have pulled everything out of my a*s to try and rectify their behavior and try and aid in the transition and I think it is helping a bit (bribery works extremely well....

    As for a nightime feeding schedule. I would say I followed much the same \"schedule\" as I am now, but it was a tad easier since I was bottle feeding. I am following the Contented Little Baby Book routines now and they have been a god-send. We are also doing some CIO, basically just to help Brennan go to sleep not to drop any feeds. I finally stopped swaddling him cold turkey b/c it was obvious to me last night he was hating it (it's also very warm here so I shouldn't be swaddling him anyway...). We have only really needed to let him cry for any length of time when we put him to bed at 7. I have had nights where I have gone in to \"feed him\" and it's pretty obvious to me that if he cries within 10-15 minutes of bring put down it's not hunger. If it's more like an hour later than I will feed him.

    How is everyone doing? I imagine you guys are finally getting more sleep, I am jealous! I cannot wait till B is down to one feed a night. I think we are closer (he did it one night) but we're at that dreaded 6 week mark, so it can only get better from here!!

    Oh and I am finally back to the gym, it feels so great!

    kpe_grevena, I pump every morning @ 8:30am. I have a fairly large stash. I plan on doing this every day for the time being as I will be giving B a bottle @ his 10am feed every time I go to the gym (which in a few weeks will be almost daily). Right now I have given him a few bottles here and there (Advent) and he has done very well.


  3. Hi guys,

    Aww pilma, I was going to vote for the title \"I am on the ledge stop me from jumping\" ha ha.

    Need to go pump but back on later. Glad we have this thread.


  4. Hi Guys,

    glad to see the new thread. We're also having behavior problems here. ds just turned 2, so I'm sure age is part of it. Before the baby came ds was the easiest, happiest little guy. he's pretty high needs right now. he's definately more work than the baby.

    I haven't been pumping much lately because I don't have time. the baby wants eat all the time anyway so just as soon as I'm done pumping she wants to eat again. so anyway, my freezer stash is small. dd is starting to get fussy in the evenings. up until recently she still slept alot. so every evening when she gets fussy dh wants to give her a bottle. I tell him she doesn't need one, I don't have any extra millk, she'll drink it but still be fussy etc... he's driving me crazy. he thinks the only way to comfort her is eating I don't want to have to figure out how and when to pump every day just so he can give her a bottle instead of walking around with her.

    sorry for all the mistakes. I'm nursing and fending off the 2 year old as I type.


  5. Hi Kris,

    I too struggle with wanting to give a bottle in the evenings, but as of yet have kept from doing it. Mostly b/c most people told me the cluster feeds would get better after 6-8 weeks so I am sort of waiting this out.

    With that said, my mom is here and insists on wanting to rock him. I told her I will not go in and rock him everytime he fusses b/c when everyone leaves I will spend my entire evening rocking him! As it is, I am spending most of my evening going back/forth to sooth/feed him. Last night I let him cry for about 15 minutes and he stopped...slept for about an hour and then started crying again. I then fed him and he was then again crying! So I fed the other side and he finally passed out. I think I am dropping the dream feed. I'm at the point where I'd rather get an extra hour of sleep and see if he can start stretching his evenings out longer.

    My mantra now that I have made it to 6 weeks....\"make it to 12 weeks\". I've exclusively BF him thus far which is a huge accomplishment for me!

    pilma, how is work going? has it lightened up yet? How is N doing?

    Kris, I think 2 y/o would be a very hard age to have a new baby in the house. I feel so lucky that my twins are almost 3 as they are so much more independent and able to comprehend/communicate so much better.


