Spin off - How did you meet DP, and who approached who?

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  1. OA Your poll is ethnically biased !Like most of my countrywomen I met my dh in a Pub.Unfortunately its now called Booze2Go, so we'll have to have a takeout for the 20 year anniversary next year! We do have pubs over here, they are called bars, and most people of marrying age don't go there, unless it's a place to meet up after the Club or before (cheap drinks).
    But, we hangout at the Clubs (or my generation did) for the entertainment.
    I have heard it's changed now in the dating scene.
    The bars are not like the Pubs, though socially. Instead of a place where all your friends, neighbors and family went to have a chat and a pint, (I used to go to my parent's pub all of the time with them) bars are kind of sordid places where the hard core alkies hang out from morning to night.
    We really don't have a social place to go like a Pub. If we did, I think we'd all be nice to our neighbors.

  2. Love, love, love, reading all your beautiful stories!!!!Thanks crowe9 for setting it up!!!By the way, are you still speechless around your hubby?Sylvia Only when he p!sses me off! Ha Ha! I still think he's the most handsome guy in the world, though. And he doesn't believe me when I tell him he is; even when I explain it aesthetically. It's probably a good thing, though.

    Once me & MIL (who is like a Southern Belle type of Lady) were sitting next to each other at a Christening party. DH walked the length of the room to get a glass of wine/beer or something. We both watched him. And without turning to her, I said, "He still doesn't know it, you know" and his Mom smiled and said "I know"

  3. in high school....before I even really ever talked to him, I got a weird feeling and this almost supernatural voice whisper to me "He'll be important to you". I'm not Bush or anything...thinking that God talks to me directly, but it wasn't my voice or the voice in my head either. I was only 14 and had never fallen for anyone before. Sure enough, by the time I was 16 and "over" him, he started chasing after me relentlessly. We also went through so much as young adults in college (different colleges, ridiculous schedules, our parents getting married...), and we came out stronger than ever, so I guess it was meant to be. And yes, he was VERY "important" to me after all. Still gives me the chills still thinking about how that voice stopped me in my tracks. I didn't even know the guy, and he wasn't my type!

    I really do think we don't listen to our intuition enough. A year after our marriage, before we ever went off birth control and condoms, I had a feeling something was wrong with one of us fertility-wise, and we were only 22. In fact, I made DH get his sperm checked a year and a half before we ever started trying to have kids, but the Dr. laughed at him at his young age and said to come back to him when we were actually "trying". It was one of those things you wished you weren't right about.

  4. woah- Nadia- when you say "parents getting married" was that to each other? That would be a hard to beat story!

    Seriously, though- the whole thing is so sweet! Just think, when all is said and done, you can say you spent your entire lives together- literally!

  5. dh was out at the pool of an apartment complex he lived at that me and a roommate were touring. he saw me for the first time then and shortly thereafter as my roomie and i ended up moving to the complex. it was in the summer so my weekends were spent out by the pool....as were dh's. after seeing me out by the pool a few times, he told one of his neighbors/buddy that "he didn't know how or why he was saying it, but that someday he was going to marry that girl (me)." he approached me shortly thereafter making small talk but he was sooo not my type and i tried to brush him away. however, upon learning that he had cable (i didn't) and that because i was dying to see mtv's real world-new york, i agreed to hang out with him at his place and have dinner the night of the premier of real world. long story short, we were engaged within 2 months after that and this november we will celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary.


  6. woah- Nadia- when you say "parents getting married" was that to each other? That would be a hard to beat story!Seriously, though- the whole thing is so sweet! Just think, when all is said and done, you can say you spent your entire lives together- literally!

    Yes, to each other...So, we can't divorce now...(nor can his dad and my mom) It would make the holidays even weirder

    Thank you for the kinds words though. It is nice knowing I grew up with DH and his family. That's partly why I'm so close to his parents. I realize that I was young and probably dumb but listened to my heart, and so far (fingers crossed!) it's worked out better than I could have imagined. Luckily, DH has become a man of many admirable qualities, but he wasn't a "bad boy" or "ladies' man" in high school, and he was a decent student, so I could have done much worse And to think, there was a time in my life I'd daydream about going to prom together (and then feel so pathetic afterward for having such a huge crush on him). Well, we did that and then got married a few years later. You just never know!

