Spotting at 34 weeks 4 days

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  1. My husband and I made love this morning and when I wiped myself I saw pink blood in the tissue paper. Has anyone experienced this at 34 weeks with twins?

  2. Wow, good for you! How did you guys do it? I was so big and uncomfortable at 34 weeks! Call your OB to be safe, its probably nothing but with twins anything is possible....

  3. Spooning . I called my doctor, she said it should be fine.

  4. I'm amazed you were able to accomplish that! I'm only 26 weeks with twins and have been on pelvic rest my ENTIRE pregnancy (SCH early on, then a cervical cerclage) and won't be able to do anything until the cerclage comes out, around 36 weeks.

    I'm glad you called your OB and that everything's fine!

  5. thodorisl, I'm glad everything is fine!

    I was told no sex since 20 weeks. I'm now 28.6 weeks and my DH is climbing the wall. I plan on having sex at 36 weeks because I heard it could induce labor. I'm sure I'll be ready for the babies to come out by then.

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