  6. Hi, guys- glad we're back. Kris, my dh always interprets overtired as teething, occasionally hunger, but usually something requiring tylenol. yesterday, Nate took a while to go down- like 3 hours, so was a screaming mess- he took a shift and gave him motrin- says his gums don't look like Ben's, so he must be teething. ack- he's two months old and Ben didn't get a single tooth till 15 months- really don't think that's it. also, i don't think you're supposed to give motrin at such a young age....

    we are finally getting past, mostly, the nurse and rock all evening phase. except for last night, Nate has been going down for the night around 7. dream feeding didn't seem to help at all, so i stopped. he'll sleep through till anywhere between 3 and 5, 530 once (thought my boob would fall off, actually contemplated pumping, which is SOO not me). he still needs our help for naps (ten minutes of sitting with him holding the paci in while he's lying in the bed), which is challenging when it's only one of us, as Ben doesn't get- or doesn't want to get- the whole be quiet and play in another room thing.

    i'm with you Kris that having a 2 year old is very very challenging with a nb. i can see why people wait 3 years, but we were just getting a little old for that, i thought.

    anyway, we're starting to settle down a bit, i guess. have to say infancy isn't my big fave and i enjoy an older baby a bit more.

    planned a vacation the week after labor day at a kid friendly resorty- type place in the poconos- only an hour or two's drive- Nate still screams bloody m urder in the carseat.

    have a great day, pilma

  7. LOL pilma, um yeah 6 months for Motrin

    How old is Nate now? And when can I expect a stretch that long!

  8. Hi,

    Kris- I had major arguements with Dh in the first weeks. Every time E cried he would come to me with the baby saying he was hungry, even if it had only been 30 mins. I nearly gave up Bfig because of it.The lactation consultant said he was maybe wanting to soothe, so she gave me a pacifier and we never looked back.That and the fact that he is a big, chubby boy who is obviously not startving to death!

    I can't imagine having a 2 yr old and a baby. My friend has a 2yr old and I have to constantly watch him around E- he is always poking at him etc. My boys will be 5 in August and it is good for the most part. They go get me diapers etc, and dress themselves, buckle themselves in the car seats etc. They also watch baby so I can pee!

    Britt and pilma, E is 11 weeks tomorrow and still needs a good bit of carting around. He seems to like company as he fusses if you hold him facing your shoulder-if you face him out he is fine. He is getting to sleep himself if we put him down half asleep. I still don't have a set nap routine-the time differs a bit and the location.The other day he napped in his cradle, but that only works if you put him down asleep.Right now he is napping in his swing beside me in the office. I need to work on this.

    Can you guys help with night routines?? Usually he gets fed 730-8pm and then I put him down. If I don't dream feed him, he goes until 130/230am and then I feed him.He usually then sleeps until 6am. If I do dreamfeed at 1000/1030pm, he goes until 4am, but then doesn't sleep well after that. With the dreamfeed option I get a longer straight run of sleep but then not much after 4am. Has anybody dropped the dreamfeed?? I am thinking of doing that and going with the feed he takes between 130-3am, and then trying to drop it, instead of dreamfeeding and getting rid of the 4am. What do you guys think? He is 11 weeks tomorrow and about 14 lbs. At the moment I dream feed some nights and not others.As pilma said, if I don't my boobs are full, full, full, but I guess they adjust.

    I am having physio for my separated abs. In 10 days the gap went from 4.5 cm to 3.5cm. My physio consulted with a specialist clinic at the Women's hospital here in Toronto who gave her advice on my treatment.In their experience I should be down to a 1cm gap in 6 weeks, if I can find the time to do my exercises every day. If not, they will see me at the hospital clinic.Britt- I have to do splinted crunches (I have to physically push the muscle halves together) and at this point am only allowed to raise my head off the ground to prevent bulging. I also have to get an abdominal binder to wear to protect the gap and help the muscles together. How is the gym going?


