Spin off - How did you meet DP, and who approached who?

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  1. Just wondering if this poll thingy will work.
    I'm trying to do it so you can choose 2 answers- where you met DP and who started it?

  2. Dh and I were 16. One of his best friends went to my high school and we met at his birthday party. I liked dh's other best friend and thought dh was silly and immature. But his friends convinced me to give him a chance and we've been together for 16 years.

  3. good job OA - multiple choice and with an end date - you've conquered polls!

    My husband and I met on match and he wrote to me twice before I replied. I wasn't responding initially because he was in NYC and I was in Philly. But I was traveling to just outside of NYC every week at the time for work so I figured what the f*ck at least I can go on some fun dates instead of holing up on a hotel during the week. Five months later he was looking at an overseas job transfer and we both knew we had a keeper so I arranged a transfer with my job for me too.

    And here we are... 9 years and 3 kids later. I like our story. It took a leap of faith but was worth it.

  4. Love this!

    I meet hubby in China.

    He is from the Netherlands (Dutch) and I from the United States (Mexican/Chinese).

    We were both abroad to travel and learn Mandarin.

    We never expected to meet our "other half" half way around the world!!!

    Three years later, we married in China at the Great Wall in Beijing.

    Our children will believe we are crazy, because we had a traditional Chinese Wedding and a Catholic one in China.

    Good times!


  5. My now DH was roomates with my GF's DH. We met just after college in about 1985 or so and we didn't date-just friends of mutual friends. Jump 16 yrs later, and I see him again at my GF and her DH's Christmas party. After the party, I decide that he is shy, but smart, attractive and funny -- date-worthy. I send him a Christmas card with my phone # and an invitation to call. 3 (long) weeks later(It was January by now), he calls and we set up our first date. We fell in love and by July he proposed to me at the Eiffel tower in Paris and we were married that November. My cousins called it the 'Marytale'....


  6. We knew each other very casually at college as acquaintances. We met more officially at a party off campus one night. We dated for 7 years before getting engaged (I had given the ultimatum at that point).

  7. LOVE these! How cool are thee stories?

    HEY- don't forget to say who started it....
    My story is something like a cross between Mary's and Sylvia's.
    Like I said in the other thread, we met while walking our dogs. He had just moved in to my apartment complex 3 days before.
    It was dark; I had just got off of work, I knew it had been a while since the dog walker had been, so I threw on a pair of grey sweatpants (OMG!) on over my legs and under my skirt suit (I still had my heels on- ugh!)- and they were he old-timey sweat pants that had the elastic at the bottom. Hey- it was cold outside...
    So off we went. I'm running along in my heels with Pugsley pretty much dragging me along, we turn a corner and- OH LORD, standing right in front of me with his beagle is this beautiful man, even in the dark I could see he had green eyes surrounded by aqua! His eyes I noticed first, then his shoulders. Nice and wide and built a little like a swimmer- slender. Dark chestnut curly hair. He was so beautiful to me.
    For the first time in my life I was speechless. My mouth was hanging open, even. Finally, we said Hello and introduced ourselves and he told me he just moved to my state to take a tenure-track position at one of our colleges. I couldn't get any decent questions out, like "ARE YOU MARRIED?" or anything, but I did manage to get my voce back and offer to show him around the city. He told me what appt. he was in, and I promptly forgot, so I started walking Pugsley every chance I got to see if I could find him. I did. I wrote him a note with my number on it and reminded him of my invitation, and slid it under his appt. door.
    And he waited THREE LONG DAYS before he called! (You must have been in agony, Mary!)
    Five months later we moved to Berlin so he could study at the Max Plank Institute for long sabbatical.
    When we came back about 2 years later, we got married in 3 months.
    Couldn't wait one more minute!

    So, yeah- I guess you could say it was me who pursued him, but he wasn't running too fast!

  8. Work. I traveled to MI to help install a phone system for a large jr. college. There were a team of field engineers assigned to the project and my husband and I were two of them. We worked together for a few months before he even really talked to me. I found out later it was because he is quite shy, doesn't make small talke and was embarrassed he didn't know how to pronounce my name. Kirsten = Kursten not Keersten.

    After the project was coming to completion we were all celebrating at a bar and he developed some liquid courage. Said how much he enjoyed working together blah blah blah. We have been together ever since. This was March of 2000, he moved to IL to be near me in Oct of 2000, we married in July of 2001 and had the twins in Nov of 2003 and we were transferred back to the MI office in July of 2007. We still like working togther.

  9. I met Dh on the INTRANET.

    I was at grad school, he had graduated the year before and was already working in HK. The school had an intranet system for students.

    My prof suggested I get his help for secondary research on my thesis.

    I did. He was very helpful.

    And then we kept chatting, stayed in touch...a lot, and suddenly we were chatting every night. And then I called....And then he flew to Canada. We met, and then I flew to Bali for my birthday and he met me there, and then I flew to HK for a quick Easter trip and four months later, the day after school ended, I moved to HK.

    So many people thought we were crazy. In 1996 Internet dating hadn't really started, so we couldn't look at the great sites like match.

    It was a huge leap of faith!