  7. DH owned a store at the time we met and I saw him in the store and was immediately very attracted to him. So when a few weeks later I saw that they were hiring I applied (didn't have a job at that time as I was only 18, he was 32). He hired me right away. There was an instant attraction between us, however he was in a serious relationship at that time (he was living with someone, but was no longer happy) So after working for him for a few monhts he ended his relationship and we started going out, 8 moths later we moved in together and in another 8 months we got married. 10 years and 2 kids later we are still extremely happy and in love.

  8. we met in law school. I saw him a few times in the cafeteria and thought he was cute and vice versa, he was one class ahead of me and was (is) the type that doesn't know he's cute. We were introduced through mutual friends and made small talk a few times at various school events. He showed up at one of my BFF's parties and we kissed (he wasn't friends with her, but knew I'd be there he says). Dated for several months, broke up for several months, then started dating again after he graduated. This fall we'll have been married 10 years and together 15.

    fun to read these!

  9. I was actually on a date with someone else. I was at the end of a relationship with my Dh's dad's wife's brother. We were invited to a dinner at a restaurant and i arrived with xboyfriend and he was there. I was married before and said i'd never do it again. We didn't actually speak. But as soon as i saw him i knew i would marry him. That was April. A few months later his dad's wife had him build a computer for my girls and when he came to install it, we've been together ever since. ( i don't ask about X as i figure it would be diffiuclt. Luckily we don't live near him and we weren't all that serious, more friends i guess.

  10. I met my DH at a Karaoke bar. I was having a girls night out celebrating MY 1st DIVORCE. I wanted to go somewhere where I can let loose and get drunk, so I choose a Kareoke bar. I was playing pool w/ one of my friends and they called her name to go up on stage and left me in the middle of the game. So, I turn around and saw him sitting at the bar with a friend and asked him if wanted to finish playing pool with me.

    He asked me for my number and I went on and on about how I just filed for divorce and was not reay to meet anyone etc. So, when we where leaving, I shook his hand and took off. 2 weeks later I get a call from him, turns out my friend gave him my number and we talked and I felt like I had known him my whole life. We had so much in common. fast forward to 6 months later, I find out my divorce did not go through and I was so upset. He hired an attorney for me and helped me finalized my divorce. A yr. later we bought a house, married and have been married for 8 yrs.


  11. Dh and I met at the very end of 1999 via an internet site (nicejewish.com). I had just come out of a longterm and unhealthy relationship didn't have much of a social circle outside of my ex. So, I went on these websites so I could go on some dates. About a month or so in, I received an email from a guy who appeared interesting and told him to email me at my aol address. I saw an email from a screen name I didn't recognize so I deleted it -- the next day I got another email from that same screen name, so I opened it. Turns out it was DH, and he saw that I had deleted his initial email and wrote again asking why!!! We started chatting via IM and then the phone for hours!! Turns out he almost passed my profile by because we didn't really have anything in common except that we were/are huge Billy Joel fans.

    Anyway, we went on our first date on 1/1/2000, by September we were living together and we were engaged January 2001. We will be married 8 years on Oct 13 (just a couple of weeks before our second child is due to arrive).

  12. I was starting an internship at the Public Defenders after my first year of law school....very "tough" neighborhood. The intern before me kept saying, "DO NOT leave the buidling without the investigator "C." I had an image in my mind of "C" being like a grizzly ex-cop in his 60s.

    I kept seeing this hot guy in the building. I finally figured out it was "C" and "designed" an investigation request so we would have to go out together. I pursued him mercilessly that summer (not that he didn't enjoy it). It was pretty "taboo" for an employee to get it on with an intern, but everyone seemed to be rooting us on!

    That was almost exactly 17 years ago to the day!

    PS: i just read these all...they are soooo great! i had to add that when i first started dating DH, i was sleeping in a (literally) toddler bed that i got from my parents' house because i was so broke. needless to say, that poor toddler bed....

  13. I met my dh at a mutual friend's 75th birthday party!!!! The birthday boy was my bff's father-in-law and my dh's neighbor. Dh had just moved into the neighborhood and bff wanted me to meet him in the worst way. I had no interest until she introduced us. He was a hottie!

    The funny thing was that I had a broken tailbone when we were introduced and I was carrying my donut pillow with me. To this day he teases me and says that he knew I was the right girl - I came with my own pillow!!!

  14. veravorylla, was it a Steelers pillow? Too cute.

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