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  1. I am 9dp5dt. POAS'd yesterday and had a positive. Today, I am spotting and cramping. Is this normal?

    I hate this feeling of limbo.


  2. When is your beta? Meds can certainly mess with us and give us AF like symptoms when it is really the uterus already stretching. Are you bleeding or spotting? Like zIVF stated, lots of women have the same thing - I think 30 - 40% of IVF patients have bleeding.

    Drink lots of water - it usually helps with both of just implantation bleeding (can still be present this late) and cramping from meds. Somewhere above 60 -75 oz daily (at a minimum) is recommended.

    Wishing you hear good news when you get to your official beta. Gotta love the wait - NOT.

    Best -


  3. POAS this morning-still positive but a faint line. Today is 10dp5dt.

    Spotting more heavily today, but no cramping. I have a beta today, but won't know the results until Monday. Absolute torture!

    We did a DE cycle, so I am on progesterone suppositories and estrogen tablets.

    Thanks for the advice!!!

  4. Update:

    I started a light period on Thursday with some clotting. No cramping. The doctor increased my progesterone supplements and told me to test on Friday (14dp5dt). I got the test results on Monday. My HCG was 65 and my progesterone was 4.5.

    I was put on progesterone in oil. I retested yesterday (Wednesday- 20dp5dt) and HCG was 596; progesterone was 15.

    I am still lightly bleeding, but we have hope since the numbers are progressing beautifully.

    Fingers crossed,

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. My girlfriend had bleeding a few years ago. She thought she was miscarrying but it turned out she was having twins which I have heard is common. She is now 50 and her twins are 2.

    Your beta numbers look great!


  6. I am still in the waiting game. My beta is next Thursday 12/31. Today I am 5dp3dt. How soon did you get a pos. on a hpt? When did you start POAS.


  7. Does anyone know what normal estrogen numbers are. Mine seem really high. On Dec. 5th the number was 2,777. I am getting updated numbers today. I had my transfer Saturday, 12/19. I feel like all these hormones are making me craaaazzzy. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  8. Am praying for you. To add some hope into this situation.

    I am currently 20 weeks with a little boy. It was my 8th cycle that finally did it!

    I had a positive at 9days after 5 day transfer. By 11 days after, I was bleeding quite a bit for approx an hour every day for 10 days. Everyday I would freak ; everyday I would go for bloods to ensure my figures were doubling and everyday I paid to see my baby in the scan to ensure all was there.

    So hang in there and keep us posted.

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