  9. Britt, Nate was 12 weeks this weekend and i'd say he's been mostly going 9-3 or 9-4 for 4 weeks now. something like that. he's gradually stretching it out, going down for good earlier and waking later. he's about 14 lbs now.

    kpe_grevena, for me the dreamfeed question would be an easy one b/c i have a lot of trouble falling back to sleep at 1230-130, but just about none at 4. so for me dreamfeeding would work best, in your scenario. but if you fall asleep again just as easily either way, i think skipping the dreamfeed would be best.

    whoops, gotta go


  10. oh yes...love the thread being here now!!!

    my baby boy will not dream feed....he seals his mouth shut. baby girl will dream feed AND still wake at the time she normally would have to eat again. she loves food and is clearly chunkier than her brother.
    my babies seem to eat every 3hrs...but they also seem to want to eat when awake or else they'll cry and cry and fuss.
    baby boy takes longer to feed, it takes about 30mins to feed him (he falls asleep and then wakes for more...plus if he does not burp in btw, he will not settle at all). i can only get 1hr sleep b4 the next baby gets up...its brutal!!!
    am i making sense...i suspect i am not... will have to come back and re-post at a saner moment...babies have been fussing ALL DAY...full moon or something???


  11. China,

    Are you feeding them at the same time??? If not, do it. They need to feed and sleep together. I used to sit on the floor with one in a bouncer in front of me and held a bottle in his mouth, while the other was in my other arm breastfeeding!


  12. kpe_grevena,

    ok...i knew i needed bouncers....how long did you use yours for? makes a lot of sense to do that.
    thanks for the tip.


  13. Um yeah China FEED.THEM.TOGETHER. If you can get in the mindset of this being sort of business like, then you will be successful (I hate to say it!). I basically put my twins into a schedule. I always woke the other to feed in the middle of the night and kept them on the exact same schedule during the day ~ as I do today! We fed them often times in boppys, but bouncers or car seats would work fine too! Also, as hard as it is....if you are bottle feeding once they get older if you can transition them to a 4 hour schedule and get them taking in more per feeding, your life will improve dramatically. I think we were doing 4 hour feedings by 10 weeks and the twins were sleeping 12 hours a night by 15 weeks. It was brutal, boot-campish (LOL) but well well worth it IMO! Oh and I think one of the biggest things that has elped with all our kids was starting and ending their day the same time everyday.

    kpe_grevena, I would probably drop the dream feed too. One thing I did (and is reccomended in the book I am reading) is once the baby starts going a longer stretch for 3-4 nights in a row, don't go back to feeding them earlier if they waken earlier (give them time to settle, give them a paci etc etc.). I am just waiting for B to do a long stretch for a few nights, but as of now his 5.5-6 hour stretches have been more random.

    The gym is going well. I have only been doing abs and cardio this week, but plan on trying to step it up next week. I'm really interested in your physical therapy. Can you tell me again what prompted you to ask your OB about it? What was it about your abdominal muscles that made you think it was more serious?

    pilma, those are great stretches of sleep! I am looking forward to that, although still enjoying B being so little. I love seeing him curled up on my boppy pillow


  14. oh you don't know how hard i try to feed the lil buggers together....here are my problems:
    1- Ikenna takes longer to feed...if he does not burp after taking an ounce, he cannot eat more and after he burps, he takes a short nap and seals his mouth! he usually takes 4ozs overall. imagine the show!
    2- Nnenna is so active she wants to slap my face while eating...not gas or reflux related, she is just so physical like that...i have never seen a thing like it! she refuses to burp and will gulp down 4ozs...then she'll grunt and fuss until she's calm.
    so how can i make feeding them in the bouncers work? i have a migraine just writing this....they will be 6wks on saturday.
    i guess we just keep on keeping on until it clicks!
    i envy you ladies getting more than an hour of sleep at a time... 2hr sleep a sstretch sounds divine to me!
    gotta run....lil tyrant is up.


    anyone know where Sioki is?

  15. China,

    Bouncers say up to 25 lbs but I used mine for ages. I can't remember until what age but I would say 8 months or more??? Ok mine ate like that too but start off feeding them together.As they get older you can get a thing to prop the bottle up for one of them. As soon as one is done, put the baby down in a swing/bouncer whatever, then finish the other one. If you start them off together they will get in sinc eventually. I am not saying it is easy. I did the same as Britt- I woke mine together to feed, bathed them together, put them down for naps and sleep together. Think of them as attached together if that helps. They do everything together. I think if you persevere you will see a big change (as in things will get easier) around 12 weeks. I know it seems forever away but it is no longer than the time you have already put in.