  10. We met on Match.com in May 2001. I just moved into a new apt in March and had broken up with a perfectly nice boyfriend because he didn't know if he wanted to get married and have kids so after 2 years I thought he should know so I broke up with him.

    DH was the one to contact me. I would not have contacted him since he didn't fit my criteria for height (sorry to use that phrase Donna). We started emailing while he was on a business trip to Canada and went out for a date when he got home and then he went out of town again. So that was mid May around my birthday. By his birthday in late June he had asked me to marry him but with no ring. I moved into his house in August breaking my yr long lease. We got engaged with a ring in early September then 9/11 happened and we went to the Grenadine Islands on a sailboat cruise to get married Oct 1 in front of a bunch of strangers. It wasn't a legal ceremony but we did the whole shibang with the long white dress, flowers, cake, champagne, photographer, video. That is the anniversary we celebrate as nobody else knew it wasn't legal.

    New Year's Day 2002 we did the official ceremony wearing jeans with a justice of the peace in between football games. He did charge us extra for having the ceremony on a holiday. We have one picture from that ceremony.

    8.5 years and 3 kids later.......

  11. My FIL was my customer, after MIL died he sort of fell apart. I made it my business to be friendly everyday when he came in. Anyway, he fell in love with me, and set me up with his other son from Texas. It didn't really go anywhere. So a couple of months later, FIL comes into my office telling me I'm going to love is son #2. (His kids were taking turns visiting after their mothers death) I already knew this son lived in NC and was a chef and I didn't want to bother with either. I told FIL, I wasn't interested. 2 weeks later, in walks FIL with with son #2 and I think to myself, Oh ****, how am I going to get him to ask me out now, when i've already told his father i wasn't interested. 2 more weeks or so pass and son #2 comes into the office talking about this dinner party they were planning, and I take the opportunity to say "So what time should i be there?" After some stumbling over his words, he says "Ah, 7?"

    Just over a year later we were married. I still really credit FIL with our set up, but I had to help things along after initially turning the idea down.

  12. I met DH 13 years before we got married at a Sunday brunch in a town called Essex.

    I was new to this country. I had recently met a Mexican Lady. Her accent was aweful (it still is ). She told me she knew a lot of people and was going to introduce me to them. She called me up one day in the fall and I thought she was inviting me for "lunch with sex" but she had invited me for "brunch in Essex". I had never even heard of brunch. We were going to go "leaf peeping" never heard of that either. DH was there as part of the group but not really her friend. I met DH and I thought he was cute but I did not understand his sense of humor so I gave it a pass. Later when I got to know him I made him know I was interested. We started dating the following fall.

  13. Somehow, DH and I had several mutual friends (including my brother and SIL!!!) and had never met. While working the Boston Ski Show, 'some guy' from another company asked me for help with one of our products...I helped and then went on with my day. Later that night (early the next morning) at last call at some random snowboard company party, I handed 'some guy' a beer as I had gotten two from the bartender and the guys I was with had also done the same..so I was 'overserved' at the moment. Chatted with 'some guy', then back to work the show the next day and off to NH to give a clinic. Never thought a thing about 'some guy'....two weeks later at another ski industry party, I run into 'some guy' again - start chatting to him like we've never met (oops!) and he reminds me we had met previously in Boston. He tells me he's off to FL in the morning for a meeting so off he goes around 11pm. I proceed to stay out way too late for rural Vermont...and then send him an email the next morning from work, asking if it's still snowing up there...he emails me back...from FL. (oops again!)...fortunately, he didn't think I was a ditz or a drunk and eventually we met for the third time and realized that we had several friends in common. My IRL bff had actually skied with him for a week when she was standing in for me at our old ski school. My brother is married to his bff's ex-roommate...all sorts of random stuff like that!
    Met in late October, married by the following September....two kids and twelve years later...he's still my best friend.

  14. I met my husband while training for triathlons for charity. He said the first words to me, but I actually initiated the relationship. ok to be honest. I was drunk. We were in an elevator. I stopped the elevator. I kissed him. He asked me out. 13 months later we were married.

    OA-see what I mean about my husband knowing about my flirtiness right up front.

  15. We had a mutual friend was DH's friend / boss at work and knew me from our local running club where I edited the newsletter. He asked DH to accompany him to an 8K road race where I was running and introduced us. DH's story is that he saw me and immediately fell in love . He asked me out, we went on a date, then another, then another. Before I knew it, he had invited me on a trip to New Orleans for my birthday, where he proposed. I coached him to a marathon PR, and after a year or so, we got married. After 11 years of marriage (6 of them TTC) and one set of twins later, here we are!

  16. I met him on spring break when the people we were supposed to stay with could not have guests due to the prior weekend being out of control. He offered to let us stay with him (he was a friend of one of the people we went to visit)

  17. OK, so our story is a tad bit different...

    We met through friends (but not fixed up, so I voted "other")

    At our first meeting, I was instantly attracted to DH. Curly blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, 6'5" 275 lbs of (mostly) muscle (but a little bit of lovehandles.... just how I like 'em)..... You know, butterflies-in-the-stomach kinda thing. I asked my BFF who he was and if he had a girlfriend. She said he was her BF's buddy and she didn't know.

