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  1. Hi! Just wondering what everyone is using as sources for ratings on baby gear. I'm thinking of buying the Baby Bargains book on Amazon since it is only $11 and seems a bit thin. DH registered for Consumer Reports online. Not sure if that is sufficient or if I need to buy the Consumer Reports book specifically for Baby. The ratings on retail store websites seem a bit thin.

    Is there any other key source that you've found helpful/accurate that I'm missing?



  2. Hi Curious - just happened to see this post. I thought the Baby Bargains book was definitely worth it, and that's mostly what I used. I also love the message boards on their site for more current info and bargains (you can spend a *lot* of money if you hang out there too much like I do, lol), and everyone there is really helpful.

  3. Thanks so much Minni! Anyone else?

  4. Hi Curiuos,
    I also got the Baby Bargains book.
    I use Amazon a lot and often rely on their customer reviews. This forum also is great if you have a specific category of gear or item in mind. Just ask ppl in parenting section.
    Good luck!

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