    Britt- I had a terrible burning pain in my abs that hurt to touch from 12 weeks to 30 weeks or so.It wasn't constant but came in bursts. I had it with my twin pg and knew it was muscle stretching/separating. I can't do any weights the physio said but can do lunges etc.

    China- Hoping has been having some problems with PPD but I hope is on the mend.

    Everybody-where are you napping the babies???


  16. oo, oo, can I join this thread too even though this was my first baby? I followed the POT pg thread up until pilma and hopeful went (mostly because that's when I did too). Now I'm back at work and working real hard as you can see.

    I think bouncers are supposed to be stopped once they can sit up on their own, but can't remember why I think that...

  17. kpe_grevena,

    Naps~ B naps about three times a day in his crib (darkened room).


  18. Hi, watergirl, feel free to join. we've had a couple hiatuses, but hopefully we'll be faithful now over here.

    kpe_grevena, i always nap Nate in the cosleeper in my bedroom- shades down and noise maker- windows are always open- its been a cool summer and we haven't put the window a/c units in- so a fan adds to the white noise. at bedtime we've been rocking him to sleep and putting him in his room in the swing (note that he will only go in the stupid swing if he is fast asleep- no swinging to sleep like you read in the manual :mad. at some point soon we'll have to suck it up and buy him a crib as Ben doesn't show enough maturity to do the big boy bed- so we got him a crib tent- and he'll be in the crib for a while now....

    China, i had a pm from hoping about 2 weeks ago- she was going to get some treatment for the PPD- and she got a nanny pt for her older girl- she was unfortunately bullied (imo) on a thread here on ivfc and i'm hoping she isn't gone for good.

    Britt, wish i hadn't bragged- past 2 nights, Nate has gotten up at 545 am and thinks it's morning. needs a total overhaul including nursing, new outfit, new miracle blanket sometimes, takes an hour to get him back down- and then i'm up..... i'm so tired...

    whoops gotta go


  19. Hi Watergirl, welcome to our little thread.

    So what time is everyone who is Bfings last feed?? Min can be anywhere between 730-9pm. If I don't dream feed he goes until 130-3am.Then he goes until 6am.


  20. Walter is getting bm, but all by bottle. He never latched on and I gave up trying. He's sttn, so he eats 4 oz at about 6:30 after getting home and sometimes eats another two an hour later (last night he took 7.5 oz, half formula b/c I didn't have enough ebm, can we say growth spurt?) He goes down by 8 and doesn't wake up again until 6-6:30. He be content with the mobile long enough for me to pump before he has his breakfast. Before sttn, he was very similar to your schedule.

    Naps - He is in his crib, shade down. He has slept in the crib from day (night) 1. I suppose that worked out well since that's what he sleeps in now at daycare. Also about 3x/day (8-10, 11-1, 2-4).

    Is anyone here doing baby sign language or do so with other LOs? I just requested a book from the library so I can learn some of the signs.

    pilma - W won't sleep in his swing either. Heck, he wouldn't even sit in it without screaming until these last 2 weeks. And I agree about the bullying.

    China - I feel for you. I hope you get them scheduled together so you can get some sleep. I can't even imagine the work twins must be!

    Sorry this was a very scattered post!

    Walter, 12wks

  21. kpe_grevena,

    Your schedule sounds similiar to mine also, although I am still trying to figure out this evening thing. We usually do our last feeding ending around 7ish and I was previously doing a dream feed at 10 and B would sleep till 2:30 and then again till 5:30. However I am changing things up b/c he is not settling till closer to 8:00. I am trying to do some cry it out at bedtime, because he is not nessesarily hungry when he starts crying right away, yet needs to sleep after being up for 2 hours! Generally though I end up feeding him again around 7:45/8 which is why I am dropping the dream feed (does any of this even make sense???).....

