sorry, sad story. Fur baby mentioned.

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  1. Dumont was the name given to him at the shelter so we just kept it and it kind of fits him. Mabel is a good pyr name too. Our first girl was Maeve. Again given to her by her rescuers. She was about 85lbs at her heaviest. She was soooo easy compared to Dumont. Didn't eat much, didn't chew, not a barker. He had a thing for chewing the rungs of my kitchen chairs. Again, this morning he didn't feel like going out yet so he hasn't been potty. What a brat!
    He\'s not very vocal, but my poodle talks to me and my little mix can get pretty sassy. The sassiest was my Shelby though. I love when they talk to you; you know they're really trying to have a conversation and tell you something.
    Does Mabel always give you the paw? Dumont can get pretty obnoxious with the constant pawing. How is her shedding? Maeve had a thick double coat that was a constant shedding issue. Dumont's is not as bad and I can get brush thru it much easier than I could with her. His mouth seems drier than hers was too.

    Yes, they are big, but real gentle giants and very sociable. My Maeve was the social butterfly of the dog park. She'd enter, stop, scan the crowd and then make a decision who she'd go to first. Of course everyone made a fuss over her. Who could resist and giant ball of white fluff?

  2. seiferbrix- I am so very sorry for your loss. And I am so very sorry for your insensitive MIL (is that redundant?)

  3. I am so very sorry about your furbaby seiferbrix. It is a terrible, painful loss. Be kind to yourself. My heart hurts for you....

  4. seiferbrix - Mabel is a barker too. She'll stop pretty well, but she's very protective. Maeve is a really cute name, too.

    Mabel does give us the paw. All the time. It's so funny. If I sit on the ottoman or chair where it's extra easy to get to my legs, she walks right over and gives me the paw. It's like she just wants to touch me.

    It sounds like they certainly do have some personality traits. I am sure some of hers come from the collie, too...and her shedding isn't nearly as bad as the golden's.

    I am so glad you have your other rascals to help you heal and keep you company and lay with you while you grieve Shelby. You know they love you very much and will sit with you as long as you need them to.

  5. seiferbrix, I feel so badly for you. Our beloved rescue, chocolate lab mix, Dax, passed away in our arms on 7/2/09 after 11 awesome years together. Every night when I come up the driveway I expect to see her running to greet me. I even wake up at night thinking she is at the end of our bed (yes, she slept with us) We were unprepared to have her leave us, I could cry every day still, but I do know that we were the best parents to her that she could have ever had. She is in her treat jar and I talk to her every day. I miss her.

    Mom to Dax (Doodle, aka Brown Hound) much loved and missed always.

  6. Oh Marilyn your loss is still so new like mine. I'm so sorry for you as well.

    I just came home from Target and like a robot I stopped in the cheese aisle to pick up some Kraft singles like I have for almost 2 years....that's how Shelby took her pills (she was on heart meds for 2 years before her cancer dx). We even started calling it "Dog Cheese". I don't need it, but I bought some dog cheese anyway.

    I must share this with you all as it gave me a little smile: While surfing to look for the perfect quote to put on her gravestone I came across this:

    "Children are for people who can't have dogs"

    At least I felt a bit better for the moment.

    So give your doggies and kitties some extra lovin tonight.

  7. "Children are for people who can't have dogs"
    Love it.
    Oh, seiferbrix. I am so sorry. I am glad you got the cheese anyway. Give it to your other rascals as a treat in Shelby's honor. I am glad you are feeling a *tiny* bit better, but I know it's a long haul.

    Marilyn, I am also sorry for your recent loss. We also share the bed with the furry ones and each of them have many nicknames. Peace to you.

  8. OMG Morrison, Mabel is in the bed w/ you? Is there any room left for you and dh?

  9. So, I would love to see pictures of your babies. My DH was looking at video of when we built our house in 2006 and Doodle was all over the tape. He was so depressed and now I refuse to watch the video. Too much, too sad.

    On a happier note, my SIL has the one remaining (OK, so THAT wasn't happy) animal for now, Lucy. She is so loveable (golden) I wanted to bring her home for some puppy love!

    Is there a way to attach pictures?

    seiferbrix, I love the quote and I love all the fur babies names (esp Mabel! Anyone remember the beer commercial?)

    So, I really want another animal, but feel it may be too soon, and the puppy stage ACK!


  10. Aw Marilyn . I think that you'll know in your heart when it's time for another. It seems that whenever we've added to our family it seems that we never intentionally decided to get another dog. Not to say you shouldn't plan for one, that's just how it's worked out with us. I do know what you mean about that puppy stage. They're cute, but a handful at times. Goldens are soooo sweet.

    I too have some home videos with Shelby in them. I watched them one day and although I cried it was nice to sort of have her with me again.

    There\'s no way that I know of to attach pictures other than say post a link somewhere that you have your pics (like photobucket).

