spotting day after positive beta

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  1. mc ment.


    I\'m writing to ask a question for a IRL friend. She got a bfp yesterday (beta 160 9dp5dt) but this morning woke up to some light pink spotting. She is new to ivf and is really freaking out. I am a vet and have btdt but my experiences always end in m/c and even though I have had bad luck I told her that it could be ok. She isn't on the ivfc boards, but I will share any positive outcomes with her.

    Has anyone had spotting and everything turned out?

  2. Hi -

    Lots of pregnancies have bleeding with them - from light to moderate to heavy.
    She should be drinking lots of fluid, relax, and wait for next beta. If she starts to bleed with cramping, then that is something more to worry about. We had a bleeding scare at about 7 weeks that turned out to be an SCH that resolved itself at about 13 weeks. After the intiial bleeding I had spotting for several weeks.

    I wish your friend success.

    Best -


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