    Gina, I have thrown a few signs in here and there for B. I didn't start them with the twins till 9 months and they used them so much, what a help! I plan on starting much earlier with Brennan.

    I haven't seen Hoping around either, I do hope she comes back...although I have to admit sometimes I think this place can be incredibly unhealty for particular people and I think it's probably good for her own sake to take a break. Self preservation?


  22. Morning ladies,

    Watergirl- does Walter go to sleep alone or do you feed/rock him to sleep?
    Same question for everyone else. E is ok sleeping in his cradle at night but doesn't do so well during the day. Napping is usually in his swing or in the car when we are on the go.

    I didn't sign with my twins (to be honest I thought it sounded a bit crazy to me) but having seen a friend use it I might try with E.


  23. good morning, ladies- wow, Gina, Walter is an excellent sleeper. i'm still looking forward to sleeping straight through- last night i discovered, i think, that Nate needs to go down earlier- we'd been rocking him down around 8 and it was hard- very fussy, throwing his head around, spitting out the pacifier. it was a nightly ordeal. last night i told dh i think his bedtime is earlier- and started rocking him down at 630. fell asleep in 10 minutes and stayed asleep till 3 am. so, kpe_grevena, we do need to rock him at night. when i feed him in the middle of the night, i put him back down awake (for some reason, he never falls asleep nursing) and he goes to sleep on his own. for naps, it varies- we always swaddle and put him in the same spot- for that first morning nap, you can sometimes just give him the paci and he goes to sleep on his own. as the day goes on, he needs more help going to sleep- since he's in the cosleeper, we usually just lie down on the bed next to him and keep replacing the paci as needed. if dh is alone, he will sometimes walk him around in the bjorn (swaddled) till he is asleep or sleepy, then put him down.

    i did some signing with Ben, but i found that his spoken language came more quickly than the signs. that is, he could say all the words i was signing much sooner than he could sign them, so i gave it up.

    whoops, crying from above. gotta go, pilma

  24. Thanks for the link to this thread, to those who sent it to me. I'm going to stay away from POT but thought it might be nice to stick around in this thread for a while longer - I sort of miss checking in with all of you.

    So, here is my update:
    PPD snuck up on me again. Big time. I went from feeling blissful and head over heels in love with M to feeling worried and stressed ALL the time. It was almost turning into psychosis (which my psychiatrist said can happen if PPD goes untreated). I would literally hear the baby crying in the middle of the night when, in fact, she was not crying. Needless to say I was getting zero sleep on top of being depressed.

    I'm taking Lexapro now and the difference is like night and day - it sounds so cliche but I am enjoying things I lost interest in again. I did quit BFing though. On that note...

    This kid is up at ALL hours of the night now that she is no longer breastfed! My once fabulous sleeper wakes at least twice now during the night - so those myths about formula making them sleep longer are untrue! She truly hates the bottle, even after being on it for a few weeks.

    Oh, we also have a nanny now - my dad offered to pay for one for about a month or two until I am 100%. She is really awesome with the kids - one of those people who truly seems gifted in the way she is with children (an abundance of patience). I am not sure how much longer we will get to keep her, but in the meantime I have been trying to get some one-on-one time with B. I took her to the local beach with my mom's group on Monday and had a blast. I've also been doing stuff for myself too - finally lopped off my hair, got a pedicure, and even went shopping (can you believe I was wearing my maternity pants for 3 months, post partum?). I also joined a gym (and they have a daycare, so I'll be able to go once the nanny leaves).

    Well, that's my long overdue update. Am going to go read all of yours now...

  25. Hey Hoping!

    So glad to hear from you and that you are doing well.

    I am sorry you are up again at night! How old is M now?? I did read recently it is not uncommon for babies STTN to start waking again.

    E doesn't seem to sleep as much as some of the other babies on this thread. He is up 1.5-2hrs at a time between naps, not an hour like Watergirl's.


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