    Fast forward until he opened his mouth and started talking.... and I decided he was an arrogant b@stard!!! (And he thought I was a stuck-up b!tch)

    Having mutual friends forced us to hang around each other. We became civil, eventually friendly. I dated a friend of his for a while and fell hard for the friend...who treated me like dirt. DH decided that he liked me and didn't like the way T treated me and started to PURSUE me relentlessly. I tried to tell him I just didn't like him that way, but he wouldn't take "No" for an answer. After several months of casual dating I started to have those same-old butterflies-in-the-stomach feelings again. We started to date seriously, and within a matter of a few weeks we were exclusive.

    Within 6 months we were engaged, moved in together a year later and married a year after that.

    So 15 years later (from when we started dating), we are still going strong.

    Sunday will be our 12 year wedding anniversary.

    My DH is truly my soulmate. He has been my rock in hard times, stood by me through suicide attempts, manic spending phases, depression, drug abuse, and loss. He has endured IVF after IVF to give me the children I so desperately desired (zero MF here). He puts up with my mood swings and crazy ideas and pretty much spoils me to no end.

    I can honestly say he is the best thing that has ever happened to me (him and the DC, of course!)

    Glad I "let him" win me over..... LOL

    Take Care~

  18. I met Dh at college and we were friends at first--hung out together in a group of people and both of us were dating other people for a while. We were so young, it's creepy now to look back at pictures of Dh who was 17 when i met him and still in adolescence.

  19. Love, love, love, reading all your beautiful stories!!!!

    Thanks crowe9 for setting it up!!!

    By the way, are you still speechless around your hubby?


  20. DH and I first locked eyes while working in AK. I worked on the dock unloading the boats and he was a fisherman. After bumping into each other at a mutual friends house while in AK, we got to actually talk and started hanging out together regularly -- so I guess it was mutual.

    Although, after hanging out with DH and him forever being timid, I had to pull him over to the bathroom inside a bar (yes, I was drunk!) and start kissing him to get him to stop being so freaking shy! Men are so funny sometimes.

    Anyway, after a few months, we went our separate ways (but had intentions of meeting up in the future). A couple of months later, I flew out to CO to see him, then he flew out to CA to see me, and then I decided to move in with him in CO. 4 years later we got married.

  21. ok to be honest. I was drunk. We were in an elevator. I stopped the elevator. I kissed him. He asked me out. 13 months later we were married.
    LOVE IT!!!!

  22. OA Your poll is ethnically biased !
    Like most of my countrywomen I met my dh in a Pub.
    Unfortunately its now called Booze2Go, so we'll have to have a takeout for the 20 year anniversary next year!

  23. Dh saw me at a office party at a local club, told someone he thought i was "hot".. . I did not see/meet him that night. was told someone was 'interested" in meeting me and had no interest..

    fstfrwd a week or so later, at another hot spot we all hung out at, and DH was sitting there, we were all introduced (there was a large group, these were the night workers I never saw ). anyway, DH was getting up to leave and I was like "whoa,, who is that, i want him !!!".

    a week later we met up this time together. prearranged by another co-worker. started dating right away, knew he was it, true soulmate. 2weeks into it , we were talking marriage.. engaged after 4 months. we've been together for 17yrs late june, and married 14 in september.

    17yrs later.. i'm still crazy in love with him.. through all the ups and downs, insides and outs, crazy rollercoaster rides, deaths,births, etc.. he's truly my rock. together, we can accomplish anything.. (his quote)

    dh: chris

  24. We met at University in a Math class. So romantic. He asked if the seat beside me was taken. We were casual friends for about a year then drifted apart. A few months later we bumped into each other again and slowly started dating. I was 19 and he was 24 when we started dating and we have been together ever since with a break up or two in between. We married 8 years later and have been married 10 years this year and together 18 yrs

    I had to add, the first night Dh "slept over" was in my dorm room in my little single bed. We did some heavy kissing and then he insisted sleeping fully clothed on top of the covers, while I was under the covers in my pj's! He was such a gentleman and didn't want to rush things.


  25. We met on a blind date. Totally blind. Didn't know each other at all. Didn't know what he looked like.

    A woman I used to work with (probably 15 yrs older than me) started working with "this guy" she thought would be a good match. After I agreed, she gave "the guy" my email address; we emailed a day or two. I gave him my phone number. We talked and it was instant chemistry. We set up our date.

    He showed up on my doorstep and I was floored. I thought he was soooo hot. We had a very nice date. Ended up going back to my place and I finally kicked him out at 4 am (we were making out furiously on the coach and I didn't trust myself to not let it go further!) It was Aug 10, 2001.

    We had scheduling conflicts and didn't end up going on our second date until about 2 weeks later. We still refer to that as our "marathon date." He picked me up Friday after work for our date, and we didn't part ways until we had to go to work Monday morning.

    I have never had such instant chemistry with anyone. We've been together ever since. We hardly disagree. We have a very easy relationship. People say marriage is so hard, and I know it can be, but it's really been a breeze for me. It's life that's been a b!tch. I think dh feels the same way.

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