    BTW I'd love to have a bumpersticker of that quote...for all those people w/ the "my kid's an honor roll brat at suchandsuch a school" or for those people w/ the stick figure families on their windows.

  11. So I have a client (Member as they are called in the world of Credit Unions) that innocently sent me a picture of her companion, Dugan. He is adorable. A goldendoodle. I asked for the name of the breeder, I was READY! Breeder contacts me, I about threw up! So not ready!

    Hope you are all well!


  12. Hey, I don't know if any of you are reading this anymore, but I just asked my SIL if Lucy (golden) could come stay with us for awhile.....of course she said yes!!!


  13. Yay Marilyn! I am glad you'll have some time with a furry friend for awhile. I am sure it will bring some much needed healing. And as far as getting another dog, I think you'll just know when the time is right.

    seiferbrix, how are you and your rascals doing?

  14. We're doing OK. It has now been a month since Shelby passed. Hard to believe. The rascals are cute as ever. Dumont has gotten into some weeds that have sticky burrs and now they're stuck all over his butt and in his tail. Yeah I have some serious grooming work to do!

    Marilyn I'm happy to hear you get to have some furry love back in your life. You will know when it's time to have a permanent resident.

  15. Funny how, as with most things, a month seems like eternity and then POW it has been 3 or 4 more and you don't know where they went!

    Lucy has been with us for a week, and I love her, but it is just different. We will take her home on Thanksgiving. Dunno, I just feel different. Makes me sad.

    Be well all my furry friend lovers!


  16. Obviously this thread has lost its momentum, but I wanted to let you all know that we adopted! We rescued a hound (lab) mix from the humane socitey. He is an "older" boy but completely awesome! Gizmo joined our family just prior to the new year. He isn't my Dax, but he is fitting in just fine.

    Hope you all are having a new year. Besides Gizmo, 2010 has sucked so far! lol


  17. Awww, that's awesome! I've been thinking lots about getting another kitty (my previous sweetie died exactly two years ago - she was with me for 16 years) and I keep getting signs that its time for another. Your post is another reminder.

    Glad Gizmo is there to keep 2010 bearable.

  18. Marilyn, congratulations and wonderful to see you! I am so happy for you...I know pets bring much needed peace, healing and unconditional love. All of which you deserve. I know it was a big step for you. I am thrilled you've taken it!

    Kate - you should absolutely get yourself a new kitty (when you are ready of course). I think the healing that will come from it will be immeasurable. We'd gotten Mabel only a few months before I lost the trips and she was a large part of what kept me going every day. I know you can't rush into those decisions, but I dare say you might be ready???

  19. I know, I know. I never thought it would be two years!

    I was reading my local paper yesterday and they have ads for adopting cats and dogs from the local shelter. There was a lovely 2 year old pus that really made me linger... Maybe I'll give them a call today.

  20. I was reading my local paper yesterday and they have ads for adopting cats and dogs from the local shelter. Well, if you are anything like me and DH, once you go there, you won't come home alone. You should go!

  21. Wow it's nice to I see this thread is still going. I haven't been around lately (hiding out in my own little hellish bubble, but you all know how that goes), but for some reason I came back and saw you all were still here.

    Marilyn congratulations on Gizmo! See, the time was right and there he was. I think adopting an older dog is great - they usually come housebroken and with some manners and you've given him a brand new life!

    Morrison, how's your Mabel? Dumont is great and has become quite the talker lately. Since I've been coaxing him back in the house with cookies he now DEMANDS them as soon as he gets in and boy, mama had better deliver or he lets me know about it.

    Kate did you bring home your kitty yet?

  22. seiferbrix, I'm late to this but I'm really sorry for your loss.

  23. seiferbrix, thanks for asking. I haven't yet. I guess I'm putting it off because I know I'm traveling a lot in the next two months (next week to Boston for work and in March two weeks for a real vacation). And I think I'm also hesitating a tiny bit b/c of fears around toxoplasmosis from a new cat. I wouldn't normally think about it at all (for heaven's sake, I've had cats my entire life), but after so many losses, I guess I have succumbed to every preg-related fear there is (assuming I ever do get preg again). It's sad, because I do really want a kitty.

    (and the kitty in the paper was so so sweet looking!)

  24. Hi seiferbrix - great to hear from you. Mabel is good. Still an adorable little moster, but we love her. She really is sweet and much more animated than our golden, which is sort of unexpected. Mabel is very much a "routine" kind of girl and has a tendancy to "demand" as well. Must be something in their genes? Of course, we always give in. I was telling DH about your boy and how I love the name Dumont. He agreed.

    Kate, I can understand the hesitations. You have a lot going on with your trips coming up and you don't really want to bring a new kitty in when you aren't going to be around. Then the issue with toxoplasmosis...I didn't think of that, but you really don't have anyone else to change that box for you, so I can completely understand why that would be a concern. Yeah, maybe you can get around it somehow, but why add the stress? When you've suffered loss, every pregnancy related fear is a valid one!

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